dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Sylvia Day - Pleasures of the night

Aidan Cross is the Captain of his elite team; he is the ultimate Dream Guardian. Aidan protects women from nightmares by entering their dreams and seducing them with erotic fantasies. The mission of his elite team is to find the Key that threatens to destroy his world. Not everyone believes the Key actually exists, but when the Elders asks him to enter Lyssa Bates dreams, he is not so sure anymore. He believes that Lyssa is the threat he and the other Guardians are looking for.

Lyssa Bates has not had a decent night of sleep in several years, simply because she cannot find a dream state that allows her to rest completely. She has an incredible ability to control her dreams by keeping them all in the dark. No Guardian and no Nightmare can come in but when a mysterious, sexy voice asks her to invite him in her dreams, she cannot deny him. Lyssa doesn’t know that from that moment her life will change completely.

Will Aidan be able to find out the truth about The Key before it is too late for the both of them?

The relationship between the main-characters Aidan and Lyssa got some firework of their own. From the moment they meet each other in Lyssa’s dreams the sparkles are flying around. You almost can feel the heat flowing from the pages. You can sense that Lyssa is a strong determined woman who knows what she wants in life but as long as she can remember she is fighting sleep. She is almost afraid to sleep and relax though the moment Aidan knocks on her dream-door and makes her experience the hottest erotic fantasies she ever dreamed, she knows she want him in her life. And when Aidan appears on her doorstep for real, it is a dream which comes true. Aidan Cross is the Captain of his elite team and the hottest Guardian there is, for centuries now he protects women from the Nightmares by fulfilling their dreams in an erotic way. When the Elders send him on a difficult mission, he cannot believe to find the love of his life.

With this first novel in the Guardian series Sylvia Day grabbed my attention from the moment I started reading and she held it all the way through until I closed the book. I can tell you this… Sylvia Day really knows how to write an erotic romance, the fireworks between the main-characters are flying around and the sensual heat is steaming from the pages.

Aidan’s determination to find the answers to his questions and protect Lyssa from the Nightmares and other dangers really got to me. Even if it means he has to give her up and put his life in danger to keep her safe. Well if that is not true love…then what is it? Lyssa’s answer to Aidan’s action puts a smile on my face when I read it, it’s just the same thing I would have done for the love of my life.

Through the story you really get to know the secondary characters like Connor and Philip. I cannot wait to read Connor’s story. Through this book he got my attention and made me curious about his life.

I truly can say that Sylvia Day will stay on my bookshelves between my other favorite erotica authors,
Pleasures Of The Night was the first book I’ve read by her and I can tell you this… It won’t be the last one. This book kept me reading hours after hours and filled my head with wild fantasies to dream about. I have only one thing to say…..Where is my Dream Guardian?

Extremely hot and sexy, this novel lures you into a dream full of fantasies; you’ll hope the dream will last forever.

zondag 27 januari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Hunter's moon

Tony Giodone is the assassin of the Family, “the mafia“ but that is not all he is, for a year now he is also a werewolf. Although Tony hates the way he became one, he doesn’t hate the surprising gifts that comes along and uses those gifts when he is on a job. Now he’s meeting someone about another job he believes will be routine for him. The moment he meets his client and hears her story, he never expects that it will change his life forever.

Sue Qentin has always been the target of her dominant family. She was not beautiful enough, still single and without children. When she wins the lottery and became a millionaire, the situation is getting worse, her mother is moving in and makes her a prisoner in her own life.
But she can take it no longer and decided to take manners in her own hands. Sue is searching for an assassin who can help her with her problem and finds the perfect man for the job.

The moment Tony meets Sue for the first time and finds out who the real target is he is shocked. Why would the lovely young woman want herself dead? He is very curious, she is shy and feels death is her only way out and he decided to let her tell the whole story. Not knowing full moon is just moments away and when the wolf inside him wants to come out, he tries to chase her away. Only Sue is determined to stay with him and isn’t surprised when he turns into a wolf. Feelings begin to grow between them, but will Sue be safe from Tony’s enemies and can Tony convince Sue to change her life?

Hunter’s moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the first novel in the Tales of the Sazi and it captivated me from the first page. The mix of the Mafia, shape shifters and a human female with an annoying family and a death wish makes the whole story complete and very fascinating. The attraction between the main-characters is there from the start and is only getting stronger further in the book. The first-person narrative style was not bothering me at all, I believe it adds more dimension in the book, especially because it’s written from Tony’s point of view.

The relationship between the main-characters Tony and Sue got some firework from the moment they have a meeting in Tony’s hotel room, especially when Sue is not afraid of Tony when he is turning into the werewolf during the full moon. And when the two of them are fully bonded, well sparks are flying around. Tony Giodone was raised by the only family he knew, the Mafia. And became the best assassin of his boss Carmine, when someone hires him to kill a woman, the job turned bad. This lady is a werewolf and she attacked him leaving him to die, but the survivor in him wouldn’t give up. Now he is living with the secret that he turns into a wolf every full moon and accepted the lonely life, not knowing one woman could change it all.

Sue Quentin is a woman who is tired of her life and her dominant family. It’s only getting worse when she hit the jackpot and becomes a millionaire. The only way out is to let someone kill her. When the decision is made, she hires Tony Giodone for the job. He’s the best there is, but how could she possibly want to die, when Tony makes her feel more alive than she has been in her entire life. Can Tony kill his target when he finds himself totally in love with her?

Throughout the story you find some interesting secondary characters, Tony’s boss Carmine and his girlfriend Linda are quite interesting to read about. Then you have Barb, the female werewolf who turned Tony into a werewolf and there is Bobby, a good friend of Tony who has a secret of his own. And of course there’s the annoying family of Sue. God, when I read about her family I totally understood her frustration and depression.

What really surprised me in this novel is the way the authors used the animal side. For wolves the sense of smell is really important, so that is a big issue in this book. Tony can sense by the smell, human or shape shifter how they would react to their surroundings.

I read a lot of shape shifters stories, but this book took me by surprise. I expected the normal stuff but getting a whole new world in return, where nothing is quite what it seems. Hunter’s Moon is the first book I’ve read by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp and I loved it. This book kept me reading for hours and at the end of the novel you find out that there is more to the world of the shape shifters. Who are the Sazi? What is this group of Wolven agents about? It made me curious to find out what will happen in the next novel and discover what this all means.

This fascinating novel will lure you into a new world full of gorgeous shape shifters and their strong determined mates.

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Howling moon

Raphael Ramirez former shape shifter and secret police agent got a call from Chief Justice and head of the Sazi community Charles and asks to do him a favor. He must find Charles’ goddaughter Catherine Turner before her first change. Raphael worst enemy, a were-jaguar serial killer named Jack Simpson murdered Catherine’s parents and injured her during the fight. Now her first moon is coming and someone has to be there if the transformation will turn out bad and she has to be put down.

Catherine Turner lives with her aunt Violet after her parent’s death and lately Catherine experiences some changes in her live, her taste for red meat, her great hearing and the ignoring voice in her head.
When the full moon is there she experiences the biggest change in her life, she is a jaguar shape shifter. But help is there, a gorgeous wolf shifter is there to control her hunger and make sure she is surviving the transformation.

Charles knows he’s asking a lot of Raphael because his pack wolves want Catherine dead and serial killer Jack is probably hunting her down to complete the job. Raphael is determined to keep Catherine save from both enemies, especially when he finds out that Catherine is his soul mate, even if Raphael is a wolf and Catherine a jaguar.

Howling moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the fourth novel in the Tales of the Sazi and again a great novel, which took me on an adventure full of danger, serial killers and enemies to fight against.

The bond between the main-characters Raphael and Catherine is strong from the moment they meet at the full moon with Catherine’s first transformation. Even though Raphael is a wolf and Catherine a jaguar they appear to be each other’s soul mates.
Raphael Ramirez is the second alpha in his pack and leads the pack when Lucas is not around. When his former Chief asks him to protect a jaguar, he knows there will be trouble. Cats and dog are not meant to be together, but he also cannot deny his feelings. And when he finds out that his old enemy is after Catherine he will do anything to keep her save. Catherine Turner has just survived an attack from a wild animal, not knowing that the bite will change her life forever. Not only had her parents died during the attack, but she inherited some gifts from the shape shifters. Now she is in danger and her only chance to survive is to accept the help of gorgeous Raphael Ramirez.

Again the secondary characters are strong, serial killer Jack Simpson is the red line in this novel. He is the one whom attacks Catherine, performs mind control on her mind and is also the enemy of Raphael. Then you have Charles the godfather of Catherine and Raphael’s former boss, the bear shifters will do anything to protect her even if it means he has to ignore some rules. Raven Ramirez, the second best agent of the Wolven and Raphael’s son is also coming by to help his father and keep Catherine save.

I really don’t know what to say about this series….I am totally hooked, I only can say I love it. The way these authors created this Sazi world, the danger, the powers and the love, it’s great. After reading the first three novels I was a little sceptic because to me it seemed difficult to keep this level of quality, but C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp did it again. I found myself in a world of love, danger, companion and enemies and I didn’t want to stop reading this book.

Love can conquer all, even if it means that love comes from two different species.

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Captive moon

Sazi member Antoine is the chieftain for the cat shape shifters. He has incredible illusionary skills and a gift to see the future. When Antoine is in Germany, the local police contact him because of the big slaughter of several tigers apparently captured by poachers. It seems Antoine is missing one of his favorite tigers. At the scene Antoine discovers that his cat has been killed, but senses that a female tiger, a shape shifter, has been caught and brought to the police station. He plans to rescue her.

Turkish-American Tahira Kuric, a member of the Hayalet Kabile Ghost Tribe, came to Germany to find her lost brother Rabi. When she was following a lead, she was captured instead, now she has to find a way out of jail before the full moon is over. Help is on the way, she is rescued by Antoine Monier, but she does not trust him because her people teached her from childhood that the Sazi are deceitful and are their enemy. However she has no choice but to accept his help for locating her brother.

Instead of finding the hiding place of Rabi, the two realizes there is more on going on. The same people who kidnapped her brother are now after Tahira, not because she is a cat shifter but because she has a special gift. Tahira is a power well; she can drain power from powerful Alpha Males and females to use that power in battle. But Saragon, a king cobra is after that power for himself and with the help of Rachel Portes, a were-spider they try to catch Tahira. Can Antoine keep Tahira save and free the captured shape shifters?

Captive moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the third novel in the Tales of the Sazi and again a marvellous story full of excitement, danger and love. From the moment the main-character meet each other the attraction is huge, even if it is forbidden between the two races.

Antoine Monier is a big illusionist and performer, with his big cats he travels around the world. When fate took one of his favourite tigers away from him, Antoine is determined to save the captured female in custody not knowing this female will change his life forever. Even when others challenge his leadership, this woman trusts him completely and helps him any way she can. Tahira Kuric is a member of the Hayalet Kabile Ghost Tribe and a powerful shape shifter with special gifts. She is determined to save her brother and to prove her grandfather she is worthy to her species. When she got caught, she could not believe she was meeting the love of her life. Is their love strong enough to save the Sazi member and the member of the Hayalet Kabile Tribe?

In this story you find some strong secondary characters, were-snake council member Ahmed al-Narmer, who challenges Antoine for his leadership and for the affections of Tahira, but turns out to be the best companion in this battle. Saragon, the king cobra who happens to be the father of Ahmed al-Narmer and wants to capture all power to rule the world. Rachel Portes, the were-spider who captured all the tiger shape shifters to find great power in the Alpha Males.

Just like in the previous novels you see that the animal side is a big issue, the sense of smell is again really important. I believe it’s great that you can sense fear, anger and danger just by the smell of it. It is the greatest gift a shape shifter can have. What I really like about this series is the time line, this story continues where the last novel ended, not months or years in between. Again the authors didn’t disappoint me as they lured me into the Sazi world full of danger and excitement. It amazes me that they can hold my attention continuously so that I can finish the novel within hours.

Love and determination, this novel will keep you seated on the sofa for hours surrounded by some great shape shifters.

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Moon's web

This story continues with Tony and Sue, just about where we left off in Hunter’s moon.
With their new identities Tony and Sue are living totally in the world of the Sazi. Because Tony is a werewolf, they’re travelling to Chicago to live with their new pack, lead by Nikoli. Just recovering from his injuries and trying to adjust in his new pack, Tony gets a visit from his good friend Bobby Mbutu, a Wolven agent, the law enforcement branch of the Wolven. It seems that Tony’s old mafia boss Carmine and his wife Linda are in trouble. Babs, the werewolf who converted Tony is the third party in the relationship between Carmine and Linda. And now she is missing, kidnapped by a rogue Sazi who is preying on others of their kind. Carmine only wants Tony to handle this case.

But that is not all Tony has to deal with, he begins to acquire a new Sazi gift hindsight, Tony is able to see the past or the present. Tony has a hard time to get used to this new gift, but with the help of Sue and a few other Seers he learns to control it. As the situation only grows worse when there are more Sazi women disappearing, all in the middle of an important conference for all of the Sazi species. The Sazi’s realize that the enemy is more powerful then they had imagined. Will they be able to track down this enemy before it is too late for Babs, Asri and all the other women?

Moon’s Web by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is the second novel in the Tales of the Sazi. Just like the first novel it’s written in the first-person narrative style and from Tony’s point of view. This novel took me on an adventure in a world full of different shape shifters, magic and romance.

The bond between the main-characters Tony and Sue is only getting stronger when we find ourselves further along in the story, even when Sue is completely human she can feel Tony’s thoughts and mood swings. And when Tony finds himself struggling with his place in his new pack it is Sue who supports him in every way.

What I believe is very interesting is that there’s an underlying story about Tony’s friend Bobby and his mate Asri, whom he finds in this novel. Bobby is a strong reptilian shape shifter and a high agent in the Wolven. But when he meets Asri, a powerful dragon shape shifter Bobby is brought to his knees by the love he feels for his mate.

Bobby and Asri are not the only fascinating secondary characters in this novel. Of course we see Carmine, Linda and Babs again, but there are also a few new interesting characters we’re introduced to. The Leader of the pack Nikoli and his mother Lelya and then there is Lucas, another high werewolf who saved Sue when she was little and is now coaching Tony. Charles the chief justice, high leader of the council. Ivan and Raven, two special agents working for the Wolven agent. Antoine Monier and his sisters Amber, Aspen and Fiona who are Seers and the perfect teachers to help Tony with his new gift.

What I really like about this book is the way the authors created this Sazi world. In the first novel the Mafia was the most important lead in the novel. Although you still can sense the power of the mafia, you will find another world more darker and dangerous then Tony is used to.

After reading Hunter’s moon I was very curious about this new world. All I have to say….C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp didn’t disappoint me. Again they lured me into a world full of danger, excitement and love. And I find myself reading for hours and didn’t want to stop until the book was finished.

Danger and mystery, this novel will keep your attention until you find yourself lost in a world you wouldn’t want to leave.

Paula Quinn - Lord of desire

In 1065 King Edward declares that any man who defeats Lord Richard Dumont in battle earn his castle Averloch and title. So when Lord Richard was finally defeated by the Norman Lord Brand Risande, best friend of Duke William of Normandy, everyone at Avarloch is shocked. Duke William of Normandy and King Edward agreed that Lord Brand will marry Lord Richard’s daughter, Lady Bryanna Dumont, to avoid a war.

Lady Bryanna Dumont is furious when she hears about this decision, but will do everything to stay at the castle where she was born and do what’s good for her people, even if it means she has to marry the Norman savage who defeated her father. When the moment is there to meet her future husband Bryanna is in for a surprise when she finds out that Lord Brand is the same man she seen before and who she fell in love with.

When Lord Brand Risande “the passionate” hears about the plan of Duke William of Normandy that he must marry Lady Bryanna, he refuses. Brand was betrayed by his former betrothed and he believes that love is a curse and never wants to marry. But the moment he meets Bryanna she turns his world upside down. Is it possible to trust Bryanna healing his heart and to fall in love again?

Brand’s slow smile scorched her soul. “A woman who can slay mighty men with just her tongue.”
Forcing her smile to remain intact, she stared directly at her husband and delicately licked her lips. “A tongue, when used correctly, my lord, can be quite a deadly weapon.”

Lord Of Desire by Paula Quinn is the first novel in this trilogy. When I heard a few of my friends talking about this author they made me very curious, so of course I had to read this one and OMG what a great surprise it was. From the moment I took this novel in my hands I didn’t wanted to put it down and was very surprised when I was finished a few hours later. Paula Quinn lures me into a world full of betrayal, loyalty and romance.

Bryanna Dumont is a strong determined redhead who knows what she wants in life. From the moment Bryanna sees Brand in the pond when she was visiting her uncle, she dreams about him, not knowing he would show up someday. So when she finally meets her future husband and discovers he is the man of her dreams, she is determined to win his heart. Lord Brand Risande is a strong gorgeous warrior who defeated Bryanna’s father in battle. His reward is huge, not only did he own a castle now, but he has to marry Bryanna too. He has no intention to marry Bryanna but soon enough he finds himself totally in love with his wife. Although Bryanna and Brand are determined to go their own way in this marriage they cannot deny the strong attraction between the two of them. Soon enough they find love in each other’s arms.

Lord Dante Risande and Duke William of Normandy are great secondary characters, especially William won my heart. He is determined to see his friend happy and if that means he has to help Bryanna to win Brand’s heart so be it. And the way he treats Bryanna and makes her laugh really puts a smile on my face. What about Lord Dante the sexy rogue of the family, what will happen to him now that his brother is happily married?

Paula Quinn has written an amazingly medieval story. I can only hope she continues to write like this in the next two novels and lures me into their world again. I know Lord Dante Risande is next and what I read about him….well, let me say…I’m looking forward to his story.
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