maandag 27 juli 2009

Larissa Ione - Passion unleashed

Three brothers born as Seminius demons but human in appearance, they are a breed bound by desire (incubus) and only male. At the age of hundred they gain the ability to shape shift and impregnate females, but sometimes it happens that some of them loses any sense of compassion and turn rogue. Eidolon, Shade & Wraith bundle their healing skills together and build UG hospital, where demons are the doctors, but also the patients.

Serena Kelly is an archeologist and she will do anything to recover a relic. But Serena has a secret not everyone knows about; when she was a child she got ill and was slowly dying. Her mother was one of the chosen ones to wear a charm, but sacrifice her own life to save her daughter. This charm will keep the diseases away as long as she stays a virgin and invincible for demons. But somehow the line between good and bad is disappearing and now demons are after her.

Wraith has been poised and is slowly dying. His illness has affected on the Underworld General hospital, because it’s literally falling apart. So Eidolon and Shade are trying hard to find an antidote for Wraith and discovers there is only one cure. Wraith has to take Serena’s virginity so her charm will work on him, but the only downside is that Serena will die.

Passion Unleashed by Larissa Ione is the third novel in her Demonica series and definitely my favorite. Wraith touched my heart in the first book and never left again. Just like the previous novels, this one will lure you into a world you don’t want to leave. The war between humans and demon kind is getting worse by the minute and some of them will have to work together to stop evil once and for all.

Serena Kelly is a strong young woman, who is determined to make her life work, especially after almost death experience in her childhood. Her mother saved her life by placing a charm on her daughter, as long as she stays a virgin Serena will live a normal life and with the necklace on her neck she is hidden from evil. But now the line between the two worlds is disappearing and it seems her cover is blown up. Now evil is chasing her and the only thing for her to do is trust this handsome stranger.

Wraith is the youngest of the three brothers, but definitely the scariest. He is half vampire, half Seminius demon and don’t really care what others think of him, only his two brothers Eidolon and Shade. He would give his life for them, because they were the only one who cares enough to save him for the prison he lived in since the day he was born. Now he is poisoned and slowly dying, the only cure for him is to take a woman’s virginity. But Wraith cannot let this beautiful woman die to save his own life.

I really love the brother bond between Eidolon, Shade and Wraith, it is so intense. The determination to find a cure for their brother makes my heart beat harder. But to see bad boy Wraith refuses to take someone’s life just to save his own, is just so overwhelming. From the first book he is the bad boy and couldn’t care less if someone dies, but now he finally meets the love of his live just to kill her in order to save his own. But fate has his own way.

Kynan & Gem’s story continues in this book. Kynan finally realizes what Gem means to him, when another demon is interested in her. Okay this demon has his own reason for seducing Gem, but it spice up the relationship between Gem & Kynan. I’m really looking forward to read more about them. This new character Lore is very interesting and definitely worth to check out more in his own novel.

Kendra Leigh Castle - Call of the highland moon

Gideon MacInnes is the future Alpha of his clan; his clan has been guardian of the Stone of Destiny since ages. But before Gideon takes the responsibilities to lead the clan, he leaves Scotland to see the world. But out there in the big bad world, nothing is, as it seems, Gideon cannot get used living in big cities, with all the noise and too many people. When he is finally ready to go home, he is attacked and badly injured by rogue werewolves and left to die. But for some reason Gideon has enough strength to reach the door of a small shop.

Carly has a successful bookstore called “Bodice rippers and baubles”. Then one cold winter night she finds a wounded dog/wolf on her doorstep and even though Carly fears the huge dog/wolf she knows she cannot let it die and takes him home with her and nurses his wounds. After a good night sleep she doesn’t find a wounded wolf before the fireplace, but a handsome naked man.

But the danger has followed Gideon to Carly’s home and now he not only have to keep himself out of trouble but protect his newfound mate too.

Call of the highland moon by Kendra Leigh Castle is the first novel in her MacInnes Werewolves series. I do love shape shifters story and when I came across this book I couldn’t help myself and bought the book. Well the book was definitely a surprise, because it was fabulous.

Gideon MacInnes is the eldest son of the Clan leader, the clan has been protecting the Stone of Destiny forever and Gideon knows his father wants for him to take over. But he is not quite ready and travel around the world, not knowing he would found his mate, the love of his life.

Carly has always been the romantic type, so she opens a romantic novel bookshop, but couldn’t imagine finding a shape shifter wolf on her doorstep one cold winter night. This handsome stranger is about to set her world on fire and take her with him on a very excitement, but dangerous trip.

Gideon and Carly are so right for each other, he’s the handsome strong leader and she’s the steady heroine, the down to earth type, but together they are hot and steamy. I really enjoyed reading their scenes and the several conversations between them about the way their relationship should go.

This novel was definitely a lovely surprise and I cannot wait to read the next novel in this series.

woensdag 15 juli 2009

Rachel Vincent - Stray

America is divided into different territories where Prides are calling the shots, each Pride has an alpha leader and a lot of male tomcats. But the female tabbies are the ones that are rare and very valuable to the pride, so they are protected at any cost. Then you have the free zone, where the strays are living or at least they suppose to, the are werecats who were born human, but surviving a scratch or bite for another stray.

Faythe Sanders is one of those rare female tabbies and her father is the alpha leader of one of the territories. In the past Faythe tried to escape the Pride because she wanted and needed her freedom, but she always got caught and the punishment was huge. At the age of eighteen she walked out on her engagement to her Alpha father’s top enforcer, Marc Ramos and went to school to get her degree. Her father wasn’t happy about it, but agrees with this arrangement. Faythe always knew she was being watch by one of the male tomcats at all time and she manage to stay out of the Pride for several years, but now someone is abducting female tabbies. So Marc is send to drag her back to her family ranch for protection.

Although Faythe is glad to see her family again she cannot shake the feeling off that she is a prisoner in her own house. When Marc informs her that her father has been secretly grooming her to take over the pride as the new alpha, she knows she has to escape as soon as possible. But her freedom is short when she is ambushed and knocked unconscious, the moment she wakes up she know her kidnapper is one of the brutal stray, who is abducting tabbies. Faythe know she cannot let her guard down, otherwise she will end up dead.

Stray by Rachel Vincent is her first novel in her Shifter series and I have to say I was surprised. A friend of my recommend it to me and I trust her judgement, so I bought it. I can honestly say I was surprise to learn that this first novel was better then I expected. Of course it has a lot of information and world building in it, but you could really feel Faythe’s emotion to keep her freedom.

Faythe Sanders is a young woman who desperately wants to keep her freedom, so after graduation she stay at campus and sign up for other classes. She know her fahter’s enforcers are keeping an eye on her. But then one night she’s attacked by a stray and was able to escape, but finding Marc on her doorstep was not according plan.

What I really like is to see Faythe’s struggle in life to remain the freedom she desperately want. She knows the rules of the pride, but doesn’t want anything to do with it. But she cannot ignore the attraction of her were cat deep down inside her, she loves to let the cat out and run in the wood. And some gorgeous tomcats around her aren’t helping either.

If you are a fan of urban fantasy and paranormal and you love were shifter, then this is the series for you. I truly can say Faythe is a real kick ass chick who knows exactly want and who she wants.

Colleen Gleason - Rises the night

Lady Victoria Gardella Grantworth recently learned that she is the next in line to be a Venator vampire hunter and she is fighting vampires for over a year now and it costs her more than you can imagine. Her beloved husband Philip was turned into a vampire by her enemy Lilith, the Vampire Queen and the only thing she could do to really save him, was to kill him for good. After a year of mourning she is back on the streets, killing vampire like no other and stronger than ever.

Victoria discovers that a group of humans are loyal to the vampires, calling themselves the Tutela. A trail from London leads Victoria to Italy, where she, her aunt Eustacia, some other venators and Sebastian discover that this is bigger than they could have imagine.

Nedas, Lilith’s son has built him quiet an impressive army to become the dominant race on
Earth and use humans as the food supply. Nedas is after an object that could provide him with the power he desperately seeks. The only way to stop him is to infiltrate into the Tutela and gets as much information as she can. But she quickly learns that danger is just around the corner, because someone she once trusted as a dear friend has joined the enemy.

Rises the night by Colleen Gleason is the second novel in her Gardella vampire chronicles and a great novel, she really created a world similar to “Buffy the vampire slayer” but then with the historical timeline.

Victoria Grantworth is a strong young woman that recently lost the love of her life. She was warned that love and a place in society were not getting a long with her job as a Venator vampire hunter, but she wanted to try. It costs her husband Philip his life and she is full of hate towards Lilith, the Vampire Queen who is responsible for Philip’s turning. But first she has to deal with Lilith’s son Nedas, who wants to power to control the vampires and use the humans as food.

Of course Victoria is not alone on this journey, her aunt Eustacia is there to support her with every step she takes, guiding her to become the next leading Venator. Sebastian Vioget, her ex-lover is there by her side, trying to convince her he is the man in her life, but can she trust him, it seems he has a secret life of his own. And then we have Maximilan Pesaro, one
of the other vampire slayers who left London right after Victoria lost her husband, but he turns up in Italy in some weird company, can she trust him or will he be the traitor in the group. Victoria knows she is about to find out.

This historical romantic fantasy novel is definitely worth to read, it’s full of intrigue plots, danger and friends who seems to be enemies and visa versa. You have to read the next novel to find out what will happen, because the books in this series do not have the normal happily ever after when you finish them. I can tell you this I’m looking forward to read the next to see if I’m right about some thing.

dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Jaye Welles - Red-headed stepchild

Sabine Kane is a child of a forbidden relationship between a vampire and a mage. Her mother shortly dies after giving birth and Sabine was raised by her grandmother, who is also the head of the Dominae. Sabine’s childhood is hard and she is taught that all other races are inferior and that vampires and especially the Dominae is everything. Because Sabine is a half-breed she must be loyal and the only future for Sabine is to be a cold hearted assassin, who kills any target selected by the Dominae without questioning.

Sabine is trying hard to impress her grandmother but it seems she cannot make up for her mother’s mistake and now she is send to kill her best friend for his betrayal to the Dominae. But that is not all she has to infiltrate into the enemies camp and get as much information for the grandmother in order to win the war. But Sabine gets help from an unexpected race, it seems the mage race has an interest in Sabine too and wants to tell her the truth about her background once and for all. Her grandmother has kept many secrets from her and she is about to find out what….

Red-headed stepchild by Jaye Welles is the first novel in her Sabine Kane series and also her debut novel. As many other debut novels, especially the ones in a series has a lot of world building and character information in it, like this one. But the storyline is great, so all the information was not bothering me at all.

Sabine Kane is a kick-ass assassin and determined to please her grandmother in every way she can, even if it means killing one of her best friends. And when her grandmother ask her to be a spy in the enemy camp to win as much as information to win the war, Sabine slowly discover that the Dominae and her grandmother are keeping secrets from her. Not only does she discover that not all the race is evil, but also that her mage family is looking for her.

Sometimes I wanted to smack Sabine’s head for her refusal to see the reality before her eyes, but with the help of a mage and the midwife of her mother, she slowly see she has been used by the ones she loves the most.

I have to be honest; this is definitely a good debut album with a great storyline. I’m looking forward to see how this all is going to turn in the next novel.

Patricia Briggs - Bone crossed

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a mechanic and owns her own garage. She was raised by one of the most powerful werewolves pack in North America, even though Mercy isn’t a werewolf herself. She is a walker and is able to shift into a coyote when she wants to. Recently she is healing form the brutal assault in which she had to kill her attacker. Mercy finds it hard to be around men after the rape, but little by little her boyfriend alpha wolf and pack leader Adam wins back her trust and even convince her to finally marry him.

But then Mercy gets a visit from her former roommate Amber, who reads about Mercy in the newspapers and is in need for her help. It seems her son is seeing a ghost and it’s not a friendly one, Amber wants Mercy to come to Spokane and get rid of the ghost. Mercy knows this is a good time to get of a town, not only to heal the wounds but also as the vampire Queen Marsilia still wants to drain her blood for helping vampire Stefan killing a monster.

In the mean time Adam will negotiates with Marsilia, but Mercy soon discover that she has the difficult job. Not only is she dealing with a ghost, a little boy and his parents, but also with a powerful master vampire, who want her in his life….for good.

Bone crossed by Patricia Briggs is the fourth novel in her Mercedes Thompson series. I think everybody knows by now that I’m a huge fan of this series and I have to say this novel is another great one.

In this book you definitely can see that Mercedes Thompson is a very strong person. Okay, she has a thing for getting into trouble, but that doesn’t mean its okay to beat her and rape her, just because you’re more powerful or use a spell. That’s what happens to her in the novel Iron Kissed. Now she is healing and although her wounds disappear, the wounds on her soul do not. But her best friend Sam and her boyfriend Adam are just great and very patient.
Pack leader and alpha wolf Adam wants Mercy as his mate/wife for a long time and over the past few months he is trying to convince her to accept his proposal, but without succeeding. Now some other bastard hurt his woman badly and maybe ruins his change of a life with her. The only thing he can do now is try to win her trust back and convince her of his love.

It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of vampires, werewolves, shape shifters stories, so this series is definitely the one for me, because it has all the above. During the previous books we all saw the triangle relationship between Mercy, Adam & Samuel and I always wonder which man Mercy would choose. Both were strong and alpha material and secretly I was hoping it would be Adam. Now she has made her choice, but danger will always lure around the corner because others are after Mercy too. I cannot wait for the next novel.

Jasmine Haynes - Show and tell

Trinity Green is married to Harper, a man who doesn’t like his lovely wife to mess up her clothes or make passionate love to her in bed. But things are about to change when Trinity arrives home early to find her lovely husband in the shower with another woman. Trinity is totally in shock and she decides to go to a hotel for the night to think things over and to get away from her cheating husband.

Scott Sinclair is exhausted from his flight and the only thing he wants to do is find a hotel room and sleep. But as he prepares himself to relax and get some sleep, he hears erotic noises coming from the room next door. When he realizes the mystery woman is alone, he is unable to resist himself and find himself knocking on her door.

Trinity is in total shock when she find a gorgeous stranger in front of her hotel room door, asking her if he could just watch when she pleasuring herself. Unable to resist the strangers request she let him in; because she knows she will never ever see him again. But when the night is over and she finds his business card on the table, she realizes that their professional lives will cross soon….very soon.

Show and tell by Jasmine Hunter is a fabulous novel with a lot of steamy erotic scenes, humour and eventually true love. Main characters Trinity and Scott meet each other under strange circumstances.

Trinity Green finds her husband with another woman and wonders if she still wants him or should she divorce the bastard. She wants a meaning in her life and accepts a job in her fathers company, trying to get her life back. But it is not easy to work for you father, her co-workers are having a hard time to accept her for who she really is, not just the daughter of the boss. And her little escapade with Scott Sinclair doesn’t help either, why does she keep calling him, when she should get her live back together.

Scott Sinclair isn’t looking for a girlfriend, he is recently divorced and the only thing he wants is work and be there for his children. But when he meets Trinity he knows she is the right woman for him. But Trinity doesn’t want another man in her life, but Scott convince her to give him a change and his seduction has begun.

I loved it; Miss Jasmine Haynes really created a realistic storyline, where a lot of women around the world can relate to. It’s hot and steamy and definitely worth to read.

woensdag 1 juli 2009

Larissa Ione - Desire unchained

Three brothers born as Seminius demons but human in appearance, they are a breed bound by desire (incubus) and only male. At the age of hundred they gain the ability to shape shift and impregnate females, but sometimes it happens that some of them loses any sense of compassion and turn rogue. Eidolon, Shade & Wraith bundle their healing skills together and build UG hospital, where demons are the doctors, but also the patients.

Runa Wagner has been dating bad boy Shade, until she walked in on him with two other women. Full of hurt and fury she runs from Shade’s apartment and was attacked by a werewolf; Runa survived the attack but knew her life would never be the same. A year later the only thing on her mind is to hurt Shade and to find and kill the thing that attacked her. But when she’s been captured by some creature who’ll use her to kill Shade, she’s wondering what side she’s on.

Shade is a Seminius demon with a love-curse place on him. Shade knows he cannot ever fall in love, otherwise the curse will activate and he’ll slowly fade away and spend the rest of eternity in everlasting torment. But when an unknown enemy captured him, he discovers that he is not the only one in the cell. Runa his former lover is also there and she is not happy to see him. But his enemy knows about his curse and he tricks Shade into bonding Runa to him as his life mate.

They escape the dungeon, but with the enemy close behind them Shade & Runa find themselves battling not only the enemy but also the forced bonding. Spade knows he cannot care for Runa; otherwise he curse will do his job.

Desire unchained by Larissa Ione is the second novel in her Demonica series and yet again another fabulous novel. The moment you start reading the book it will lure you into a demon world full of paranormal beings and humans fighting each other and then discovering they need each other to fight a higher power.

Runa Wagner is a strong young woman that was in love with Spade, but after the night she caught him with two other women, from that night on her life change for good, not only hurt by the man she loved, but also attacked by a werewolf. Now Spade is back in her life, and the first thing on her mind is to hurt him, but she cannot deny her strong attraction towards him.
Spade promise himself never to love a woman because of his curse and so far he is doing good, but after being captured and sharing the same cell with his formal lover Runa changes everything. Not only does he have to fight their enemy, but also find a way to break the curse, or he will be doomed forever.

Just like in the previous book you can see the huge bond between the brothers, especially when they discover the truth about their eldest brother Roag. My heart was pounding like a mad man when Wraith offer to save Shade life and wanted to take over the curse…well, is this brother love or not… There isn’t anything the brothers wouldn’t do for each other.
We see more about Kynan, the human special agent who is working at the demon hospital right now and his strange relationship with Gem.

This is a great novel with gorgeous, dangerously demons, to spend a few hours with on the sofa. This is definitely a series that stays on my bookshelves forever. I cannot wait to read more about my favorite demon Wraith.

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