vrijdag 31 oktober 2008

Lilith Saintcrow - The devil's right hand

Dante Valentine, a necromancer and bounty hunter has inherited demonic powers, which she got from her demon lover Japhrimel. Now she’s living quietly with Japhrimel and she likes it. So when Japh tells her that Lucifer wants another meeting with her, she’s not thrilled. But nobody tells Lucifer, the Prince of Hell no, so she goes. Apparently Lucifer needs a new right hand and he wants Dante for the job. After some negotiations between Japh and Lucifer, Dante finds herself contracted for the next seven years of her life. Her job is to hunt four rogue demons, who’ve escaped hell and Lucifer wants them back before other demons decides to do the same thing and he looses control over them.

After the meeting Japh sent Dante home, telling her to stay inside and wait for him there. But Dante’s trust in Japh begins to fade when she’s attacked by demons and must fight for her life. The only thing for her to do is run and finds another companion in order to stay alive, while she tracks down those four escaped Greater Flight demons. Dante knows exactly who she wants as companion, Lucas “Deathless”Villalobos a man so fearless, that even the God of Death refuses to let Lucas eternal rest.

The devil’s right hand by Lilith Saintcrow is the third novel in her Dante Valentine series and I’ve to say I loved it. The moment you pick up the book and starts reading, you’ve been lured into a world where demons and other beings are normal.

In this novel you clearly can see Dante’s struggling with her trust in Japh, he refuses to tell Dante exactly what’s going on and she discovers he has full demon powers again, after their meeting with Lucifer. Can she trust him like she always had or will he double cross her to get his place back in hell?

I have to say Dante has many reasons to be paranoia and after what she’s been through I can relate to that. Okay sometimes I wanted to smack her and tell her to trust the man she loves, that he will do anything in his power to protect her. But if you read the previous novels you know Dante is different and quite stubborn and I like her just the way she is.

Well another addiction is born because I’m totally hooked on this series and cannot wait to read the next novel Saint City Sinners, where Dante and Japh gets help from Hellesvront agents Vann & McKinley, another necromancer Leander and Lucas Villalobos to continue their journey.

Jillian Hunter - Wicked as Sin

Sir Gabriel Boscastle won an estate in a card game, but has no intentions of spending any time there. He decides to go for a couple of weeks to explore the estate and then sell the property as soon as possible. But when he arrives at his new property he meets the lovely Lady Alethea Claridge, a woman he knows from his childhood and he cannot seem to pull himself away from her.

Everyone believes Lady Alethea Claridge is living on her brother’s estate to mourn her fiancé, who went to war and never came back. But that isn’t the case, her former fiancé forced him upon her the night before he left and took her innocent. Alethea knows she’s ruined for marriage and settle down at the countryside.

Now Alethea discovers who the new owner of her neighbouring manor is and she doubt he will do any better than the previous owner. But somewhere in her heart she hopes he does and will stay.

Wicked as sin by Jillian Hunter is the seventh book in the Boscastle series. This fabulous series is one of my favourite because it contains a huge dose of humour and devilish gorgeous men.

Sir Gabriel Boscastle is one of the cousins from the legendary Boscastle family. When Gabriel wins an estate in one of his card games, he has no intentions of keeping it. But when he meets the young woman Lady Alethea Claridge, he knows he met her before. For the rake he is, he wants her in his bed and is determined to succeed.
Lady Alethea Claridge’s former fiancé forced him upon her before he left for war and died. Now she is ruined for any marriage, so she decides to live at her brother’s side in the country. Not knowing her new neighbour will be the very same man she adored in her childhood.

I honestly must say I was a little disappointed when I finished the book. In the previous novels you get to know Gabriel as a true rake, who will do anything to get what he wants no matter what of who stands in his way, but I missed that in his own story. The moment he sees Alethea, he practically falls in love and doesn’t fight the feelings, like you expected he would. But I have to say I love the interactions between Gabriel and his cousins Devon, Drake and Heath…. you have to love those guys.

Although this novel is not one of the best in this series, I like reading it. I’ll hope the next novel in the series Wicked at the wedding will be better and about one of Gabriel’s long-lost older brothers, preferably Sebastian.

woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Deidre Knight - Red Fire

Two thousand and five hundred years ago three hundred Spartan warriors sacrificed their lives at Thermopylae. Seven warriors became immortal when they accepted a deal and drank from the River Styx, binding their immortality and their vow to Ares, the God of war.

After centuries of fighting, Alex Petrakos is tired of answering to a higher power. But unfortunately he’s being summoned by King Leonidas, the oracle of Delphi, their guide wants to speak to him and only Ajax is able to hear or see her. The oracle sends Ajax to Savannah, Georgia to find Shayanna Angel, who appears to be his long awaited soul mate. And it seems he arrives just in time when he finds her in battle with his worst enemy, Sable.

Shayanna Angel just lost her mother and is trying hard to understand the letter she found about her heritage. Her demon hunting brothers are keeping secrets from her, thinking they were protecting her, but fate have decided otherwise because she’s been able to see demons on her own. Now her own gift guides her to the cemetery where she faces evil demon Sable. A black-winged angel comes to her rescue and Shayanna has to decide quickly if he is on her side or not.

Red Fire by Deidre Knight is the first novel in her Gods of Midnight series and I loved it. I’m already a huge fan of her other series and couldn’t wait to read this new one and she didn’t disappoint me. She created a fabulous world with seven Spartan warriors and the only thing you can do is love them.

Ajax Petrakos is one of the seven immortal warriors who drank from the River Styx and fought for centuries to protect mankind. Now is tired of answering to the calls for the higher power. But this last journey takes him to his long awaited soul mate and he will do anything to protect her from his worst enemy Sable, even if this means giving up his own immortal life. Shayanna Angels just found out that she’s been able to see demons on her own and not only the males in her family. She wants to be in the family business and hunts demon with her two older brothers, but they refuse. So she goes out on her own and meets her black-winged soul mate.

The other five Spartan Warriors River, Kalias, Aristos, Nikos, Straton and their King Leonidas are great secondary characters. Especially River stole my heart, he is bound to Ajax Petrakos and can turn into any weapon Ajax needs. Even thought it’s not aloud for any other warrior to interfere in Ajax’s quest River finds an ally in Shayanna to protect Ajax.

I cannot wait till the next novel Red Kiss comes out to see what will happens to River.

Janet Chapman - Secrets of the highlander

More than thirty years ago the wizard Daar threw Greaylen MacKeage and a few other of his clan into the future to find their soul mates. Now Laird Greylen MacKeage has seven daughters and only two of them still unmarried.

Megan MacKeage has returned home to the mountains alone and pregnant. Wayne Ferris, the man she fell in love with and the father of her unborn baby dumped her when she told him about the child. The only thing Megan wants to do is find her own place to live and get a new job, but it is not simple when everyone around her is trying to set her up with the new sheriff Jack Stone.

Jack Stone is the new sheriff in town and has his own reason for accepting this job. Jack is none other that the man Megan knew as Wayne Ferris and he claims to follow her because he wants her back in his life. The reason why he sent her away in the first place was for her and the baby’s protection. And it seems that the danger has found her again.

Can Megan trust the man she still loves or will her own family secret destroy their relationship forever?

Secrets of the highlander by Janet Chapman is the sixth novel in her Pine Creek Highlander series and a good story. I’m a big fan of her highlander series, but I have to admit this book was not one of my favourites.

Jack Stone appears to be the man who dumped Megan when she told him she was carrying his child. He gave her no explanation and turns his back on her. Now a few months when Megan finally has her life in order, he is back in her life and wants her back. He claims that the only reason he sent her away was to protect her from the danger she was in, after all someone was murdered. Now the killer found her again and Jack is determined to save her and his unborn child.

I have to say Jack was not the alpha male I thought he would be, like all the male main-characters in the previous novels. In fact Jack is the opposites of the MacKeage or MacBain men; clumsy, shorter and more giving. The only thing he has in comment with the other men is the determination to keep his woman and child save.
I think Megan a lot stronger that Jack, although I believe she forgave Jack way too easily after the pain he cost her, when she told him about her pregnancy. Of course he only did that to protect her from the danger, but he could have found another way to do that.

The interactions between Megan and Kenzie were fabulous. I secretly hoped he would be her knight in shining armour. Kenzie has everything I looked for in an alpha highlander; big, strong, stubborn and a magical secret of his own.

Although this novel wasn’t quite what I expected, it is a very nice book to read and it will give you a big dose of pleasure.

dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Cindy Miles - Spirited Away

Andrea Monroe, a forensic archaeologist has dreamed about her mysterious medieval knight who saved her from a fall, while she was trespassing on grounds of Dreadmoor Keep in Northern England. Beside the colour of his eyes, his voice and his chain mail, she remembers the fact that she stumbled right through him. Was her medieval knight real or just a figment in her imagination? Now a skeleton and collection of medieval weapons have been discovers under an oak on Dreadmoor Keep and the Lord of Dreadmoor has specifically asks for Andi.

Tristan de Barre, Lord of Dreadmoor and his fourteen knights has been murdered and cursed by his foster father Erik de Sabre in 1292. They have lived in their ghostly state for hundreds of years, but they hope that the buried weapons, which belong to them, will give answers to break the curse. Tristan couldn’t believe his eyes the moment Dr. Andrea Monroe arrives at his estate, the very same woman he saved many years ago. Andrea is unaware that he is a seven hundred year old ghost and wants to keep it that way. But the more time Tristan spends in Andi’s company, the more he yearns to touch her.

When Andi finally learns the truth about whom and what he really is, she is determined to stay and break the curse. But what if she succeeds in breaking the curse, will she lose the man she began to love?

Spirited Away by Cindy Miles is a fantastic novel to read. It’s a novel full with great characters, romance and a fine doses humour. I found myself smiling a couple of times during this novel and it really makes me believe that love can overcome any obstacle in life.

Main characters Tristan and Andrea are both strong and determined individuals. There is a huge attraction and a lot of heat between Andi and Tristan, without even being able to touch each other, but you could feel the warm sparkles flying around.
Tristan de Barre has been murdered and cursed by a man he loved and trusted. Along with his fourteen knights he’s been in ghostly state for seven hundred years. But now there is a little hope, when they discover a skeleton and several weapons under a fallen oak and the only one to help them is forensic archaeologist Dr. Andrea Monroe. Andi cannot believe her eyes when the current Lord of Dreadmoor specifically asks for her to investigate and collect the skeleton and buried weapons they found. Years ago when she was trespassing on the ground of Dreadmoor, she stumbled and was saved by a medieval knight. Ever since that moment he’s been in her dreams and she wants to find out what happened to him.

There are some very great secondary characters in this novel and they all play a huge role. It seems that Dreadmoor Castle is full of ghosts, the fourteen knights who died with Tristan seven hundred years ago. And they all want to help Andi to succeed and break the curse, so they are finally free. But the ghost of Eric de Sabre is also there and will do anything to prevent the curse from breaking.

I cannot wait to read more books by Cindy Miles, she has a fabulous writing style and I love ghost stories.

Deidre Knight - Parallel fire

Parallel Fire by Deidre Knight is a short story about Anna Draekus and Nevin Daniels. You meet them both in the previous novels in the Midnight Warriors series and they are great together.

Lieutenant Nevin Daniels has feelings for Anna Draekus, but he’s unable to talk to her. Every time she’s near, he is unable to get any sensible word out of him, until one day he manages to flirt a little. But he cannot seduce her because he’s in his maturity, when men of his species get to a certain age, they get in their maturity, this means they are past their breeding age.

Anna Draekus is one of the elite bands of royal protectors, the Madjin Circle and has a secret cruse on Nevin Daniels for years. Every time she approaches him, he turns away and only talks to her about the job. But when the two of them are on a mission and their craft is disabled, the sparkle finally gets fire.

This short story falls right between Parallel Seduction and Parallel Desire. But if you haven’t read any of the previous books it would work as a stand-alone.

maandag 20 oktober 2008

Deborah Cooke - Kiss of fury

Alexandra Madison is working on a secret project that could change the world, but her whole life turns upside down when her secret lab is destroyed and her partner and mentor is brutally killed just before her eyes. Alex is brought to the hospital for her burn wounds, but have a hard time to believe what she really saw. Were those really dragons killing her partner or is she going crazy? Just when the doctor is transferring her to a mental ward, Alex is rescued by a gorgeous stranger Donovan Shea and taken to a safe house. But will she be safe in his protection? Are dragons real or is she losing her mind and need to put away?

Donovan Shea, one of the good dragons The Pyr is instructed by his leader Erik to protect Alexandra Madison from their enemies The Slayers. It seems the Slayers are responsible for destroying Alex’s lab and killing her partner and now they’re after her hidden research notes. Donovan is shocked when he discovers Alex ignites his firestorm and knows she is his destined mate. Donovan never wanted a mate and fights the firestorm, but he should have know fate cannot be beaten. And when he truly begins to know Alex better, he realizes he cannot deny this special bond they share … even the prophecy tells them they are destined to be the Warrior and the Wizard.

Alex has to work hard to replace everything she needs to get her project working again and with the help of the Pyr dragons, especially Donovan and Quinn, she is able to reconstruct the prototype of her invention. But the Slayers are closing in and will do anything to stop them, even if this means playing dirty.

Kiss of fury by Deborah Cooke is the second novel in this fabulous Dragonfire series and it’s another amazing novel. I was lured into a terrific world full of dragon magic, gorgeous males and strong woman and again I was blown away by this series.

Main characters Donovan and Alexandra are both strong and stubborn, but so right for each other. Alexandra is determined to reconstruct the prototype of her invention, which was destroyed by the Slayers and nothing is going to stop her. She cannot believe her eyes when she saw her partner being killed by dragons…is she going crazy? But the moment she meets handsome Donovan Shea, a member of the Pyr, she knows her life will change forever.
Donovan Shea is instructed by his leader to protect Alexandra Madison, not knowing she is his destined mate. He never wanted a mate, so he’s not giving in that easily. But during the process of rebuilding the prototype, he cannot ignore his firestorm and feelings he has for Alex.

The Pyr are a group of dragons, which protect all Earth’s treasures, including human mankind. Those six warriors Donovan, Niall, Rafferty, Sloane, Quinn and their leader Erik, will do anything to protect the destined mates of their kind, in this case Alexandra and Sara, who is Quinn’s wife.

In the first novel Kiss of fire we learn the characters and the difference between The Pyr and Slayers. In this second novel we learn more about the prophecies and what the Slayers uses to fight The Pyr. Well let me say I’m hooked, the first two novels in this series are fabulous and I cannot wait till the third Kiss of fate is coming out.

maandag 13 oktober 2008

Samantha James - The secret passion of Simon Blackwell

Lady Annabel McBride is caught kissing Simon Blackwell, a man she barely knows. The only thing she knows is the attraction between her and this rude and arrogant man. But now her reputation is on the line and Anne’s older brother demands from Simon to do the honourable thing and secures a proposal from Simon. Right after the wedding they leave to Simon’s home on the Moor of Yorkshire. Now Annabel finds herself married to a man she hardly knows and doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Simon Blackwell didn’t intent to marry. He has been married before and the tragic death of his wife and two sons in a fire several years ago still hunts him. Now he finds himself married to a beautiful young woman, he certainly desire but cannot love. And to keep his heart save, he ignores his wife the moment they arrive home.

But Anne has plans of her own, having two older brothers; she knows how to react to this kind of behaviour. She accepts the challenge that Simon presents to her and will win.

The secret passion of Simon Blackwell by Samantha James is the first novel in the McBride Trilogy and I really enjoy reading it. This novel is easy to read and it is full of emotions, determination and eventually true love.

The main characters Simon and Annabel are right for each other, even when they started on the wrong foot. Simon Blackwell lost his first wife and two sons in a fire several years ago and the accident still hunts him. So in order to keep his heart save, he never intent to marry again. Until he and Annabel are caught in a passionate kiss in the garden and Annabel’s older brother demands Simon to do the right thing. So they marry and are moving to Simon’s home, but the moment they arrive he made is quite clear this marriage will be in name only. Annabel is furious and hurt, but determined to let this marriage succeed and take the challenge. The first thing to do is claiming her personal space in the house and then win the heart of the man she’s beginning to love. Will she be able to break through his shield and fight for his love?

I haven’t read any of Samantha James books, so this was the first novel, but I can truly say I like her style. The novel is easy to read and quite relaxing, just what I needed after some heavy paranormal novels. I will definitely pick up the next novel in this series soon, because I’m curious to see what will happen to one of Annabel’s brothers in The seduction of an unknown lady.

Jillian Hunter - The devilish pleasures of a duke

Emma Boscastle, the decent member of the Boscastle family teaches young girls how to act in society and beside that she tries to control her family with their outlandish behaviour. At the wedding from one of her students she finds one of her suitors in a compromising position with one of the maid, so she lectures him. This gentleman doesn’t take it very well and she gets help from rogue Adrian Ruxley. But the whole situation gets out of hand and Adrian ends up brained by a footman armed with a chair.

With a head injury Adrian Ruxley ends up in one of the bed at Heath Boscastle’s house, thinking it’s not so bad after all. Now several women nurse him and especially Emma got his attention. Then the rumours begin and now Emma’s school is on the line, when a rival has opened another school and is insinuating that Emma may not be as upstanding as everyone believes. But Emma is beginning to care less about what everyone thinks of her and cannot ignore the passion between Adrian and her.

The devilish pleasures of a duke by Jillian Hunter is the sixth book in the Boscastle series. This series is one of my favourites; it contains everything I seek in a novel, sexual tension, emotions and the huge humour.

Emma Boscastle is the formal one of the family and she’s always trying to control her brothers and sister with their scandalous behaviour. But when she meets Adrian Ruxley, one of her brother’s rogue friends her whole world turns up side down. In the beginning she tries to ignore the feeling in her stomach every time he is near, but the more time they spend together the more Emma wants to let her shield fall en give in.
Adrian Ruxley, a future duke just got home after spending some time overseas. He’s invited by his friends Dominic Breckland and Heath Boscastle to join a wedding. The moment Adrian lays eyes on Emma Boscastle, he knows she is the right one for him. The only thing he needs to do is to convince her, but it will be hard because Emma doesn’t want to get involve with rogues.

Although this novel is not the best one in this series, it brought several smiles on my face reading it. Just to read about five big brothers trying to protect their younger sister against a rogue, who is one of their friends is just funny. And their wives are helping Emma to seduce Adrian right under their noses. You have to love the Boscastle men.

The next novel Wicked as Sin will be about cousin Gabriel Boscastle and I’m curious to see what Miss Jillian Hunter has in store for him.

donderdag 25 september 2008

Lynn Viehl - Night Lost

Gabriel Seran, a member of the Darkyn has been captured by their enemies, the Brethan monks and was tortured for two whole years. He should be dead from their brutal tortures, but Gabriel survived, only because of the dreams he had of a beautiful woman. Gabriel hopes that one day he will be free and find this particular woman.

Nicola “Nick” Jefferson steals for a living. For many years she searches for the Golden Madonna, which was stolen from her parents. The reason why she does this job is because she believes that it will bring her to the killer of her parents and then hopefully she can kill this maniac. When she search for the Golden Madonna in a devastated church, she stumbles on Gabriel, who is nailed to a wooden cross and covert in blood, the only thing she can do is rescues him.

Nick and Gabriel decide to stay together and look for the Golden Madonna, especially when they discover that the other is the very same person in their dreams. The Brethan monks hunt both of them after Gabriel escape, so they decide to pay Darkyn leader Richard a visit, so Richard can explain why they left Gabriel behind. In Richard home they find the missing pieces of the puzzle to resolve the mystery about the Golden Madonna.

Night Lost by Lynn Viehl is the fourth novel in the Darkyn series. I really enjoy reading it, Lynn Viehl knows how to get my attention and hold it all the way through the novel. What I really like about this series is the way all the books are connected.

The main characters Gabriel and Nicola are both strong and totally right for each other. They meet each other in their dreams, hoping to meet in real life and when that finally happens, sparkles are flying around. Although Nicola has a criminal past and still doing it when she meets Gabriel, it doesn’t matter to him. He likes her just the way she is. And Nicola is fabulous, the moment she discovers about vampires and the Darkyn, she doesn’t freak out like normal women would do. No she except Gabriel for what and who he is and even offers her blood several times to heal him.

I really love to read about the previous characters, especially Michael Cyprien and his soul mate Alexandra. At the end of the third novel Dark Need, the Darkyn leader Richard kidnapped Alexandra to Ireland in the hope she can cure the mutation, which destroys him before a war occurs. Of course Michael is not happy about that and is planning a rescue to get his soul mate back, no matter what it cost.

Lynn Viehl definitely writes terrific stories and lures her readers into a world full of strong handsome vampires, their beautiful stubborn soul mates and their brutal enemies, the Brethan monks.

Night Lost is a great novel to read, not so good as the previous books but definitely worth reading. I cannot wait to explore more about the Darkyn in the following novel.

Sylvia Day - Heat of the night

Connor Bruce, the gorgeous blond Dream Guardian is now the new Captain of the elite, after former Captain and best friend Aidan Cross founds his soul mate and decided to escape their world to live in the human world. Now Conner discovers that Aidan is in danger from their Temple of the Elders and he knows that the only way to warn Aidan is not by dreams, but to enter the human world. Connor and second lieutenant Philip Wager decides that it will be best for Connor enter the mortal world, because of his relationship with Aidan, but once you enter the mortal plain, you never will be able to go back. When Connor shows up at the front door of Aidan Cross and Lyssa Bates, a beautiful woman answers the door.

Stacey Daniels is the best friend and employer of Lyssa Bates and right now she is housesitting while Aidan and Lyssa are on a little trip. After a long discussion with her fourteen-year-old son on the telephone, she is not expecting company. But when she opens the front door, a very hot and sexy man is greeting her, claiming to be Aidan’s best friend and demands to speak to him. The only thing for Stacey to do is call Lyssa and try to figure out if Connor speaks the truth.

Heat of the night by Sylvia Day is the second novel in her Dream Guardians series. This novel is hot and steaming, just like the previous one. Sylvia Day grabbed my attention from the moment I started reading. After reading a couple of her books, I can definitely say she knows how to write an erotic romance novel, there is firework between the main-characters and the love-scenes are hot and steamy.

The relationship between the main characters Stacey and Connor starts very fast, you can say right after they met at the front door of Lyssa’s house, but what do you expect from a Dream Guardian. The sparkles are flying around every time the two of them are near each other. Stacey is a strong determined woman and she knows exactly what she wants, but after meeting Connor she’s not so sure anymore. After some difficult relationships, she finds it hard to trust a man, especially the attractive ones. The only man in her life is her fourteen-year-old son and she would do anything to protect him. But she cannot ignore the huge attraction between Connor and her, so she decides to follow her heart and see what happens. But she is not the only one with doubts, Connor knows only the Dream realms and although he seduced a lot of women in their dreams, this is totally different. From the first moment he laid eyes on Stacey, he knows she is the one for him. The only thing to do is to convince her he will do anything for her and that he is going to stay…. forever.

Aidan Cross and Lyssa Bates are the second story line in this novel, both of them stole my heart in the previous novel and they keep continuing doing that. They reaction when they discover the relationship between Connor and Stacey really puts a smile on my face.

I’m curious to find out more about this storyline and hopes that the next novel will be Philip Wager and release soon. Because after reading the first two novels of the Dream Guardians, I want more…. where is my Dream Guardian?

maandag 22 september 2008

Raven Hart - The vampire's seduction

William Cuyler Thorne is a five hundred year vampire and lives in Savannah. He has all the wealth, power and beautiful women he wants; you can say life is good for him and Jack. Jack is the only man he turned vampire and they have been together ever since, although Jack doesn’t know much about being a vampire. But he is loyal to William and that is exactly what William needs right now. William and Jack has secretly been smuggling young vampires to America to get them away from their European sires, just like William did with his own sire Reedrek, the very one who killed his wife and son five centuries ago.

But then the last transport turns up with the crew dead or missing. William knows the moment arrived and that Reedrek finally has come to America to claim his rights as sire and to begin the bloodbath. Reedrek is strong and more powerful than the younger vampires, but together with Jack, a voodoo priestess, along with a vial of the blood of a voodoo queen and some younger vampires William brought to America, William sets out a trap to trick Reedrek. But Reedrek has plans of his own and promise Jack the power that William denied him so long ago. Will Jack stay loyal to William or will he betray him and choose Reedrek side?

The vampire’s seduction by Raven Hart is the first novel in her Savannah Vampire series and it is different from all the other vampire books I’ve read in the past. But I have to admit it took my attention from the beginning. It is not a typical romance vampire story; it is all about William & Jack and their adventures and past.

There are two main characters William and Jack. Five centuries ago William lost his wife and son during a vampire attack, William believed he was going to die too, but Reedrek had other plans for him. And for the first two centuries he was totally under control of his sire. Then William had enough and went to America where he met Jack, a Civil War soldier, dying from his wounds. William gave Jack the opportunity to choose and finally made him a vampire, the only one he ever turned. Since then they’ve been together building up their business and finally smuggle more young vampires away from their European master. But the last cargo died by the hand of William’s sire and he knows Reedrek will not stop until he has want he wants…William back under his control, and that will never happen.

In this novel we don’t see real HEA’s for William and Jack. Of course there are women they share some time with, but they do not fall in love, not just yet. But there are some characters that could be in the future, especially for Jack. We will have to wait and see what the future novels bring.

I can truly say this novel surprises me and I’m definitely curious to see what will happen next, when their story will continue.

Christina Dodd - Into the flame

Firebird Wilder is the only daughter to Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinksi made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Firebird is the miracle of the family, since her father’s clan only produces male children. According to the prophecy, four sons of Konstantine and Zorana will find and reunite the sacred icons and break the curse on their family. The only problem is, they do not have four sons, but Firebird is slowly putting the right pieces together.

Doug Black met Firebird Wilder a few years ago, when he was a college campus cop where Firebird went to college. They fall in love, but Doug has kept a secret and now when he believes he has a future with Firebird, he needs to share this secret with her. But that evening she just disappears without a single word. Doug believes that her family didn’t approve of him and has kept her away from him all these years. But he wants her back, so he makes a deal with the Wilder’s enemies, not knowing he could loose everyone he loves.

The attraction between Doug and Firebird is huge from the very beginning, when they meet at college. But the secret Doug has kept from Firebird is huge and when she finally discovers the truth and believes he is one of their enemies, the only thing she could do is run back to her family without leaving a single word for Doug. Doug cannot understand why Firebird left without saying a word to him. He believes her family is the problem and will do anything to get Firebird back, even if this means working with their enemies. A few years later Firebird is back and she has a few surprises of her own. Can Doug save her and his new family from the Varinski’s or will he loose everything.

Of course we see all the characters from the previous novels. Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, the parents and the heart of the family. Jasha, the eldest son and his wife Ann. Rurik, the second son and his wife Tasha. Adrik, the third son and his wife Karen.
And we see a lot of bad Varinki’s chasing the Wilder family to prevent them breaking the curse.

Into the flame by Christina Dodd is the last novel in the Darkness Chosen series and a terrific novel. I read the previous novels in this series and I knew right from the beginning I had another addiction in my hands. This series lured me into a world full of gorgeous alpha males, a curse to break, danger and true romance.

dinsdag 16 september 2008

Lilith Saintcrow - Dead man rising

Dante Valentine, a necromancer and bounty hunter has recently inherited demonic powers, which she got from her death demon lover Japhrimel. She is still grieving about his death and loses herself back into bounty business to stay busy. With the help of her companion and ex-lover Jace she traces her bounties and sometimes takes her rage out on her them. Well what can you say; they all deserve it.

But recent crimes against humans with special abilities bring Dante back to her best friend and mind-reading cop Gabe. Gabe needs Dante’s ability to track this maniac and put him behind bars or even death, or others will get hurt. During this investigation Dante own memories of abuse as a child and her childhood at the Rigger Hall comes to the surface. And if that is not enough, the Prince of Darkness Lucifer is also trying to contact Dante.

Dead man rising by Lilith Saintcrow is the second novel in her Dante Valentine series and again a fabulous one. Just like the previous novel I finished it within a couple of hours and was disappointed when I closed the book. I wanted to know more about Dante and her relationship with the others. But unfortunately I couldn’t go straight to the third novel, because it didn’t arrived yet.

In this novel you learn more about Dante’s past and the way she grew up, especially when the recent crimes seem to be connected to the place she grew up, Rigger Hall, a school for kids with special abilities. At Rigger Hall, Dante and all the others learned the hard way, how it was to grew up with their special abilities and being used by the evil adults.

When you’ve read the first novel, you’ll be finding some surprising elements in this novel. What happened in the first novel appears to be totally different in the second. My heart was crying at the end of the first novel, but pounding with joy when I discover the surprise in this novel.

Well, I’m totally hooked on this series and cannot wait to read the third novel The devil’s right hand and see what will happen next with Dante and her companions.

Lilith Saintcrow - Working for the devil

Dante Valentine, a necromancer and bounty hunter gets a visit from demon, Tierce Japhrimel, the right hand from the devil himself. He has a message from Lucifer, she has to meet him or die. Well if you put it that way, Dante agrees to come along and see what the Prince of Darkness wants from her. Lucifer offers Dante a contract that she cannot refuse, because if she doesn’t take this job, she will die. But hell, working for the devil would mean dying anyway. To make sure Dante is following orders, Lucifer makes Japhrimel, Dante’s familiar.

Dante has to capture a rogue demon, which escape the underworld with something important to Lucifer and he wants it back. But Dante is not alone in this quest; Japhrimel, who is not only a demon but an assassin as well, accompanies her. Soon enough Dante discovers that this rogue demon is an old enemy of hers, the same one who killed her best friend and almost killed her. Now Dante is determined to finish the job, she started long ago and with the help of Japhrimel and her friends Gabe, Eddie and Jace that won’t be a problem.

Working for the devil by Lilith Saintcrow is the first novel in her Dante Valentine series and it is pretty impressive. I borrow this novel from a close friend of mine, because I didn’t know if this series was something for me. Well, I shouldn’t do that, now I’m hooked. I already ordered my own copies, so I have them on my own bookshelves. What a real treat this was, from the beginning till the end I was lured into a world with humans and their own special paranormal talents, demons and most of all danger.

Dante Valentine is young woman, a necromancer and bounty hunter. She grew up in at Rigger Hall, a school for kids with special abilities, but it was not nice. She learns the hard way how hard life really is. Several years ago one of her best friend is murder for her special ability and Dante is determined to get this maniac. So when Lucifer hands him on a silver plate, she grabs it with both hands, even is this means getting her killed. But she gets help from demon assassin Japhrimel, who turns her world upside down because slowly she starting to like this demon.

You’ll get a lot of information about the characters and their backgrounds and slowly get to know them. The end is a little surprising and sad, but you know there will be another novel, so anything can happen.

I can truly say I’m curious what will happen next and will go straight to the next novel Dead man rising.

vrijdag 12 september 2008

Christine Feehan - Dark Curse

Nicolas De La Cruz has been send by his older brother Zacherias to the Carpathian Mountains to warn the Prince Mikhail about the plot against him and the Carpathian people. After delivering the message to the Prince, he attends to greet the dawn the following day. Nicolas saw his younger brothers one by one claiming their life mates and share their emotions with him. But Nicolas cannot take it any longer and feel the darkness inside him rowing. So on his last night he finds a beautiful woman and he calls her to him for his last feeding, but what Nicolas doesn’t know he just picked the wrong woman.

Lara Calladine is a descendant of the Dragonseeker line and was raised in the ice-cave. Her childhood was horrific and the only thing she knew was fear and pain, but with the help of her two aunts she could finally escape at the age of eight. Now several years later Lara is determined to return to the ice-cave and rescue the two aunts she left behind, not knowing if they’re dead or alive. And when she meets Nicolas De La Cruz one night and he appears to be her life mate, she knows her lonely life is over.

Nicolas and Lara have to find a way to work together, because Lara has the clues that could save the Carpathian people, especially the females. Will Nicolas be able to put his own needs aside for the survival of his people?

Dark Curse by Christine Feehan is the latest novel in her Dark Series and one of the best I’ve ever read by her. She captured my attention from the very first page and holds that all the way through until I was finished. When I closed the book I wanted to go straight to the next novel, but unfortunately I’ve to wait a whole year.

I really love the main-characters Nicolas De La Cruz and Lara Calladine. Nicolas is the second eldest brother and like all the males, dominant. overprotected when it comes to his life mate and of course gorgeous. He was ready to seek the dawn, but was saved when his life mate appears that last night. What I really like about Nicolas is his patience, all Carpathian male want to exchange the blood as quickly as possible, but not Nicolas. When he learns the fears and pain Lara went through in her childhood, he does anything to convince her of his love. Lara has Dragonseekers blood in her veins, as well as Carpathians. The first few years of her childhood she was raised in the ice-caves and was tortured and used by her great-grandfather Xavier. Lara was able to escape with the help of her two aunts, who she left behind. Now she is determined to find and hopefully rescue her aunts, and with the help of her life mate Nicolas she knows the changes are high to succeed.

Almost every one of the previous books are dropping by to help Nicolas and Lara in their dangerous quest to save the two aunts, especially Virkanoff and Natalya are playing a huge role. And OMG, what about Dominic and the offer he made to Mikhail and their people, you got to love that man for doing it. He stole my heart right then and I hope the next novel will be his. I have to know what will happen to him. But we will have to wait and see what Christine Feehan has in store for us next.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dream Chaser

Xypher, half-demon half-god has spend centuries in hell, where Hades tortured him, after being betrayed by Satara, the only woman he thought he loved and who loved him in return. But she used him to get what she wants; now Xypher has the opportunity to get his revenge. After helping Katra and Sin, he’s allowed to spend one month in the human world and prove Hades he will changes his life. Xypher is bitter, full of ange and the only thing on his mind is his revenge on Satara and for that he will go straight back to hell. Now he finds himself in New Orleans bound through magical bracelets to a little human, named Simone. The bracelets don’t allow them too much distance between them, otherwise both of them dies.

Simone Dubois is different from other women, she has a ghost as company and her best friend is a squire to one of the Dark Hunters. Well so much for a normal life and then one night a demon cuffs her and a very gorgeous mysterious man Xypher together. The only problem is when the distance between them is too large, both of them die or if one of them gets killed, the other is doomed too. Shit, life is getting better and better. But with the help of Xypher, Simone discovers soon enough that she is not all different from him. Will she be able to except who she really is?

Dream chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in her Dark-Were-Dream Hunter series and I’ve read some disappointed stories, but this novel was good. I ignored all the reviews and spoilers of this book and was ready to jump right in and discover thing for myself. Well, what a surprise it was, when the book turned out to be a great one.

Xypher is a gorgeous man, half demon half-god, but a real pain in the ass. After being betrayed by the woman he thought he loved and send to hell, where Hades tortured him, he is ready to get his revenge and he has only one month to do it, otherwise he is back in hell. But when he meets Simone and is magical bound to her through bracelets placed by Satara, this all changes. Now he must protect her against his enemies or they die together.
Simone Dubois is different, because she has a ghost as company and she already know about the Dark Hunters. Now she finds herself magical bound to a gorgeous arrogant man and knows she has to save his life and soul. But will she be in time or is she going to loose the man she began to love?

We meet a new character Jaden, another pain in the ass, but I would like to get to know him better. He appears to be arrogant and hard, but has his heart in the right place, so hopefully he will be in future novels. Now I’ll have to wait till Acheron shows up at my doorstep and when that happens, I will lock the doors and shut off the phone, because there will be nobody that interrupts me and the most powerful God there is.

Alexis Morgan - Dark warrior unleashed

Ranulf Thorsen is the enforcer of the Kyth people and is living alone for centuries on his mountain. But his isolation is about to change, when the Grand Dame of his people summons him and of course he obeys. The Grand Dame Judith has promised Ranulf his freedom, when this last mission is complete. He has to find the person responsible for the fires in large places and endangering the humans. Investigating the last crime-scene Ranulf soon discovers that the fire starter is not human, but a rogue Kyth and the only way to stop this traitor is trough the Talion laws and that means him.

Kerry Logan is a young woman and a little different than others. She discovers that dancing in big crowds calms her down. During her last night out dancing, she finds herself in a fire. But what Kerry doesn’t know is about the strength and power within her, waiting to come out and now she is using this power to save a lot of people from dying in the fire. She gets help from a gorgeous stranger and together they get everyone out. After her check up with the ambulance workers, Kerry’s eyes meet those of a terrifying man and she knows she just looked into the fire starter’s eyes.

Ranulf felt the huge attraction between him and Kerry, but cannot ignore his duties to his people and Grand Dame Judith. But when the fire starter turns his sights on Kerry, Ranulf has no choice but to protect her. And when Kerry’s true background comes to the service, Ranulf knows he’s found his true mate.

Dark Warrior Unleashed by Alexis Morgan is the first novel in her Talions series and it was a real jewel for me. I’ve read her novels of the The Paladins series and loved those too, so it couldn’t go wrong with this one.

This story is about a gorgeous Viking warrior Ranulf Thorsen, who is the enforcer for the Grand Dame and his people, the Kyth for centuries. But he needs peace in his life and he will be release of his duties after this last mission, a rogue Kyth is setting crowded places on fire and attends to kill humans. That is how Ranulf meets Kerry, a young woman who loves to dance and calms herself down by doing that. Both of them are helping the crowd of the dancing club escape from the fire and from that moment their world turns upside down, especially when the fire starter sets his eyes on Kerry. Ranulf cannot let anything happen to Kerry and takes her back to the Grand Dame’s compound, where she will be safe. But the huge attraction between them makes it difficult for Ranulf to concentrate on his duties.

The Grand Dame Judith is the most powerful of the Kyth and their leader, but she is slowly fading away after the death of her mate. The moment Judith meets Kerry she knows she found the right person to take her place, especially when she discovers the hidden powers within Kerry. Kerry is one of them, a Kyth and has the powers to lead their people.

I really loved reading the first instalment and cannot wait for the second novel to come out. After her great novels in the Paladins series and this novel, Alexis Morgan will be on my auto-buy list.

Allison Chase - Dark obsession

Nora Thorngoode is a young woman with one passion; painting. Her paintings are quite good and now she has the opportunity to show her art in the biggest gallery of London, well that is what she believes. But instead, the gallery holder destroys her reputation by showing his own nude painting of Nora. Her father, a businessman buys her a husband to save some of her reputation, but will Nora’s future husband Sir Grayson Lowell be the right choice, because he is suspected of murdering his own brother.

Sir Grayson Lowell is consumed by guilt. He had a terrible fight with his brother Tom just before Tom’s fall of the cliffs. Every day and night he sees his brother’s face, accusing him. Now he wants to do the right thing, give his nephew the heritage he deserves and that means marrying Nora Thorngoode for her money and restore the family estate.

When they arrive at Blackheath Grange, Nora meets Grayson’s nephew who hasn’t spoken a word since his father’s death. She hopes to lure him out of his shell with her painting. And when Nora discovers a ghost hunts Grayson, she is determined to save them both. Will she be in time to save them?

Dark Obsession by Allison Chase is the first novel in her Blackheath Moor series and it a very nice novel full of scandals, secrets, ghosts and true love.

Sir Grayson Lowell is the responsible one of the two brothers and when his older brother Tom dies from a fall of the cliff of their estate, he feels guilt. Just before the accident the brothers had a fight about debts and the condition the house was in. Now Grayson has to raise his nephew, who hasn’t spoken since his father’s death and the only way to reinsurance the boy’s heritage is to marry. Grayson couldn’t imagine marrying someone like Nora, who is loving and caring.
Nora Thorngoode loves to paint, but when her exposition leads to a scandal, her father buys her a husband and sends her off to the country. Nora had no intention to give up her paintings, but when she meets Grayson’s little nephew, he is her number one project to save. And when she discovers that her husband is falsely accused of murdering his brother, she is determined to save him too.

Allison Chase is a new author for me and like all new authors I didn’t knew what to expect, but this first novel took me on a journey and I liked it. I could really relate myself with Nora, a woman who has a passion and will do anything to keep doing that and for her determination to keep both men in her life save.
I cannot wait to read the second novel in this series and see what happens next.

maandag 8 september 2008

Karen Chance - Embrace the night

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a powerful clairvoyant and the new Pythia, a chief seer. To perform her new duties she has to rid herself of a small problem. Cassie and the gorgeous master vampire Mircea are magically bound together. Mircea has put a geis on Cassie when she was a little girl, just to protect her. But the geis has terrible side effect and is slowly killing Mircea and that is one thing Cassie will never let to happen. The only solution is breaking the geis through a spell and that is just the problem. Nobody knows this spell and it can only be found in the long lost spell-book, the Codex Merlini.

Cassie decides to use her powers as the Pythia and search into the past for the ancient tome, where the Codex Merlini where last seen. But Cassie discover soon enough that the Codex Merlini were hidden for a reason, every evil being wants the book and not for the good reasons. But she needs it to save Mircea, even when she discovers who wrote it and he is lying to her all along.

Embrace the night by Karen Chance is the third novel in The Cassandra Palmer series and a real treat. Again I found myself lured into the world of witches, vampires, dark mages and determination. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. I just discover I have a new addiction.

The main character Cassie Palmer is getting stronger and determined by the minute. Beside her powers as a clairvoyant, she has the powers of the Pythia too, but with those powers comes a responsibility. And to fulfil those responsibilities, she needs to get rid of the magical bond between Mircea and herself. But that is not the only reason she want to get rid of the geis, it’s slowly killing Mircea and she is not going to let that happen.

Beside Cassie there are some fabulous secondary characters. Pritkin, the assassin of the White mages is still around and helps Cassie in anyway he can, but he hides something from Cassie and she will find out soon enough. Mircea, the master vampire, he is the one who put a protection geis on Cassie to keep her safe. But he is dying now from the same geis, Can Cassie saves him in time?

I’m hooked, that is the only thing I have to say. This series is definitely one of the best I ever read. I really like the heroine Cassie and her determination to do thing her way and if you don’t like it, then get out of her way. Because she will not stop until she gets want she needs.

Jeaniene Frost - One foot in the grave

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is half-vampire and half-human. Four years ago she fought evil vampires by herself, but now she the head of a government agency, who deals with paranormal law enforcements. Cat is known for her fearless fighting skills and gets the name Red Reaper. But one thing she wants the most, find her ruthless vampire father and kill him for what he done to her mother. Her last assignment is to bring in a master vampire, but the moment she meets him, she discovers he is the sire of her one-time lover Bones, so she allows the vampire to escape and hopes she won’t regret this decision.

But someone wants Cat dead desperately and use anything or anyone close to her. So Cat has a hard time trusting people, even her own crew. The only man she trust completely is master vampire Bones, her one-time lover, who she left behind four years ago to save his life. And when she runs into him at the wedding of her best friend, she cannot let him go a second time. When Bones discover Cat is in danger, he will do anything to protect the woman he loves.

One foot in the grave by Jeaniene Frost is the second novel in The Night huntress series and just like the previous one it’s fabulous. This is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, companionship and true love. So I was not surprise to find myself finishing the book hours later.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Cat left Bones behind four years ago, believing it was the only thing she could do to save his life. Now she is the head of a government agency, which deals with paranormal law enforcements. But now she is a target herself and it seems there is a spy in her office, so the only man she trust is her one-time lover and master vampire Bones. But will he be angry for what she did to him. The moment Cat and Bones meet each other at the wedding of Cat’s friend, the huge attraction between them is back. And Bones is determined to convince Cat he is the right man/vampire for her and to protect her from whoever the assassin is.

Well after reading the first novel Halfway to the grave, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to read this novel. And of course it was a terrific one, I think every woman will fall in love with Bones…. at least I am…. I can’t blame Cat for claiming him as her own.
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to write a fabulous vampire novel. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.

Olivia Parker - At the bride hunt ball

Gabriel, the Duke of Wolverest has no intention to marry, but he needs an heir. So Gabriel has the perfect plan, he hopes to find a perfect wife for his younger brother Tristan and secure the heritage. The plan is to invite seven of the most perfect candidates among London’s heiress. For two weeks the seven young ladies and their chaperone will join Tristan at his estate to get to know each other and on the last evening during the ball, he will pronounce his future bride. When his younger brother is settled, Gabriel will go on with is life, that was the plan until he meets Madelyn Haywood. She hits him with a lemon, fall in the pond and dresses in impossible bodices, but he cannot keep his eyes from her. Gabriel knows she is impossible, but he can’t stay away from her.

Miss Madelyn Haywood knows she is a social disaster, but she doesn’t mind. This will be her last season in London and after that she wants to retire to her estate in the country, with or without a husband. After her father’s death her stepmother raises her and she is tired of listening to her constant criticisms. Madelyn’s attendance to the ridicules plan of the Duke of Wolverest is only to protect her best friend Charlotte. But fate has other plans.

At the bride hunt ball by debut author Olivia Parker is a big pleasure to read. This story contains great dialogue, humour, true friendship and romance, all the things I like in a romance novel.

The main characters Gabriel and Madelyn are great together. Gabriel, a Duke has no intention to marry, but needs an heir for his estate. So he comes up with a perfect plan, his younger brother will marry and secure the heritage and Gabriel can continue doing, whatever he was doing. But then he meets Madelyn, one of the candidates and cannot understand why he feels attracted to her. She is clumsy (falls into the pond), dresses in ridicules bodices and cannot stand him. But something about Madelyn is keeping him awake at night and he cannot ignore the huge attraction between them. Now he only has to convince Madelyn he is the right man for her and not his younger brother Tristan.

The secondary characters are terrific. Gabriel’s younger brother Tristan, who is going to marry to secure the heritage and save Gabriel from marriage, is a real charmer. He has his way to charm the young ladies and I found myself smiling from time to time reading this. Madelyn’s best friend Charlotte, who has a crush on Tristan, is a plain young woman. She is hoping to finally catch Tristan’s eye and become his bride at the end of this fortnight. But will she succeed…

I really enjoy reading this novel, from the beginning till the end I found myself smiling at some of the scenes. I was totally drawn into the story. Well, if you like a good romance with a dose of humour in it, this is the novel for you. I really recommend this one and hope to read more of this author in the near future.

dinsdag 2 september 2008

Karen Chance - Claimed by shadow

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a powerful clairvoyant and now also the new Pythia. The last Pythia was running out of time to mentor Cassie, so now Cassie has to figure out how she fits into this new position. To get the full power of the Pythia, she needs to give up her virginity, but with the geis Mircea placed on her, that would be a problem. It can only be done with someone Mircea chooses or do the job himself and neither is what Cassie wants right now. But the rogue Myra, the woman who was meant to be the Pythia is chasing her and Cassie needs her full powers to stop her. So she has to find a way to complete the ritual, without endangering the geis.

The Silver Circle, a coven of mages and the Senate, the vampire court both want to control Cassie and her new powers, just using the excuse that they will guide her, but Cassie has a will on her own and decline. She escapes them once again and follows Myra, back in time to prevent Myra to kill Mircea. Because without Mircea, there won’t be a geis and without the geis, Cassie has no protect and then she is easily to kill. But the visit to the past brings another problem for Cassie, now the geis is doubled and its slowly killing Mircea. Will Cassie be able to find a cure and lift the geis or is she going to loose him?

Claimed by shadow by Karen Chance is the second novel in The Cassandra Palmer series. Just like the previous book, this was a treat also, from the beginning till the end I was captured into a world with witches, vampires, and dark mages. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.

The main character Cassie Palmer is a strong determined young woman with a gift. But now she is even more powerful, when she became the Pythia. Although the Pythia are normally trained and guided by the latest Pythia, Cassie has to do it all by herself. She doesn’t want the job; she has enough problems on her own. But she knows she cannot let those powers fall in the wrong hands and when everything seems to be going the wrong way, she knows she has to fulfil the ritual and welcome the full powers.

Just like in the first novel, we don’t have a real hero in this novel. But I have to tell you there are some great secondary male characters. Pritkin, the assassin of the White mages is still around and helps Cassie in anyway he can, but can he be trusted, because it seems he has his own agenda. Mircea, the master vampire, who put a protection geis on Cassie to keep her safe, but it seems to give some problems and even endanger his life.

I can truly say that I’m hooked; this series is definitely one of the best I read. I really like the heroine Cassie, who is one of the most powerful clairvoyant and her way to use those powers just the way she wants to. I’m curious to found out what will happen to the characters in the next novel Embrace the dark.

Karen Chance - Touch the dark

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer is a powerful clairvoyant. She grew up in the vampire world, with on top Mafioso boss Tony, who controlled and used her power for his benefits. But Cassie had enough and alerts the FBI and escape. But her former captor Tony wants revenge and wants to punish her through vampire justice. Still on the run, Cassie has little faith in trusting people; her only friend is a ghost Billy. But then one day she receives a message on her computer and knows Tony is closing in on her.

Cassie knows she has to run, but not before she warns her roommate Tomas to stay low for a couple of days and not return to their apartment. While Cassie explains things to Tomas, Tony’s assassins attack them. It’s a wonder they both survive the attack of powerful master vampires. Cassie realizes then, Tomas is not the man he pretends to be, he is a powerful vampire himself and ordered to protect her. Tomas escort her to the headquarters of the Senate, a powerful group of master vampires, who have a big interest in Cassie’s powers. But she doesn’t want to be under the control of a vampire and with the help of her ghost friend Billy, she escape the Senate.

Touch the dark by Karen Chance is the first novel in The Cassandra Palmer series. I had this book on my shelves for a while, but for some reason didn’t call to me. But when a friend told me how great this book was, I couldn’t stay behind and started reading. And OMG, what a treat this was, from the beginning till the end I was lured into a world with dark mages, witches, vampires and white knight.

The main character Cassie Palmers is a young, but strong woman with a special gift. She grew up in the vampire world and the top man Tony used her gift for his own benefit. Cassie is tired of being used and escapes Tony, but knows she will have to run her whole life. After Cassie and her roommate Tomas are attacked by a group of assassins, her life turns upside down. Now a whole lot of people want to control her gift, the Senate, dark mage, white mages. But all Cassie wants is to be left alone.

We don’t have a real hero in this novel, but we do have some great secondary male characters that could be the hero in the future, but which one will it be, that is the big question. Will it be Tomas, Cassie’s roommate and powerful vampire himself or Pritkin, the assassin of the White mages, who wants to take Cassie to their magic world. And third but not least master vampire Mircea, who knows Cassie from little and put a protection geis on her, to keep her safe.

You’ll get a lot of information about the characters and myths in this first novel, but it is necessary to tell the story. There is no end, but you know there will be a next book where the story continues.

I’m curious what will happen next and will go straight to the next novel Claimed by shadows.

Judith Ivory - Angel in a red dress

Christina Bower is the beautiful daughter of a common nobleman and she knows Adrien Hunt, the seventh Earl of Kewischester was way out of reach, although she found him intriguing and he made her feel things she never felt before. So she decided to make her father happy and settled for the eldest son of a baron. But three years later Christina, she is almost divorced when she meets Adrien again, now she is determined to find out if the attraction between them is still there.

Adrien Hunt, the seventh Earl of Kewischester is a handsome rogue. Adrien cannot remember the first meeting with Christina, but after the second meeting he is determined to get Christina in his bed as his mistress. The more Christina fight against his courting, the more Adrien pursued and when it finally happens, Christina finds herself entering into Adrien’s dangerous world of spying.

Angel in a red dress by Judith Ivory is a fabulous romance novel, set during the French Revolution. This novel is full of danger, excitement, passion and true love, all the things I like in a good romance novel.

The main characters Adrien and Christina are fabulous. Christina meets Adrien when she is quite young and knows he is way of reach for her and decides to marry the son of a baron. But after three years of marriage and no heir, her husband wants to divorce her. Totally devastated she leaves and asks her cousin for a place to stay; not knowing it’s the house of Adrien. When Adrien finally arrives at his estate, the attraction between them is still there, but Christina knows his reputation and doesn’t want to be his next mistress. Christina knows Adrien would never consider her as a wife, although eventually he needs to marry and produce an heir.

I really love reading this novel. From the beginning I found myself totally drawn into the story and couldn’t bear to put the book down. I had to finish it and see what would happen to the characters. If you like a good regency romance with a dose of danger this is the novel for you, I really recommend this one and will definitely try another novel by Judith Ivory.

Edith Layton - Bride Enchanted

Lord Aubrey Ashford is handsome, charming and a real catch for an heiress. Eve Faraday knows he is out of reach for her, because she is just a normal slightly built woman. But she’s surprised when Lord Aubrey asks Eve to dance with him on a ball. Eve finds it difficult to believe he is interested in her and think he is just being polite. But she will soon discover that Lord Aubrey has plans that include her.

Lord Aubrey Ashford had only eyes for Eve Faraday on the ball, even though some beautiful women are trying to get his attention. Lord Aubrey asks permission of Eve’s father to court his daughter and of course he grants it. It doesn’t take long for them to fall in love and get married. The moment Aubrey takes Eve to his family home on Fair Isle and Eve meets his sister Arianna, she knows they are hiding something. But Aubrey fears she will leave him the moment he starts telling her the truth. Is their love strong enough to conquer all?

Bride Enchanted by Edith Layton is a nice magical regency novel. I discover it was a normal regency romance with a twist of magic within. I believe it was enjoyable to read, but was not blown away by it.

The main characters Aubrey and Eve are both lovely and perfect for each other. But just the way they met and soon after that were married, was a little disappointed for me. I like a good courting and I couldn’t find it in this novel. But the determination of Aubrey to convince Eve that he truly loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her was a good treat. I would definitely try another novel by Edith Layton.

woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Kathleen Dante - Entangled

Kiera Stevens is CEO of her father’s company KidTek and had just discovered that someone in her company is selling her business secrets. If this continued it would ruin her and the business her father built. Kiera has no idea who the traitor is, but it has to be someone with access to the top secret information. To uncover this traitor she needs an undercover agent and turns for help to her childhood friend Dillon Gavin. He runs a top secret agency and could provide her right man for the job.

So Kiera hires security expert John “Lantis” Atlantis to upload the security of her company and to capture the traitor. To have full access to her company and not alarm the spy, they agree to pretend to be lovers, but it has to look real. So Lantis uses his psychic gifts to learn Kiera’s most inner desires and use them in the game. But neither of them expected that the real attraction between would change their life for good.

Entangled by Kathleen Dante is the first book in the EN series. I can tell you that this is one hell of an erotic romance novel with some paranormal treats in it.

Kiera Stevens took over the company when her father died, but now she is desperate, when she discovers a traitor selling secret business information about their toys to another company. She turns to Dillon Gavin for help, a close friend from her childhood and hopefully he can assign one of his agents to uncover the truth.
John Atlantis is retired from the agency and runs his own security company. But his formal partner asks him to help him out with a case. So Lantis finds himself back in the business, he turns his back on years ago. But working with the beautiful Kiera is one of the reasons he took the job.

The story line is fantastic, taking you on a journey full of sexual steamy scenes between the main characters Kiera and Lantis, erotic fantasies. You can see the sparkles flying around.
I’m looking forward to read her next novel Enticed, what happens to be Dillon Gavin’s story.

Intense, erotic and hot, this is a novel that takes you on a very sexy trip into erotica.

Alexis Morgan - In darkness reborn

Barak q’Young is a warrior for the Others, the people of another dimension and the number one enemy of the Paladin warriors. Barak has a gift and wouldn’t use it to help his people escape their world, so he was banished. The only way to live his life is to escape his world and try it in the human world, where the Paladins warriors are living. He earns the respect of the Paladin leader Devlin, when Barak save the life of his wife Dr. Laurel and is put to work by the Paladins. He is assigned to assist Lacey Sebastian, a young geologist.

Lacey Sebastian is a geologist, working to predict the earthquakes of their world and hopefully knows when a portal between the two worlds opens. The moment she hears about her new assistant Barak, an ex-warrior of the Others, she is a little disgust. But the more she works with him and spends time with him; she discovers he is not much different from the Paladins warriors and her brother. Now she finds herself attracted to her enemy, even if he is a friend to the Paladin leader and his wife, her brother wouldn’t approve it. But then Lacey is kidnapped and her life depend on the love of her lover.

In darkness reborn by Alexis Morgan is the third book in her Paladins of Darkness series and another great one. Just like the previous book I was lured into the book from the very beginning and find it difficult to put the book down.

Barak q’Young is a warrior with a gift. He refuses to use that gift to help his people escape their world and was banished. Now he is living in their enemies’ world, along with some of their warriors. Because he saved the life of Laurel Young, the wife of Paladin leader Devlin he is accepted in this world, but not all Paladins are happy about that.
Lacey Sebastian is a geologist and hopes to find a way to predict earthquakes, so they know when a portal between the two worlds opens, hopefully saving a lot of life of the Paladin warriors. Now she has to work with one of their enemies and isn’t happy about that, but can she ignore the attraction between them.

The sub characters, meaning the Paladin warriors are fabulous. Especially Devlin and Trahern, both tough and strong warriors who found women and love in their strange lives. Laurel Young and Brenna Nichols are the women in the warriors’ lives and try to help Lacey deal with her attraction to Barak.

I only can say that I love this series and cannot wait to read the next book Redeemed in darkness. The story will be about Paladin warrior Cullen and Barak’s sister Lusahn, one of the Others.

Shannon Drake - Beneath a blood red moon

There has been a terrible murder in the French Quarter, near Maggie Montgomery’s boutique, where the police found some blood drops just outside her backdoor. So this leads detective Sean Canady right to her doorstep. Maggie is surprised of the blood trail and agrees the detective to help in this investigation in any way she can. Sean is totally attracted to Maggie and begins to pursue her, despite the fact he thinks she holding something back.

Maggie has secrets that she is not willing to share with anyone, especially not with the handsome Sean. But with the return of an old enemy from the past, which wants to destroy her and anyone she loves, she might need to. Maggie feels bad enough about keeping the past from Sean, because their relationship seems to be developing every time they see each other. But when the enemy and her past are closing in and even seems connected with the murders, she knows she has to tell him. But how can she tell Sean she’s a vampire and probably the killer too.

Beneath a blood red moon by Shannon Drake is the first book in the Vampire series and I loved it. She created a world full of danger, true friendship and old love.

The attraction between the two main characters is there right from the moment they meet. Maggie knows she cannot be involved with men, because she is a vampire and doesn’t age. Every few decade she needs to leave her home and live somewhere else, so people can’t discover the truth. Afterwards she returns home as her own daughter and continuing her business. But when Sean appears in her live, she cannot ignore the huge attraction. It even seems he has the same soul as his ancestor, the man she loved dearly.
Sean Canady is a detective and investigates a few brutal murders. When he meets Maggie during these investigations, she turns his world upside down. He cannot believe the huge attraction between them, but knows she’s hiding something. And he is just the man to find out the truth, but can he handle it.

The secondary character I really loved is Lucian, a master vampire and ex-lover of Maggie. When Maggie became a vampire it was Lucian who took her in and teaches her the rules. They separated a few decades ago, but still remains good friends. And when their old enemy comes back to hunt Maggie, he is the one who warns her and even helps her.

This was a good one to read, a normal vampire romance with all the right ingredients, not a heavy paranormal vampire story, but just a simple relaxing one. I really enjoyed reading it and I’m curious to find out what will happen with Lucian in the next novel.

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Sherrilyn Kenyon - Devil may cry

Sin is an ex-God and he is not happy about that. Artemis, goddess of the hunt took Sin’s powers and left him to die. But Acheron “Ash” came to his aid and turned Sin into a Dark Hunter. So Sin has lived many centuries as a Dark Hunter, with a reputation for brutal elimination of demons and humankind. Sin lives in Las Vegas with his own casino. The only hope he has is that one-day he will get his revenge on Artemis and retreat his powers.

Artemis fears Sin will succeed and tries to convince Ash to take him down, but he refuses, so the only other option is to send Katra to Las Vegas to do the job. Katra believes Artemis and what she’s telling her, so she goes to Las Vegas, there she sees Sin brutally decapitating a demon and human and sets them on fire afterwards. Now she is ready to kill the ex-God, but he disappears and during the search for him she almost becomes a victim herself. But the same man she promise to kill is saving her.

But Sin has a burden to carry years, ago he and his twin brother Zakar imprison the gaullu demons in a sealed chamber. Now the gallu demons are about to escape and Sin is the only one who can save humankind. But the demons are holding his brother and without Zakar, Sin won’t be able to stop the gallu demons. Sin has to trust the two women Katra and Artemis, who can destroy him forever.

Devil may cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in the Dark-Dream Hunter series and after reading some less stories, this one was good. I really enjoy reading it and discover more about Katra, Sin, Acheron and Artemis background.

Sin and Katra are right for each other, although they meet before Sin cannot remember it and that is probably for the best. When they meet again in battle Sin believes Katra is Artemis and finally plans his revenge, but things are not going according the plan. When Sin’s worst enemies are trying to escape the sealed chamber, so he needs all the help he can get, even if this means asking a goddess with powerful powers.

The second storyline in this novel is the relationship between Artemis, Acheron and Katra. It was nice to lean more background about Acheron and the bond between Acheron and Artemis, but also between Artemis and Katra. I can truly say I’m really curious about Acheron’s book that man has gone through so much.

Jeaniene Frost - Halfway to the grave

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is a vampire slayer and made it her priority to take as many as she can get. She has grown up with a hatred of vampires, because her mother was rapped by one and finds herself pregnant with Cat. So basically Cat is half-vampire and that is just enough to fool the vampires and get close to them. During the night Cat patrols, luring vampires in her net and kill them. But then one night she tries to kill Bones, a master vampire and fails.

Master vampire Bones has been watching Cat for a while and knows what she’s doing with the lesser vampires. But he believes she works for the one he hunts and lures her into a trap. Soon enough he discovers the uppers its and even believe she can be useful for his mission. The two of them agree to work together because their goals are the same and Cat begins her training with Bones,

But things are not always what it seems and soon enough Cat and Bones discover a human group with evil reaches to the government. Now Cat is forced to make a difficult choice that will put her life in danger to protect the man she loves.

Halfway to the grave by Jeaniene Frost is a fabulous debut novel and the first one in The Night huntress series. I find myself reading this book and end it a few hours later; it is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, conspiracies and love.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Cat grew up with the idea all vampires were evil, just like her father. But not all things are what they seem, especially when she meets Bones, a master vampire. After an attack she fails to kill him, but end up being capture by him. Now she is in training and learning to kill the big vampires and slowly fall in love with the very creature her mother warn her about. Bones is a master vampire and is hunting rogues vampires, when he meets Cat. He thinks she is working for the same men he hunts and captures her, but soon enough he discovers she is half-vampire and wants to kill as many as she can get. It is up to him to prove to her, that not all vampires are bad.

Well this is definitely a story that leaves us readers think about what will be in store for us next. It was great to see Cat struggles with her feelings for Bones, when she learns to hate all vampires, but she cannot ignore the feelings growing inside. And when she finally has to make a big decision, to save his life, your heart beat as hard as hers.
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to describe the feelings Cat struggles with. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.

Heather Grothaus - The warrior

Tristan D’Argent is a knight who has fought many wars for King William. He was abandoned at the age of ten and grew up in a hard and tough world, but that all made him into one of England’s greatest and feared knights. As reward for serving the King, he gets a castle and land to call home, along with a bride. When Tristan arrives at his estate, it is empty but save for a few who sought to live they’re to protect the castle on Tristan’s behalf. Lord Nigel, baron of a neighbouring estate and the stepfather of his betrothed were in charge to take care of the castle, but Lord Nigel is greedy and wants to add this estate to his and is planning to get everything. The first step is already set, the marriage of his stepdaughter Soleilbert to Tristan. But the moment Tristan meets Soleilbert’s younger half-sister Haith, he is not sure of the marriage because Haith is the woman he dreamed of his whole life.

Haith is the younger of the two sisters, although the sisters only sharing the same father it makes their bond even closer. Haith has unusual abilities that have been passed on through her mother’s line. She is a psychic with telekinetic abilities. Since her childhood, Haith has had dreams about a warrior that would be her soul mate and will save her from the brutal Lord Nigel. The moment she meets Tristan in person, she is happy that he finally came, but cannot hurt her sister, who’s marrying him. Now she is a pawn in Lord Nigel’s game to get what he wants, the estate and her as his mistress, all she has to do is lure Tristan in a trap. Haith hopes to find a way to save Tristan and get rid of Lord Nigel, will she succeed?

The warrior by Heather Grothaus is the first novel in her Medieval warriors trilogy and has a great storyline. Here you see a young woman who believes in soul mates and the warrior who eventually saves her.

The main characters Tristan and Haith are two different persons, but meant to be together. They have dreamed of each other since they were children. Tristan always believe the dreams wouldn’t come true, but the moment he meets Haith, he is determined to make her his, Despite the fact he is betrothed with her half-sister and the secrets she keep from him. Haith however believes in her dreams and knows right from the start he is her soul mate. The only problem is that Tristan is betrothed to her sister, who she loves dearly. And she will do anything to keep her sister save, even if this means working with brutal Lord Nigel and hurt the only man she ever loves.

This is definitely a story that will keep you occupied for one evening and lures you into a world full of romance, betrayal and true soul mates. I will definitely try the next novel The champion by Heather Grothaus.

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