vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Lora Leigh - The man within

Roni “Veronica” has lost her mother at a young age and her father isn’t quite the loving type, he can be very abusive especially when he wants money from her. Roni met Taber when she was just eleven years old, hiding in the woods, since then Taber has kept watch over her. Roni cannot deny that she has wanted Taber, love him since she was sixteen, but Taber always kept his distance. Now she is twenty-two years old and in trouble again, but she knows Taber will come to her rescue.

Taber kept his distance from Roni because he is one of the Breeds and he will not get her involved in this secret mess he is in. But when he bails her out of jail and she pushes him over the edge, he cannot control his instincts and he puts his mark on her. Finally their live together can begin, but because of interfering of a traitor, they both believe the other wants nothing to do with the other and they keep their distance.

Now several months later the news about the Breeds is out in the open and Roni is in danger, because her father saw the mark on her body and sold that information to the highest bidder. Taber knows the only thing to do is save her yet again and claim his mate once and for all.

The man within by Lora Leigh is the second novel in the Breed series and I loved every word of it. This novel is full of danger, relation issues and of course hot and steamy scenes.

Roni and Taber know each other since Roni was eleven years old. He looked out for her ever since and now years later he has to bails her out of jail. They both cannot ignore the huge sparkles flying around between them and Taber cannot control his instincts and marks her as his mate. But for some stupid reason they are drifted apart from each other. Months later everyone knows about the Breeds and that puts Roni in danger, because of Taber’s mark. But nobody treats his mate and get away with it, so Taber takes the first flight to save and claim his mate once and for all.

What I like about this series is the huge closeness between the Breeds Callan, Dawn, Sherra, Tanner and Taber; I know this is normal, because first they living in secret and now they are all in the open about their DNA. But that is not all, Callan’s mate and her brothers are a part of this too and they will do anything in their power to help the Breeds in their journey.

Roni determination to find a cure for this bonding was so hilarious, because we already saw this struggle in the first novel, when Merinus was claimed by Callen. But I’m glad to see that love and friendship will win Roni over, so she can make peace with her Breed life.

Gena Showalter - Intertwined

Aden Stone is not a normal teenage boy, as long as he can remember; he has four souls trapped inside his body. One of the souls can show him the future, the second soul can possesses another human being, the third one can time travel but only back in time and the last one can accidentally raise the dead when walking near a grave. Aden has seen several doctors, because everyone thinks he is crazy just talking to himself, when in fact he is talking to his souls. But lately Aden is getting tired of them and he needs to find a way to free the souls so he can live a normal life.

Then he meets Mary Ann Gray and whenever she is around the four souls are quiet and peace full. Mary Ann is Aden’s opposite; she has a lot of friends, is a good girl and never gets into trouble. The only thing they have in common is that they both lost their mother at an early age. But that doesn’t stop them to build a friendship between them. Together they try to find a way to release the souls within Aden.

Intertwined by Gena Showalter is her first Young Adult novel and after reading a lot of other stuff by her, I was curious to see what this novel would be like and I have to say I like it.

Young teenager Aden lives his whole with four souls trapped inside his body, everyone around him thinks he is crazy, because he talks a lot to himself, but of course he is talking to his companions. Finally he got a place on a ranch just outside of town, where young delinquent are living. He can convince his supervisor to send him to school, where he meets Mary Ann, the only person who can quiet the souls inside him. At first Mary Ann is a little skeptic about the truth, but soon enough discovers that there are more creatures living on this Earth. Aden and Mary Ann meet werewolf shape-shifter Riley, who becomes really protective of Mary Ann and vampire princess ……..which Aden can’t resist and soon they are on a journey into this new world, hoping to find answers to Aden’s past and his connection to Mary Ann.

The relationship between the four teenagers is fabulous and the way Aden interaction with the four souls Eve, Caleb, Elijah and Julian is so funny to read. They really want what is best for Aden, especially Eve she is the only female and a real mother to all the others. I do hope Aden can find a way to set all of them free. Let say I’m really looking forward to the next book and see what will happen next.

Vivi Anna - The vampire's quest

Vampire and bomb specialist Kellen Falcon, one of the members of the Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) is diagnose with the rare blood disorder Sangcerritus. Kellen is determined to live and spend all of his free time to learn more about this disease. Kellen learns that there are two doctors in the world who are experts and he even heard rumors of a cure. So Kellen travels to the Otherworld European City, because one of the Doctors has his practice there.

When Kellen arrives and is waiting for his appointment with Dr. Bueller, he recognizes the ticking sound of a bomb, he is able to save the receptionist with his body, but the bomb has killed all the others. Inspector Bellmonte leads this investigation and first believe Kellen is the prime suspect, but soon discover they need his expertise to catch the bomber.

So Kellen has to work with Lycan Sophie St. Clair to pick up the pieces of the bomb and see if they can find the maker. Kellen feels attracted to Sophie, but knows that they cannot get involved with each other.

The vampire’s quest by Vivi Anna is the last novel in her Valorian Chronicles. I was surprise to see that this novel was different from the previous one. The caught the killer from the first three novels, but with Kellen being sick and needing to find a cure to live, Vivi Anna move the whole story to France where another Crime team takes the lead.

It was great to see the switch from the States Necropolis to Europe Noveveau Monde, both cities full of paranormal creature, but yet so differently. In the States humans fear the vampires, lycans and witches, when in Europe they are living together.

Kellen Falcon was not a leading character in the other novels, only the scary vampire who scare the hell out of the women, but now we know the reason why he acted that way. Kellen has the rare blood disease and no matter how much new blood you take, this disease will kill you slowly. So he travels half around the world to see a doctor who could cure him, if the rumors are true. But Kellen ends up investigating this doctor’s death and catching a terrorist killer on the way. The attraction between Kellen and Sophie is huge, but both deny their feelings for several reasons; Sophie’s family will never accept a vampire in their lycan family and Kellen’s disease makes it difficult to make plans for the future. But we all know that love has a mind of its own.

I really believe this novel is a great ending to this series, most of the team members of the Otherworld Crime Unit have found the love of their life and I loved reading them.

Vivi Anna - Veiled truth

The serial killer who terrorizing Otherworld city Necropolis is still on the loose. The Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) team haven’t a clue who is could be, but investigator and which Lyra Magice begins to fear they are facing something more powerful they ever seen. They found several demon spells on the victims and to break those, she needs a special book. So Lyra travels to France and try to convince Dhampir Theron LeNoir to borrow them the book, so they can stop this killer. But Theron doesn’t want the book out of his home and refuse, so the only thing for Lyra to do is….steal it….

Back in Necropolis, Lyra is desperately trying to break to spell, but for some reason she cannot see the answer and when Theron shows up to collect his book, she knows she is running out of time. But then Theron surprise her and agrees to help Lyra with the spell, only if he can work close with her. Soon Theron discover that Lyra is the key sacrifice in this whole game, she is the key to open Hell’s door, where evil demons could cross over.

Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna is the third novel in her Valorian Chronicles and again a terrific novel in this CSI book series. Just like the previous novels I couldn’t put the book down and had to finish it straight away.

The novels in this series are easy to read and you could read the books without reading the previous books, but I have to say, I recommend reading the books in the right order, because you‘re missing out a fabulous books if you skip the first two.

This time investigator and witch Lyra Magice travels to France to convince Theron LeNoir to borrow the OCU his book, which could lead to reveal the serial killer. But because the book is very old Theron doesn’t want it to leave his home and refuse. Well Lyra is desperate to break the spell and steal the book. Of course she knows he will come after her, but she hopes to convince him to help them with this case and so he does. Theron wanted Lyra for so long and this is the opportunity to convince her that she belongs with him, only him. And when Theron discovers that Lyra is the sacrifice in this whole game, he will do anything in his power to prevent that to happen.

The attraction between Lyra and Theron was there from the start, totally hot and steamy. They met in the past and Theron really wanted to have Lyra, but she didn’t want to be one of the many women in his life and refused his bed. Now several years later that attraction is still there and when even Lyra’s dead grandmother ghost are helping fate a little, Lyra knows she is doomed….to fall in love with Theron.

I know there is only one book left in this series and I have mixed feelings. One part of me wants to read that novel really bad…I know for sure its going to be a fabulous one and the other part of me wants to delay it, because when I’m done this great series is over…..hmmmm…difficult choice…

donderdag 22 oktober 2009

Vivi Anna - Dark lies

The Otherworld Crime Unit (OCU) team thought they had the killer….but they were wrong….

This time a body is found in the human city San Antonio and the Otherworld Crime Unit is asked to help. When they arrive they recognize some similarities between this victim Samantha and the previous victim Lillian. But they all thought the killer was dead, but they cannot ignore the evidence.

Werewolf Jace Jericho hates to work with human, because some things that happened in his past and the only one he work with is his chief wife Eve Grant. But they need his help with this second case and when he meets Officer Tala Channing he doesn’t mind at all…the only downside is that she is human. But he senses she is hiding something and he is determined to find out what that secret is.

Dark Lies by Vivi Anna is the second novel in her Valorian Chronicles and she did it again, present another great novel in this CSI book series. I couldn’t put the book down and had to finish it straight away.

This novel is an easy read and you can read it without reading the first novel, because Viva Anna really gives enough information to understand the whole thing. But I have to say, I recommend reading the books in the right order, because you‘re missing out a fabulous book if you skip the first one.

The team has to work in the human community this time and they are not welcome there. Most of the humankind is afraid of the otherworld species, but the police department knows they cannot solve this crime alone. The moment Jace Jericho meets Tala Channing, he knows she is different from the rest of her department, but he cannot seem to discover what she is hiding, but he is determined to find out. Tala is hiding that she isn’t totally human after all; her mother had a relationship with a werewolf and didn’t know it until she was pregnant. So Tala is hiding her true identity from her department and the OCU, but when she’s attack her wolf comes to service and the only man who can help her is Jace.

The attraction between Jace and Tala is there from the start, totally hot and steamy. You can really sense the emotions of Tala, when she is discovering her true identity with the help of Jace. I’m so looking forward to read next novel, which I know will be about the witch Lyra Magice.

Vivi Anna - Blood secrets

In the Black Heart Hotel, downtown in Necropolis a dead body was found, a young woman Lillian Crawford with her throat sliced open, but the strangely there is almost no blood at the crime scene. The otherworld Crime Unit is called in to investigate the murder, the team consisting chief the vampire Caine Valorian, werewolf Jace Jericho, witch Lyra Magic and vampire Kellen Falcon. They soon discover the killer has to be a vampire because the found some bite marks on the body, but the amount of blood missing is inexplicable, no vampire can take that much of blood.

Because the victim is human and found in an otherworld city, the human police insist on bringing in their own investigator to help them catch the killer. So Eve Grant volunteers for the job, not knowing what she get her into. The crime team isn’t happy to add a human investigator to their team; they all have bad experience with humans. But Eve proves to be a fabulous investigator with some great contacts.

Caine has another problem, he is attracted to Eve and he knows a relationship between the two species is never going to work. But when the killer sets his eyes on Eve, Caine is determined to keep Eve safe.

Blood secrets by Vivi Anna is the first novel in her Valorian Chronicles and I have to say it was definitely a surprise how I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline is a mix of vampires, werewolves and witches and one of the best TV series of all times CSI, well what more could a girl ask for.

The captain of the Crime unit is the vampire Caine Valorian. When his team is called in by department captain Mahina Garner, a werewolf herself, they didn’t have a clue what to expect. Not only will the find out that the victim is human, but they will have to work with a human investigator to catch the killer. Well none of the team members were looking forward to that, but Eve Grant turns out to be a fabulous investigator with some great hacker’s skills. The moment Caine and Eve meet, there is a vibration between them. But they both know the relationship cannot work, the human world isn’t happy living with paranormal creatures. Eve is determined to convince Caine otherwise and let him see they belong together, no matter what species they are.

Because CSI is one of my favorite TV series, I know now why I loved this book. Caine Valorian is exactly the Grissom of his unit, calm but determined to get the job done. I cannot wait to read Dark Lies and see what will happen with Jace Jericho.

donderdag 15 oktober 2009

Lora Leigh - Tempting the beast

Merinus is a journalist, just like her father and seven older brothers. She is determined to get the case about Callan, a man who is a genetic experiment, human and animal DNA, in his case a lion. Her father has received some secret documents from Maria, Callan’s mother with the question to help her son and his battle against the Council, a group of scientists who created Callan and desperately wants him back. Merinus’s father believes exposing Callan in the open would be change against the Council and he is sending Merinus to convince him.

Callan knows exactly why Merinus is asking questions about him in town, but he wants nothing to do with her and stay as far away from her as possible. But then Merinus is attacked by some soldiers from the Council and he cannot help himself and save her. From that moment the attraction between them is huge and when they first kiss, all hell breaks lose. Apparently Callan has called his mating and only Merinus can stop the burning inside him.

Tempting the beast by Lora Leigh is the first novel in the Breed series and I have to say it’s hot and very steamy. I never expected it to be so fabulous, definitely worth to read.

The moment Callen kisses Merinus the mating game is on. Callan has no idea what he has done to Merinus, but when the doctor tells him about the kiss and his heat, he is shocked. It appears they cannot be apart from each for a long period or the heat will be overwhelming. Merinus is determined to find a cure and get the hell out of town, because she knows that her brothers would be there before she could blink her eyes. But there is no cure, the only thing left for Callan to do is claim her as his mate and accept his fate.

What nobody knows is that Callan lives with 5 others, all human with animal DNA. Callan is trying his best to keep them a secret from the Council and the rest of the world; he would do anything to protect them, even if that means he has to leave them behind.

Merinus seven over-protective brothers are really bossy and don’t believe their little sister can complete this mission. Hell, they even objected when their father approve it, especially the eldest Kane. But they couldn’t have imagine she being claimed and lose her to this beast man. But when danger surrounds Merinus, Kane is the first man on the plane to help his sister and her mate.
Reading the book you could really feel the heat Merinus and Callan were fighting, I even could taste the determination to find a cure, but everyone knows when the mating heat has begun there is no way you can fight it. If you don’t mind an overdose of hot and steamy scenes and some fabulous human feline breeds, then this is definitely the book for you.

Lora Leigh - Nauti nights

Eight years ago Crista Jansen and James “Dwag” MacKay has spent a fabulous night together, but Crista knew Dwag was to drunk to remember and she left him before he woke up. Not able to understand what her body and mind were telling her; she leaves town knowing she cannot accept Dwag strange lifestyle... But now she’s been back home for a year and her feelings for him haven’t change at all.

Dwag MacKay has a crush on Crista for as long as he can remember, but she left town eight years ago. All those years’ dreams are hunting him and it’s driving him crazy. But now she is back and when he finds her at a crime scene, where she shouldn’t have been, he knows he finally have the opportunity to make all his dreams come true.

But will Crista take the bait?

Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh is the second novel in the Nauti series and as fabulous as the first novel. We all know Lora Leigh writes some pretty steamy stuff and this novel is full of it.

We’ve met Dwag in the first novel, where he and his two cousins Rowdy and Natches are living every men dream, sharing women with each other. But recently Rowdy fells in love and couldn’t share his woman with his cousins. Dwag couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but strangely he understands what Rowdy was saying, especially when Crista Jansen walks back into his life. But Crista isn’t happy about the whole thing, eight years ago she left town because she couldn’t be a part of the MacKay cousins and she knew Dwag would share her. Dwag cannot even remember the night they spend together. But being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a good opportunity for Dwag to lure Crista to his boat and right into his bed.

Of course we see Rowdy MacKay; his fiancĂ© Kelly and Natches MacKay, the rumors still goes round in town, that the cousins share their women. But nothing is as it seems, although Natches wouldn’t mind spending the night in Crista’s bed, but he knows she don’t want it.

After reading the first novel and loving it, I couldn’t resist myself and ordered the second book. Well I’m not regretting it, it’s fabulous; the sex is hot and steamy and the relationship between the cousins is great. Whenever one of the other needs help, they give it without asking why.
I know Natches will be next and I don’t have to tell you that I’m looking forward to read about him.

Rachel Vincent - My Soul to take

After the car accident that has killed her mother and nearly killed her, she was left with her uncle and aunt by her father. Now Kaylee is a teenager, but she has a gift or curse, that depends how you see it. She can sense when someone around her is going to die and when she sees that she has the urge to scream. And Kaylee will do anything to prevent that from happening, because the last time she screamed, her uncle and aunt took her to the Mental Health Institution.

But everything seems to be okay, no more panic attacks, as she calls them. But then one night Kaylee and her best friend Emma sneak into a dance club. The night is going well and even the hottest guy on school Nash has all eyes for Kaylee, but then the moment she lays eyes on a young girl with that black aura around her, she knows it’s all going to happen again, this young girl is going to die…soon.

For some strange reason Nash is the one who can calms her down, before the screaming starts and it even gets worst, when he doesn’t seem turned off by her strange behaviour. Kaylee wonders why he really wants to be with her, does he knows something she’s not?

My Soul to take by Rachel Vincent is her first novel in her Young Adult series, the Soul Screamer. I’ve read the prequel just recently and was very curious to see what would happen to Kaylee after her breakdown and wonder what she really was. Well I can tell you that it will come clear in this first novel.

Kaylee is a strong determined young woman and she has something inside her, something she doesn’t really want, but cannot get rid off. She doesn’t understand it and really think she is loosing her mind. But when the panic attacks get worse and the only person who can calm her during these attacks is the hottest guy in school, Nash Hudson. But what she doesn’t understand is why he’s doing this, she is beautiful, like her best friend Emma or her cousin Sophie, she is just a normal girl.

Then young women are mysteriously dying and Kaylee predicts all of this with her premonitions and knows she has to do something to save the next girl. She turns to her Aunt, but is easily dismissed. But then she overhears her Uncle and Aunt talking to her father on the phone, something about telling her the truth about herself. She is furious and is determined to find out what is going on. But she needs to know now and cannot wait for her father to arrive from Ireland, so she turns to her new boyfriend Nash and what he tells her is something she can hardly believe.

I have to say this novel was a real surprise, I knew that is was going to be a young adult but I didn’t mind at all. The mystery behind Kaylee and her powers, her determination to solve the death of these young girls and even save some is so fabulous, that I couldn’t put the book down, the pages were flying by. I truly can say I enjoyed the book.

Rachel Vincent - My Soul to lose (prequel)

This short story is about Kaylee, a teenager with a gift or a curse, expect how you see it. When Kaylee is shopping with her best friend Emma, she sees some black shadows around a young kid in a wheelchair. For some reason Kaylee knows this kid is going to die soon, she want to warn this kid and his parents, but the moment she opens her mouth the only thing she can do is scream. Her Friend Emma calls Kaylee’s aunt and before Kaylee know she is committed in a mental health institution.

Kaylee know she cannot tell anyone what she saw, but she also know she is not crazy. She can convince her Uncle Brennan to get her out of the institution and re-cover the incident at home.

But will it be over….or is she’s loosing her mind???

My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent is the prequel in the Soul Screamers series. This short story is definitely an Young Adult and you could that it is just to show you what Kaylee is capable of, but not really shows you what she is or what is going to happen with her. You definitely need the first novel in this series to find that out.

I found this short story very intriguing and I’m definitely going to read the next novel to see what Rachel Vincent has in mind for Kaylee
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