vrijdag 27 maart 2009

Jacquelyn Frank - Noah

Noah, the King of the demons has always been in control of his powers, but lately he feels restless. Family and friends close to him found their mates and are settling down, but his need to find his mate is becoming almost unbearable. With Samhain just around the corner, Noah feels the need and he knows he is no exception to the rules. If he fails and cross the line, he knows he has to deal with his enforcers Jacob and Bella. But Noah cannot ignore the dreams he has lately of his mate, although he doesn’t know who or where she is, he knows she is the one for him. The only way to save his mate life is to break some rules and risks almost the life of his precious little godchild, who happens to possess the power to do it.

Kestra Irons has a dangerous job but she loves it, she has spent most of her life on her own. Lately she is having dreams about an unknown gorgeous man and doesn’t know what to think of it. But when her last job turn into a bloodbath, this mysterious man shows up and takes her away from her home and country. She is grateful that he save her life, but she is not buying all those stuff about life mates and powers, so Kestra fight him with everything she’s got.

But Noah doesn’t give up that easily, so he has to convince her that they were meant to be together and he needs her and her newfound power to stop a threat that comes from the inside.

Noah by Jacquelyn Franks is the fifth novel in her Nightwalker series. Just like the previous novels I love the way Jacquelyn Frank mingles the different species together with danger and romance.

From the beginning of this series I was anxious to read King Noah’s story, but it was not quite what I hoped for. Noah is a fire demon, one of the highest and strongest of their kind, but I didn’t quite saw that in this novel. I love the fact that Noah did everything in his power to get to his mate and his determination to convince her that they belong together. I also love the fact that Noah accepted the punishment Bella gave him for using her little daughter in his game, even though he knew it would break his heart.
I have to agree that Kestra was indeed the right woman for Noah, one who matches to him in strength, power and especially her stubbornness. She is a strong woman with a mind of her own and isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind.

Together with the rest of the Nightwalkers they fight yet another threat to their kind, but I missed the biggest threat of all, which we saw from the beginning of this series. We all know Ruth is the traitor among the demon kind and she is determined to destroy Noah, but where was she in this novel. Especially because this novel should have been the last in this series and I was waiting for a confrontation between Noah and Ruth. The good news is that there will be another novel in this series and Jasmine is the leading lady, so hopefully the Ruth situation will be resolve then.

I believe the two strongest secondary characters where Jacob and his mate Bella. They both stole my heart from the beginning and in this novel Bella show herself to be the enforcer she is, but most of all the protected mother. The way she handle Noah after his little game, where he used her daughters powers to do the job really put a smile on my face.

Although this novel is not the best in this series I still am a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank and her Nightwalkers. I’m looking forward to Jasmine’s novel and I’m curious to see who will deal with Ruth and her followers.

donderdag 26 maart 2009

Shayla Black - Tempt me with darkness

After her mother’s death, American art dealer Olivia Gray packs up her things and move to England to find the father she never known. Olivia is determined to stay in England and opens an art shop. She hires a detective to look for her father, but her case reaches a dead end. But Oliva gets help from her new friend Bram, who happens to be part of a long line of magical wizards with huge powers. But Bram has his own reasons for helping Olivia, so he introduces her to Marrok of Cadbury and his beautiful carvings, in the hope to get something from Marrok.

Marrok of Cadbury was one of the most skilled warriors of King Arthur, but falling in love with witch Morganna wasn’t a good idea. Centuries ago Morganna placed a curse on Marrok and he is still trying desperately to break the curse. He knows the answer lies in the magical book he possesses; the only thing is how to open the book. To pass his time through the centuries Marrok carves wood figures and caught the eye of Olivia, an American art dealer.

When Olivia and Marrok meet for the first time, sparkles are flying, but Marrok cannot believe his eyes, because Olivia looks a lot like Morganna. Marrok is convince that Olivia can break the curse and lures her to his home, not knowing that will change his life forever and becoming involved in a magical war.

Tempt me with darkness by Shayla Black is the first novel in her Doomsday Brethren series. I have to say it surprise me, I like this new world with connection to Merlin, Arthur and Morganna.

Main-characters Marrok and Olivia have a connection from the first moment they meet. Marrok is shocked to see the resembling between Morganna and Olivia; he is convinced she is Morganna. So he lures Olivia to his home with all the wrong reasons, but he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them. When he finally discovers Olivia is not Morganna, but one of her descendant he will do anything to get her help with breaking the curse, so he can died peacefully. But he didn’t expect to fall in love with her.
Olivia left America after her mother died, she found some papers about her father and she is desperate to find him. So moving to England was the first thing on her list and opening up an Art shop the second, after all a girl got to eat and art was her life. The moment Marrok of Cadbury walks into her shop, her whole world is turning upside down. Olivia not only falls in love with this gorgeous artist, but discovers she maybe has some magic in her.

Every book I’ve read by Shayla Black swept me of my feet and this novel isn’t exception. She really knows how to create a world full of magic, legends and steamy love scenes. I’ve said this before she is definitely one of the best erotica authors I’ve read and after reading this novel she is also very good with magical legends connecting this to Merlin & Arthur.

Magic, legends and great love scenes, this is a novel that takes your mind of the daily routine and lures you right into its fabulous world.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Circus of the damned

Anita Black, a former vampire hunter and necromancer gets a visit from two former members of the HAV (Humans against vampires); they have joined a new group who act more radical than HAV. The rumours are that the government are considering giving the vampires the right to vote. The new group want to kill every vampire, starting with the Master of the city. Reuben and Inger want Anita’s help finding this master vampire, but she refuses. She is not giving them the hiding place of Jean-Claude, the master vampire who has marked her twice, only two marks away to convert her to his human servant.

But Anita has other thing to worry about than helping those former HAV members; she’s dealing with murder victims having several fang marks on their body and not from a single vampire, but from several. Anita knows this is wrong because vampires don’t hunt in packs, but prefer hunting alone. All the signs are telling her there is a rogue master vampire in town and he is very dangerous. There are a few vampires who fit the description, including Jean-Claude.

Circus of the damned by Laurell K. Hamilton is the third novel in her Anita Blake series and another great one. Just like the previous novels I was hooked from page one. Laurell K. Hamilton really knows how to create a world with multiple species, danger and a very strong and determined heroine to fight against evil.

Animator Anita Blake is good at her job, that is why people specifically ask her for the job, when they want to raise the dead. But Anita also works closely with the police special zombie squat, when the need her opinion about different creatures.

Anita’s relationship with Jean-Claude, the master vampire is still tense. The huge attraction between them is a good reason for Jean-Claude to want her as his human servant. Anita is determined to prevent that from happening, she cannot change the fact she already got two of the four marks, but she will do anything to stop Jean-Claude giving her the last two, even though he is the most gorgeous vampire she ever seen.

It seems there are more men in town who are interested in Anita’s affection. Alpha were Richard develop some feelings for Anita and hope she will forget Jean-Claude and maybe choose him. But Jean-Claude isn’t the only master vampire who wants Anita as his human servant and if this other master vampire succeeds all the marks Jean-Claude put on her will disappear.

Just like the previous novels I really enjoyed reading this book and loved every minute of it. I’m curious to see what will happen with Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard in the future novels, will she choose one of them or will a third party take the price.

maandag 9 maart 2009

Lara Adrian - Veil of midnight

Thousand years ago alien race called the Breed vampires settle themselves on Earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed must fight for their existence, because something is eliminating every Gen One warriors.

Breed warrior Nikolai was sent to warn Gen One warrior Sergei Yakut of the eliminations, but was lured into a trap by one of Sergei’s beautiful bodyguards, a young woman with a special gift. Sergei grants Niko an audience, but he wishes no involvement from the warrior. Niko accepts the hospitality so he can avoid sunlight and maybe even learn more about this mysterious young woman.

Renata has a gift unlike no other; she can bring trained vampire warriors instantly to their knees without using any weapons. But she is also quite skilled with blades and guns. The only downside of her gift is that it leaves her weak afterwards. But now this warrior walks into her life and Renata refuses to admit her attraction to him, because she trusts no man.

When someone in Sergei’s camp turn traitor and kills him, all the evidence turns to Niko and Renate is the one who assists in his arrest, but only to realize later her mistake. In order to save the little child she loves dearly and her own life, Renata needs a plan to free Niko, the only man able to keep them save.

Veil of midnight by Lara Adrian is the fifth novel in the Midnight Breed series and really a treasure. I don’t think I have to say Miss Lara Adrian has created a dark but powerful world that will keep your attentions all the way through the book.

The main characters Niko and Renata are right for each other from the start, I would say a perfect couple. The leader of the Breed warrior Lucan sent Niko to warn Sergei, a Gen One that someone or something is killing all Gen One warriors. But the search is not easy, because Sergei doesn’t want to be found. During his search Niko finds a beautiful young woman, who definitely knows more than she’s showing. Before Niko figures out that something is wrong, he is down on his knees by this woman.
Renata has a rough life growing up, when some vampire took her of the streets she didn’t knew what to expect. But during their games and hunting Sergei discovers Renata’s secret gift and decide she might be useful to him. When Renata meets warrior Niko she knows he might be the answer to all her prayers. He is definitely the one who can help her escape her prison and maybe even love her.

What I like about this couple is that apart they are strong fighters, but when they are together…. well, all hell can break loose. I’m curious to find out more about the ancient and the breeding plan. What about Hunter, what will become of him? I can only hope to see more of him in the following novels. He is definitely a big key in this whole battle. You can see that I cannot wait for the next novel to come out.

Sydney Croft - Seduced by the storm

ACRO agent and ex-navy seal Wyatt Kennedy is sitting and relaxing in the local bar. He has been collec6ing data for his agency so they can destroy the weather machine. This machine can create mayor storms and hurricanes. Wyatt is enjoying his drink when a beautiful woman walks towards him and asks him for help. She tells him her former boyfriend is following her and she wants Wyatt to kiss her. Of course Wyatt doesn’t waste any time and release his strong sexual pheromones to do the job.

When free agent Faith Black asks this gorgeous stranger to help her out, she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. They spend a very hot and steamy night together, but she has a mission, which is to get her hands on a weather machine, so she can get her long-lost sister back. But Faith soon discovers she’s not the only one hunting this machine, when she spots the very same man she spends the night with.

Seduced by the storm by Sydney Croft is the third novel in the ACRO series and I loved it. The attraction between Wyatt and Faith is huge; their love-scenes are steamy and hot, that it will make your body shiver.

Main-characters Wyatt and Faith are a great couple, form the first moment they lay eyes on each other in the bar, sparkles are flying around.
Wyatt is one of the special agents at ACRO with his own gifts telekinesis. This gift brings another aspect to it, he needs to get his sexual tensions out, but he downside of it all is after spending a night with a woman, the moment he leaves the room, the woman forget all about him But now he seems to have found a woman, who remembers him and isn’t afraid of his unique gifts. But it seems she has some secrets of her own.
Faith Black discovers her gift at an early age, she is bio-telekinesis, and this means she is able to find a small opening in someone’s aura and then break into the body and then do some serious damage to the organs. But she lost her twin-sister when she was young, Faith is trying to find her ever since. Now she has some new leads and the only thing she has to do is find this weather machine and exchanges it for her sister. But can she trust them?

What I really like about these books is the strong attraction between the main-characters, but also the secondary storylines. The books are not all about one couple finding their way to each other. From the first novel you see what happens to Devlin O’Malley, the head of the ACRO agency and his own paranormal gifts and his unusual relationship with Oz. The second couple that is struggling with their relation from the first novel is Annika & Creed. Each time we discover more and more about their past, their own gifts and the struggles in the relationship.

I have to say these books are on of the best erotica novels I’ve ever read. I’m definitely going to read the next novel.
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