dinsdag 26 april 2011

Anthology - Dream Lover (ARC)

Title : Dream Lover (Paranormal Tales of Erotica Romance)
Release : May 01, 2011
Publisher : Cleis Press
Genre : Erotica Romance

Love Resurrection by Justine Elyot: Lucien Mountfitchet has been in the devil’s service for about hundred years, the only way to break that bond is by human love. Freya has always been attracted to Lucien’s work and when the dreams started she knew he was near.

Dreaming by the sea by Delilah Devlin: Despoine is living in a beach house near the sea, but for some reason she cannot remember she fears the big ocean. So when one night a handsome man, named Thane comes out of the water telling her it’s time, she knows her life is about to change.

Devil’s food by Shanna Germain: Lire own a bakery shop “The Devil’s Food”, where humans, angels and demon-kind can find some sweets to eat. Then one day this gorgeous man comes into the store, demanding her cookies and eventually her.

Rainmaker by A.D.B. Forté: Faith has been having nightmares for the last couple of nights; it shows her dream friend’s face in the clouds, telling her something. She is not sure how to read the signs and needs her grandmother’s advice, not knowing it’s really her ex-lover David she needs.

Shattered Belle by Craig L. Sorensen: Annabel Taylor has been stuck in this old ghost town, knowing it will stay that way for a long time. But then this stranger comes to town, turning her ghost life upside down.

Living off Lovers by Kristina Lloyd: Rachel lives in Tate Court and it seems the building has a will of its own. It seems that it wants her to team up with Merrick, the handsome neighbour on the fourth floor. But who is Peter, the man in her dreams?

Where the heart is by Saskia Walker: Rhiannon Bryson has been dreaming of Edgar, this handsome stranger on the Yorkshire Moors. To see if this man is real, she visits the wild of Yorkshire and discovers he is someone she knows.

Freeing the Demon by Sacchi Green: Jayne discovers a stone gargoyle outside her window, it appears to be a demon imprisoned. Slowly she is gaining his trust and when he helps her with her abusive friend, she knows she has to find a way to set him free.

Old-Fashioned Glamour by Nikki Magennis: Amy is a witch and has been protecting her love Scott against evil Tommy, but after 15 years she wants to see Scott again. This wasn’t a good idea, because not everything goes according plan.

Moongirl meets the Wolf man by Alana Noël: When moongirl is chased by this wolf, she cannot imagine that this wolf man will change her life forever.

Vanilla by Victoria Janssen: Louisa is a telepath and working at a research facility, where Devlin is also working. Finally the spark is burning high between them, all because of the ingredient Vanilla.

For Humans, love’s all about weight by Lana Fox: Faye Crocker inherited a bird in a cage, along with some rules. Her instinct is telling her to do the opposite as what the list says. Now the bird is gone and a handsome stranger is facing her.

Succubus comes home by Lucy Felthouse: Alice is a succubus and takes her job seriously, but one night everything goes wrong. The guy she went home with isn’t who he says he is, but someone close to her….can she follow her heart?

Folly by Kate Pearce: Rose has been unhappy after her boyfriend dumped her, but when she walks by a huge old mansion with iron gates, she’s drawn to it. So when she hears someone calling her name, she cannot walk by.

Lust as old as us by Madeline Moore: Lisa meets vampire Zack when she’s very young and he becomes the centre of her world. Zack wants to make her his forever, but she wants a family and leaves him. Will they see each other again?

The eye of Pearl by Ericka Hiatt: Kieran had made a deal with a demon and knows time has come to pay the price. But his wife Lele has a mind of her own and will do anything to stop this demon.

Thief of Dreams by Kristina Wright: Michelle has been dreaming about a winged man all her life and she’s about to find out who he is and why she can see him in real life.

Dream Lover Anthology has 17 short erotica stories and all has been well written. They all are hot and steamy, just the way I like it when I read erotica. What I love about this novel is the difference in species the authors use.

Of course some stories were better than others, but that is normal when you have that many in one novel. I have to say that “Vanilla” was definitely one of my favourite; I cannot use the ingredient vanilla anymore without thinking about that steamy scene.

I have to say those authors done an amazing job with these very short stories, some of them had me right from the first paragraph, and there were only three stories that I really have mixed feelings about. Maybe it’s because of the weird mechanical devices they use.

I have to say this anthology very entertainment. So if you are looking for some small hot sexual stories and love to read about different species, then this is definitely the book for you.

woensdag 20 april 2011

Lori Foster - When you Dare (ARC)

Title : When you Dare
Series : Men who walk the Edge of Honor #1
Release date : April 26, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin Books
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Dare Macintosh has been rescuing people from dangerous situations for quite some time now, but when his best friend Trace contacts him, telling his sister Alani is missing. She is probable kidnapped and move to Mexico as a pawn in human trafficking. Dare takes this very seriously, because Alani is like a sister to him, so he will go to Mexico and get her out of there safely. But Alani isn’t the only one going home with him; he has another “complication” in the form of Molly Alexander. She isn’t like the other women he set free from that trailer and his guts is telling him to keep her save until he knows more.

Molly Alexander is a romantic suspense author and her books are a total hit, they even want to make a movie about one of them. So live is good for her, but then one day some strange men kidnapped her on bright daylight and took her to Mexico. She fought them like a tiger and she has the bruises to prove it, but nothing worked. Quickly after her abduction she discovers that they don’t want to sell her like the other beautiful women, but she cannot seem to find out the real reason. Luckily for Molly this handsome stranger rescue all the women and he is determined to find out the truth.

When you Dare by Lori Foster is the first novel in her new series Men who Walk the Edge of Honor and my first novel by this author. Oh boy, what a wonderful surprise this was. I’m a real sucker for the macho kind of men, an alpha male and I can tell you that Dare Macintosh fits that profile.

Dare is a real protector, especially for the weaker ones, so when he finds Molly Alexander is abused state, he cannot help himself and wants to help her. There is just something about her that touches his soul and he will not rest until he finds out who is responsible.

Molly is a successful writer and her books are selling fantastic, but lately she has been receiving some “hate” mail, because some readers don’t always agree with her about the ending or the choice of characters. So Dare cannot ignore this when he investigates her abduction, but Molly has to admit her bond with her ex-fiancé and even with her father and stepmother needs to be investigated too.

The chemistry between the two of them is there from the start, even though Molly full with bruises. She feels save when Dare is around and he cannot stop thinking about her when she’s not around. But he wants to give her some time to recover, before he even let her know how he feels about her. I really love that about Dare, so macho but still keeping his distance until she is ready.

I have to say that Lori Foster touched my curiosity and I want to know more about this series and I have to be honest I want to know more about her other books too. I know the next one in this series is about Dare’s best friend Trace and I cannot wait to see if he’s as macho as Dare is. And did I mentioned the steamy hot covers in this series, Oh Man, those are not very good for my heart, but hey who’s complaining about that.

If you love the macho alpha material and a strong determined woman who wants to survive her awful situation, then this is definitely the book for you.

Jaye Wells - Green-Eyed Demon

Title : Green-Eyed Demon
Series : Sabine Kane #3
Release date : February 2011
Publisher : Little Brown Company
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Sabine’s twin sister Maisie has been kidnapped by their evil vampire grandmother Lavinia. Now the journey has taken Sabine and her side-kicks mage Adam & demon Giguhl, them to New Orleans. The council has given them a mission; find Lavinia and stop her before she summons Cain and if that means they find Maisie along the way, that’s a bonus. But Sabine’s priority is her sister and will do anything in her power to save her.

Sabine’s relationship with Adam is getting stronger, but she is still questioning every emotion and doesn’t give in easily. Then the danger around them builds up and she realizes it might be the last chance they have together.

Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells is the third novel in her Sabine Kane Series and it seems the books are getting better and better. It’s full of action, danger, some kick-ass characters and determination to succeed.

Sabine has team-up with Adam and Giguhl in the last book and I’m happy to see that it’s still the same, but once in awhile Sabine forgets and goes hunting on her own, which will sometime leads to trouble.

The attraction between Adam and Sabine is growing by the minute, but for some silly reasons she holds back. Adam is patience and is taking a lot of “cold” showers, but he is determined to make her see that they belong together.

We meet some great new secondary characters; a human voodoo priestess, a drag queen and a female werewolf, who all come along on this journey to stop the evil Lavinia for calling Cain back. Maisie has a rough time in this novel, being tortured that way, so Lavinia can hurt Sabine, but payback is a bitch as Lavinia gets what she deserves.

As I said before the books are getting better and better, so this novel is definitely worth your time to read. You are in for a fabulous ride on a roller coaster.

Sydney Croft - Tempting the Fire

Title : Tempting the Fire
Series : ACRO #5
Release date : July 2010
Publisher : Banham Publisher
Genre : Paranormal Erotica Romance

ACRO boss Devlin sends two of his female agents to the wild Forest of the Amazon, after an unusual animal attack. Sela hast the ability to read thoughts and emotions while having sex and she also has a background in studying extraordinary animals. Marlena was cursed as a young woman, she will fall madly in love with a man after she slept with them, but they will never give her love back.

Chance is a Navy Seal who’s the only survivor of the attack in the Amazon. He has been captured by Logan and his team, who has an agenda of his own. Logan is heir to a huge weapon corporation and this creature that attack Chance might be the ultimate weapon.

Both men couldn’t expect to find these two beautiful women in the Forest of the Amazon, interested in them, but they should have known better then only looking at their looks.

Tempting the Fire by Sydney Croft is the fifth novel in the ACRO Series and another hot steamy instalment. I’m already a huge fan of this series from the first novel and it stayed that way through all the books. Sydney Croft created a fabulous world, where great characters have amazing gifts.

This book is a little different from the previous novels, because it has two couples finding their love. First I thought it would be difficult to follow their own storylines, but I was wrong.

First couple is Sela and Logan, she’s send to capture this mythological creature under a low profile and if that means using her sexual gift, than so be it. Logan is in the forest for the same reason, catching this creature so his father’s company can use it as a weapon. The moment he meets Sela he knows that she is trouble, but during their journey they discover, that they need each other to save Chance.

Second couple is Marlena and Chance; Marlena doesn’t have a gift like Sela, but she can be useful in other ways. It appears she is the only one who can calm Chance down, especially when the transformation starts, turning him into one of those creatures. Chance doesn’t know what is happening to him, but it seems the creature inside him wants Marlena as his mate and luckily for them Marlena’s curse has no effect on him.

ACRO’s rival agency is breathing in their necks, because they want those creatures too, including Chance. They all will have to work together to keep Itor one step behind them.

Just like in all the previous novels Annika and Creed are the secondary storyline (or in this case the third storyline). I loved the fact that their story is being told through all the books, of course I believe they deserve their own book, but I’m happy to see how things has been for them.

There will be one more book in this series and I know that the final book is going to be awesome. It’s really going down between ACRO and Itor, so let’s hope the good guys are going to win.

woensdag 13 april 2011

Colleen Gleason - The Vampire Dimitri (ARC)

Title : The Vampire Dimitri
Series : The Regency Draculia #2
Release : April 2011
Publisher : Mira
Genre : Historical Paranormal Romance

Lucifer offered some men a curse/gift in a dream, what they didn’t realizing is what they were signing up for until they woke up the next morning with a mark on their back, the need for blood and a personal Asthenia “an Achilles heel or vulnerability”.

Vampire Dimitri Corvindale has become the guardian of the three Woodmore sisters, a job he isn’t looking forward too. Chas Woodmore is one of his friends and because Chas ran off with Cezar Moldavi’s sister Narcise, he has puts his three younger sisters in danger. The only protection they have is his name and strength. In the meantime Dimitri is looking hard to find a way to get rid of the mark on his back and be mortal again and looking after young women is a distraction he cannot afford.

Maia Woodmore isn’t happy with the decision of her older brother either, now she has to live with the Earl of Corvindale until Chas is back. She’s going to be wed soon to a wonderful loving man and then she can take her sisters in. But it becomes clear to her that their lives are in danger, when her sister Angelica is kidnapped. She knows that Dimitri is the only man who can keep her save, but will her heart survive this?

The Vampire Dimitri by Colleen Gleason is the second novel in her Regency Draculia Series and another great addition in the series. The first part of the story overlaps the first novel, but I don’t mind because it you can see it from another point of view.

I was already eager to read Dimitri’s book after the first novel and I have to tell you I wasn’t disappointed. Dimitri is mysterious, strong and very determined to find a way to get rid of this mark and Lucifer, so he can be mortal again. You learn a lot about his past, why he became a vampire, his relationship with his jealous ex-lover and his growing affection for Maia Woodmore.

My first impression of Maia in the first novel wasn’t much, she was the older annoying sister and very demanding, but I have to say that she grew on me in her own book. She took care of her siblings when their parents died and their brother was travelling around the world. Now it’s time for her to settle down with a wonderful man, but her mind is travelling to her guardian more often than it should.

I loved her growing relationship with Dimitri and her trust at the end when he needed her the most, even though he didn’t want to admit it. The little twist of Dimitri’s jealous ex-lover was a fabulous addition. Although I loved bad-ass Voss in the first novel, I have to admit that this book was better; the connection between the main characters was more real, more romance. A must read for readers who love regency mixed with paranormal creatures.

Next will be vampire Narcise and I have to say that I’m looking forward to read her story. She has a past with Dimitri’s friend Giordan Cale, I believe their relationship ended horrible and I really want to know everything.

Darynda Jones - First Grave on the Right

Title : First Grave on the Right
Series : Charley Davidson #1
Release date : February 2011
Publisher : St. Martin’s Press
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Charlotte “Charley” Davidson is a private investigator but she has an unusual gift, as long as she can remember she can see and talk to the death. It appears she is the Grim Reaper and spirits see her as bright, sparkly and as the doorway to Heaven.

Currently she is working as a consultant for the Albuquerque Police Department and help her uncle, who is the leading officer with an unusual case. Three lawyers from the same firm were murdered and all three spirits came to Charley for help. They have some unfinished business and they need her helps to get closure.

But Charley has some other things on her mind too, for the last month she has these weird dreams, about this mysterious dark stranger seducing her. Who is he? What does he want from her?

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones is her debut and first novel in the Charley Davidson Series and I loved it. This book has all the right ingredients for a great novel, a strong heroine, some fabulous secondary characters, danger, action and a good dose of humour. What else do you need to entertain yourself?

Charley is a fabulous character; she is strong and determined to succeed in life. Her bond with her family is divided, the bond she has with her father and uncle is strong because they believe in her gift and even ask her to help them in some police investigations. But the family bond with her stepmother is going downhill, especially after some accident in the past, where Charley uses her gift. Charley tries to avoid her stepmother as much as possible.

But there is someone else in her life, “Big Bad” she calls him. He has been there since the day she was born and appears when she’s in danger, taking care of her enemies. You will learn more about this mysterious character when you get further in the book, what or who he really is and why he is always there.

I have to say this debut novel is funny, steamy and definitely worth to check out. I’m already looking forward to the next novel in this series and see what will happen next in Charley’s life.

Nalini Singh - Archangel's Kiss

Title : Archangel’s kiss
Series : Guild Hunters #2
Release date : February 2010
Publisher : Berkley Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter with a unique power to detect the rogue vampires, but during her last battle she was deadly injured. In order to save the woman he became to love, Archangel Rafael turned her into a made-angel and put her into a coma to heal. Now she’s awake and has to learn to use her angel wings and powers, before turning back to the Guild.

Rafael has no regrets about changing Elena, but he knows there will be consequences for making her an angel. During their first investigation she has stole his heart and this was the only way to save her. He knows she will be his weakness, but he need her by his side.

Someone is endangering innocent lives of children of their kind and Elena’s skills will be useful to track down these rogue vampires and angels. But that is not all; the oldest and most dangerous archangel invites Rafael and Elena to a ball. Will it be a trap?

Archangel’s Kiss by Nalini Singh is the second novel in her Guild Hunters Series and an excellent addition to the series.

It was weird to see Elena so weak when she woke up after almost a year being in coma, we all know that she was a kick-ass chick in the first novel. But I loved her determination to train as hard as she can and become the strong woman again. Her training with a couple of Rafael’s seven was fabulous and I love the interactions she has with one of the angels…., the really touch my heart.

Rafael is still the hard-ass archangel and rules his territory like he always have. He knows Elena is his weakness and can be used against him by other archangels or vampires, but he is determined to have her by his side.

I don’t have to say that this novel is another must read; Nalini Singh creates a fabulous world and amazing characters. After I finished this novel, I wanted more…but unfortunately she only have one book in the series a year…it’s going to be a long wait.

maandag 11 april 2011

Allyson James - Firewalker

Title : Firewalker
Series : Stormwalker #2
Release date : November 2010
Publisher : Berkley Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy

Janet Begay is a stormwalker, who can draw energy from a storm and use that power against evil. She finally learned to control that power, but the other inherited power from her evil mother is calling to her. It’s always trying to talk her into doing something she shouldn’t do and Janet is fighting hard to control this power too, but with all the threats on her life it seems impossible. Her new friend Coyote, who’s also a God, warns her to control that power soon or he will end it for her, even if this mean taking her life.

Besides all of this Janet is desperately trying to find her dragon lover Mick. He was send by his council to destroy her, but instead fell in love and took her as his mate. Now he is missing, probably his fellow dragons are responsible for his disappearing. But Janet is determined to find him, even is that means facing the dragon council on her own.

Firewalker by Allyson James is the second novel in her Stormwalker Series and I have to tell you, this is getting better and better. Miss James had me from page one and lured me into this dangerous journey, where you only could escape by finishing the book.

I love Janet, she is a strong woman who is determined to control all the powers within her. Although she is already controlling the powers from her father side of the family, she is struggling hard to get those evil powers of her mother under control. But it demands to be free and wants to control her, but with the help of her friends she will find a way to break the spell and control it.

Although Coyote and Sheriff Nash are some fine handsome men, but I find my heart beating harder and louder when Mick appears. That dragon male is one sex-on-a-stick kind of man. The chemistry between Janet and Mick is huge and you can feel the sparks coming from the pages.

Janet’s relationship with Sheriff Nash is still a struggle, even though he knows he has some powers of his own, he won’t accept it. But when Janet needs his help to search for Mick, he goes with her and helps Mick escape. I have to say that gives him character.

This is one hell of a novel, full with action, great characters and some steamy love scenes. It’s definitely a must read.

Larissa Ione - Sin Undone

Title : Sin Undone
Series : Demonica #5
Release date : August 2010
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Genre : Paranormal Romance

Sin is a master assassin and also the only living female Seminius demon. But her touch is deadly; she can create a virus and spread them among others. She’s close to her twin-brother Lore, but has a hard time to accept her other three newfound brothers. Recently she has been feeling guilty about unleashing a deadly virus among the wargs aka werewolves. In order to find a cure for this “Sin virus”, she has to work together with all her brothers or it might destroy all the wargs and maybe even humans.

Conall Derghul is a dhampire, half-vampire, and half-werewolf and happens to be a paramedic at the Underground General Hospital. He and Sin has a fling awhile ago, but went separate ways since then. Now it seems she is responsible for the virus that is killing his friends and he’s asks by her older brother to team up with her to stop this virus, before it’s too late.

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione is the fifth and final novel in her Demonica Series and a fabulous way to end this series, it was completely satisfying.

The chemistry between Sin and Conall was already there when they met in the Underground General Hospital in Lore’s novel. I have to say those two are still explosive together, but Connall is struggling with the fact that Sin is responsible for the virus under the werewolves, the very virus he seemed immune for. We all know Sin is dealing with the whole assassin business and for some reason she’s punishing herself for the past and present. But with the love of her brothers, yes even Wrath and now Connall who wants her as his own, she is able to deal with that all and start looking towards the future.

Just like all her brothers and their wives, the path Sin and Conall had to take wasn’t easy, but we all know that love conquers all.

It was sad to realize that this novel is the last in the Demonica Series, but luckily for us Larissa Ione has a spin-off series Lord of Deliverance and hopefully we will see them back there.

Shannon K. Butcher - Burning Alive

Title : Burning Alive
Series : The Sentinels Wars #1
Release date : May 2009
Publisher : Onyx Publisher
Genre : Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance

Helen had visions about her own death since she can remember, burning alive as a dark gorgeous stranger watches smiling. She decide not to let this ruin her live and try to enjoy. When she finally meets this stranger Drake from her dreams, she fears that her death is nearby. But this warrior Drake refuses to believe that her vision will come true and vow to protect her against this vision.

Drake is a Theronai Sentinel warrior and has been fighting against the Synestryn demons as long as he can remember. It seems these demons are winning this war and there is nothing they can do about it. They lost almost all of the females of the Theronai race and without a mate to bond with, the warriors are slowly dying. But the moment Drake meets human woman Helen, he feels a connection he never felt before.

Is it possible to bond with strong human females? Will this bond save them both and give hope to the other Theronai warriors?

Burning Alive by Shannon K. Butcher is her first novel in this amazing Sentinel Wars Series. I haven’t read any of her books, so you could imagine my surprise when I’ve read this amazing novel. These brave warriors wearing a tree of life tattoo on their body, finding desperately a way to save their dying race and win this battle against the Synestryn demons.

Helen is a strong human female who has visions of her own death for quite some time now. Deep in her heart she hopes the dreams are wrong, but when she meets this stranger Drake, she knows she’s running out of time. Even though there is a strong bond between Helen and Drake, she is determined to keep her distance. But Drake cannot let that happen, because she and their bond might be the very thing to save his race.

This novel is well written, a world full of danger, action, some demon ass-kicking and a passionate romance. I have to agree that Helen and Drake were meant to be together.

I’m looking forward to see who will be the next warrior that finds his true mate.
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