vrijdag 23 april 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Too hot to hold

Nick Devane was adopted by the Waldron’s when he was 14 years old. Nick has been neglected by his biological family and started to rebel, so the Waldron’s found a way to get him away and start a new life with them. Just like his adopted siblings Chris and Jake, he’s part of the Navy Seal team, he lives for danger and of course beautiful women.

Kaylee Smith was raised by her grandmother after he mother abandoned her. She works as a reporter under a pseudonym and is known to find the truth no matter what. Kaylee always believed that her ex-husband Aaron was killed during one of his missions in Africa, but when she receives a mysterious phone call from her “dead” husband she doesn’t know what to think. He wants to come to Africa to get him free by paying a huge amount of ransom money, not knowing that this trip will change her life forever.

Too Hot to Hold by Stephanie Tyler is the second novel in the Hard to Hold Trilogy and like the previous novel, one hell of a book. I’ve read a couple of Stephanie’s other Navy Seal books and she’s got me hooked from the start. She creates a world full of action, danger, sexual attraction and of course fears, one fabulous combination.

Kaylee meets Nick when she finds a list with names of military men in a safely deposit box of her dead husband. Because of that mysterious phone call, she decides to call or visit all these men to find out what happened to her husband. Is he really dead and someone is playing with her or is he still alive? She wants Nick to help her, but he refuses.

Nick eventually agrees to help her and travels with her to Africa, where danger lies in every corner of the jungle. Meanwhile at home his brother Chris covers for him and tries to keep FBI agent Jamie as far away from Nick as possible, not an easy job to do.

I already loved the interaction and huge bond between the three brothers Jake, Nick and Chris. Although they don’t share the same parents, that don’t mean they aren’t close, they would die or do anything for the others, no matter the situation.

The only thing for me to say is that this is one fabulous novel and I’m really looking forward to the last installment in this series.

Lora Leigh - Marly's choice

Marly was left by her mother at the August ranch when she was twelve, because her mother knew she would be save there from her step-dad. So she grew up with Cade, Sam and Brock. Now Marly has returned home for the funeral of grandfather Jack, but she has other things on her mind. Marly has loved Cade from the moment she saw him, when he and his two brothers took her in as their cousin. She is determined to seduce him and accept him as he is, even with his strange sexual desires.

Cade’s past has been tough, one he shares with his brothers Sam and Brock. His feelings for Marly have been there for years, but they aren’t brotherly or in the way cousins share love. He knows that Marly will never accept him with his past and definitely not his sexual desires. So the right thing for him to do is stay, as far away from Marly as he can and hope she will return back to the city as soon as possible.

But then a treat from Marly’s past begins to stalk her and Cade will do everything in his power to keep her save.

Marly’s choice by Lora Leigh is the first novel in her Men of August series and I have to say I like it. She created a perfect couple with high sexual attraction between them. I found myself turning page after page to see what Marly’s choice would be.

Marly is a young woman, who is also very determined and stubborn. She made up her mind to have Cade and nothing will keep her from him, not even his tormented past or his strange sexual desires. Okay, she couldn’t even imagine what she had to do to completely win his trust, but she did it.

Cade is strong man with a tormented past and strange sexual desire; he sometimes shares with his own brothers. His feelings for Marly are getting stronger and stronger, but he knows he cannot force her into in thought life. But he couldn’t imagine that after all this time his wish will come true.

Cade’s attempt to keep Marly as far away from him as possible and Marly’s determination to have him, made this story so steamy and explosive. I truly enjoy reading their story and I cannot wait to see what Lora Leigh has in store for brother number 2 and that will be Brock.

Karen Chance - Curse the dawn

Centuries ago when the Gods were banished from Earth, those who used magic banded together to create the Silver Circle. Apollo was the one who keeps in touch with the mages through the Pythians, but the Silver Circle has always managed kept the head Pythian under their control, but not with the new Pythia. They fear if Cassie refuses to accept her role and their control, Apollo would have her on his site in no time.

Cassandra “Cassie” Palmer a powerful clairvoyant has to accept her new role as the new Pythia, a chief seer. But Cassie doesn’t really know how to do that job, because there is no one there to help with her training. And the large bounty on her head, placed by the Silver Circle isn’t helping either. It’s only a matter of time before the Black Circle find a way to let Apollo return to Earth and rule once again.

Cassie’s lover, master vampire senator Mircea Basarab and her friend John Pritkin will do anything in their power to protect her, but don’t really understand her need to do it herself.

Curse the dawn by Karen Chance is the fourth novel in The Cassandra Palmer series and once again a fabulous novel. Whenever I read a book in this series, it lures me right into that world and makes me forget all about my own. I wasn’t able to put the book down, before I finished it.

Cassie Palmer is the main character in this series and she is getting stronger by the book. She’s already powerful as a clairvoyant and now with her Pythia powers, she is a catch. Everyone around her seems to have an urge to control her, so the Silver Circle and the Black Circle put large bounties on her heard to force her to choose a side, but Cassie wouldn’t be Cassie is she did the opposite and fights her own battles.

John Pritkin and Mircea Basarab are two of my favorite secondary characters, both having their own way to protect Cassie from all the mages, vamps and other creatures, who wants something from her.

This is one of those series you have to keep on auto buy; I’m totally hooked on this series. Karen Chance has a way to mix all those magical creatures, vamps and now some Gods into a world you don’t want to leave until you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. I’m curious to see what she has in store for them in the next novel.

Lynn Viehl - Stay the night

Robin of Locksley is one of the Darkyn kind and has been stealing from the rich for centuries. His Darkyn powers will help him with these cases, but it also leads the FBI on his tail, especially when they think he is involved with the disappearing of priceless art work.

Chris Renshaw is a special agent for the FBI and she’s lead the operation to find this “Magician” who steals all those art works. So she goes undercover as an art dealer and decides to use “The Maiden’s book”, an ancient manuscript as bait.

Robin wants that manuscript for as long as he can remember, but it appears he is not the only one. There is someone else that wants this book as badly as Robin wants it and that person won’t stop for nothing. So when the book is stolen, Chris and Robin has to work together to get the manuscript back.

Stay the Night by Lynn Viehl is the seventh and final book in the Darkyn series and one I was really looking forward too. I was curious to see what she had in store for Robin of Locksley.

As in the previous books this one has multiple points of views, you’re not only see Robin and Chris relationship grow, but we also see another couple who returns in every book, Alex and Michael Cyprian. I love to read about those two and see their relationship grow through all the books.

The relationship between Robin and Chris has his ups and downs, because on one side we have the master thief who has the need to help the poor and steal from the rich and on the other side we have the determined federal agent, who won’t stop till she caught the thief. Chris also blames “The Magician” for the death of her partner and doesn’t like his way to charm people around him to give him exactly what he wants. But we know love conquers all and they find a way to accept their fate.

The only downside of this novel was the too many shifts and I found myself irritated when she shifted to another couple or settings when you really wanted to continue reading the current view. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the book, in fact I liked it. The ending was great and we know for a fact that there will be a spin-off, so we can learn more about all those others.

Stay the Night is great to read and I know for sure Lynn Viehl did a great job ending this series the ways she did.

donderdag 8 april 2010

Stephanie Tyler - Beyond his control

Justin Brant, a highly trained Navy Seal gets a call from his friend Leo Turkowski with a request. Leo is working undercover to get more information to put the O’Rourke’s behind bars. But somehow his younger sister Ava is involved in this case and Justin has to get her out of town fast. Justin cannot refuse this request and is heading to Ava, even though their history together.

Ava Turkowski is working on an abusive case of Susan Mercer, who seems to be connected to the O’Rourke’s family. Ava has been treated before, but not like this. So when she receives some photographs of her and the people around her, she knows that she has to leave town. And when Justin appears on her doorstep not long after getting those pictures, she knows she’s in big trouble.

Justin takes Ava to a safe house only his Navy Seal members knows about and hopes he Leo will contact them soon with more information. But it seems the DEA has a traitor in their midst and Leo is caught and beaten to death. Can he escape the O’Rourke’s and save his little sister or should he let Justin do that job?

Beyond his control by Stephanie Tyler is the last novel in her first Navy Seal trilogy. Just like the previous books, it’s easy to read, full of danger and a fabulous hero and heroine. What else can you ask for?

Justin and Ava know each other for quite some years now and were even involved, but that ended abruptly when Justin married someone else. Ava was heartbroken, but determined to survive this. So she made a career as a lawyer, but she could never forget the love of her life. Now he is back and determined to keep her safe.
Justin knows his favor to his friend Leo will be hard, how can he be around Ava after what he done to her in the past. Should he tell her the truth or keep her in the dark. The one thing he cannot ignore is his feelings for her, growing inside getting stronger and stronger.

This is the last book in Tyler’s first series and it was definitely worth to read. Those handsome Navy Seal will sweep you off your feet the moment you met them.

Stephanie Tyler - Risking it all

Rina Calhoun has one dream; she wants to step into the footsteps of her beloved uncle, who was a film journalist. She’s working on a grant, so she can go to Africa and finish what her uncle started. Now she has to impress her boss with her X-treme documentary, so when she’s editing the water sport film with extreme surfer Cash, she knows she hit the jackpot. The only down part is that one of her crew forgot to get the film release paper signed, so Rina is determined to find Cash to sign that paper.

Navy Seal John “Cash” Cashman is working undercover as a surfer to get the big guys in a drug deal. So when this journalist Rina wants him to sign the release papers for the X-treme film, Cash has to refuse so he won’t blow his cover. But he wouldn’t mind spending a night with this beautiful journalist and maybe get the original tape of his surfing.

Rina’s chances for the grant are ruined, so she needs to come up with another film idea. So she turns to her uncle who’s an admiral at the Navy Seal, in order to get approval to film a documentary about these Navy Seals. It turns out Cash and Rina will meet each other again, and Cash knows he cannot ruin her film twice.

Risking it all by Stephanie Tyler is another fabulous novel. We already met Cash team member Hunt in an early novel and I was curious about Cash. Well I wasn’t disappointed; Cash turns out to be the hero you expect him to be.

Cash and Rina meet each other when he is working undercover to catch a major drug dealer. He cannot let Rina use that X-treme tape, where they were filming him surfing. Now weeks later they meet again, when she appears on the military base where Cash is stationed. Her uncle is his boss and gave the approval for a Navy Seal documentary and Cash’s team is the one she’s working with.

The attraction between Cash and Rina was there from the beginning and grows more every minute they spend time together. But Cash don’t want to let the admiral know about his relationship with his niece. But that is not all, he has to keep her safe from a danger she doesn’t even know she’s in.

With Cash as a surfing Navy Seal and Rina as the film journalist, Stephanie Tyler created a fabulous couple. I cannot wait to read more about Justin Brand, who will be next.

Deidre Knight - Butterfly Tattoo

Rebecca O’Neil is a former actress, who suffered a horrific attack from an obsessed fan. She survived the whole thing, but it left some pretty awful scars behind. Now she works behind the scenes and still tries to get her life back together without looking over her shoulders.

Michael Warner is a widower, who is trying to get his life back together after loosing his partner and almost his daughter Andrea. His little girl is drifting away from him and no matter what he does; he cannot seem to reach her.

Then they meet Rebecca during of Michael’s job and both their lives are about to change.

Butterfly tattoo by Deidre Knight is one hell of a book. She already swept me away with her Midnight Warriors Series and her God of Midnight series and I have to say she didn’t disappoint me either with this book.

It’s a beautiful story about two individuals, who has suffers some major lost in their past and both trying real hard to get past that and build up a new life.

Michael’s daughter Andrea is the little link between then and the one who finally bring them together. She finds a mother figure in Rebecca that she never knew she missed in her life. But it’s hard for Michael to completely open up to another partner, especially a woman. He has been living to gather with a man for so long and even got a child together, that it’s hard to accept his new feelings for Rebecca.

I think Deidre Knight did a wonderful job describing this difficult relationship and their newfound feelings for each other. I really hope she will write more of these kinds of stories in the future, because I cannot wait for more.
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