maandag 23 februari 2009

Jeaniene Frost - At grave's end

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield a long-time vampire hunter, half-vampire, half-human is the head of an elite team of a government agency, who deals with paranormal law enforcements. But her career may be over now every undead creature knows her appearance, red hair and green eyes. When Cat’s cover is blown again, the team needs to find another way to deal with the undead. So they ask a rogue prisoner to assist in their operation, she agrees but takes the first opportunity to escape and kills one of the team members along the way.

But that is not all Cat worries about because a killer vampire from Bones’ past re-appears with only one thing on her mind…. vengeance. Patra is determined to kill Bones once and for all and to do that she unleashes a powerful evil. Cat and Bones has to join forces with not only the elite team, but also Bones’s grand sire and some powerful vampires form the past to fight this evil.

At grave’s end by Jeaniene Frost is the third novel in The Night huntress series and another fabulous one. This is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, companionship and true love. So I was not surprise to find myself finishing the book hours later.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Their relationship is hot, sensual, strong and full of danger, but that is just the way they like it. Totally committed to each together Bones has to deal with his jealousy, when one of the team members Tate shows his affection more to Cat. Tate even turns into a vampire in the hope Cat will leave Bones for him. But readers who has read this series, knows that will never happen.

I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put the book down, so it’s only natural that I finish it hours later. I think every woman will fall in love with Bones…. at least I am. .
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to write a fabulous vampire novel. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.

Karen Marie Moning - Faefever

MacKayla “Mac” Lane left the States and went to Ireland to find out who killed her sister Alina and after learning she inherited some great powers she knows she have to find the killer among the Fae. With her powers she can track down the Unseelie Hallow’s and most important, the Sinsar Dubh, a book of black magic that will turn the world upside down. Everybody wants for Mac to find the book and hand it over to them, but Mac isn’t a fool, she knows that the one who owns the book will be in charge of its fate and she trusts nobody. Even her companions Barrons & V’Lane, gorgeous and powerful, but both have their own agenda and they won’t fill Mac in.

But now hallows eve is fast approaching and hell will break loose in Dublin, and it seems that Mac is the only one with enough power to stop the Fae from breaking down the huge wall between both world. Mac doesn’t know whom she can trust. Will she be able to stop the wall from breaking down or will she fail?

Faefever by Karen Marie Moning is the third novel in the Fever series. What I like about this series is that the storyline continues where the previous novel left off. When you have read the first page of the book, it lures you right into the world you never want to leave.

MacKayla Lane is still determined to punish the murderer of her sister Alina and also to find the Sinsar Dubh book. But after finding the book and saw what it would do to people, she is not sure it will be the right thing to hand it over to her companions Barrons or V’Lane. The book is pure evil and will turn the one it chooses to do evil things. And when Christopher MacKeltar and his uncles Drustan & Dageas ask for her help too, she isn’t sure whom to trust, because it seems everyone is having their own agenda and all want something from her.

Both Barrons and V’lane are determined to get Mac on their side and want to make the other male look foolish, but Mac doesn’t trust neither of them. Even though they both keep looking out for her, they are holding back a lot of information.

I honestly can say I found this series very interesting, especially to see the heat between Barrons & Mac, but also between V’lane & Mac. It’s not quite clear which site Barrons is on and we are no closer to finding out who he really is. I’ll hope we find out more in the next novel, because it is driving me crazy.

The ending of the book is breathtaking, alarming and fabulous, it is begging for the next novel and I cannot wait.

Laurell K. Hamilton - The laughing corpse

Anita Blake, a former vampire hunter and necromancer gets an offer by Harold Gaynor to raise a 300-year-old zombie for one million dollars. Anita has no other choice to decline his offer, because to raise a zombie that old it needs a human sacrifice and that is the one thing Anita won’t do. But when violent murders start occurring involving flesh-eating zombie, Anita knows that someone else has raise the old zombie.

In order to stop this flesh-eating zombie she goes to the most powerful voodoo priestess Dominga Salvador for some information about this killer. But Dominga wants something in return, it appears Anita has some incredible powers of her own and Dominga wants her to join her. Again Anita refuses to work for Dominga and that puts her on the priestess enemy list.

Not only does Anita has to find this zombie and kill the thing before more families are getting killed, but she also has to fight every creature the priestess send after her. Then on top of all her problems Jean Claude, the new master vampire of the City is trying to seduce her; although he is gorgeous Anita refuses to get involve with any vampire. But Jean Claude doesn’t give up that easy.

The laughing corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton is the second novel in her Anita Blake series and just like the first novel I was hooked from the first page till the last. This novel lures you into a world full of danger, creatures and most of all a strong determined woman her town against evil.

Anita Blake is a strong woman; she is a professional animator who raises the dead. She is good at her job, that is why clients specifically as for her to do the though jobs. Besides that she is a licensed vampire killer, the executioner. But she’s also working with the police special zombie squat, which calls her form time to time when they need her opinion about different creatures.

Anita’s relationship with Jean Claude, the master vampire of the city is difficult. Yes, there is a huge attraction between the two of them and if it was up to Jean Claude she would be his human servant forever. But Anita refuses to be anyone’s servant, especially Jean Claude, even if he is the most gorgeous man she ever seen.
I really enjoy reading this novel and loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Anita…will she finally give in and spent some time with Jean Claude or will there be someone else fighting for her attention.

maandag 9 februari 2009

Lilith Saintcrow - To hell and back

This story continues where the last novel left off with Dante bleeding and half-dead in an alley, where Lucifer left her after beating the shit out of her. Dante cannot remember much of it, but she has one thing on her mind…revenge and nothing or nobody is going to stand in her way. Luckily for Dante Lucas comes to her rescue and takes her back to Japhrimel, where Dante discovers that Japh has been tearing the town apart looking for her and has declared war against Lucifer.

But to kill the devil they need a special knife that was made for hedaira to protect her against the demons, so only Dante is able to kill Lucifer and that is the most important thing on her mind right now. But life is not simple when Dante is once again forced to question the true loyalty and intention of Japh. Will he really help her kill Lucifer once and for all or is this just another distraction to get to Eve and her companions?

Dante comes soon to realize that she’s just another pawn in the war between demons and she begins to think the only person she can truly trust is herself, so Dante have to make plans of her own in the war.

To hell and back by Lilith Saintcrow is the final novel in her Dante Valentine series and one hell of ending this series. The book is filled with action, demons, adventure and emotional fears, all the things I loved in a great novel. I truly can say this novel kept me on the edge reading it,

Miss Saintcrow really knows how to writes plots of doubt, lies, betrayal and continue doing this through all her novel and slowly reveal them to a conclusion in the end. She never disappointed me with her novels and really loves the way the relationship develops between Dante and Japh. The ending is not happily ever after, but one pick out of life and very satisfying to me.

Of course there were things I wanted to know, but weren’t explained … like Lucas, the Deathless, why was he cursed by Death and who was he? What about Eve…was she really a part of Dante or just Doreen? I think those questions will never be explain or maybe there will be a short story to clear things up…who knows. I am for sure a huge fan of this series and really recommend it if you like demons, plot and adventure.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Guilty pleasures

Anita Blake, a former vampire hunter who now works as an animator, can raises the dead. Where she lives vampires live openly among humans and some of them have strange habits. Since killing vampire is against the law without a warrant, Anita works closely with the police squad supernatural who takes extreme cases.

Now someone or somewhat is killing vampires and although the police squad is investigating it, the two most powerful vampires in the city, Nicolaos and Jean-Claude are asking Anita to locate the killer. Anita knows she is no match to fight them because Nicolaos is a thousand year old sadistic vampire trapped in her young girls body and Jean-Claude is one of the modern vamps, gorgeous with manners and style, but so deadly.

Anita’s style to find and even kill the assassin doesn’t please the vampires and Nicolaos wants Anita dead when the job is done. But Jean-Claude cannot let that happen and does everything in his power to keep Anita save from Nicolaos attacks, even if this means they have to kill their queen.

Guilty pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton is the first novel in her Anita Blake series and I didn’t know what to expect of it. This book was highly recommended by some friends of mine, who knew my love for vamps and werewolves. So I bought the book, started reading and to my surprise I was hooked.

Anita Blake is a strong woman; she is a professional animator who raises the dead. She is good at her job, that is why clients specifically as for her to do the though jobs. Besides that she is a licensed vampire killer, the executioner. So she is a little worried when the most powerful vampire in town asks her to do a job for her. Anita knows she has to watch her back, because she doesn’t trust vampires, especially Nicolaos. But she gets help from Jean-Claude, the gorgeous vampire in town who finds Anita very pleasant and attractive and will protect her against Nicolaos. But will that be enough?

Beside Jean-Claude we meet several of Anita’s friends. Edward is a bounty hunter who is persuading Anita to give him the daytime location of the head-vampire to destroy her once and for all. Veronica is a private investigator and close friend of Anita’s, who provide Anita with all the information she needs.

I’m glad to see this novel is the first in a long series, because I’m curious to see what will happen to Anita and her job.

dinsdag 3 februari 2009

Stephenie Meyer - Twilight

Bella Swan recently moved back to her birth town Forks, Washington to live with her father, the police chief. Bella doesn’t like to be back, but she wants to give her mother a change to follow her stepdad to Florida. Bella has always been an outsider at school, so she doesn’t expect to find some new friend, but Jessica and Mike are the first ones to bring her in.

At lunch Bella discovers a lonely group of five, all of them pale and strange light colored eyes, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rosalie and Edward Cullen. Bella finds herself drawn to Edward and when the two of them meet in biology class, he totally ignores her and acts really strange, he even storms out the classroom when the bell rings and doesn’t show up for days after that. But suddenly Edward shows up, when another student’s car skids on some ice and is heading towards Bella. Edward shields Bella with his body and force the car to stop.

Edward wants Bella to stay away from him, because it will be dangerous, but he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them and they fall in love. The Cullen family isn’t thrilled about their relationship, because it puts everyone at risks when Bella discovers the truth about them. But when they get to know Bella, the only thing to do is to bring her in the family.

But danger is just around the corner when the Cullen family is playing baseball in a thunderstorm when three other vampires are coming. They are surprised to see a large group of vampires living together so close to humans and drink only animal blood. One of the three vampires, James smells that Bella is human and wants her blood, a fact that Edward doesn’t like. So to protect Bella from James, Alice and Jasper take her to Phoenix, so that the others can deal with James. But will it work?

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is the first novel in her Twilight series and I loved it. It’s a young adult novel about a relationship between a vampire and a young woman, a forbidden love.

Bella Swan has always been the outsider at school and when she moved back to her birth town to live with her father, nothing is different. But when she meets Edward Cullen and falls in love with him, her life is about to change for good. He is different from all the other boys at school, his unusual looks, his moves and the golden color of his eyes, but when Bella figures out what he really is, everything falls into place. Edward thinks the truth will scare Bella off, but she is determined to let this relationship work. Everything seems to work out fine, till three strange vampires come to town and one of them sets his eyes on Bella. This vampire James is determined to have Bella’s blood and nothing will stop him.

When I was reading this book the determination of Bella to let nothing comes in her way of her relationship with Edward, not even her discovery about him being a vampire, was what really draw me into this book. She doesn’t mind that the Cullen family exists of vampires and visits them regularly, she even become very close with Alice.

Well I’m looking forward to the next novel and she how this relationship is going to develop.

Lilith Saintcrow - Saint City sinners

Japh and Dante are going to Egypt to meet the rest of the group. The tenuous between Japh and Dante are huge but both of them are trying to give their relationship a change, even if this mean set their stubbornness aside for a moment. In Egypt Dante receives a message from her best friend Gabe, where she asks Dante to come back to Saint City as soon as possible. Dante knows she will get a fight with Japh over this, but she cannot ignore the message and give Japh the choice….come with her or stay behind. When they arrive in Saint City, Dante is shocked to see how much everything is changed since she left town.

Dante learns that Gabe’s husband Eddie has been murdered and she requests Dante’s help to find and punish his killer. But Gabe has a few more surprises for Dante, because Gabe’s little daughter is in danger too and if Gabe doesn’t survive the journey Dante has to take care of her. Dante refuses because she knows she cannot take care of a little child with her lifestyle, but she cannot let her best friend down.

But Dante is in for a whole lot of more trouble…it seems everyone, demons, mob and assassins want to get a hold of her and for once. But why…..that is the big question….

Saint City Sinners by Lilith Saintcrow is the fourth novel in her Dante Valentine series and a fabulous story. This novel starts off where the last book the devil’s right hand left off. Just like the previous books this one will lure you into a world where demons and other beings are normal, the action level is high and just the way I like it.

In the previous novel we saw Dante’s struggle with her trust in Japh, but now Japh and Dante both do some incredible things to try and save their relationship. Dante finally gets some answers to some of her questions she’s been having since she met Japh and slowly rebuilds her trust in him.

With the help of Hellesvront agents Vann & McKinley and Lucas Villalobos, their search for Demon Eve and her companions are coming to an end. And when they finally catch Eve, but Dante doesn’t know who to trust…is Eve telling her the truth or should she listen to Japh and trust his judgment. And what about Lucifer, he is trying to kill from the day they met, will she be able to survive all of this and kill the bastard.

I believe this novel is the best one in this series and I’m curious to find out if Dante is able to sort things out for herself and give the people around her a change to help her.
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