zondag 15 augustus 2010

Leslie LaFoy - The perfect desire

Isabella Dandaneau and her cousin Mignon each inherited half of a treasure map. Isabella wanted to work together with her cousin to find the treasure and split the treasure, but Mignon refuses. So Mignon leaves New Orleans to go to London, where she believes is the hidden treasure. But the only thing Mignon finds is danger and death. So Isabella travels to London to collect her cousin’s things, hoping to find the other half of the map before someone else does.

Barrett Stanbridge is tired of his parents match making, so he pick up this beautiful lady at the theatre, knowing she isn’t looking for a husband, but just one night of passion. After the sensual night he is accused of murder, when his mistress is found dead in an alley near his home. He doesn’t know how to prove his innocence, but then this mysterious lady shows up on his doorstep with an offer he cannot refuse.

The perfect desire by Leslie LaFoy is a lovely historical romance novel, if you love strong determined young women and stubborn men, mixed up with danger, then this is the novel for you.

Isabella Dandaneau is a strong heroine, who you will love the moment you meet her. She married young and was widow shortly after that, when her husband died in the War. In order to survive this war, she became a spy and she knows her way around dynamite too.

Now she’s in London and hope to strike an alliance with Barrett Stanbridge to find the missing half of the map. Their partnership proof to be the perfect combination, and piece by piece they find the map. But Mignon’s true killer is still after Isabella and will stop at nothing to get what he wants…the treasure.

The attraction between Isabella and Barrett is huge, but both are afraid to admit it. Isabella thinks she’s not good enough for him, because of her simple past and she doesn’t want to be a replacement of her cousin. Barrett believes Isabella would never be with a man, accused of murder and also has a scandal in his past.

But Barrett’s two friends will do anything to clear his name and if that means pushing him into Isabella’s arms, well then that is just that.

The perfect desire was the first historical romance novel I read in a long time and I have to say I needed the distraction after reading all the paranormal romance and urban fantasy. This novel was definitely good; it made me realize that I need more of those on my reading list, between all the others.


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