vrijdag 26 november 2010

Christine Feehan - Mind Game

Lily Whitney is slowly discovering what her adoptive father has done with this experiment to many soldiers and before that to small female orphan children, including her. Lily is determined to find all the girls from her past, the ones she spend the first couple years of her life with. She wants to help them with their psychic abilities, so they can have a rightful place in the society. Now she believes she found her best friend Dahlia and the only one who might save her is Nicholas Trevane, one of the Ghostwalkers.

Dahlia Le Blance was only four years old when Dr. Peter Whitney took her in and experimented on her to envelop her psychic gift. Dahlia can absorb people’s emotions, charges them and can release it through violent discharge. In order to keep people around her save she lives in a compound away from civilization where she cannot feel other’s emotions. She only leaves the swamps when the Feds need her to recover stolen information.

Nicholas Trevane is a ghostwalker himself and is send by Lily Whitney to save her friend Dahlia before others find her. He arrives just in time because their enemy is already there and has killed Dahlia’s caretakers and friends.

Mind Game by Christine Feehan is the second novel in her Ghostwalkers series and I loved it.

Dahlia Le Blance is a strong young woman with a powerful gift, but knows it can be dangerous for the people around her. So she lives far away in the swamp and only comes out to do her job. When her home is under attack, she meets Nicholas and knows he is dangerous. But she also learns he is also a product of Dr. Peter Whitney’s experiments and knows she has to trust him to keep her save. Because it appears they have a traitor among the Ghostwalkers.

The attraction between Dahlia and Nicholas is huge and almost dangerous to those around them. Dahlia needs to learn to release her emotional charges without hurting anyone, because if she takes to many emotions, her gift could explode and she fears that she will kill a lot of people. Nicholas is the perfect guy to teach her how to control those emotions and how to let them go.

This is the second novel in this series and I’m already hooked up, I just love the characters of the Ghostwalkers team and their heroines. They are strong, have some great psychic abilities and all determined to see the one responsible getting punished. I was a little surprised to read about another Ghostwalker team and even meeting some of those team members. I think we will be seeing more of them in the future novels too.

Nalini Singh - Angels' Blood

Elena Deveraux is a vampire hunter with a unique talent to detect the rogue vampires. Because of her ability to sense these vampires she is one of the best at the Guild agency and is hired by master vampires or angels to retrieve their "property". Now she is summoned to the head quarters of Archangel Rafael, who specifically asks for her assistance and he doesn’t take no for an answer.

Rafael is the archangel who runs the territory in Manhattan and he does that with an iron fist. All the vampires and their masters are under his control, but there is a situation he and his fellow angels cannot handle. So he calls the local Guild agency for help and specifically asks for the only hunter who can help him track their problem.

Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh is her first novel in the Guild Hunter series and a fabulous start.
Elena Deveraux is a strong heroine, who knows how to take care of herself. She always knew she was different from her family and knew she would be at home as a hunter at the Guild. She doesn’t mind working alone, it’s even better that way, it gives her the opportunity to focus only on her target and getting it back to his of her owner.

The summing of Archangel Rafael isn’t what she’s waiting for, because that means working with him is priority number one. Rafael doesn’t like to be left in the dark; he demands loyalty from all his angels and vampires and now from Elena too, at least as long as she is working for him. But Rafael is in for the ride of his life when she awakens intense feelings inside him he didn’t knew he had.

Her secondary characters are great. Sara is Elena’s best friend and the head of the Guild, she always has Elena’s back no matter what en if that means she has to face Archangel Rafael, then that is what she’ll do. Also love the fellow angels around Rafael, they are one by one interesting characters and I really hope to see more of them in the future novels.

This novels is definitely a must read and I’m going to put this author on my auto buy list from now on, she is amazing and I don’t want to miss anything she writes.

woensdag 10 november 2010

Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion

Serena has her own business, she helps people to fulfil their dreams and it’s very successful. But Serena has a wild fantasy of her own and when she is with her best friend Faith and Julie one night, she confides them with her fantasy. Serena wants to be owned by a man, giving him complete control and let him love and cherish her.

Her friend Faith puts her in contact with Damon Roche, the owner of the club “The House”, where men and women can fulfil their sexual fantasies. When Damon hears Serena’s fantasy he knows he found the woman he’s waiting for all his life. Now he has to convince her to let him be that man and make it a permanent relationship.

Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks is the second novel in her Sweet Series and another steamy hot novel.

Serena is an independent strong woman, who has a successful business, but there is something missing in her life, because she has a wild fantasy and doesn’t really know how to fulfil it. The only thing she wants is to have a man for a time being, who will own her in every way, giving him total control of her life. When she meets Damon she isn’t really sure if another man is capable of that job, in her heart she wants him.

Damon Roche always had a dream of finding that one particular woman who isn’t afraid to let herself go and let him control her in every way possible. When Serena contacts him and tells him about her fantasy, he knows she is the one. It will take some time for him to convince her to let their temporally relationship go and make it a permanent one. Luckily for Damon their mutual friends will do anything to help them on their path.

The love and trust between Serena and Damon is huge, it’s great to see Damon in command but with Serena’s interest on top, he will make sure her pleasure comes first. I have to say, I really enjoy reading this book because the characters are awesome, but I have to be honest I couldn’t give myself to a man in that way.

It was great to see the other characters again, Faith and Gray are a fabulous couple, Micah is growing more and more; he is definitely one of my favourites. But I also cannot wait to see more of Julie, Nathan, Connor and Cole. I hope Miss Banks will write stories about them all.

Amber Benson - Death's Daughter

Calliope “Calli” Reaper Jones loves living in New York far away from her weird family, she has a simple normal job, okay at the moment her life is a little boring, but that is about to change. When she opens her door one night and sees the huge monster standing there, she knows her life will be hectic from now on. She’s ordered back home immediately.

Her father, who happens to be Death himself, and the members of the board, including her own sister, have all been kidnapped. The entire family is in danger and the only way to find her father and sister is to become Death, a job Calli isn’t looking forward to.

The only thing she ever wanted was a normal human life away from the demon world. Now she has to fulfil three trials to prove to the gods Persephone, Kali and Woden that she is capable of the Death job or otherwise someone else takes the job and then her family is doomed.

Death’s daughter by Amber Benson is the first novel in her Reaper Jones series and I have to say I was surprised. Amber Benson has done an excellent job creating this world with strong interesting characters.

Calli Reaper Jones is Death’s daughter and the only daughter out of three that doesn’t want to have anything to do with the family inheritance. That is exactly why her father and mother decided to put a spell on her, so she could have a normal human life. But with her father missing, Calli cannot the plea of her younger sister and her mother, so she will do anything to find her father and the rest of the members, even if that means fulfilling three tasks and became the temporally Death.

There are some great secondary characters, who I would love to see more off in the following books. The goddess Kali is a fabulous woman; who will get what she wants. Calli’s younger sister; who has some great gifts of her own. And Calli’s opponent for Death’s position and one man she cannot seem to get out of her mind.

I also love the fact that Calli has one of the hellhound’s put to accompany her on this journey.

I’m looking forward to see what will happen next on this journey through Hell.

woensdag 3 november 2010

Christina Crooks - L.A. Caveman

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review:

Stanna Whitland is writer and works for magazine Men’s Weekly, she has a column for men but from a woman’s point of view. But her job is on the line when the magazine is sold and the new owner Jake Tremere is firing people. But Stanna will fight back to keep her job and do what she loves the most, and that is writing.

Jake Tremere always had a dream to own a magazine and when it’s finally there, he will do anything to make this work, even if that means macho things up. The best way to do that is fire the current editor and also the feminine Stanna and her column. But Jake is stunned when he discovers that he cannot fire Stanna, it appears she has a three-year contract and only one year has gone by.

L.A. Caveman by Christina Crooks is the first novel I’ve read by her and I have to say I like her writing style. She had me captivated from the beginning and held it through the whole book.

Stanna is a strong young woman who knows what she wants in life. So when the new magazine owner Jake tries to fire her when she still has two more years to fulfil on her contract, she will fight him with everything she got.

Jake wants to make this magazine for the macho man and he cannot use Stanna’s column and her feminine style, so he wants to fire her. When he discovers he cannot fire her, he has to find another way to keep her column in line, so he come up with a new column for her to write and if she refuses, she can leave.

But neither of them could have imagined feeling attractive to each other.

Stanna and Jake are two opposites of each other, he is totally macho and has even some caveman traits, and she is super feminine. You would have guessed that it wouldn’t work between those two, but nothing is what it seems. They both learn things from the other and see stuff through the others eyes. It’s all about balancing the good and the bad.

I have to admit that I wanted to smack Jake a couple of times…OMG he was a total caveman, how on Earth could he think like that, but I also have to admit it’s hard to not love him, he has something special that makes a woman’s heart beat harder. He’s learning things along the way and when he realises that he could loose the woman he loves, he will do anything to straight things up.

Christine Crooks has written a wonderful novel of two strong characters, which have to learn to trust the other in order to embrace the love for each other.
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