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Lisa Renee Jones - The Beast Within

Title: The Beast Within
Series: Knight of White #book 1
Release: November 1, 2007
Publisher: Harlequin (Silhouette Nocturne Series)
Genre: Paranormal Romance

There is an Immortal group of warriors; The Knights of White, these men were all attacked somewhere in the past by one of the Darkland Beasts, but saved my a man named Salvatore. Now they are re-grouped to fight their enemy and Jag is their leader. Jag is one of the strongest among the Knights, but he can feel his beast within him fighting for release, to become the very thing they are fighting against. But lately Jag is dreaming about a woman, who not only calls to his soul but also to his beast. Who is she? Is she innocent or working among their enemy? Jag will do anything to find out.

When Karen Gibson receives a very disturbing phone call from her sister Eva, she doesn’t hesitate and takes the first plane towards her sister. It appears her sister is in the hospital, where the doctors are telling her that Eva harmed herself. Karen cannot believe what she’s hearing, there must be another explanation. What is it about those biting marks and the one name Eva is calling to? Are these evil beasts she heard about real? The only way to save her sister is to find Jaguar ranch and beg for help.

The moment Karen meets the owner of the ranch, she has a feeling they met before, only to remember her dreams about him. Is Jag one of those evil beasts or the only man who can save her sister?

The Beast Within by Lisa Renee Jones is the first novel in her Knight of White Series and a terrific book to read.

The warriors of the Knights of White are all men who almost died by the hand of the Darkland Beasts, who were trying to steal their human souls. Luckily for them Salvatore restores their soul and recruits them to fight this evil enemy and save humankind.

Jag is the leader and is already balancing on the edge of turning into one of those beasts himself. But when he meets Karen, the woman of his dreams he knows he found his equal.

The attraction between Jag and Karen is huge, but he is fighting this attraction only because his beast seems to like her too. It wants him to mark her as his mate, but will it turns out for the greater good or destroy his soul forever.

Lisa Renee Jones has written one hell of a story between evil and good. The main and secondary characters are fabulous and I’m looking forward to read more about some of those warriors. This author already got my attention after reading some of her stand alone books, but after reading this novel she is on auto-buy from now on.

Brenda Jackson - The Object of his Protection

Title: The Object of his Protection
Released: November 1, 2008
Publisher: Kimani
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Drey St. John is a private investigator and has recently hired by the Braddock Family to investigate their father’s death. But what they don’t know that Drey is their half-brother. Drey’s mother just told him that his mentor he knew his whole life was his biological father. He will do anything in his power to find out who is responsible for his death.

Charlene Anderson is a forensic scientist and a good friend of Drey. They have had a working relationship for years, so when Drey ask her in private about the death of the senator and his personal driver, Charlene will help him to get the information he needs.

Because of her help to Drey, Charlene’s life is now in danger and the only way to stay out of the hands of the killer is to move in with him…temporality.

The Object of His Protection by Brenda Jackson is a wonderful book to read between all those heavy Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.

Drey and Charlene know each other for a while now, but never gave in to the attraction between them. Charlene doesn’t want a relationship; she has no time for it….and besides who want this “old” virgin as a girlfriend. But Drey is not an ordinary man, he wants Charlene and this temporality moving into his apartment is a great opportunity to prove her that he wants this for real.

This is a great book to read on a Sunday afternoon or just after a hard day at work…nothing on your mind, just relax and enjoy.

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Alexandra Sokoloff - The Shifters

New Orleans is the home of many supernatural beings and in order to keep the peace, there are keepers. One for each species, it’s an elite group of warriors charged to keep the peace between human and the three largest supernatural species, vampires, shape-shifters and the werewolves.

Caitlin McDonald is the keeper of the shape-shifters and just like her sisters she takes her job seriously. Caitlin has always been the lone-wolf and wants to work alone on any investigation regarding her group. Now she isn’t quite sure she can handle the new threat that comes to town.

But bounty hunter and shape-shifter Ryder Mallory, shows up on her doorstep with some incredible news on the new threat. Caitlin doesn’t really trust him completely, especially when she finds out that he has a personal stake in the person they both are tracking.

Ryder and Caitlin have to work together in order to catch this killer before more humans and shape-shifters are killed.

The Shifters by Alexandra Sokoloff is the second novel in The Keepers Trilogy and a terrific book. It’s full of danger, plots and of course a steamy relationship.

Caitlin is the sister with the most resentment against the Others, because of the death of her parents. But she knows she has to find a way to deal with it, especially now her older sister Fiona is dating the vampire detective Jagger. When a new threat comes to New Orleans and beginning to attack humans all the fingers are pointing to the shape-shifter community. So it’s her job to solve the case and keep the peace in the city.

Ryder Mallory is new to town and is tracking the killer for quite some time. So he takes all the help he can get, even from the beautiful keeper Caitlin. His old buddy Jagger warns him that if he ever hurt Caitlin, he will have to deal with him, but Ryder has no intention of hurting her when all he wants to do is hold her and keep her save. The only thing he needs to do is convincing her that dating a shape-shifter isn’t so bad.

We already know the bond between the sisters is strong and despite that Caitlin wants to solve this case alone, she knows she has to accept her sister’s help in order to catch this killer. They all know their powers will be stronger when they are together.

I only can say that I really like this series and I cannot wait to get my hands on book number three, about the youngest sister Shauna.

Jennifer Armintrout - Queene of Light

When the humans managed to banished all Otherworlders back to the underground, the groups were divided into two worlds; Light and Dark. Faeries, dwarves and dragons are living in the Lightworld, while angels, demons, werewolves and other creatures are living in the Darkworld. But there is a neutral territory between the two worlds, call the Strip.

Ayla grew up in the Strip, but was accepted into the Assassins Guild in the Lightworld. On her last mission, she runs into a Death Angel who turns mortal after he touches her human flesh. Ayla know she has to kill him, but decides to leave him behind to die. But this Death Angel Malachi doesn’t die and wants revenge.

Garret is Ayla’s mentor at the Guild and also brother to the Queen Mabb and he is asking her to be his mate. She know this is a good match, especially consider her background (half human- half faerie), but she cannot seem to get this Death Angel out of her mind. She knows it’s forbidden to have a relationship with any kind of Darkling, but despite that Malachi wants his revenge, they both are attracted to each other. When a war breaks out, Malachi cannot leave her to face her enemies alone.

Which relationship will Ayla choose; the Darkling Malachi or her mentor Garret?

Queene of Light by Jennifer Armintrout is the first novel in the Lightworld / Darkworld Trilogy.

I’ve finally read the book and it was definitely a easy read because I’ve finished it in one afternoon…not bad if I say so myself. You have to figure out the difference between the two world, but when you understand that, it was easy. It was a little confusing to see two male characters Garret & Malachi trying to win Ayla for their own and not be able to see which one would eventually be the one for her. At first I couldn’t decide which one was better for her, but when you getting into the story better and discovers what Garret is up too, then you want to smack him in the head and scream out loud.

I couldn’t believe my eyes apart the part where Garret took her to Sanctuary and mate with her and she simply goes along with it. Even though she is not sure she cares about him and she is thinking of someone else when it happens. I have to agree with Xavia with the sex part in the book…it was simple and definitely PG-13 for my taste.

To see the love grow between Ayla and Malachi, when they both never experience that emotion before was great. Although I really wanted to smack Ayla at the end when you gave up on Malachi and not wanting to fight for love. But of course I could say that of Malachi too, he was mad when she send him away, but he didn’t fight either. I think this is a good example where you can see that love is a new emotion for both of them.

I’m definitely curious to see how this story will continue in the following books.

Maya Banks - Sweet Temptation

Micah Hudson has lost his wife and best friend in a car accident. So he left Miami and their memories behind and moves to another city and start over. But Micah has special needs, so his membership to the exotic sex club gives him the opportunity to explore those needs, without falling in love again. Then one night he notice a beautiful woman in the club, receiving pleasure in a way Micah wants to give. But the moment the woman turns around and sets her eyes on him, he is in total shock…it’s his late best friend’s sister Angelina.

Angelina Moyano’s left alone after her brother died in a tragic car accident. She understands that Micah left her behind too, in order to forget his pain. She grew up with Micah, her brother David and their shared lover Hannah, but now she’s alone. She knows Micah comes back once a year to mourn his loved ones and she has the feeling that this year she will see the last of him. So it’s time to find out if Micah has feelings for her or not, so she leaves Miami too and follows him, so she can prove to him how much he means to her.

Sweet Temptation by Maya Banks is the fourth novel in the Sweet Series and just like the previous one, a very steamy novel.

Micah has been one of my favourite characters from the first novel and I was very curious to read about his past and why he joined the exotic club, what his sexual desires were…well I definitely know now….he has some wicked sexual fantasies and I have to say Angelina is just the woman for him. She already knows everything about his past and the way he shared his wife Hannah with his best friend Davis. Angelina has a strong personality, she leaves everything behind to follow the man she loves, and not really knowing she will put them both in danger by doing that.

It seems when Micah and Angelina finally found a way to give their relationship a change; a stalker makes his presence know. This man won’t stop to have her for himself, even if that means getting rid of Micah once and for all.

I only can say that this is one hell of a steamy, but also an emotional novel. You will be taken on a roller coaster, but the ride will be worth it. Micah turns out to be the man I thought he would be.

Angie Daniels - The Player's Proposal

Danica Dansforth and Jaden Beaumont had something special going on, until Danica overheard Jaden talking on the phone to one of his brothers about a bet. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and felt betrayed. So she decided to leave, she let Jaden believe it was fun, but time to move on. Jaden couldn’t believe it, they were great together and then out of nowhere she was leaving him and told him she was engaged to get married.

Now 18 months later they meet again, Danica car broke down and was taken to the only garage in town, what happens to be Jaden’s garage. Jaden is still angry that she left him for another man, but cannot ignore the attraction he still has for her. So he comes up with a plan to have Danica around the garage, so he can fix her expensive car. It appears she cannot pay for the whole repair, so in exchange she has to work for him as his receptionist until he finds a replacement.

The player’s proposal by Angie Daniels is a pleasant book to read on a Sunday afternoon or in the evening after a hard day of work. It’s entertaining, funny and full of great characters.

Danica left Jaden after she overheard him about a bet, assuming it was about her, so she left without looking back or even given him the real reason. The only thing she tells Jaden that is was fun, but she had to get back to her fiancĂ©…an imaginary one, but he doesn’t know that. Jaden is hurt, but will have his little revenge when she’s back in his life 18 months later.

They both notice that the attraction between them is still there. Jaden has the opportunity now to finally discover why Danica left him all those months ago, by offering her a temporally job at his garage while he fix her car. In the meantime Danica is working very hard to get her store ready for the opening.

I love the attraction between the two characters, but I have to say I wanted to smack Danica sometimes for her stubbornness. Why the hell didn’t she confront him about the bet in the first place, just to make sure it was really about her and not someone else. Thank goodness Jaden is determined to not let her go the second time.

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Heather Graham - The Keepers

New Orleans is the home of many supernatural beings and in order to keep the peace, there are keepers. One for each species, it’s an elite group of warriors charged to keep the peace between human and the three largest supernatural species, vampires, shape-shifters and the werewolves.

Fiona McDonald is the keeper of the vampires and takes her job seriously. Fiona and her two sisters are new to their legacy, but they are determined to keep the peace in New Orleans, not matter what happens.

Now someone or somewhat is destroying the power balance in New Orleans. Dead bodies are beginning to turn up, totally drained of blood, so everyone is pointing their fingers to the vampire society, which is totally normal. But are they truly the killers or is someone setting them up?

Detective Jagger DeFarge, a vampire himself is assigned to the case. He and Fiona must work together in order to catch this killer, before a war between the species will begin. Fiona knows she has to trust Jagger, but finds it hard to do that. It goes against all she’s been taught and vampires are one of the species that killed her parents, the keepers before them.

The Keepers by Heather Graham is the first book in The Keepers Trilogy and I have to say it’s one fabulous book. The story is full of plots, danger and sexual attraction, that will keep the reader fully entertained.

Fiona and her sisters Caitlin and Shauna inherited the Keepers job when their parents died in the last species war. But the sisters are a little different from their parents, whom had all three of the powers in them. The sisters inherited just one power; so they become the keeper of just one group, in Fiona’s case the vampire. When the bodies of drained humans turning up, it’s her job to keep the peace and working with vampire detective Jagger DeFarge will be difficult because she knows it cannot work. The sisters are still upset about losing their parents, but Fiona cannot ignore her attraction towards Jagger.

When the killer sets his eyes on Fiona, she knows the only one who can save her is Jagger, the man she became to love.

I love the struggle between Fiona and Jagger, they both feel the attraction but knows that their relationship cannot work. But we all know that fate has a mind of its own. The relationship between the three sisters is strong; all three have a different personality and power that only makes them stronger. I’m really looking forward to see what the authors have in store for the remaining sisters.

A.C. Arthur - A Cinderella Affair

Camille Davis is a successful fashion designer with her own business, but she didn’t have a pleasant childhood. Her mother died when she was very young and her father remarried her stepmother Moreen Scott Davis soon after that. Moreen hated everything about her stepdaughter and did everything in her power to make Camille’s life miserable. It even changed her relationship with her beloved father, whom she loved dearly. But Camille managed to build a great life for herself.

Adam Donovan is the third brother of the “Triple Threat Team” and has always gotten what he wanted in life. He always wanted to buy the house of the late Randolph Davis, but the man didn’t want to sell at that time. Now his widow Moreen wants to get rid of it as soon as possible, so Adam couldn’t be happy. His company will renovate the home and sell it with a huge profit, but then she walks into his life again, Camille the daughter and she isn’t happy with the situation. Apparently she owns half of the house and she doesn’t want to sell, but proposes an alternative plan to the Donovan company.

A Cinderella Affair by A.C. Arthur is a wonderful book to read. It shows the struggle of a young woman who doesn’t seem to fit in society, but is willing to open herself to one of the most handsome bachelor on the planet.

Camille and Adam have briefly met before and couldn’t get the other out of their mind. So when Camille walks into Adam’s life again, he is determined to seduce her and get her out of his system once and for all. But Camille is no ordinary woman and he falls in love with her and has to do everything in his power to convince her that he truly cares about her.

But one particular person wants to destroy everything in Camille’s life, including her relationship with Adam and she won’t stop at nothing to see that happen. Is their love strong enough to survive all of this?

Camille and Adam are great characters; it’s great to see Camille finally come into her own and looking to the future like that. This is a book that will give you one pleasant afternoon or evening.
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