maandag 20 december 2010

Tracey O'Hara - Night's cold kiss

Antoinette Petrescu was only six years old when vampire Dante Ribins killer her mother. She was saved by another vampire Christian Laroque, but that doesn’t change the fact that she hates all undead. Her hatred towards the vampires is so huge, that she joins the elitist Venator Corps, who are taking down all paranormal criminals.

When the council that has maintained the peace between humans and Aeternus vampires is falling apart by rogue vampires, Antoinette and Christian has to work together. During their investigation, she begins to believe her mother’s murderer Dante is back and behind all these assaults, but nobody wants to believe her, because they all think that serial killer is dead.

Night’s Cold Kiss by Tracey O’Hara is the first Dark Brethren novel and I have to say that it was a pleasant surprise. This book had me from the beginning, the storyline is interesting and the book is full of danger, which I love.

I can totally understand Antoinette and her hatred towards the vampires. She witnesses her mother’s death, when she was only a little girl and it wasn’t a pretty side. During the book she slowly begins to trust a few vampires and one of them is Christian, the one who saved her when she was young and her new partner in the investigation. But will she be able to overcome her fears against them all, I hope to see more of that in the following book.

Although this author is new to me, she is definitely will be on my auto buy list from now on, because I don’t want to miss any of her fabulous worlds.

L.A. Banks - Bad Blood

Sasha Trudeau is part of a Unique Special Ops team that is charged with keeping humans away for the paranormal community. This special team takes down the demon-infected wolves that threaten humanity. When Sasha is send on a mission without the back-up of her team, she is confused because of the werewolf virus in their blood they stay together and see it through that the other members take their meds.

But her mission in Korea will change thing forever, especially when Sasha discovers she cannot trust all the people around her. But that is not all, she also discovers that all of her team members are dead or missing and Sasha is determined to find out why.

Bad Blood by L.A. Banks is the first book in her Crimson Moon series. I have to say I really thought this story was interesting. I’ve heard of this author before, but never had the opportunity to read anything by her. But now I’m definitely going to check out her other books in this series.

I love Sasha; she is a strong kick ass lady, who knows what she wants in life. She isn’t afraid to get it and I have to say she is dealing quite well with what she discovers about her being one of the shadow wolves and how she was created in the first place.

Her attraction to Max Hunter, her shadow wolf guide is strong and handsome. The attraction between them is so huge that Max claims her as his mate, even if she isn’t sure that she wants that spot, because she is also attracted to Shogun, who she met on her mission in Korea.

I’m curious to see who Sasha will end up with….okay she and Max Hunter already have something going on, but I know Shogun is a powerful shifter too.

Well let’s say I’m looking forward to read the following novel, just to see what will happen next.

Adrian Phoenix - Black Dust Mambo

Kallie Riviere is a hoodoo and she decided to attend the Carnival for magic users all over the world, so she’s out of the bayou to have some fun. But her happiness and fun is about to change in something evil. Some very bad juju and a black hex that was meant for murder and it were meant for Kallie, but she wasn’t around so her friend Gage was the victim instead.

Kallie wakes up on the bathroom floor after having too many drinks and Gage company and finds his dead body in her bed. But this murder has something to do with magic, because Gage not only died, but his soul was killed too, leaving his body behind as an empty shell. But that is not all, there will be other attempts at murder and it seems that Kallie is the main target.

Black Dust Mambo by Adrian Phoenix is the first novel in the Hoodoo Series and I loved it. I’m already a huge fan of Adrian Phoenix and her Maker’s Song series and she didn’t disappoint me with this book.

Kallie Riviere is a strong personality and is determined to find out who is behind the attempts on her life and the murderer of Gage. But she’s not alone on this journey; the gorgeous nomad Layne Valin wants revenge on whoever killed his clan brother Gage. Layne is a walking vessel and can let a deceased soul take control of his body, so the soul can communicate with the outside world.

Along the way Kallie and her friends discovers that the facts are pointing back to someone from the Bayou Cypres Noir and Kallie’s aunt and protector. Kallie wonders who she can trust and who not.

This book is fabulous; it has everything to have a great entertaining afternoon or evening. Adrian Phoenix has a way to give her readers a romance mixed with mystery, murder, danger and lots of plots. I cannot wait to see what will happen next in Kallie’s life. So I’m looking forward to read the next novel.

dinsdag 14 december 2010

G.A. Aiken - Dragon Actually

Fearghus is one of the ancient dragons and has lived alone in a cave for centuries. He likes the quiet and wants to be left alone, only his sister visits him in her human shape. But his peace is interrupted when he hears a battle outside his cave. He cannot ignore the noise and decides to have a look and see if he might get some dinner after all.

Annywl “The Bloody” has just received a mortal wound outside Fearghus cave and she’s dying when he steps outside. He takes care of her enemies and takes her into his lair and tries to save her life, with the help of his sister. He’s surprised that Annywl is not afraid of him and he decides to stay in his dragon form. Well at least until he discovers that she needs training so she’ll succeed killing her evil brother and claim her kingdom.

So without Annywl knowing he will be her human knight by day and train her the fighting skills and he’ll be her dragon by night, the one she trust completely.

Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken is the first book in her Dragon Kin series and I have to say I’m in love.

I’m a huge fan of dragons and this book has some great dragon characters and Miss Aiken also mixed it up with some humour, so this book couldn’t get wrong.

Fearghus and Annywl are the perfect couple, he is the huge black dragon everyone fears, but has a heart of gold and she is the fearless warrior. From the moment Fearghus takes Annywl to lair after she got badly wounded, there is a connection between them. I love her struggle about her feelings for the dragon she sees at night and her training knight she sees at daytime…not knowing that they are one and the same.

I love the scene where Annywl wants to dive into the lake in the cave and she use his dragon tail as a jumping board, but of course there are a lot more funny scenes.

I cannot tell you yet if I have a favourite character in this series, because all of Fearghus brothers and sister are fabulous. I know all their stories will be told and I’m looking forward to reading them and luckily for me I have a couple of their stories waiting for me.

There is also a surprise at the end of the book, because it also includes a short story “Flames and Chains”; this is the story about Fearghus parents Bercerek and Princess Rhiannon, who becomes the Queen of the Dragons.

Larissa Ione - Ecstasy Unveiled

Lore is a half-breed Seminus demon and the half brother of Eidolon, Shade and Wraith. And like any Seminus demon he has a gift or in Lore cases a curse, because he can kill by touching any kind of creature with his right hand. Lore is also an assassin for Demon master “Deth”; he has to fulfil his slave contract to be free. His last assignment was to kill his half brothers, but he couldn’t do that, so now he as to pay for his failure. Deth gives him a new assignment; he has to assassinate a close friend of his half brothers.

Idess is an angel in waiting and is eager to fulfil her last assignment and go to the place she wants to be. She’s a guardian and has to keep her charges safe until they fulfil their destiny in life. If Idess cannot keep her charges safe, then her time on Earth will be extended but she’s an Ancient and hasn’t lost a charge yet. But she is in for a ride when her last charge is also Lore’s last target and both want to succeed their job to be free.

Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione is the fourth novel in her Demonica series and just like the previous novels this one is another fabulous instalment.

We’ve met Lore in Passion Unleashed when his job was to kill his own half brothers and I have to say I was pretty curious about his background and why he never contacted his brothers in the first place. Well Lore didn’t disappointed me, he is a strong Seminus half demon and not so different from his half brothers.

Idess is the perfect match for him; she is completely the opposite with her Angelic gifts. At first they are enemies, but when Lore discovers Iddess is immune to his curse/gift, he sees her through different eyes. When Idess learns why Lore is so desperate to fulfil his assignment, she will do anything in her power to keep her charge safe and help Lore with his problems.

We also meet Lore’s twin sister Sin, who also has an unusual gift/curse. She’s able to create a disease or plague and touch anyone to pass that on. Sin also has a razor sharp tongue and isn’t afraid to use it. You could say she’s a female version of her half brother Wraith.

Of course we see a lot of Eidolon, Shade, Wraith and their heroines, their lives are all connected and they all need each other in order to fight their enemies. Eidolon is the eldest of the brothers and sister; and you can sense that because he’s desperately trying to bring the whole family together, even though the twins don’t want anything to do with them…well not in the beginning.

I’m looking forward to read the last novel in this series, Sin is an interesting character and the only female Seminus demon and I know her hero must be someone strong in order to tame her.

Maya Banks - Sweet Seduction

Julie Stanford had always has the hots for Nathan Tucker, but he doesn’t seem to realize it. So Julie decides to give Nathan one more chance to take the bait before giving up on him completely. Julie is going to give him one last “hot” massage to remember before moving on with her life, even if that means without Nathan. Her two best friends Faith and Serena have already put her in contact with Damon Roche, to fulfil her sexual fantasy.

Nathan Tucker is very frustrated after his last “sexual” massage Julie gave him and then fires him as a client. But when he hears about her fantasy and her contact with Damon Roche, he’s angry. No other man is going to give Julie her fantasy, it doesn’t matter what he has to do to be that man.

Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks is the third novel in her Sweet Series and another great novel, although I have to say that this was no my favourite.

Julie Stanford is the stubborn one of the three friends, she likes Nathan Tucker for ages, and every small hint she throw his was is ignored. And after her last attempt, she has enough. She wants what her friends have, so she decides to fulfil her fantasy, hoping to forget Nathan. But she’s in for a ride, because Nathan cannot forget Julie and her last massage.

Nathan will do anything in his power to be that man in her fantasy. He heard that she wants a threesome; luckily for Nathan she will be blindfolded the whole time, so he can take the place of one of those men. Even though he doesn’t want to share her with another man, he asks Micah to be the other one.

First I thought Nathan and Julie weren’t the perfect couple, because for some reason they couldn’t find the way to each other. But from the moment Nathan hears about her fantasy and start planning his seduction, the storyline gets interesting. It was great to read about their sexual seduction and their realization that this was a fantasy and that they belong together in real life.

I also love the little look into Micah’s world, because I’ve been dying to read this story from the first novel in this series. Thank goodness Micah’s book is next.

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Christine Feehan - Mind Game

Lily Whitney is slowly discovering what her adoptive father has done with this experiment to many soldiers and before that to small female orphan children, including her. Lily is determined to find all the girls from her past, the ones she spend the first couple years of her life with. She wants to help them with their psychic abilities, so they can have a rightful place in the society. Now she believes she found her best friend Dahlia and the only one who might save her is Nicholas Trevane, one of the Ghostwalkers.

Dahlia Le Blance was only four years old when Dr. Peter Whitney took her in and experimented on her to envelop her psychic gift. Dahlia can absorb people’s emotions, charges them and can release it through violent discharge. In order to keep people around her save she lives in a compound away from civilization where she cannot feel other’s emotions. She only leaves the swamps when the Feds need her to recover stolen information.

Nicholas Trevane is a ghostwalker himself and is send by Lily Whitney to save her friend Dahlia before others find her. He arrives just in time because their enemy is already there and has killed Dahlia’s caretakers and friends.

Mind Game by Christine Feehan is the second novel in her Ghostwalkers series and I loved it.

Dahlia Le Blance is a strong young woman with a powerful gift, but knows it can be dangerous for the people around her. So she lives far away in the swamp and only comes out to do her job. When her home is under attack, she meets Nicholas and knows he is dangerous. But she also learns he is also a product of Dr. Peter Whitney’s experiments and knows she has to trust him to keep her save. Because it appears they have a traitor among the Ghostwalkers.

The attraction between Dahlia and Nicholas is huge and almost dangerous to those around them. Dahlia needs to learn to release her emotional charges without hurting anyone, because if she takes to many emotions, her gift could explode and she fears that she will kill a lot of people. Nicholas is the perfect guy to teach her how to control those emotions and how to let them go.

This is the second novel in this series and I’m already hooked up, I just love the characters of the Ghostwalkers team and their heroines. They are strong, have some great psychic abilities and all determined to see the one responsible getting punished. I was a little surprised to read about another Ghostwalker team and even meeting some of those team members. I think we will be seeing more of them in the future novels too.

Nalini Singh - Angels' Blood

Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter with a unique talent to detect the rogue vampires. Because of her ability to sense these vampires she is one of the best at the Guild agency and is hired by master vampires or angels to retrieve their "property". Now she is summoned to the head quarters of Archangel Rafael, who specifically asks for her assistance and he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Rafael is the archangel who runs the territory in Manhattan and he does that with an iron fist. All the vampires and their masters are under his control, but there is a situation he and his fellow angels cannot handle. So he calls the local Guild agency for help and specifically asks for the only hunter who can help him track their problem.

Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh is her first novel in the Guild Hunter series and a fabulous start.
Elena Deveraux is a strong heroine, who knows how to take care of herself. She always knew she was different from her family and knew she would be at home as a hunter at the Guild. She doesn’t mind working alone, it’s even better that way, it gives her the opportunity to focus only on her target and getting it back to his of her owner.

The summing of Archangel Rafael isn’t what she’s waiting for, because that means working with him is priority number one. Rafael doesn’t like to be left in the dark; he demands loyalty from all his angels and vampires and now from Elena too, at least as long as she is working for him. But Rafael is in for the ride of his life when she awakens intense feelings inside him he didn’t knew he had.

Her secondary characters are great. Sara is Elena’s best friend and the head of the Guild, she always has Elena’s back no matter what en if that means she has to face Archangel Rafael, then that is what she’ll do. Also love the fellow angels around Rafael, they are one by one interesting characters and I really hope to see more of them in the future novels.

This novels is definitely a must read and I’m going to put this author on my auto buy list from now on, she is amazing and I don’t want to miss anything she writes.

woensdag 10 november 2010

Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion

Serena has her own business, she helps people to fulfil their dreams and it’s very successful. But Serena has a wild fantasy of her own and when she is with her best friend Faith and Julie one night, she confides them with her fantasy. Serena wants to be owned by a man, giving him complete control and let him love and cherish her.

Her friend Faith puts her in contact with Damon Roche, the owner of the club “The House”, where men and women can fulfil their sexual fantasies. When Damon hears Serena’s fantasy he knows he found the woman he’s waiting for all his life. Now he has to convince her to let him be that man and make it a permanent relationship.

Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks is the second novel in her Sweet Series and another steamy hot novel.

Serena is an independent strong woman, who has a successful business, but there is something missing in her life, because she has a wild fantasy and doesn’t really know how to fulfil it. The only thing she wants is to have a man for a time being, who will own her in every way, giving him total control of her life. When she meets Damon she isn’t really sure if another man is capable of that job, in her heart she wants him.

Damon Roche always had a dream of finding that one particular woman who isn’t afraid to let herself go and let him control her in every way possible. When Serena contacts him and tells him about her fantasy, he knows she is the one. It will take some time for him to convince her to let their temporally relationship go and make it a permanent one. Luckily for Damon their mutual friends will do anything to help them on their path.

The love and trust between Serena and Damon is huge, it’s great to see Damon in command but with Serena’s interest on top, he will make sure her pleasure comes first. I have to say, I really enjoy reading this book because the characters are awesome, but I have to be honest I couldn’t give myself to a man in that way.

It was great to see the other characters again, Faith and Gray are a fabulous couple, Micah is growing more and more; he is definitely one of my favourites. But I also cannot wait to see more of Julie, Nathan, Connor and Cole. I hope Miss Banks will write stories about them all.

Amber Benson - Death's Daughter

Calliope “Calli” Reaper Jones loves living in New York far away from her weird family, she has a simple normal job, okay at the moment her life is a little boring, but that is about to change. When she opens her door one night and sees the huge monster standing there, she knows her life will be hectic from now on. She’s ordered back home immediately.

Her father, who happens to be Death himself, and the members of the board, including her own sister, have all been kidnapped. The entire family is in danger and the only way to find her father and sister is to become Death, a job Calli isn’t looking forward to.

The only thing she ever wanted was a normal human life away from the demon world. Now she has to fulfil three trials to prove to the gods Persephone, Kali and Woden that she is capable of the Death job or otherwise someone else takes the job and then her family is doomed.

Death’s daughter by Amber Benson is the first novel in her Reaper Jones series and I have to say I was surprised. Amber Benson has done an excellent job creating this world with strong interesting characters.

Calli Reaper Jones is Death’s daughter and the only daughter out of three that doesn’t want to have anything to do with the family inheritance. That is exactly why her father and mother decided to put a spell on her, so she could have a normal human life. But with her father missing, Calli cannot the plea of her younger sister and her mother, so she will do anything to find her father and the rest of the members, even if that means fulfilling three tasks and became the temporally Death.

There are some great secondary characters, who I would love to see more off in the following books. The goddess Kali is a fabulous woman; who will get what she wants. Calli’s younger sister; who has some great gifts of her own. And Calli’s opponent for Death’s position and one man she cannot seem to get out of her mind.

I also love the fact that Calli has one of the hellhound’s put to accompany her on this journey.

I’m looking forward to see what will happen next on this journey through Hell.

woensdag 3 november 2010

Christina Crooks - L.A. Caveman

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review:

Stanna Whitland is writer and works for magazine Men’s Weekly, she has a column for men but from a woman’s point of view. But her job is on the line when the magazine is sold and the new owner Jake Tremere is firing people. But Stanna will fight back to keep her job and do what she loves the most, and that is writing.

Jake Tremere always had a dream to own a magazine and when it’s finally there, he will do anything to make this work, even if that means macho things up. The best way to do that is fire the current editor and also the feminine Stanna and her column. But Jake is stunned when he discovers that he cannot fire Stanna, it appears she has a three-year contract and only one year has gone by.

L.A. Caveman by Christina Crooks is the first novel I’ve read by her and I have to say I like her writing style. She had me captivated from the beginning and held it through the whole book.

Stanna is a strong young woman who knows what she wants in life. So when the new magazine owner Jake tries to fire her when she still has two more years to fulfil on her contract, she will fight him with everything she got.

Jake wants to make this magazine for the macho man and he cannot use Stanna’s column and her feminine style, so he wants to fire her. When he discovers he cannot fire her, he has to find another way to keep her column in line, so he come up with a new column for her to write and if she refuses, she can leave.

But neither of them could have imagined feeling attractive to each other.

Stanna and Jake are two opposites of each other, he is totally macho and has even some caveman traits, and she is super feminine. You would have guessed that it wouldn’t work between those two, but nothing is what it seems. They both learn things from the other and see stuff through the others eyes. It’s all about balancing the good and the bad.

I have to admit that I wanted to smack Jake a couple of times…OMG he was a total caveman, how on Earth could he think like that, but I also have to admit it’s hard to not love him, he has something special that makes a woman’s heart beat harder. He’s learning things along the way and when he realises that he could loose the woman he loves, he will do anything to straight things up.

Christine Crooks has written a wonderful novel of two strong characters, which have to learn to trust the other in order to embrace the love for each other.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

L. Rosario - Captive Fantasy

Seraphina is a vampire with a secret, she never been satisfied in her sex life, so her friend Becca takes her to Captive Fantasy. This is a club where a select group of men fulfil woman’s fantasies. Sera isn’t sure about this, until she sees Valentino. Valentino takes Sera’s breath away and he is determined to spend the night with her.

Valentino has s secret of his own, he isn’t quite human either but just like Sera he never tells anyone. He’s always been satisfied working at Captive Fantasy and fulfil women’s dreams, but the moment he sees Sera he knows deep down in his heart he wants this woman and this woman alone.

But drinking Valentino’s blood and even allow him to take a sip of hers, place Sera in a difficult position. Will they be able to overcome the problems they are going to face?

Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario is the first novel I read by this author and I have to say it was definitely worth to read it.

Sera have some vulnerability and I like that about her, she is not the typical vampire who drink blood from every human she sees. No she left her maker’s home because she cannot drink from the vein. So she lives on bagged blood, which she heats up. But that all change when she meets Valentino, because sinking her teeth in his vein is the only thing she can think about.

Valentino was created in a lab, only to work in the Club Captive Fantasy where they pleasure women. Everything goes well, until he meets Sera and from that moment all he wants to do is give her pleasure and only her. But can Sera accept him, when she finds out about his background?

I have to be honest, I truly admit to have some moments where I wanted to snatch Valentino away from Sera and keep him just for me. Who wouldn’t want a man, who is created only to pleasure a woman?

Sera and Valentino went through hell to finally be together. When Sera drank his blood, she didn’t know she put her own life on the line, because drinking a clone’s bloods isn’t exactly healthy. When Sera’s maker finds out, he will do anything to save her life…even if that means eliminate Valentino completely out of her life. But he didn’t expect their love for each other to be that strong and survive even his threat.

The secondary characters Raphael, Becca and Nadia were great and I’m really hoping that they will get a book of their own.

Captive Fantasy is sensual and hot, it’s a terrific vampire novel with some very steamy scenes.

Kelly Meding - As lie the dead

Hunter Evy Stone has been through hell and back in the last couple of days. First discovering that you have been tortured, killed, then wakes up in another body and second hunting her killer and that of her dead team members. Evy stills struggles with her past and the memories of Chalice Frost which she inherited her new body from.

Evy and Wyatt have a new job to fulfil, because the Clan Elders wants justice for the attack on the Owlkins people. Evy blames herself for this attack because they were hiding her at that time, but now the remaining Owlkins people are after her friend Rufus St. James who was leading the attack. Evy and Wyatt have to work together to find out whom really been responsible for that attack, in order to save Rufus and they have only a couple of days to figure it out.

As Lie the Dead by Kelly Meding is her second novel in her Dreg City Series and another fabulous one.

The story continues right where the first book ended, Evy feels a lot of remorse that most of the Owlkin shape shifters have died because they hide her when someone wanted her dead. So when some of the survivors show on her doorstep and ask for protection, she vows for their safety.

But she is about to learn that she cannot trust anyone, because some people she feels close to will betray her. The only one she can trust is Wyatt Truman, her ex-boss and lover, even though she still needs to figure out her true feelings for him.

Kelly Meding has a way to tell the story; she created a fabulous world with a strong heroine, who knows how to kick some ass. I love it that she made Evy a strong woman, but with a vulnerable side, it makes her more human like everyone of us. I’ve also love the time limit she chooses in the books.

I know there is a lot more to tell in this series, so I’m looking forward to see the next novel.

Jocelynn Drake - Dayhunter

Mira is a strong vampire with her own domain and she has an unusual talent, a talent many of her kind fears. She is able to control fire without burning herself and that is why everyone calls her the Fire Starter.

After the last battle with the Naturi, Mira and her human vampire hunter Danaus must appears before the Coven in Venice, the home of the Nightwalkers. Mira knows it could be a trap and starting a fight with one of the ancient vampires could be a dangerous task, but she hates their corruption. So she will prepare herself like she does before going into a fight.

When arriving in Europe she has Rowe, the Earth-side leader of the Naturi after her, it appears Mira is the key to either the freedom or the defeat of the Naturi. Rowe will do anything to get his hands on Mira again and it doesn’t matter who or what comes in his way.

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake is the second novel in her Dark Days Series and again a fabulous novel. The more I read about Mira, Danaus and the world they are living and fighting in, the more excited I get.

Mira is a strong vampire with a powerful talent and apparently she’s also the key to defeat of free the Naturi Queen and her people. She and Danaus are forced to work together again and fight these Naturi before they will get free and destroy mankind. Because of this battle and her facing the Coven, she ends up unwilling with two new addiction to her family and she never wanted a vampire family of her own, but in order to save them against two powerful coven members, she needed to claim them for her own.

But that is not all, the sensual attraction between Mira and Danaus is growing and neither of them wants to act on it. Mira is afraid that if she convinces him to give her a change, he will hate her more afterwards and that he will fulfil his promise to hunt her and kill her.

I love the mystery around Danaus and his past, you know he is hiding something and slowly we learning what kind of human being he truly is. Oh yeah, he is not quite as human himself and hopefully he can make peace with himself about other creatures and maybe accept Mira as she is, before it’s too late.

It’s final, another addiction is born and I have to add this series and author on my favourite list. I really hope she will write about those two for a very long time.

Christine Feehan - Shadow Game

Captain Ryland Miller and his military unite are prisoners, they volunteered for a top secret experiment, which involved natural psychic abilities. He and his unit all had some ability when they started, now things got out of hand and they are locked up in cells. Ryland is one of the strongest among them and loyal to his men, that is why he is planning to escape his prison and get his men out of there. When Lily Whitney walks into his cell, he knows she might be his way out.

Dr. Lily Whitney has some psychic abilities of her own, so when her father Dr. Peter Whitney asks her to join him on a military base, she has no idea what to expect. The moment she walks into Ryland Miller’s cell, she feels a connection to him, like she never felt before. And when she discovers what kind of experiment her father is working on, she is confused, the scientist part of her feels exited and want to be a part of it, but her human part knows it is wrong and she need to get these men out of there, before they will suffer more pain and maybe even death.

Shadow Game by Christine Feehan is the first novel in her Ghostwalkers Series and I loved it. I already know that Christine Feehan is a fabulous author and this novel confirms my opinion about her. She really knows how to write a story where strong men and women can find each other no matter the circumstances.

Ryland Miller trusted his superiors when they contracted him about an experiment involving psychic abilities and he convinced his unit to join him. Never could he imagine being betrayed and used for their abilities. The moment he sets eyes on Lily Whitney and feels their psychic connection he knows he found a way out of their prisons, a person he can trust beside his own team members.

When Lily’s father and scientist is murdered, Lily and Ryland have to work together to save the men from the pain and try to find out who killed her father. But on this journey for the truth, they find more secrets and Lily wonders if she knew her adopted father at all.

I really think Lily and Ryland are perfect for each other; they are connected in every way possible. Okay, Lily needs to act more like a human then a scientist sometimes, but I can understand her point of view to see things in a different way than normal humans do.
I know for sure there will be interesting stories all the way through the series. I’m also dying to find out more about some of Ryland’s team members. Let’s hope Christine Feehan will write about them.

dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Cat Adams - Blood Song

Celia Graves is a bodyguard in a world where vampire’s hunts humans at night and demons are rare. Her latest client is a visiting prince and it seems to be an easy job, but nothing seems what it looks like. They run into a pack of vampires in the back of an ally of this nightclub and Celia is fighting for her life. She’s able to kill some of the vampires, but she receives a bite from one of the master vampire and loose unconsciousness.

Celia thinks she is going to die, but wakes up, shackled to a metal medical table in the University lab, where some of her friends are working. It appears her best buddy Kevin got her out and took her with him. But Celia is an abomination, neither fully human nor vampire. Kevin and his mage friend Jones are telling her that her “master” will try to hunt her down thru their bond in order to kill her or turn her. But Celia is determined to hunt him down first during the day and kills him before he gets to her.

But that is not all; she has to get to the police and sees what they are going to do about her attack and the death of her friend and fellow bodyguard. Together with a cop she is going under a memory-enhancement spell to get more details of the attack and discover that there is also a demon involved. So she has to accept all the help she can get to survive this mess.

Blood Song by Cat Adams is the first novel in the Blood Singer Series. I’ve known Cat Adams as the writing duo C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp and I love their Tales of the Sazi Series. So I couldn’t ignore this new series and had to try it out.

I have to say I love the main character Celia Graves, she is strong and determined, she won’t give up easily especially after what she’s been forced to go through. Her childhood wasn’t easy, her father left them when she was a little girl, her sister died at a young age and her relationship with her mother isn’t what it should be. Now her situation of being an abomination is giving her more stress, but with the help of a cop, her ex-boyfriend Bruno and her best werewolf friend Kevin, she is able to sort some of this out.

The only downside of this book is the little cliff-hanger, it seems to be a trend to leave readers a little frustrated at the end of a book and I do not like it one bit. I want to know what will happen with Celia now….luckily for us readers the second book Siren Song is not far away.

Maya Banks - Sweet Surrender

Grayson Montgomery is a police officer and on sick leave after he got hurt during the job and where his best friend and partner Alex got killed. When Alex’s father Mick comes to visit him and asks him to investigate the murder he cannot let the old man down. So Gray leaves for Houston to become one of the employees of Malone and Sons Security.

Gray knows this investigation will be complicated when he begin to like his employer and his colleagues. But that’s not all, he finds himself attracted to Faith Malone, his boss’s daughter and the one who could give him the information he needs to solve this murder. But can he use that information when he knows he could loose Faith forever?

Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks is the first novel in her Sweet Series and I have to say its one hell of a book full of passion, danger and true friendship.

When Gray starts to work at Malone and Sons Security he has one goal on his mind, to get as much information out of Faith Malone and hope to solve his partner’s murder as soon as possible. But he never dreamed to find the love of his life.

Faith Malone has been adopted by Pop Malone when she was already an adult. He was married to her mother, but split up when it didn’t work out. Faith left with her mother and never saw him again, but years later when Faith’s mother hit rock bottom and she didn’t knew who to call for help, Pop and his son Connor didn’t hesitate and took her into their family.

Faith is happy with her life, but at night she is craving for the touch of a man, but not like any other woman, she want a dominant man who can call the shots in the bedroom teaches her to be submissive. In order to fulfil her dream she makes an appointment at “The House, a mansion where those dreams can come true.

When Gray finds out what Faith is doing, he cannot ignore the feeling inside him. If Faith’s wants a dominant man in the bedroom, then it should be him and him alone!

Holy Moly, I love this book…where can I find someone like Gray…I’m not a submissive person, but after reading this book you keep wondering if you should try it. I love Faith, after a rough childhood she is finally happy and when she misses something in her life she isn’t afraid to go after it, even if that means go to a club to see if that scene is something for her.

I’m glad to know that there are more books in this series, because I really want to find out more about Micah, Nathan, Connor and Damon, because those men are HOT. You can sense that is a story behind all of them and I’m looking forward to find out what that story is.

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Kelly Meding - Three days to dead

Evangeline “Evy” Stone is a hunter for a secret government agency, that fights against all evil that goes around at night. But then she wakes up in the morgue in someone else’s body. Now she has to find out why she’s in the morgue in the first place, how she died and most importantly who brought her back and why. Evy will have to figure out what she can remember of the hours before her death.

Wyatt Truman is the handler aka supervisor of the team, where Evy were a part of. The team was ambushed and Evy was the only one who survived the attack, but everyone blamed Evy for her team member’s death. The couple of days before her death she was hiding for her agency as well as her enemies. Wyatt is the only one who believes in her and is going to help Evy to recover her memory so they can hunt down her killers and the one responsible for the team member’s death.

Evy also discovers that Wyatt is the one who brought her back to life by making a deal, but everything comes with a catch. They have three days to sort it all out or Evy will be dead for good.

Three days to dead by Kelly Meding is the first novel in her Dreg City Series and I have to say it was a surprise. The story contains a kick ass woman, her handsome and determined handler and some very interesting twists.

Everyone knows by now that I love the strong kick ass heroines, who know how to take care of themselves and Evy is no exception. What I really loved was to see her character struggling with her new body. Her looks are so much different from her own and she inherited some of the emotions from this new body. She is trying real hard to mix everything together so that she is ready when the battle starts.

She’s also struggling with her feelings for Wyatt, she knows they have shared the bed once before she died and Wyatt is very attracted to her now. But why? Is it because o new body and looks or does he really cares for her?

Wyatt is just great, he is strong and super determined to clear Evy’s name and hopefully save his own life on the way. He made a deal with the devil to get Evy back but it might cost him his own soul.

You can tell that this novel is the first in a series, because you see a lot of world building, but it was necessary to understand the whole concept. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and this series.

Olivia Gates - The once and future prince

The King of Castaldini is very sick and has to select his successor soon. But there are strict rules of this small Island, the new king must be chosen freely, not just by bloodline. There are three men who could take over this position, but they all have made one major downfall in the past which makes them ineligible according to the law.

Leandro D’Agostino is the former prince and ambassador of Castaldini, and probably the best choice to be the next successor, but he was banished from his homeland. So the king asks Phoebe Alexander to visit Leandro and convince him to come back and try to convince the council to become the next king. Phoebe and Leandro have a history together and she isn’t that happy to take this job, but her beloved friend and king need her to succeed.

Leandro D’Agostino was forced to leave his Island many years ago, but it all turned out great for him because he became a very successful businessman. Leandro never could forget Phoebe, the woman he was having a secret affair with and the one he left behind. Phoebe broke off their relationship after declining Leandro’s offer and the never spoke to each other again, until the day she appear on his doorstep with a proposition he needs to listen to.

The once and future prince by Olivia Gates is the first book in the Castaldini Crown Trilogy and I have to say it was a nice entertaining book. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance and the urban fantasy, but this Silhouette book was a pleasant change between those other books.

I really liked Phoebe Alexander. She fell in love with Leandro years ago and kept their relationship hidden because Leandro couldn’t afford a scandal and she always thought they would end up together in the future. But when Leandro was forced to leave the Island and made the offer to continue their relationship in secrecy, she declined his offer and left him. But when she meets him again after all these years, the huge attraction is still there.

Leandro is a gorgeous successful businessman, but I have to admit that sometimes I didn’t like him very much, especially when he blackmailed Phoebe. If she wanted him to return to the Island and maybe becoming the next king, she had to agree to his terms in their new relationship. For awhile all goes well between them, until he accuses her of something she didn’t do. I just wanted to smack him against the head and tell him to listen to her explanations. It was fun to see that Phoebe let him crawl thru dust at the end when he apologizes to her.

I’m definitely going to check out the other two books in this series and see if the other two candidates for the thrown and their heroines are as great as Phoebe and Leandro.

dinsdag 28 september 2010

Nancy Holzner - Deadtown

Victory Vaughn is an active demi-human, a shape shifter who fights demons for a living. Three years ago, the Plaque hit Boston and turned many of the residents into zombies. Now Boston is called Deadtown and all species are now under strict regulation and are struggling for rights among the humans.

During one of Vicky’s exorcising jobs, she feels something evil luring in the shadows, but cannot seem to feel what kind of evil. The next day Vicky hears that her client was murdered, case of death boiled from the inside out. She now knows that there is a Hellion loose in Deadtown. When she discover who this Hellion Demon is, she knows it’s after her, because Difethwer, the Destroyer killed her father years ago and left a demon mark on her.

Deadtown by Nancy Holzner is the first novel in her Deadtown Series and I have to say this is a new author for me, but she didn’t disappoint me with her novel. She created a fabulous heroine with great secondary characters and a world you wouldn’t want to live in as a human. But she managed to capture me and held my attention during the whole book.

Vicky Vaughn is a strong heroine and isn’t afraid to face the danger when she comes across it. She lost her father when she was young, the demon Difethwer, the Destroyer took her father’s life and marked her for life. For all those years she has been fighting hard to stay in control and fight for the good. But the demon is back and is trying real hard to force Vicky to cross the line and come to the dark side.

But Vicky’s life isn’t easy, she also has to deal with Tina, a young zombie who follows Vicky around and is getting in more trouble than is good for her. Kane is Vicky’s werewolf lover and is making their relationship much harder that she wants it to be. And now Kane is getting competition when human detective Costello steps into Vicky’s life, whom she also feels attracted to. But that is not the worst, Gwen her inactive demi-human sister is ashamed of their heritage and blames Vicky for the family troubles.

I really enjoyed this book, the heroine is strong and independent, just the way I like my heroines. I love the triangle Vicky’s is in, two gorgeous men fighting for her attention and neither wants to give up. I’m looking forward to see what will happen between them in the future novels.

Jennifer Ashley - Pride Mates

Twenty years ago the shifters made themselves known to the human world and with that announcement they were feared by humans. Now they have to wear collars and live in Shifter towns. They are cut off from all human sources, no cable, and no phone. The collar they are wearing gives them an extremely painful shock when they show aggression.

Kim Fraser is a defence attorney and is assigned to Brian’s case. He is a shifter and accused for killing his human girlfriend. For the human world Brian is already guilty, just because he is a shifter, but Kim isn’t so sure. She is going for the truth no matter what, so she goes into the Shifter town where Brian lives and hopes they can give her some background on her client.

Liam Morrissey is the shifters liaison, he is the man where all the shifters in town go too when they are in trouble. He is a born leader, but doesn’t want the Alpha position. When Kim Fraser comes to him for information about Brian, he’s immediately attracted to her, but he doesn’t act on it because she is human. But when her life is in danger he will do anything to keep her save.

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley is the first novel in her Shifters Unbound series. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book, from the moment I started this book it lured me into its world and held me captivated until I finished it.

Kim Fraser is a strong determined defence attorney and when she knows her client is innocent, she will fight till she proves his or her innocence. Brian is her first shifter client and she knows he is innocent and will do anything in her power to prove it, even it that means going into Shifter town and face their liaison Liam Morrissey.

Liam is tall, gorgeous and Irish and all those qualities should make a woman fall down on her knees. But he avoids human females as much as possible, so he isn’t happy when Kim Fraser shows on his doorstep, demanding he help her clear Brian’s name. He cannot help her because the shifters are bound to follow the rules of the Regions Alpha, Fergus and he tells Liam to ignore Kim’s cry for help. But when her life is in danger he cannot ignore the feeling that he had to protect her.

Liam’s brother Sean is the guardian of the Shifters and he only steps into battle when a rogue shifters needs guidance with his soul. Dylan is Liam’s father and the alpha of the Shifter town in Austin, but he knows his oldest son is much stronger and might fight him for the position. And then there is Connor, the Benjamin of the family, he moved in when his father, Liam and Sean’s brother died.

The loyalty and love in this family is huge and that was definitely one of the things I love the most in this book. Once you are accepted into the family, you have all the support and guidance you can get. I’m definitely looking forward to see more of this family in the next novel, which happens to be Sean’s.

maandag 27 september 2010

Teal Ceagh - Beauty's Beasts

Vampires Nicolas and Damian have been separated for awhile now. 30 years ago the two ex-lovers lost Natalia Connors, the demon hunter whom they both were close too. When Natalia was killed in action they split up and love their own life, but now Natalia’s killer is back and is after Riley Carson Connors, Natalia’s daughter. Both vampires made a promise to Natalia to protect her daughter against demons and train her to defend herself.

Riley Carson Connors has been in the foster systems since her parents died. It was a rough life and she doesn’t trust anyone easily, so when two handsome men appear on her doorstep, claiming of knowing her parents, she knows her life would never be the same. It appears her parents were demon hunters and their enemies know about her now. She has to go with Nick and Damian to New York City so they can train her for the battle of her life.

Beauty’s Beast by Teal Ceagh is the second novel in the Guardian Bonds series. It’s a fabulous romance novel with two hot vampires and a determined young woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her destiny.

Nick and Damian have been lovers for many centuries, but after loosing someone close to them, they cannot stay together. Now they are back in each others lives and they realize the chemistry between them is still there. But that is not all, Natalia’s daughter Riley comes into their lives and you can just feel the sexual tension between them all.

Riley Connors agrees to go to New York City with the two vampires to train herself against her mother’s killer, but she never expected to feel attracted to both men. How can she choose between the two vampires, especially when she discovers the huge love between them? Both men are pushing her to let herself go. Can the three of them be together or will she destroy them all?

Just like the first story in this series, I really enjoy reading this book. I’ve already met Nick and Damian in the first story and I have to say Miss Ceagh didn’t disappoint me. Damian and Nick are so different in characters, but so right for each other and when Riley walks into their life, the love triangle…the bond is complete.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and especially this series. I know for sure there is more to tell in this world.

Teal Ceagh - Carson's night

Natalia “Tally” Grey is a hunter; she has been trained by her vampire friends Nick and Damian since she was a little girl. So Tally feels totally at home in the supernatural world among all kinds of creatures. Her world is about to change when Nick shows up in the middle of the night and tells her that her father, who’s also a hunter, has been killed.

Tally hurries to her father and finds a brutal murder scene, knowing that some demons and gargoyles are involved. But her father’s handsome partner Carson Connors is also there and he don’t seem to remember a thing about what happened. Tally seems to be attracted to this stranger in a way no other man was able to. But can she trust him to be on her side or has he something to do with her father’s death? The only thing she knows is that Nick and Damian have her back.

Carson’s Night by Teal Ceagh is the first book in her Guardian Bonds Series. It’s a short story, but you can say this novella is a taste for more, it’s hot and steamy. No large amount of information or plots, but a great story full of danger and sensual scenes.

The chemistry between Tally and Carson is there from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Even though they are in a touch situation of finding out if Carson has something to do with her father’s death, they will not hold back on their attraction to each other.

I enjoy reading this book, the main characters Tally and Carson are great for each other, and they found their match. But I have to say I’m a little more interested in Nick and Damian. I know they are both vampires and each others lovers, but there is more and I want to find out. Hopefully their story will be told in one of the future novels.

If you are a huge fan of erotica romance with a little twist of paranormal creatures, then this novella is the right choice for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Jevron McCrory - Swan Song

Lewis Morrison is sent to write a review about the new talent Katrina Collins, a young and beautiful musician. Everyone knows Lewis is hard and difficult to impress, but the moment he hears Katrina’s bewitching melodies in the night club, he is anything but bored. He even passes out into unconsciousness during one of the last songs.

Katrina Collins has a beautiful voice and is able to bewitch people with her music, mostly because she isn’t human. The moment she sense Lewis Morrison in the club, she reach out to him, to his tortured soul.

After that night they are drawn to each other, Lewis cannot tell why, but it seems he cannot stay away from her and try to follow her to every performance.

Swan Song by Jevron McCrory is a fantastic short story about two tortured souls, finding each other and enjoys their moments together.

Lewis Morrison has had a tough life, he lost people he loved and that turned him into a bitter man. When he meets Katrina Collins, his life is about to turn upside-down. But Katrina isn’t what he thinks she is, she appears to be a vampire and has lived a very long life. They are drawn to each other despise the difference between them.

I have to say, I was a little sceptic about this story, Jevron McCrory has written a terrific storyline, but different then what I read normally. The way the author made Lewis act and mixed every day things into this story, like the head character’s drug problem, was fabulous. I really wanted to hate Lewis from page one and for a couple of pages I really did. But that all change when I read more about why Lewis is the way he is, he went through so many things in his life, and you can only understand his character. When Lewis meets Katrina, you can probably say that is the best thing that ever happens to him, she makes him see the good things in life again.

The only complain I have I the length of the storyline. I would have loved to see more of Lewis and Katrina, more about their background and life. I was really hoping that the relationship between them would have taken another road then they did now, but nevertheless it was definitely a great story, so very different to what I normally read.

I definitely going to keep my eye on this author and see if he can lure my attention back to another novel.

maandag 13 september 2010

Lisa Renee Jones - Lone Star Surrender

Constantine Vega is an undercover FBI agent, who has spent the last three years collecting evidence against Drug Lord Alvarez. The trial is only a few weeks away and he doesn’t want to take any chances. He needs to know if this federal prosecutor can be trusted to put Alvarez behind bars. So he has been following Nicole Ward for a few days to see if she is clean from Alvarez influence.

Nicole Ward is a federal prosecutor and assigns to Drug Lord Alvarez’s case. She has left her father’s law firm, so she can put these criminals behind bars instead of keeping them out. Now she needs to convince her sister to decline their father’s offer to join the company and build a life of her own.

Then one night she meet this stranger while she’s out celebrating her sister’s passing of the bar exam. The attraction is huge between them and before she knows it, he’s giving her the best pleasure in her life and then walks away.

Lone Star Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones is the first book I ever read of this author and I have to say it didn’t disappoint me, at matter a fact I’m definitely going to check out her other books. This novel kept my attention from the first page and I had to finish it to see how it would end.

Constantine Vega is a strong determined FBI agent. He’s been undercover for the last three years and he doesn’t want anyone blow up this case. Even if that means checking out the federal prosecutor and make sure she’s on the good side of the law. He knows she is going to be mad, when she finds out who he really is.

Nicole Ward is a determined young woman, who wants to prove to her father that she can do this on her own. She left his law firm to fight and get these criminal behind bars this time. But her life is about to turn up side down, when she finally meet her crown witness in her case against drug lord Alvarez. It turns out to be a FBI agent and also her one night stands Constantine.

I love to see the total trust Nicole gives Constantine when they realize they have a mole in the agency and that Nicole’s life is in danger. Alvarez will do anything to prevent them continuing the case, so he won’t go to jail.

Lisa Renee Jones surprised me with his book, the combination of action, danger and sexual attraction made me stay on the couch and turning the pages so I could see what happens next. I’m looking forward reading more of her work.

Anthology - Death's Excellent Vacation

Two Blondes by Charlaine Harris
A short Sookie Stackhouse story; Sookie and Pam are on their way for a holiday weekend, mixing fun with some business. Their business part goes bad when they are visiting this strip-club and the manager has other things on his mind.

The boys go fishing by Sarah Smith
An old superhero longs for death after he lost everyone around him, but he gets a visit from a bunch of “talented” kids, who are in need for some training/guiding.

One for the money by Jeaniene Frost
Cat and Bones need to guard a spoiled human heiress, who has been targeted by supernatural hit men.

Far across the Caspian Sea by Daniel Stashower
This is about an author who has lived for many centuries and shares his experience with the world thru his novels. But when he meets this new researcher he knows that this one is special.

The Innsmouth Nook by A. Lee Martinez
Two friends have started a Bed and Breakfast. They are about to find out what the Island secret is and they new legendary guests.

Safe and Sound by Jeff Abbott
A young determined TV reporter will do anything to keep the investigation open of a young man and his disappearance. Everything is working against her, even the missing man himself.

Seeing is believing by L.A. Banks
A young woman goes to New Orleans to fight the beasts, when she discovers several of the deaths are supernatural. There she meets this young man and learns they are linked somehow.

The perils of Eferjim by Katie MacAlister
Demon Jim has some free time coming up, now his boss is away. So he wants to spend some time with his demon girlfriend in Paris. But he’s forced into his human form and banished to Abaddon, where he has 10 days to escape.

Thinwalls by Christopher Golden
A man has lost his wife to cancer and has been travelling around the world to see all their favourite places. During that tour he meets a young woman with a creepy secret.

The heart is always right by Lilith Saintcrow
A gargoyle rescues a young woman from a supernatural attack and discovers she might be his key to his ultimate dream. But will he sacrifice her?

The demon in the dunes by Chris Grabenstein
A dying man thinks back at that one summer where he met his summer love and their strange adventure with ghostly encounters.

Home from America by Sharon Newman
A young man wants to visit his homeland Ireland for some time now and when the opportunity comes it’s not exactly what he expected.

Pirate Dave’s haunted Amusement Park by Toni L.P. Kelner
A recently turned female werewolf returns to her childhood favourite vacation spot to think about her future. At the amusement park she discovers that her teenage crush on pirate Dave is still there…just like pirate Dave.

Death’s Excellent Vacation Anthology has a theme…vacation. I saw some of my favourite authors in here, but also met a few new authors.

Jeaniene Frost, Katie MacAllister and Toni L.P. Kelner were my favourite of this anthology. Their stories were fabulous and I really liked them.

Charlaine Harris, L.A. Banks and Lilith Saintcrow’s stories were okay. A long with the stories from the authors above they made the book worth to read. But the rest of the short stories weren’t really my kind of reading. Of course I liked one story better than the other, but I have to say some of them were a little weird.

This anthology was overall good to read, I really think that some of the stories were to short for them to tell the story. Sometimes you were missing the clue, so maybe next time they can cut some of the authors and concentrate of getting more pages for the stories.

Trista Ann Michaels - Leave me Breathless

Tessa Williams has a great engineering and physics job at the government, which leaves no person life for her. So her friend Kate convince her to take some time off and explore life, but then the director of NCIS tells her she is in danger and needs to go in protective custody. It appears that the only person besides Tessa, who has access to the new missile launch code, has disappeared. Tessa knows she has to go under for awhile, because she cannot afford being kidnapped for those codes.

Mitch Robbins and Jake Bradley are best friends. Mitch is an investigator for NCIS and Jake their computer specialist. They are assigned to protect this female scientist and they are not happy about it, until they discover its Tessa Williams they need to protect. They both had dated Tessa, but never informed the other about that affair, it seems both men regretted letting her go.

Leave me breathless by Trista Ann Michaels is a great book full of danger, action and some smoking hot scenes.

Tessa is a beautiful, intelligent strong woman and her work is everything to her. But she knows that her job involves some risk and when her partner disappears, she has to go in hiding for awhile to lure out the one who is responsible. When she meets her two protectors, she’s shocked. Mitch and Jake are best friends and both had a brief relationship with her, she cannot ignore the fact that both are still very important to her.

During their hide-out they all discover that they want to act on that chemistry, but is it possible to choose between the two handsome men. Will she destroy their friendship when she chooses one or can they find a way to solve their difference and be together, the three of them?

This was my first book by this author and I have to say it was a pleasure to read it. This novel contains everything I like in an erotica romance novel, two handsome NCIS agents, a strong intelligent woman and their huge chemistry.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and see what she has in store for us in the future.

zondag 15 augustus 2010

Anthology - Dark & Stormy Knights

A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels is hired to serve as a bodyguard for Saiman. Apparently Saiman pissed off some members of the Russian Mafia by stealing something from them. They want it back and won’t stop at nothing to get it.

This was definitely the best story in this book. I love the Kate Daniels series and it was great to see how Kate and Saiman meet each other before she gets involved in the whole shape shifter world.

Even Hand by Jim Butcher
Johnnie Marcone protects a young woman and a child, who both has escaped some nasty swamp creature. She was captured when she got caught stealing information for her boss. Johnnie isn’t happy about it when he finds out and of course he will take advantage of the situation.

I never read the Harry Dresden books, but apparently this Johnnie Marcone character is from that series. Even though I didn’t know who Harry Dresden was, I enjoyed this short story. Maybe I need to check out the rest too.

The Beacon by Shannon K. Butcher
A hunter tracks down human beacons, which will lure evil creatures called Terraphages to Earth without knowing. He will assassinate them before these creatures’ breaks through the wall, but this time it’s hard. The beacon is a little girl with a beautiful defensive mother.

I know this author and I like her style, so I was happy to see that there was a story from her in this novel. It was good, enough to sparkle my curiosity to find some more books by this author.

Even a Rabbit will bite by Rachel Caine
The last dragonslayer has been summoned to train her last replacement before she can put her weapons away and retire. But the last dragon alive on Earth has some other plans for her and will make her job much more difficult then it should be.

Rachel Caine is already one of my favorite authors and she didn’t disappoint me with this short story. I would have loved to see this story more detailed, especially about the slayers past and the other dead dragons. But we cannot have everything.

Dark Lady by P.N. Elrod
Jack Flemming is a vampire and an investigator. A young woman came to him; she wants his help to clear her fianc├ęs name and to keep her alive, during that process

The story was nice, but didn’t blow me away. I’ve read some other short stories by this author, but I have to be honest I’m not a fan. For some reason those story don’t appeal to me.

Beknighted by Deidre Knight
An artist / painter has to work together with a gorgeous, but dangerous man to free a knight in a painting, who has been haunting her dreams for the past couple of months.

I love Deidre Knight’s books and I enjoy this short one too, but for some reason I miss something. Maybe this story was too short and needed some more background to make it a terrific story.

Shifting Star by Vicki Pettersson
Skamar has been contacted by Zoe Archer, to look into these missing young girls. They both know that the Tulpa is after Zoe’s granddaughter and is now kidnapping young girls who have some similarity.

I shouldn’t read this part because I knew it was part of the Sign of the Zodiac Series and I haven’t read those yet. But I couldn’t resist myself and now I know that I cannot put it off any longer. I need to read the rest of the series soon.

Rockwood & Mrs. King by Lilith Saintcrow
A dhampir vampire hunter helps a young woman, who recently became a widow. Well at least she thinks she was, but now her dead husband comes back from the grave to hunt her dreams. She is about to find out that the world is full of creatures and her dead husband is one of them.

I’m already a fan of Lilith Saintcrow after I’ve read her Dante Valentine series and this story is no exception. The only downside; it was too short, I would have love to see more of this Rockwood and how he was made.

God’s creatures by Carrie Vaughn
Cormac is a bounty hunter, who kills creature for a living. He’s called in when a werewolf is killing some cattle and they want it dead before it will take human lives.

Another short story that’s part of a series, this time the Kitty Norville. Again I didn’t read the series, but I will check it out soon. This story made me curious to see what’s more out there.

Overall this anthology was good, the stories of Ilona Andrews, Rachel Caine and Shannon K. Butcher made it worth reading, and the rest of the novel was okay. I definitely need to check out some of the series.

Patricia Briggs - Silver Borne

Mercy Thompson has borrowed a Fae book from a friend and when she goes to return the book, the owner of the shop Phin has disappeared. First Mercy doesn’t think any of it, but then her gut is telling her something isn’t quite right about it. So she hides the books somewhere saves and didn’t tell anyone where it is. Her first priority is to find Phin and discover what is going on, but she knows her problems have only just begun.

Her best friend Samuel has been acting strange lately and Mercy is afraid to loose him. Apparently something happened and Sam is staying in his wolf form. Mercy knows she has to get through to him and convince him to change back to human before his father Bran finds out and decides to make the decision about Sam’s condition for her.

Mercy’s relationship with Adam is going well, except that one of more members of the pack are trying to break the mating bond or even trying to kill Mercy. Will Mercy be able to resolve all her problems or is she going to loose her best friend Sam and her mate Adam?

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs is the fifth novel in her Mercedes Thompson series. I have to say she did it again; each book in this series is getting better and better.

Mercy Thompson seems to be growing in each book, every time she’s challenged with new things and every time she’ll find a way to protect the ones she loves.

Her relationship with Pack leader Adam is finally growing into a real relationship. They are dating and she takes a permanent place in his pack of wolves. But there are some members who aren’t to happy that she, a coyote, joined the pack and will stop at nothing to get her out and even jeopardize Adam’s place as a leader.

They have to find a way to discover those traitors and deal with them before the pack is falling apart.

In the meantime Mercy tries real hard to make her friend Sam see, that his life isn’t over and that it is worth fighting for. She needs him by her side to rescue Phin out of the hand form his kidnappers and try not to get caught herself.

If you haven’t read this series yet, then I would recommend it to you. It will have you addicted in no time; the books will lure you into a world full of shape shifter, vampires, faes and other creatures. You won’t be disappointed.

Leslie LaFoy - The perfect desire

Isabella Dandaneau and her cousin Mignon each inherited half of a treasure map. Isabella wanted to work together with her cousin to find the treasure and split the treasure, but Mignon refuses. So Mignon leaves New Orleans to go to London, where she believes is the hidden treasure. But the only thing Mignon finds is danger and death. So Isabella travels to London to collect her cousin’s things, hoping to find the other half of the map before someone else does.

Barrett Stanbridge is tired of his parents match making, so he pick up this beautiful lady at the theatre, knowing she isn’t looking for a husband, but just one night of passion. After the sensual night he is accused of murder, when his mistress is found dead in an alley near his home. He doesn’t know how to prove his innocence, but then this mysterious lady shows up on his doorstep with an offer he cannot refuse.

The perfect desire by Leslie LaFoy is a lovely historical romance novel, if you love strong determined young women and stubborn men, mixed up with danger, then this is the novel for you.

Isabella Dandaneau is a strong heroine, who you will love the moment you meet her. She married young and was widow shortly after that, when her husband died in the War. In order to survive this war, she became a spy and she knows her way around dynamite too.

Now she’s in London and hope to strike an alliance with Barrett Stanbridge to find the missing half of the map. Their partnership proof to be the perfect combination, and piece by piece they find the map. But Mignon’s true killer is still after Isabella and will stop at nothing to get what he wants…the treasure.

The attraction between Isabella and Barrett is huge, but both are afraid to admit it. Isabella thinks she’s not good enough for him, because of her simple past and she doesn’t want to be a replacement of her cousin. Barrett believes Isabella would never be with a man, accused of murder and also has a scandal in his past.

But Barrett’s two friends will do anything to clear his name and if that means pushing him into Isabella’s arms, well then that is just that.

The perfect desire was the first historical romance novel I read in a long time and I have to say I needed the distraction after reading all the paranormal romance and urban fantasy. This novel was definitely good; it made me realize that I need more of those on my reading list, between all the others.

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Jeaniene Frost - Eternal kiss of darkness

Mencheres is one of the oldest vampire around and he recently discovered that he has nothing to life for anymore. He lost his ability to see the future, so in order to save his vampire family line, he merged them with the family line of Bones, who he sees as a son. So if something happens to him in the near future, he knows that his vampires and companions are taken care off. His life is in danger, because his Uncle Radjedef will do anything to destroy him, so he can have Mencheres’s powers, powers he believes belong to him.

Now Mencheres is facing a pair of ghouls who think they can torture a four thousand year old vampire with their simple silver-blades. He cannot believe his eyes when a human woman steps out of the darkness and tries to save him. Now her life is in danger when the ghouls attack her, Mencheres knows he needs to save her and hopefully erase her memory before he sends her home.

Kira Graceling is a private investigator and cannot ignore a cry for help. So when she walks home one night and hears some evil laughter and some screaming in an a banded warehouse, she calls for back-up, get her gun and see if she can help the victim. She never imagined to come across some ghouls, who are trying to kill her and a very old vampire who save her life, and then kill the ghouls by just looking at them when their heads exploding.

Mencheres takes Kira home with him to see if he can erase her memory of their existence and be on his way. But nothing is as easy as it seems, because it appears Kira is immune to their kind hypnotising and after he sends her home he cannot forget her.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost is the second novel in her Night Huntress World Series and I have to say it out loud, she did it again. Jeaniene Frost wrote another amazing novel in this vampire world we love so much.

I knew Mencheres was a powerful vampire, but I have to be honest that I didn’t have any high expectations of his book, because he wasn’t one of my favorite characters in the Night Huntress Series. But after reading his book I have to admit I was wrong about him, he was amazing.

Kira is a strong, smart and independent woman, who will go after the things she wants. She even tries to support her sick sister in every way she can. I believe Jeaniene Frost did a great job with Kira; she’s the perfect partner for Mencheres. She’s determined to make him see that everything happens for a reason and not to give up.

Radjedef is the real threat to Mencheres, as his Uncle he truly believe that Mencheres powers belong to him and he will find a way to get those powers, even if that means using his position as a Guardian to their kind. Radjdef is also responsible what will happen with Kira, because he thinks he will have Mencheres on his knees.

I love the fact that we saw some of the characters out of the Night Huntress Series, Cat and Bones made their appearance and my favorite vampire Vlad. I really hope he will get his own book too in the near future.

This novel is another fabulous one by Jeaniene Frost; it’s full of the thing we love the most, strong powerful vampires, smart courageous women and a bunch of fabulous friends who will have your back no matter what. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next book.

Alexis Morgan - Vampire vendetta

Seamus Fitzhugh is a vampire medic and the last of his clan, since his half-sister died. He knows something is odd about her death and he will do whatever it takes to have his vengeance on those who are responsible. So that journey takes him to the estate of his enemy vampire clan leader Rafferty O’Day, but before he meets his enemy he comes across a young dying woman, who needs his help.

Seamus rescues the young woman Megan Perez, who is a hybrid vampire, from poisoning. But that is not all; it appears she’s also the cousin of Rafferty’s wife, Joss. Because Seamus saved Megan life and kept her newborn baby safe, Rafferty hires him to serve as the new medic in his clan. That is the opportunity Seamus was waiting for, a way to get close to his enemy, a way to get his revenge.

Vampire Vendetta by Alexis Morgan is a fantastic novel; it will lure you into a world where danger, vengeance and starting a new life are very high on the list.

Seamus Fitzhugh gave up everything to get close to the one he believes is responsible for his half-sister death. In order to do that he needs to get inside his enemies clan and work from the inside out. But soon Seamus will learn the truth about what really happened.

Megan Perez is a hybrid vampire, who just gave birth to a baby girl. She’s running from the child’s father, who plots to kill her and raise their child on his own. She meets Seamus when she arrives on the doorstep of the safe house, where he’s staying. It appears she has been poisoned and he is her only hope to survive.

Seamus does everything in his power to keep his true identity hidden from Rafferty, Joss and Megan. But the more he spends time with Megan and her baby, the more he sees that revenge will not solve anything. He knows he has to come clean with his past to have a nice future.

I love Alexis Morgan’s Paladins & Talions Series and I couldn’t help myself for trying this Silhouette Nocturne novel. It’s a great book to read when you wan to escape the real world for awhile and just enjoy yourself with a book.

Jessica Bird - The billionaire next door

The three O’Banyon brothers had escaped their abusive father and their childhood home, when the opportunity was there for them. The youngest brother Billy was offered a football scholarship, the oldest brother Mac joined the army and middle brother Sean received his scholarship to Harvard. They had sworn to each other to never look back.

Lizzie Bond rented the first floor apartment in Eddie O’Banyon’s building since she finished nursing school. Despite the bitterness in the old man’s eyes, Lizzie couldn’t walk away from Eddie when he needed her help. So she made sure that he ate, took his medication and cleaned his house from time to time. So when Lizzie come home one night, it was shocking to hear he had died.

When Sean O’Banyon receives a phone call of his father’s passing, he is relieved, finally they prayers have been answered and they were finally free. Sean wants to get his father’s stuff out of the apartment as soon as possible, so he can sell the place. He knew it would be hard to go back to his childhood home, but he couldn’t imagine that the nightmares would come back. The only good think is meeting Lizzie, but does she mean everything she says or is she one of those women who’re obsessed with his money.

A Billionaire Next Door by Jessica Bird is the first novel in the O’Banyon Trilogy and a terrific book.

Sean O’Banyon already appeared in the Moorehouse Legacy series and I already thought he would be an interesting character. I was right, he is a Wall Street genius and you could say he’s a playboy. He’s enjoying life and the attention of beautiful women.

Lizzie is the opposites, she’s been working two jobs to pay the bills, supporting her mother and save more money for her education. When she meets the right man, then she wants it all, marriage, the house and children.

When Lizzie and Sean meet each other for the first time, they are both sceptic about each other. Sean thinks she is a gold-digger, that she’s after his father’s money and maybe even after his wealth, like every other woman in his life. Lizzie cannot believe Sean didn’t care about his own father. But when both of them discover the truth, they cannot ignore the attraction between them any longer.

I truly enjoy this book and I’m hoping that Miss Bird will write about the two other brothers soon.

Jessica Bird - A man in a million

Madeline “Mad” Maguire has given up on love, after she’s being betrayed by two ex-lovers. But she’s always convinced that there is someone out there in the world for her. So when she meets Spike Moriarity, she knows he could be the one. But can she convince him to giver her change, after he finds out about her miserable love life.

Spike Moriarity has some secrets from his past too and when he meets Mad he cannot stop thinking about her. He believes he isn’t worthy of her and knows that a chance with her is way out of his league.

But Mad needs a partner to accompany her to a family gathering and she asks Spike to go with her. He agrees to go with her, because he knows her siblings aren’t very nice to Mad, so he feels obligated to protect her. The more they spend together, the deeper their feelings go for each other, but will their new found love survive when Spike’s past come to surface and the interfering of Mad’s family?

A man in a million by Jessica Bird is the last novel in the Moorehouse Legacy Series and I have to say it’s fantastic. The book has kept my attention from page one till the end of the book.

We all met Spike in the first novel when he appears on the scene as Nate Walker’s business partner and he never left. I already knew that this guy would be the “bad boy” with the golden heart and it turns out that I was right.

Mad isn’t a stranger either, she appeared in Alex Moorehouse’s book, where she was introduced as one of his sailing buddies. From the moment Mad and Spike meet each other, sparkles were flying around. They were attractive to each other, but didn’t quite think the other would be interested. Their relationship has a rough start, but they’ll find a way to trust one another and from that moment it’s great to see two people fall head over heels in love with each other.

I truly can say this was the best book in the whole Moorehouse Legacy Series and both character weren’t even part of the family. I know there is a book about Sean O’Banyon too and I cannot wait to see what Miss Bird has in store for him.

Jessica Bird - From the first

Alex Moorehouse almost lost his leg in a sailing accident, but that is nothing comparing to some others on his team. He lost his best friend because of it. Now Alex is recovering from several leg operations and is staying at the family Bed & Breakfast. But Alex doesn’t really care about his sisters’ feelings; he’s just staying in his room feeling sorry for himself and only drinks alcohol and taking his pain medications. There is a lot of guilt inside of him, for not saving his best friend and especially because Alex had fallen in love with his best friend’s wife Cassie from the beginning.

Cassie is now a wealthy widow with her own company and she knew all along that her husband was cheating on her when he was away with his sailing team. Of course Cassie is sad about his death, but already knew her marriage was over. She needs to move on, so she accepts the Moorehouse sister’s offer to renovate the family Bed & Breakfast. When she’s over there it will give her the opportunity to visit Alex. She always felt attractive to Alex, but because she was married and he always avoided her, she thought he didn’t like her.

From the first by Jessica Bird is the third novel in the Moorehouse Legacy Series and just like the other two books it was easy to read.

I have to be honest, I didn’t really like Alex Moorehouse in the beginning, and you could say I believe he was a selfish bastard. Alex left his family years ago, in the time his two sisters and grandmother needed him the most. After his parents died Alex left as quickly as possible, knowing his sisters would take the burden to run the family Bed & Breakfast. Now he’s back injured and is putting another burden on their shoulders, his recovering. The only thing he can think off is his secret love for his best friend’s widow, not about helping his family.

But I adore Cassie; she is strong and very determined. She knows what she want in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. Just the way she’s facing her feelings for Alex and she doesn’t take no for an answer is so fabulous to read. I was glad to see that she was able to turn Alex around and make him face his actions and make up some lost time with his family.

This book wasn’t as great as the other two in the series and I know that it has something to do with the fact that I didn’t like Alex that much. He was a real pain in the butt some times. But the balance between Cassie’s enthusiasm and Alex’s stubbornness made it a nice book to read.
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