vrijdag 29 februari 2008

Jacquelyn Frank - Gideon

Gideon is the oldest among his race and a very powerful healer. Several years ago when his desire for his King’s sister Magdalegna became uncontrollable, he left her wanting and furious. Then the unthinkable happened during the Hallowed moon a year later, Gideon stalked a human female and tried to seduce her, but he is caught by the Enforcer and good friend Jacob. Ashamed of what he almost done Gideon exiled himself away from his people for years. But now he is back with his people, trying hard to keep Magdalegna and the rest of his race safe from the Necromancers, humans hunters who are summoning Demons by using their true name and turn them into evil and eventual kills them.
Gideon is determined to keep Magdalegna away from his heart, not wanting to let the past repeat itself.

Magdalegna is a powerful mind demon but recently she discovered that her powers are growing fast and getting stronger to a point that it even scares her. The only person, who can help her control those new powers is the last person she wants to see. Several years ago Gideon left her after they kissed not knowing it would leave a mark on both of them. When she hears the story of Gideon stalking a human female and trying to seduce her, the pain hit her hard. When Necromancers almost killed her she cannot ignore the strong attraction between them any longer, especially when she discovers Gideon is her mate.

The Necromancer are attacking on a regular bases now, so it’s up to Gideon, Magdalegna and the rest of the Demons to stop them, before anyone is hurt or even worse…death. The number one target of the Necromancers is Legna´s best friend Isabella and her unborn child.

Will they be able to save their race from their enemies?

Quote (Damien to Gideon):
“Gideon, you old dog, you have taken a mate.” The vampire Prince accused with humour sparkling from those fathomless eyes. “And I believe she finds me quite attractive.”

Quote (Gideon to Legna and versa):
“Your beauty and seductions of my body and my mind fail. You should crave that they fail, because I promise you that you do not wish to meet my unfettered temper, Magdalegna. The last time it saw the light of day I screamed for the heads of an entire race! Stop trespassing in this territory, I warn you!

“This is my territory”, she shouted with a heated rasp. “As empathy and as your mate, this is my territory! You are my territory! Mine! Ugly or beautiful, raging or passionate, you are mine for the rest of our existence, Gideon, just as you claim I am yours, and I will not let you feed yourself to me in select little bites and bits. I will have all of you or I will turn my back on you and take nothing at all.”

Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank is the second novel in the Nightwalkers series and I loved it. The world she created is intriguing, fabulous,full of danger, love and gorgeous alpha males.

The main-characters Gideon and Legna are both strong individuals and sometimes a little stubborn, but when they realizes that they are mates for eternity they will find a way to make their relationship work. Gideon is one of the oldest of his kind and a powerful healer he exiled himself after stalking a human female. He is punished by the Enforcer Jacob, who happened to be his best friend and that left some marks on both of them. But he cannot forget his King’s sister Legna, the woman who sets his heart on fire. So when Legna is in danger and needs his help he cannot stay away.

Magdalegna is the youngest sister of King Noah and a very strong mind Demon. After the kiss she shared with Gideon years ago her world is turn upside down. She was hurt when Gideon left her and disappeared for years. But neither of them knew the kiss left a mark on both of them. Now her powers are growing and Gideon is the only one who can teach her.

During the story you see some interesting secondary characters King Noah and warrior Elijah, they are quite impressive alpha males. Jacob and Isabella are playing a huge role in this novel, especially when the Necromancers want Isabella and her unborn child death. There are also some new great characters in this books that caught my attention. Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen whom is joining the battle against their enemies and she left her mark on Elijah.
Also joining the battle is Damien, the vampire prince and a close friend of Gideon and of course very gorgeous.

I truly can say I’m a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank and her Nightwalkers. From the first novel she lured me into this new world she created and I didn’t want to leave that world when I finished the books. I cannot wait to read the next novel in this series and see what happens to Elijah and Siena.

Helen Kirkman - A fragile trust

In 872 the plundering of the Vikings has devastated the English country. The people of England are frightened because only Wessex, the last Kingdom resisted the Vikings attack. Will the last Kingdom be able to stand against the brutal Vikings?

On her way back home Lady Gemma finds a wounded man lying beside the road in the forest. By the look of the stranger Gemma knows he must be a warrior and most likely a Viking. Gemma ignores the warning of her friend Boda and she takes the stranger home and nurtures the injured man back to health. Gemma still believes that the stranger is one of the enemies, but she cannot help herself feeling attractive to him. When she wakes up the next morning in his arms and at the same time face one of her enemies Erik, she believes this stranger can protect her.

Ashbeorn, an Englishman who’s raised among Vikings has sworn his loyalty to the English King Alfred. But during a battle against the Vikings, he has been betrayed by one of his own and was left to dye. The only thing on his mind is revenge for the death of his people and his brother. After the battle Ash looses conscious and the first thing he remembers is the beautiful young woman and when he wakes up the next morning with her in his arms the feeling is a little overwhelming.

Fate has brought the two of them together, especially when Gemma needs a strong man by her side to protect her against the Vikings and to get her little brother back out of the hands of Erik, who happens to be the sworn enemy of Ash.

A fragile trust by Helen Kirkman is the first novel in the Warrior of the Dragon banner and it is and nice start with the series. The story tells you what the people went trough after the Vikings came to England, plundering and murdering innocence people.

Gemma is a strong young woman who learns the skills of goldsmith from her father. When Viking Erik hears about her skills he captures her little brother to force Gemma rebuild an ancient sceptre. The story tells whoever has the sceptre will have power and brings fear in their enemies. Gemma risks all to nurse the stranger Ash back to health while he vows to keep her safe and free her brother.
Ashbeorn is an English warrior and vows to protect his King against the Vikings, but when one of his own people betrayed him to the enemy, he wants revenge. He was left for death but a beautiful angel saved him and nursed him back to health. The only thing he can do for her is to keep her safe and free her little brother from his sworn enemy.

Boda is a great secondary character, at the age of fifteen he is a banded and alone. But Gemma is looking after him, she gives him food and clothes even though she has not enough food for her own.
The determination of this boy is huge, he will do anything to protect Gemma and save his little friend in prison, even if this means he has to stand up against the stranger warrior Ash. I believe we will read more about him in the future novels.

Helen Kirkman has written an interesting story, but this novel didn’t blow me off my feet. The two main-characters are great together but I missed the extra sparkling and attraction between them. Although the two of them are strong individuals, they are not quite one yet.
Ashbeorn is a high rank warrior on the English side but I really missed the skills and fighting of that warrior in this novel. It was a little disappointed to see him beating up and not fighting back like I expected he would. Although this novel didn’t blow me of my feet I’m curious about the second novel.

dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Sylvia Day - Passion for the game

For years Lady Maria Winter has been used and manipulated by her stepfather to abet his dirty schemes, otherwise she will never see her little sister again. With the help of her loyal friend Simon she hopes to find and reclaim her sister and disappears. But her stepfather has already another task for her; she has to get incriminating evidence of pirate Christopher St. John. And according to him this should not be hard, the only thing she has to do is to use her sensual body and intelligence to seduce Christopher and get all the information she needs. However, Maria didn’t suspect to be attracted to the pirate and find it hard to betray him.

Christopher St. John has recently been released from prison and to keep his freedom, he must seduce Lady Winter to learn all about her secrets, the death of her two husbands and more so that of her stepfathers. But right after the meeting between them, Christopher realize Maria is the perfect match for him and wonders if he can betray her to keep his own freedom.

Is their attraction and love strong enough to tell each other the true and find the solution to all their problems?

The relationship between the main-characters Maria and Christopher is hot and huge. From the first moment the two of them meet each other the sparkles are flying around. You almost can feel the heat flowing from the pages.
You definitely can sense that Maria is a very strong determined young woman. She will do anything to find a way to fight her stepfather and her ultimate goal is to locate her younger sister. Even if this means she has to seduce the very gorgeous pirate Christopher and betray him when her body cannot.
Christopher St. John is the notorious and gorgeous pirate, who has been released recently from prison but with a reason. He has to find a way to seduce Lady Winter and get all the information about her and the death of the two husbands. But Christopher cannot deny the way his body and mind reacts when he is near Maria.

With the novel “Passion for the game” Sylvia Day grabbed my attention again from the very beginning and when that happens I find myself finishing the book hours later. She definitely knows how to write a perfect historical romance with a lot of sexual tension. The firework between the main-characters huge and hot and the heat is steaming from the pages when they enter the bedroom.

Through the story you really find some great secondary characters like Simon, the former lover and close friend of Maria. He will do anything to keep her safe and find a way to locate her sister.
Philip the loyal servent of Christopher, who collects all the information about Maria and her sister for Christopher.

I truly can say that Sylvia Day wrote a terrific story about blackmail, romance, loyalty and love. She definitely will stay on bookshelf and hope she continues to write great novels.

zondag 17 februari 2008

Jacquelyn Frank - Jacob

They look like humans but Demons really exist in the world with their own culture, values and laws. The ultimate rule of them all is to do no harm to humans especially during the full moon, but if the moon madness strikes Jacob, the enforcer will be there to bring those who cross the line to justice. When a Demon is summoned by a necromancer, he will be turned into a monster, forced to do its Master’s bidding it is Jacob’s job to track this monster en kill it. After several hundred years a demon is summoned and Jacob is tracking him.

Jacob has watched his people be swayed by the moon madness and saw many men and women follow the call. His job is to bring those to justice because it is against the law to mate with humans.
Performing his job tracking the monster he saves the life of Isabella who falls out of a window. But there is something special about Isabella, she suddenly smells sulphur and leads Jacob right to the monster who was transformed. Jacob fights the necromancer while the monster is chasing Isabella.
Not knowing exactly what to do Isabella trust her instinct and kills the monster using an iron pipe. Jacob cannot believe his eyes because no mortal should be able to do that. The only thing he can do is to take Isabella to his King and find the reason behind this. Hopefully before he looses his mind and let his heart takes over.

Isabella is a real bookworm, she loves to find information and following the facts wherever they may lead. But lately she feels restless and that is the reason she find herself falling out of a window when she is looking at the gorgeous man downstairs. Thanking the man who just saves her life she smells sulphur and follows the smell into a warehouse. Isabella cannot believe her eyes when she enters the warehouse. When Jacob fights with one Isabella finds herself fighting with the other, not knowing exactly what to do. She follows her instinct and succeeds to kill the monster, only to find her in a strange house in the morning.

Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank is the first novel in the Nightwalkers series and it is magnificent. She has created an intrigued civilization that is just amazing. The moment I began reading this novel it lured me into a world full of danger, love, demons and humans. I was very delighted to read a story so intense that it blew me of my feet. I could not believe it when I found myself finishing the book hours later.

The main characters Jacob and Isabella are both strong individuals. The relationship between them is tremendous, the sexual tension and build-up of emotions are great. Jacob, the Enforcer who lives for centuries fighting for justice among his people. His job is to bring those to justice who crosses the lines. Now he finds himself on the other side when he meets Isabella a human female who makes him feel things he never felt before. Will there be a way to be with the woman that he loves and protect his people? Isabella is a strong young woman who loves to work in the library and discovers new information and following the facts wherever they lead her. When she meets Jacob one night she cannot imagine it would turn her life upside down and finding herself in the middle of a demon world full of gorgeous men with great powers.

The secondary characters are strong and fabulous. The Demon King Noah is quite impressive and will do anything to keep his people save. Then there is Elijah who is the leader of the Warriors and fights the necromancers and is also a close friend of Jacob. Magdalena is Noah’s sister and the one who helps Isabella to find the truth about her background. And last but not least Gideon the greatest healer of the Demon people and one of the oldest among them.

I’m a really big fan of stories about vampires, shape shifters and demons and this one is definitely a keeper on my bookshelf. Of course I was sceptics at first after reading a lot of stories of this genre, but from the very beginning Jacquelyn Frank lures me into this new world full of gorgeous demons.
This novel contains all the ingredients, a strong hero and heroine, some great strong demon fighting for the better good. When I finished the book I was completely surprised to find the feeling to want to continue with this series and see what happens to all the others. Just knowing that Gideon’s story is next I don’t have to say that I’m looking forward to that.

Jacquelyn Frank will definitely stay on my bookshelves and deserves a place between my other favourite authors.

Paula Quinn - Lord of Seduction

When they are just children Lady Tanon Risande and Prince Gareth ap Owain meet each other at the court of King William. Lady Tanon lives there and was being tutored in all the qualities necessary for a lady of nobility. Gareth was visiting the king with his uncle and brothers in effort to keep the peace between their countries. From the first meeting with the ap Owain family Gareth was the only one who smiled and showed kindness toward her and even saved her from a bullying playmate.

Now twelve years later they meet again, ever submissive to her King’s wishes Tanon has agreed to marry Gareth. But she is very distrustful of Gareth and hesitant to leave her family. Gareth does not seem to be the same boy she remembers, he is now the leader of strange country whose battlefield skills are ruthless and he is the enemy. Will she be able to find the way to his heart and find peace in his country?

Gareth visit King William’s court to reclaim his right in marriage. He is willing to marry Tanon in the hope that there will be peace around the border between England and Wales. Gareth knows he will not be able to give her the life she had so far, but he will do anything in his power to protect her and even make her happy. But above all he wants peace for his people. Only there are enemies who will do anything to keep this alliance from working even if this means at the cost of the band between Gareth and Tanon.

Lord of Seduction is the last novel in this trilogy. Just like the previous two novels Paula Quinn again lures me into a world full of romance, love and betrayal. It didn’t surprise me at all when I started this book and find myself finishing it a few hours later. It is just amazing how Paula Quinn can get your attention and holding it all the way till the end.

Tanon Risande is a young woman who possesses a strong sense of duty to serve her King and country and it keeps getting stronger on her way through life. After several years Tanon meets Gareth again the only boy who was nice to her in their childhood. Now married to him she is determined to find the boy within the man and fall in love all over again.
Gareth ap Owain is a gorgeous prince who is determined to find peace for his people, even if this means he has to marry a woman from their enemies. He remembers Tanon as a funny little girl who grew up to be a very beautiful woman. Will their love be strong enough to keep the peace between their countries?

As for the secondary characters we find some old friends from the previous novels. Tanon’s parents Lady Bryanna & Lord Brand Risande, her Uncle Lord Dante & Aunt Lady Gianelle from the second novel. Of course King William is present as well. But the one I really liked was Madoc, best friend and second in command of Gareth, who appears to be someone else then what you expected. And last but not least Cedric, Gareth’s evil brother who will do anything to stop the alliance.

Paula Quinn has written this passionate love story and I really love it. She really knows how to use the combination of historical medieval and romance into one novel. I really can say she’s definitely one of my favourite historical authors.

woensdag 13 februari 2008

Lara Adrian - Kiss of crimson

Thousands years ago an alien race called the Breed vampires settle themselves on earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed are in the middle of a civil war with the Rogues, whom are vampires who have given over their minds and bodies to the bloodlust. An army full of Rogues wants to dominate the world but find the Breed warriors standing in their way ready to destroy them.

On a night Dante, one of the Breed warriors, is chasing a Rogue vampire who lures him into an ambush. Dante is badly wounded and dives into the river to escape. But before the night is over he ends up at Tess Culver’s veterinary practice to rest and regroup. What Dante doesn’t know is that veterinarian Tess is still working late and when she hears a noise she comes to investigate and finds Dante badly injured on the ground. Her first thought is to call for an ambulance but badly wounded Dante is able to stop her. Desperately in need of human blood to heal, he drinks from Tess, before seeing the mark that proves Tess is a Breed mate, able to have children with vampires and lives eternally as long as she drinks blood from her mate. Dante is shocked when he sees the mark and the only thing he can do is to erase her memory and tries to forget her but he fails.

Tess Culver is a veterinarian and owns her own clinic. But what nobody knows is that Tess has a gift to heal with her hands, although she doesn’t use this gift. To her it is a curse and wishes she never got it. One night when she is still working late, she hears a noise in the back of the practice and goes to investigate it. Finally located the noise she finds a badly injured gorgeous man and wants to call for an ambulance. Before she knows it, he’s drinking her blood and disappears after erasing the memory of him from her mind.

The Breed warriors are investigating who’s supplies the Crimson drug to humans and Rogue vampires. This drug has a mild effect on humans, but for vampires the addict is such a high, turning them into killing machines. This is how Dante meets Tess again because she is somehow connected to the maker and supplier of the drug. And although neither Dante nor Tess wants it, she is now part of his dangerous world.

Kiss of Crimson is the second novel in the Breed series and again it is a fabulous one. Lara Adrian has really created a dark but powerful world that will keep your attention all the way through the book. The first moment I held the book in my hands it was really calling to me.

The main characters Dante and Tess are both strong personalities and so right for each other.
Dante is one of the Breed warriors who lives for centuries fighting their enemy with all he has got. But he is running from life itself, because in several dreams/visions he saw his own death, just like his father. When he meets his mate he cannot let her into his dangerous life and tries hard to avoid her, but nature is calling him to her. Will she be able to save him? Tess Culver is a veterinarian and has a gift she believes is a curse. She is able to heal human or animal just by using her hands, somewhere in the past she tried to use her gift but did not succeed. The moment she meets the gorgeous warrior named Dante she knows her life won’t be the same anymore.

The secondary characters in this novel are great. Lucan Thorne, the leader of the Breed and his wife Gabrielle are really great together. Then the other warriors Niko, Rio, Gideon and his wife Savannah, well you can see they all are very close at the compound. Chase a newcomer is this book; he is a former Special vampire agent and tries to help Dante to find the supplier of the drug. And last but not least Tegan, the deadliest warrior of them all…. God how this man gets under my skin from the first book and it keeps continuing in the second novel.

I believe the Breed series is definitely one of my favourite vampire series I’ve ever read. I don’t have to say this story contains all the stuff you need for a good vampire story, a huge and strong bond between the hero and his heroine, the badass enemy and some really gorgeous warriors who will fight and protect the innocence. The next in line is Midnight Awakening and just thinking it will be Tegan’s story my heart begins to beat like hell, knowing it won’t be long before I know what will happen to my favourite warrior.

Lara Adrian has become one of my favourite authors and definitely belongs on my bookshelves.

maandag 11 februari 2008

Paula Quinn - Lord of temptation

Lord Dante Risande is a gorgeous rogue and has yet to meet a woman who did not desire him. But when he meets Gianelle, a beautiful slave she becomes the first woman to refuse him. When she is accused of murder Dante cannot let her face her fate alone, knowing that if he leaves her in the home of her late master horrible things will happen to her. Dante does the only thing he could do and buys Gianelle in order to protect her.

Born as a slave Gianelle Dejiat dreams about the day she’ll be free from her master. Because of her past she wants nothing to do with men, especially not this rogue with his silvereyes and irresistible smile. On the night she attempts her escape everything goes wrong. The gorgeous Lord Dante Risande discovers her as she tries to make her way out. But that is not all, she is accused of murder and all the evidence is pointing her way. The only way to escape all of this is to trust Lord Dante.

Now Dante has two problems to solve, first he has to discover who’s behind the murder of Lord Bryce Dermott, but he’s also working on finding proof who’s responsible for the murder of his sister.

Will he discover the truth on both cases?

Lord of Seduction is the second novel in the Risande trilogy by Paula Quinn. After reading the first novel about Dante’s brother Brand I was totally blown away by the two brothers and I was not disappointed when I finished this book. Dante was exactly the man I thought he would be, a big gorgeous rogue with his heart in the right place. Yet again Paula Quinn lures me into a world full of betrayal, romance and companionship.

Dante Risande is a strong gorgeous rogue who will do anything for his beloved and family. When his sister was killed he swore to find the killers and put them to justice. So when he meets Gianelle and she needs his help, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment.

Gianelle Dejiat is a strong, beautiful but determined woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to show it. She will do anything to find freedom for herself and her best friend Casey. But when trouble lurks around the corner she cannot refuse the help of the gorgeous Lord Dante.

The secondary characters are great. Balin, a friend of Lord Dante and Casey Gianelle’s best friend are lovely together. Then of course King William who we already met in the fist novel. Lord Brand, Dante’s brother and his wife Bryanna. And last but not least James, the almost blind man, God how many times this man put a smile on my face during the book.

Paula Quinn has written a tremendous story. This novel has all the important ingredients I look for in a historical story, romance, humour, loyalty, betrayal and companionship. I hope the last novel: Lord of Seduction is as much fun as the previous two novels. I’m really looking forward to read about Tanon Risande.

vrijdag 8 februari 2008

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp - Moon´s fury

Since her teens Carlotta “Cara” Salinas has been the Alpha female wolf of the Texas Red Wolf pack. Carlotta is currently the acting sheriff of Tedford County and she loves it. One night she rescues a little girl and her mother by using her magical power, not knowing it might leave evidence for the outside world to find, luckily for her Wolven special agent Will Kendee is there to help. But when she receives the message that the head of the Wolven agency is on his way to see her, fear rushes through her. Will she be punished for her action?

Former cop Adam Mueller is the second in command of the Minneapolis pack, that recently have been noticed by humans during a hunt. The council members have decided to split the pack in two and send some of them to join Carlotta’s Red Wolves. So Adam was sent ahead to contact the pack leader to discuss this matter, not knowing it would be a trap.

Cara is not pleased with the message she gets from Lucas Santiago, the head of the Wolven, allowing the new timber wolves to join her pack. But whatever the council decides is the law; Adam and Cara are expected to follow the rules. Soon the two of them have more to worry about than the two wolves packs joining each other. Some rogue raptors and birds are kidnapping young human girls for science. Apparently in the near future she, the greatest snake of all eternity, will be born again. Will Adam and Cara be able to rescue their new pack and the missing girls?

Moon’s Fury by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp is already the fifth novel in the Tales of the Sazi. This series has me captivated from the first novel and it still does. The mix of several shape shifters, human friends, family and of course “the bad guys” makes it all worthwhile.

The attraction between the main-characters is there from the first moment they meet and is only getting stronger further along in the book. You really can say the sparkles are flying around the moment Cara is in heat.

Adam Mueller is a gorgeous alpha male and second in command of the Minneapolis pack. When the pack has been noticed by humans during a hunt, there is no other solution that to split the pack in two. So Adam travels to Texas to meet the pack leader of the Red Wolves and discuss the matter to join their packs. But what Adam doesn’t know is that there is a price on his head, someone wants him dead desperately.
Carlotta Salinas is a strong alpha female and isn’t afraid to stand up and speak her mind. When she gets a visit from the head of the Wolven agency, Lucas Santiago, she is not thrilled with the message. Joining two different wolves in one pack could be trouble and only a strong alpha male or female will be able to control them. Although the moment she meets Adam it doesn’t matter anymore, he is the one who turns her world upside down.

Just like the previous novels there are some very interesting secondary characters. Lucas Santiago, temporally head of the Wolven agency and one of the most powerful Sazi alive is guiding Adam in Texas and helping to find out who wants Adam dead. A good friend of Adam and Cara, Wolven agent Will Kendee a bird shape shifter, comes along to help find the missing human girls. Josef Isaacson, pack leader of the Minneapolis pack, has a hidden agenda. Will Isaac be the enemy Adam is looking for? Furthermore, one of my favourite characters in this series Tony Giodone, now a Wolven agent and assassin, received an order from Lucas to discover the traitor in the Minneapolis pack by using his new gift.

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp have written a terrific series I can tell you that for sure. The world they created is sensual, complicated and wonderful and I’m one of their biggest fans. It’s one of the few series that is just getting better and better. Every book will keep you reading for hours and when you finish the book, you just want to go to the next one.

Love, loyalty and companionship, this novel will show this all to you with some great shape shifters.
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