vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Alexis Morgan - Vampire vendetta

Seamus Fitzhugh is a vampire medic and the last of his clan, since his half-sister died. He knows something is odd about her death and he will do whatever it takes to have his vengeance on those who are responsible. So that journey takes him to the estate of his enemy vampire clan leader Rafferty O’Day, but before he meets his enemy he comes across a young dying woman, who needs his help.

Seamus rescues the young woman Megan Perez, who is a hybrid vampire, from poisoning. But that is not all; it appears she’s also the cousin of Rafferty’s wife, Joss. Because Seamus saved Megan life and kept her newborn baby safe, Rafferty hires him to serve as the new medic in his clan. That is the opportunity Seamus was waiting for, a way to get close to his enemy, a way to get his revenge.

Vampire Vendetta by Alexis Morgan is a fantastic novel; it will lure you into a world where danger, vengeance and starting a new life are very high on the list.

Seamus Fitzhugh gave up everything to get close to the one he believes is responsible for his half-sister death. In order to do that he needs to get inside his enemies clan and work from the inside out. But soon Seamus will learn the truth about what really happened.

Megan Perez is a hybrid vampire, who just gave birth to a baby girl. She’s running from the child’s father, who plots to kill her and raise their child on his own. She meets Seamus when she arrives on the doorstep of the safe house, where he’s staying. It appears she has been poisoned and he is her only hope to survive.

Seamus does everything in his power to keep his true identity hidden from Rafferty, Joss and Megan. But the more he spends time with Megan and her baby, the more he sees that revenge will not solve anything. He knows he has to come clean with his past to have a nice future.

I love Alexis Morgan’s Paladins & Talions Series and I couldn’t help myself for trying this Silhouette Nocturne novel. It’s a great book to read when you wan to escape the real world for awhile and just enjoy yourself with a book.


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