maandag 27 september 2010

Teal Ceagh - Beauty's Beasts

Vampires Nicolas and Damian have been separated for awhile now. 30 years ago the two ex-lovers lost Natalia Connors, the demon hunter whom they both were close too. When Natalia was killed in action they split up and love their own life, but now Natalia’s killer is back and is after Riley Carson Connors, Natalia’s daughter. Both vampires made a promise to Natalia to protect her daughter against demons and train her to defend herself.

Riley Carson Connors has been in the foster systems since her parents died. It was a rough life and she doesn’t trust anyone easily, so when two handsome men appear on her doorstep, claiming of knowing her parents, she knows her life would never be the same. It appears her parents were demon hunters and their enemies know about her now. She has to go with Nick and Damian to New York City so they can train her for the battle of her life.

Beauty’s Beast by Teal Ceagh is the second novel in the Guardian Bonds series. It’s a fabulous romance novel with two hot vampires and a determined young woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her destiny.

Nick and Damian have been lovers for many centuries, but after loosing someone close to them, they cannot stay together. Now they are back in each others lives and they realize the chemistry between them is still there. But that is not all, Natalia’s daughter Riley comes into their lives and you can just feel the sexual tension between them all.

Riley Connors agrees to go to New York City with the two vampires to train herself against her mother’s killer, but she never expected to feel attracted to both men. How can she choose between the two vampires, especially when she discovers the huge love between them? Both men are pushing her to let herself go. Can the three of them be together or will she destroy them all?

Just like the first story in this series, I really enjoy reading this book. I’ve already met Nick and Damian in the first story and I have to say Miss Ceagh didn’t disappoint me. Damian and Nick are so different in characters, but so right for each other and when Riley walks into their life, the love triangle…the bond is complete.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and especially this series. I know for sure there is more to tell in this world.


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