maandag 27 september 2010

Jevron McCrory - Swan Song

Lewis Morrison is sent to write a review about the new talent Katrina Collins, a young and beautiful musician. Everyone knows Lewis is hard and difficult to impress, but the moment he hears Katrina’s bewitching melodies in the night club, he is anything but bored. He even passes out into unconsciousness during one of the last songs.

Katrina Collins has a beautiful voice and is able to bewitch people with her music, mostly because she isn’t human. The moment she sense Lewis Morrison in the club, she reach out to him, to his tortured soul.

After that night they are drawn to each other, Lewis cannot tell why, but it seems he cannot stay away from her and try to follow her to every performance.

Swan Song by Jevron McCrory is a fantastic short story about two tortured souls, finding each other and enjoys their moments together.

Lewis Morrison has had a tough life, he lost people he loved and that turned him into a bitter man. When he meets Katrina Collins, his life is about to turn upside-down. But Katrina isn’t what he thinks she is, she appears to be a vampire and has lived a very long life. They are drawn to each other despise the difference between them.

I have to say, I was a little sceptic about this story, Jevron McCrory has written a terrific storyline, but different then what I read normally. The way the author made Lewis act and mixed every day things into this story, like the head character’s drug problem, was fabulous. I really wanted to hate Lewis from page one and for a couple of pages I really did. But that all change when I read more about why Lewis is the way he is, he went through so many things in his life, and you can only understand his character. When Lewis meets Katrina, you can probably say that is the best thing that ever happens to him, she makes him see the good things in life again.

The only complain I have I the length of the storyline. I would have loved to see more of Lewis and Katrina, more about their background and life. I was really hoping that the relationship between them would have taken another road then they did now, but nevertheless it was definitely a great story, so very different to what I normally read.

I definitely going to keep my eye on this author and see if he can lure my attention back to another novel.


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