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C.L. Wilson - Lady of light and shadow

Ellysetta Baristani is preparing herself for her wedding to her soul mate Rain, the Tairen Soul,
King of the Fey. But still dark forces are working to stop that from happening. She has still nightmares, where the Shadow man or the High Mage is using dark magic to get her to his side, but with the help of Rain the nightmares slowly disappears. Ellie’s magic continues to grow and she tries desperately to control them, but sometimes the magic is overwhelming and escapes. She can no longer deny her heritage from those who want to use it for their own dark games.

Nobody believes Rain when he warns the mortals that the Eld and Mage-claimed are back. The mortal men dismiss Rain’s caution and in so doing condemn themselves and their family’s.
But then the Eld and Mage-claimed make their moves, not knowing how strong Ellie really is and in their condescending distain put her to the test. Ellie rises above it all and finally comes into her own self, surprising Rain and the Fey warriors.

Lady of Light and Shadows is the second novel by C.L. Wilson in the Tairen Soul series and picks up right where Lord of the fading lands left off. I knew this novel would be great, but it really blow me of my feet when I started the book. From page one I was lured into a world full magic, romance en great characters.

Ellie keep growing stronger and stronger into her magic. She’s equal to her prince in every way possible, like Rain told her so many times before.
Rain continue courting Ellie like he promise her father, but when Dark evil tries to kill Ellie Rain can no longer keep that promise and want to take her away as soon as possible. Rain also tries to teach Ellie to go along with her powers.
The relationship between the two of them is fabulous, just the way the slowly get to know each other and fall in love, is just great.

Of course the second-characters are great as in the previous book. The Fey warriors still protecting Ellie against evil, but help is on the way. The Dark Lord Gaelen tries to kill Ellie believing she is evil, but when Ellie save his dark soul and turn him back into a Fey he swears the blood oath and become one of her private bodyguards, just like Belliard.
What I like in this books, is the hope for the Fey warriors to find their true life mate among the people. I’ll hope they find them in time to save their own soul, like Ellie save Rain.
I only can say this is one of the best novels I read in a long time. I’ll hope C.L. Wilson keep continue writing like this and hopefully surprise me with the third novel in this series.

Lara Adrian - Kiss of midnight

Thousands years ago some alien race, the Breed vampires settle themselves on earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed are in the middle of a civil war with the Rogues, which are vampires who have given over their minds and bodies to the bloodlust.
An army full of Rogues wants to dominate the world but find the Breed warriors standing in their way ready to destroy them.
Lucan Thorne is the leader of the Breed, a Gen One vampire, whose father was one of the original Ancients who landed on earth. Lucan has spent his whole nine hundred years battling the Rogues, but his has a secret. His body is constantly asking him to give over to the bloodlust that turns them into the Rogues.

Gabrielle Maxwell is a professional photographer with no memory of her birth mother. Gabrielle was found as an infant, abandoned in a box, while her teenage mother was walking the street in a hysterical state after a Rogues vampire bite. Gabrielle always believed her mother was insane, but one night she witnesses a violent Rogue group feeding on a human male. Gabrielle doesn’t hesitate for a moment and take pictures with her telephone and runs like hell. The police don’t believe her story, especially when they don’t find a body. But then Lucan appears on her doorstep and takes possession of her phone and the pictures.

Gabrielle and Lucan didn’t count on the strong attraction between them. And when Lucan discover that Gabrielle bears the mark of a Breed mate, a human female who is destined to be mated to a male vampire, he knows he has to stay away from her. Lucan has no intention to claim any Breed mate for his own; because he fears he will end up just like his father, killing his mate in a rage of the bloodlust.
But when the Rogues finds out who Gabrielle is and come after her, Lucan must tell Gabrielle everything about their race and protect her.

Kiss of Midnight is the first novel in the Breed series and I can tell you it is a promising one. The first scene in the novel sets the perfect tone for the rest of it. Lara Adrian has created a great, dark and powerful world that will keep your attention to the book from the first page.

The main characters Lucan and Gabrielle are both strong and they’re for great for each other.
Lucan Thorne, the leader of the Breed, who lives for over nine hundred years fighting their enemy with all the strength and power his has. But now he finds himself on the edge of his bloodlust, not knowing when it will hit and take him over to the other side. The moment he meets Gabrielle he is drawn to her and wants to give in to the emotions and needs. But finding out she is a Breed mate hit him like fire. Can he take the change of binding himself to a mate and hope she can save him from sanity?
Gabrielle Maxwell is a photographer and witnesses a brutal murder of a human by a group of Rogues vampires. She is not believing her eyes, but when the police don’t believe her and when some big dark gorgeous warriors appears on her doorstep she knows her life won’t be the same anymore.
She accepts very quickly that vampires are for real, but she is never afraid of Lucan.

A big fan of vampire stories like myself, I think the Breed series is one of the great ones I ever read.
The story contains all the ingredient for a great vampire story…a strong hero and heroine, some badass enemies and gorgeous warriors who will fight for the better good.
And the end of the book I though…..were can I get one of these Breed warrior….I don’t mind to be a Breed mate to one of them, especially Tegan….he stole my heart with his bad-ass attitude. But the other are great too…Gideon, Niko, Dante and Rio.
I don’t have to tell you…I cannot wait to read the next novel and see what happens to Dante.

Lara Adrian will defiantly stay on my bookshelves and deserve a place between my favourite authors.

Christine Feehan - Dark Celebration

Christmas is coming and Raven Dubrinsky convinced her lifemate Mikhail, the Dark Prince of the Carpathians, to gathers his warriors and their lifemates and children to celebrate the holidays. Mikhail is sceptic about this when the whole group is together there are much weaker but he cannot deny his lifemate this one thing, because they have much to celebrate. Many warriors found their lifemates and even a few children were born. But the fear remains, if the cause for their infertility will not be identified, their race may be facing extinction.

Their ancient enemies have banded together in one last desperate attack to extinction the Carpathians, but this time their enemies are striking the Carpathians at their weakest point, the women and children. Now, the Carpathian males, who have grown accustomed to work alone, must work together under their Prince and fight hard for their future.

This is another great novel in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. Just like the previous books I was pull right into the story and could not put it down until I finished the book. It is great to see all those Carpathian men we know and love gathering around to celebrate Christmas with the ones their love.
In this book Christine Feehan tries to give time to everyone and the story changes little by little as we visit the various couples. You find some development in new couples; I know for sure they will have their own book in the near future.

To me Christine Feehan is a fabulous author who has written a great series and hopefully continues in the future. She is one of the few authors that can write like this, a series that continually keeps growing stronger by the book. She is defiantly my favourite author.

In this book Christine Feehan puts an extra section in the back full of delicious recipes, called Dark Deserts.

Christine Feehan - Dark Demon

After the death of her twin-brother, Natalya Shonski is on the run. Part Carpathian, part human and part mage, she’s one of the few Dragon seekers and have some powers of her own she can use to fight vampires and other evil.

Virkirnoff Von Schrieder is one of the Carpathian males, close to the edge of losing himself to the lure of becoming a vampire, the very species he’s hunted and killed for thousands of years. Virkirnoff is chasing Natalya for quite some time now and is determined to complete is task before seeing the daylight. But when he gets near her enough, his world changes, he begins to see in colours again and feels real emotions. The exact things he’s been denied for years. That can only mean one thing, Natalya is his life mate and he won’t let her get away this time.

But Natalya is not giving up her life and calling for him, she’s a hunter too long to change her ways now. However, in spite of her rage she knows she cannot allow Virkirnoff to die by the wounds he received while fighting at her side. The more she gets to know him, the more she likes him and soon she discovers that he is her life mate.

During their journey they discover that Natalya’s grandfather, the most powerful evil mage, is not dead and is determined to get to Natalya. He wants to use her powers to find a book of secrets, hidden to everyone. Natalya and Virkirnoff must work together to find the book and keep it safe until it can be destroyed, so every human and Carpathian would be safe.

“Dark Demon” is another great novel in the Dark series by Christine Feehan. From the first page I knew I was lost in the Carpathian world full of great personalities and new characters.
In this book you see more of the dragon seekers clan and finds out that it is a great addition to the storyline.

Both Natalya and Virkirnoff are strong personalities and have gifts and powers of their own, but together they are great. The moment they meet they are connected with each other. And the more Natalya is fighting to keep her freedom, the more Virkirnoff would prove to her she belongs with him.
And when they fight side-by-side Natalya realizes that Virkirnoff is the love of her life and makes her complete.

What I really like about this novel is to see some old characters from the previous novels again, like Mikhail, Raven, Falcon, Sara and not to mention Dominic, Manolito, and in the end Gregori and Jacques. The way those hunters will do anything to keep their prince and women save and fight together against great evil and master vampires, it warms my heart. And as the story goes further, you find out that Mikhail is the right man for the job, the prince of the Carpathian to protect his people in return with power nobody knew he had.
And I like the fact that the Dragon seekers are added to the story, it gives something extra, hopefully we discover more about them in the future books.

Kresley Cole - A hunger like no other

Lachlain MacRieve, leader of the Lykae clan has been tortured by the vampire horde for centuries, losing his sanity bit by bit and turning into an uncontrollable animal.
There is only one person who can really save his soul and that is his mate. Still in captivity he smells her scent one day and knows she is nearby knowing that, he finds the strength to escape. But when he finally finds her he is shocked and disgusted, his mate is not lykae like himself, but half vampire like his enemy. Despite his rage, his only thought is to get her save back to his Scottish castle before the next full moon.

Emmaline Troy is an outsider among her people. She is half vampire and half valkyrie. When her mother died giving birth to her, one of her aunt took her in and raises her like one of her own. But her foster mom is shocked when Emma decides to travel to France alone to find out the truth about her vampire father.
Now living in France she is attacked by a gorgeous strong man who scares the hell out of her. The only way he will release her is to help him get back to his castle in Scotland, not knowing he won’t let her go.

In Scotland they find out that life doesn’t always go according to plan. Will Lachlan be able to keep Emma save and with him or will her vampire family take away the one person he needs to survive?

A hunger like no other is the first novel in the Immortals after dark series by Kresley Cole. Well this book is full of gorgeous werewolves, blood thirsting vampires and Valkyrie fays to keep your attention from page one.

Lachlan MacRieve is a strong lykae werewolf who’s looking for his mate for several years. Capture by his enemy and tortured for centuries he looses his sanity bit by bit, but when he smell his mate, nothing can stop him for finding her.
Emmaline Troy is a strong woman, half vampire and half valkyrie. She is raised by her aunt in her protected coven, but Emma believes it is time to leave and find her father. But when she meets the gorgeous but dangerous Lachlan her world turns upside down.

What really got my attention through this novel was the tremendous patient Lachlan has with Emma. After being tortured like he was you would say he looses his mind when he finally meets his mate, but no…..he is still strong enough to keep his distance and try to find a way to let Emma get used to him and his race.
And Emma’s humour and determination to leave Lachlan behind and find her way back to her family is also a great deal in this novel. The two of them really belong together, while one is strong and determined to bind them together; the other is funny and adorable in her own way trying hard to find a way to escape. I really liked the battle they played and the final outcome

If you like vampires, werewolves and life mates, this is defiantly the novel for you. It has all the ingredients to fill a great story.
Kresley Cole really surprised met with this first novel and I cannot wait to see what the next story has in store for me.

Jean Johnson - The master

The Third of Sons shall meet his match:
Strong of will and strong of mind
You seek she who is your kindSet your trap and be your fate
When Lady is the Master’s mate

After the first two verse of the Prophecy are resolved, the third verse begins...

First born of the second set of twins Dominar was kidnapped by those who wanted to take over Nightfall Island. They tricked Dominar on their ship and took him away from his family and his home. But a new situation arises, the ship was captive by slavers and Dominar was prepared for the slave market, being sold to a lovely mage who promises him his freedom so Dominar can return to his homeland to be with his brothers.

Lady Serina has a mission in her life. She is study the mating ritual for quite some time now and wants to do everything to make that ritual happen. But she needs another powerful mage to re-enact the mating ritual to help reverse a Tanric spell, just like the couple centuries ago. Luck is on her side when she finds Dominar on the slave market and discovers he is quite powerful. She promises him his freedom but want his help in return.

Dominar agrees to help her but doesn’t suspect the big secret Lady Serina is holding back from him because there is more to the mating ritual then she admits. Can Dominar convince Serina that she is the Lady his prophecy is talking about or will they go their separate ways after the ritual is completed?

The third novel in Jean Johnson series “Sons of Destiny” is absolute fabulous. I don’t have any words to describe this series. I was totally enthralled with the first two novels but this one really swept me off my feet. From the beginning the story lures you in a world full of magic, romance and strong characters.

Dominar is the first born of the second set of twins. And it is his time to fulfil his part of the prophecy.
He was tricked and kidnapped by the men who wanted to take over their Island, not knowing what happened with the rest of his brothers, he is determined to get his freedom and return. When he meets Serina returning home is suddenly not his first priority anymore. Can he convince her of his true love and take her home to his family. Lady Serina left home after she finds out her younger sister is the prophet one of their people, to find her own path in life she takes the guardian position with the nuns. There she lives with her friend the healer Mariel and Mariel’s son Mikor, finding the right ritual terms, all she has to do is find a powerful mage to fulfil the ritual with.

From the moment the main characters Domineer and Serina meet each other, the chemistry between them is intense. I think Jean Johnson found the right man in Dominar to fulfil Serina’s ritual, the way the two matches mentally and sexually is absolutely great. What I really like about Dominar is his determination, when he finds out what happened with his twin Eveanor he wants to return home as soon as possible and help him in every way he can though the promise he made to Serina for the ritual is his first priority. I can only say that this is an entertaining story with a whole lot more information about the prophecy that comes to the surface, teasing the curiosity even further.
What will Rydan’s place be in this future prophecy? Will everything fall into place for Eveanor? I cannot wait to the next novel and find that out for myself.

Jean Johnson is definitely one of the best fantasy authors of this moment. This series has all the ingredients for a fantasy story, magic, eight gorgeous males and strong determined women to guide them.

Humor and romance, this is a novel that lures you into a great fantasy world.
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