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Katie Lane - Trouble in Texas

Title : Trouble in Texas
Series : Deep in the Heart of Texas #4
Release date : December 18, 2012
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
Genre : Contemporary Romance


Inheriting the most notorious house of ill repute in Texas can spell trouble for a girl's reputation . . . especially when she's Elizabeth Murphy, Bramble's prim and proper librarian. Yet when she discovers a buck-naked cowboy handcuffed to a four-poster bed, she forgets all about the town gossips. Elizabeth has sworn off men, but the stranger's kisses melt her resolve faster than ice cream on a hot summer day.

Waking up in Miss Hattie's Henhouse isn't how Brant Cates reckoned on getting to the bottom of his great-granddaddy's murder. The plan was to solve the centuries-old crime, then get the heck out of Dodge. But after meeting Elizabeth and discovering that the buttoned-up beauty is a sexy siren in disguise, he just can't pull himself away.

Now Brant needs Elizabeth to finally put his past to rest, but is she willing to risk her future on Bramble's newest bad boy?

Trouble in Texas by Katie Lane is the fourth book in her Deep in the Heart of Texas Series. I have to admit that I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series, but that doesn’t matter, you can read this book on its own.

Brant Cates is on his way to attend his brother’s wedding, but he decides to take a side stop at the famous Henhouse, believing it’s abandoned. But some of the old hens are still living in the Henhouse and they don’t like strangers on their land.  The story goes that Brant’s great-grandfather was killed there during one of his visits. He believes that the murder of his great-grandfather sparkled the “Cates Curse “. Never in a million years could he imagine getting shot, then drugged and kept captive by the three old hens in order to stop him from reporting them to the police.

Elizabeth Murphy works in the local library as the head librarian and is also the owner of the “Miss Hattie’s Henhouse”. Lizzie was raised by only by her mother and was taught that men were all “scumbags”, but that never stopped Lizzie from reading her beloved romance novels. She wants to sell the Henhouse, but the three little old hens who still love there won’t let her. Their plan is to re-opening the Henhouse in the old glory and they might have a plan to just to that.

I loved Brant and Lizzie together; from their first meeting you can sense the huge attraction between them. Yes, they are definitely the opposite of each other, but that won’t stop chemistry between them. And of course with a little help of the three old hens, they never stand a chance against fate and love.

Katie Lane has written a great romance novel with a fabulous storyline, great characters and a terrific mystery to solve. I just loved reading this light read, I have read one other novel by this author and I’m definitely going to check out the others. I know I will have a great time reading them.

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Vanessa Kelly - His Mistletoe Bride

Title: His Mistletoe Bride
Release date: October 1, 2012
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: Historical Romance

Blame It On The Mistletoe …

When Major Lucas Stanton inherited his earldom, he never dreamed his property would include the previous earl’s granddaughter. Phoebe Linville is a sparkling American beauty, yes, but with a talent for getting into trouble. Witness the compromising position that forced them into wedlock. Whisked away to Mistletoe Manor, his country estate, it isn’t long before she is challenging his rules—and surprising him in and out of bed.

Phoebe has no intention of bowing to Lucas’ stubbornness, even though he offers all that she wants. His kisses and unexpected warmth are enticing, but Phoebe is determined to show the Earl of Merritt what real love is all about. And if that takes twelve nights of delicious seduction by a roaring fire, she’s more than willing to reveal her gifts very slowly…

His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly was a great read, I always enjoy reading a holiday spirit novel and this one was no exception. I loved the fact that she used Mistletoe as the manor’s name and that some of the servants had the surname Christmas.

I’m fortunate to have been given the opportunity to read this copy of His Mistletoe Bride by this author for an honest review. This was my first historical novel that I read by Vanessa Kelly and I have to say that she has a great writing style.

Phoebe Linville travels from America to England to meet and live with her grandfather from her mother’s side, after both her parents died. She hopes to finally find the acceptance she desperately craves. After weeks on the sea she arrives in England only to discover that her grandfather has passed away too. Will she accept her grandfather’s last wish or should she return to America alone?

Major Lucas Stanton became the new Lord Merritt when her grandfather past away, now he feels obligated to make sure the old man’s last wish concerning his granddaughter will be followed. Luckily the whole family wants to meet and get to know her and decides to step in.

The chemistry between Lucas and Phoebe was there from the first moment they met, but it became clear that they both wanted something different in their relationship. While Phoebe wants love and family, Lucas only wants Phoebe in his life but at a safe distance with his heart behind the wall he built. We all know that love and determination of a woman is always stronger, so Lucas is in for the ride of his life.

I just loved Phoebe’s English family and the way they accept and welcome Phoebe in their family. The moment they meet her they pull her in the family circle and embrace her as one of theirs from the start.

Vanessa Kelly has written an amazing holiday historical romance novel full of great characters, a good holiday season world building and a fabulous storyline. I’m definitely going to check out her other historical novels because I know I will have a great time reading them.

Author's Bio:

Vanessa Kelly is an award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.”  Her Regency-set historical romances have been nominated for awards in a number of contests, and her second book, Sex and The Single Earl, won the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance.  Her latest book, My Favorite Countess, was nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Regency Historical Romance.

Vanessa spends most of the year in Ottawa, Ontario with her husband, but she’s lucky enough to spend some of the winter near lovely Amelia Island, Florida.  When she’s not dreaming of plots for her next Regency novel, she’s writing contemporary romances with her husband, under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.

Connect with Vanessa Kelly: Website / Blog / Twitter

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Mandy Baggot - Taking Charge

Title: Taking Charge
Release date: May 3, 2012
Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Is going back Robyn’s only way forward?

American-born Robyn Matthers is going home. With her dad in hospital, his roadhouse in ruins and the ice hockey team slipping down the league, she needs to take charge. But does she have the strength to do it? 

Cole Ryan is a hockey player on a personal mission. He’s tall, dark, hot and Robyn’s noticed! But can she trust her feelings - or his? And what will Cole do when he finds out the truth about her?

Robyn returns to Michigan and things aren’t quite the same. Her best friend has grown up and is thinking about marriage and babies, the ice hockey team is no longer the life blood of the community and her father is engaged!

When Robyn’s twin cousins drag up past events that hold painful memories for her, she and Cole are forced together. But are either of them ready to start something new?

With an ill father, a trailer trash almost step-mom and ex-boyfriend Brad desperate for another chance, does Robyn have time to contemplate a relationship? Does she really want one? And is it physically possible for two people to fall in love in just three days?

Taking Charge by Mandy Baggot is a great contemporary romance novel. I was given the opportunity to read and review this book as part of a blog tour and I’m glad I was part of it, because I enjoyed reading it.

Robyn Matthers is flying back to the States after spending quite some year in Europe. Her father is ill and in the hospital and he needs to slow down in order to survive. Robyn knows she has to go back and take charge of her father’s roadhouse and manages his ice hockey team. She also hopes to restore the distance between them after the years of separation. But the most important issue she has to deal with is to see if she can be in her hometown again. Something happened in her teenage years and she has been dealing with that ever since.

Cole Ryan meets Robyn at the airport and there is an immediate attraction between them.  Cole has some issues to deal with too, because it appears his ex-girlfriend left him for his brother and they want him to accept it. He needs a new start and takes an offer to work at a medical research lab in the same town as Robyn. And it appears he isn’t a bad ice hockey player either.

I loved Robyn and Cole together, even though they only just met each other at the airport; they seemed to understand each other quite well. Both have some baggage from the past they need to close, but with the help of the other they are able to do just that.

Mandy Baggot has written a great novel with strong main characters, good secondary characters and a great storyline. I’m definitely going to check out some of her other books; because I know I’ll have a good time reading them.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I am a member of Reading Addiction Blog Tours and a copy of this book was provided to me by the author. Although payment may have been received by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, no payment was received by me in exchange for this review. There was no obligation to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, publisher, publicist, or readers of this review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning Use of Endorcements and Testimonials in Advertising


He’d given her the best room. She had a panoramic view of West Lake and all its natural Michigan beauty. When she’d woken up the next morning and drawn back the curtains, the scenery had stunned her. The sun was already up and the lake was still and calm. Like a mirror, it reflected every tree standing along the banks. The sky was a cornflower blue and there wasn’t a cloud in sight.
She was still suffering from the time difference, but this morning, opening her eyes to the fantastic garden, the boats moored around the edge of the water and the lake itself, everything seemed a little bit better. Today was a good weather day. The sun was shining and there was little wind, and in Portage, that meant getting intimate with the barbecue.
She was already outside on the deck, a pair of tongs in her hand, and the lid of the grill open, when Cole appeared.
“Morning! Bratwurst?” she greeted, waving a sausage in the air.

Cole opened the door and Robyn pushed him inside. She grabbed hold of his hands and put them on her hips. She kissed him, pushing him down onto the floor of the hallway. She wanted to get as close to him as she could. She pulled his t-shirt over his head and looked appreciatively at the firm, muscular chest underneath. She ran her fingers down, across his sternum to the waistband of his jeans.
Cole stopped her, taking hold of her hand and squeezing it in his.
She looked into his eyes, those deep, dark eyes. She kissed his lips again, closing her eyes and savoring every second of how it felt to lose herself in someone, without any questions or recriminations. Without anyone having to get up and go home.
Cole brought her fingers to his mouth and softly kissed each knuckle in turn. His gentleness was too much to bear, and she drew herself away, let him go and got to her feet, sweeping her hair back out of her face.

            The pink neon sign of Taboo throbbed in front of them. Mickey and the rest of the team had been at another bar before arriving at the club, and they were already well lubricated.
“Now, listen up. Bob has the kitty—strictly beer, no ridiculously, expensive, potent cocktails, no shots, and absolutely no tequila. I want you all to enjoy yourselves, but we do have an important game tomorrow, so let’s remember that,” Robyn said.
Henrik repositioned a bright yellow cowboy hat on his head and loosely strung a red feather boa around Mickey’s neck. Robyn had no idea where he had got them from.
“What about the kitty for the girls? You get special treatment if you throw money at them,” Art piped up.
“If you want to throw money at them, Art, you knock yourself out, but you won’t be throwing my money at them,” Robyn informed him.

Buy the Book: Amazon

Author Bio

Mandy Baggot is a self-confessed Twitter addict who likes to sing on You Tube. She regularly guests on book blogs and is a featured author on the innovative website loveahappyending.com. She is also a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Taking Charge is her fifth novel. Mandy lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband and two daughters.

Connect with Mandy Baggot: Website / Facebook / Twitter: @mandybaggot / Publisher Author Page

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