woensdag 10 november 2010

Amber Benson - Death's Daughter

Calliope “Calli” Reaper Jones loves living in New York far away from her weird family, she has a simple normal job, okay at the moment her life is a little boring, but that is about to change. When she opens her door one night and sees the huge monster standing there, she knows her life will be hectic from now on. She’s ordered back home immediately.

Her father, who happens to be Death himself, and the members of the board, including her own sister, have all been kidnapped. The entire family is in danger and the only way to find her father and sister is to become Death, a job Calli isn’t looking forward to.

The only thing she ever wanted was a normal human life away from the demon world. Now she has to fulfil three trials to prove to the gods Persephone, Kali and Woden that she is capable of the Death job or otherwise someone else takes the job and then her family is doomed.

Death’s daughter by Amber Benson is the first novel in her Reaper Jones series and I have to say I was surprised. Amber Benson has done an excellent job creating this world with strong interesting characters.

Calli Reaper Jones is Death’s daughter and the only daughter out of three that doesn’t want to have anything to do with the family inheritance. That is exactly why her father and mother decided to put a spell on her, so she could have a normal human life. But with her father missing, Calli cannot the plea of her younger sister and her mother, so she will do anything to find her father and the rest of the members, even if that means fulfilling three tasks and became the temporally Death.

There are some great secondary characters, who I would love to see more off in the following books. The goddess Kali is a fabulous woman; who will get what she wants. Calli’s younger sister; who has some great gifts of her own. And Calli’s opponent for Death’s position and one man she cannot seem to get out of her mind.

I also love the fact that Calli has one of the hellhound’s put to accompany her on this journey.

I’m looking forward to see what will happen next on this journey through Hell.


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