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Shelly Laurenston - Here Kitty Kitty

Angelina Santiago is on her way to visit her two best friends Sara and Miki in California, when she’s kidnapped. Because her friends are finding evidence of a struggle, blood and some dead hyena shifters, they are expecting the worse, but that doesn’t stop them for looking for her. Angelina finds herself waking up in a huge house somewhere in North Carolina, in the territory of some Siberian tigers shifters. Even though she totally understands the two younger brothers for thinking they were saving her from those hyenas, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t mad and does everything in her power to let everyone feel her wrath.

Nik Vorislav is the eldest Siberian tiger brother and is totally in shock when he discovers what his two little brothers brought home with them. Okay, the woman is beautiful but mad as hell and it seems she is turning that anger all against him. But when he hears who Angelina’s friends are and that they are of the Magnus Pack, he knows they are in trouble, because Alpha leader Zach and his wife Sara will do anything in their power to get Angelina home safely.

Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston is the third novel in the Magnus Pack series and yet again a terrific novel.

When Angelina and Nik meet each other, they were not very friendly, especially Angelina. The moment she wakes up in Nik’s house and remembers what had happened, she is furious. No one in their right mind kidnapped her and get away with it. So she does everything in her power to get as far away from them as possible, but she didn’t expect to feel attracted to Nik and his tiger. She even forgives the two younger brothers, although she let them work for it.

I can only say that Shelly Laurenston wrote a terrific shifter trilogy and the moment you start reading them you’re going to fall in love with the characters and their families. The series is definitely funny and full of fabulous hot steamy scenes. I truly recommend this series to everyone who loves shape shifter with women who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves and the one they love.

Pamela Palmer - Passion untamed

Feral warrior Paenther is looking for his best buddy and fellow warrior Vhyper, who disappeared after the fight with evil witch Zaphene. There is a possibility that Vhyper turned rogue and is working for their enemy, but Paenther believe there is still something good inside his best friend. So he is following a lead into the mountains, where he notices the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he follows her. But what Paenther doesn’t know that he is falling into a trap that could destroy him and his fellow warriors forever.

Skye has the gift to call all kind of animals to her side and because of that gift/power she was chosen to do all kinds of rituals as long as she can remember. They took her from her home when she was eight years old. Now her master asked her to perform a ritual, but she cannot believe this could happen, but she knows she has to try in order to stay unharmed. Now she has captured the Feral warrior Paenther into the trap and all she has to do is seduce him and take that sexual energy to release something.

Passion untamed by Pamela Palmer is the third novel in her Feral Warrior series and another fabulous novel. I couldn’t stop reading and found myself turning page after page to see what would happen next.

When Paenther finds himself tied up in a cave, he knows that witch lured him into a trap. He should have known better then to trust a beautiful woman, especially what has happened in his past. When Skye explains to him what she needs, he is determined to boycott her plan. The moment she touches him he knows his body would betray him and do anything she wants. But when Sky overhears her master’s plan to release a bunch of dangerous demons, she knows she has to do something to prevent that from happening. The only man who can help her is the black Paenther she captured.

What I really like and enjoyed reading was the story about Paenther and Vhyper’s past, how they met and developed their strong friendship. I totally understood Paenther’s determination to find and save his friend in every way he could. Even when everyone believed Vhyper turned evil, Paenther was the one who fought that thought.

The characters are all fascinating, the scenes between Paenther and Skye were hot and steamy and the relationship between the warriors just fantastic. I know Jag’s story will be next and I’m really looking forward to that, because that jaguar is definitely my favorite warrior.

J.R. Ward - Lover Avenged

Rehvenge, drug dealer and club owner is glad that his sister Bella is happily married to Zsadist, one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood vampires and mother to his young niece. But what his mother and sister don’t know is his dark secret and he hopes and prays that they never will find out. Unfortunally there is one woman who knows everything and she uses it to blackmail him into sexual activities. Rehvenge can only hopes that his injuries will take his life soon enough to end this all.

Ehlena is a nurse at the vampire Havers clinic and is taking care of her sick father. She is the only nurse who assists Havers with the injuries of the scary Rehvenge. The other nurses are terrified of the man, but Ehlena consider it as her job and will help him wherever she can. But after seeing him during his latest visit, she is concerned about his health and makes a house visit, not knowing that it will turn both their lives upside down.

Although they both know it’s better to stay away from each other, they cannot ignore the growing attraction between them.

Lover avenged by J.R. Ward is the seventh novel in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. In the last couple of books we already saw the new direction Ward was going, not only the romance between the main characters, but also one or two secondary storylines. Of course this book is about the relationship between Rehvenge and Ehlena, but we also see the struggle Wrath has with this sight and accepting his leadership as a King. Besides that we also see more of John, Qhuinn and Blay, I call them the three musketeers and really enjoy their conversations and actions.

The relationship between Rehvenge & Ehlena starts slow, because Ehlena doesn’t want to get involve with someone, she is taking care of her sick father and doesn’t need the distraction. Rehvenge has a dark secret he wants to keep, so getting involved with a woman isn’t a great idea. But we all know that love and fate have a mind of their own, so I was glad to see their love growing. I totally love the part where Rehvenge was taken and Ehlena went to Xhex for help. Then both turned to vampire King Wrath for back-up. Although Rehvenge isn’t a brother warrior, they all were ready to kick some ass and save him.

The huge friendship bond between John, Blay and Qhuinn is just terrific; they stand by each other no matter what. We see John struggle with his feelings for Xhex, finding out what exactly he feels for her. But also his relationship with his adopted father Tohrment, the trust between them is gone when Tohr left him behind after Welsie’s death. Now Tohr is back, but the relationship is still painful. I do hope we see the bond between father and son grows stronger again. And WOW, what about Blay and his feelings for Qhuinn, we all knew this was coming, but will it be possible to see that grow into a relationship or will Blay find someone else to love. I have a lot of questions unanswered, but I do hope to find out more in the next novel.

I honestly can say that Lover Avenged is one of the best novels in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

dinsdag 10 november 2009

Sydney Croft - Taming the fire

Special agent Trance from ACRO next mission is to gain the trust of a rogue Itor agent and convince her to join their agency, but that is harder then he though. Trance ability is to hypnotize through his eyes and he has extreme strength. Trance knows that this fugitive agent Ulrika acts as a dominatrix in a night club, so the only thing for him to do is be a submissive and try to get her attention. But everybody who knows Trance, cannot imagine him being a submissive, because he’s as dominate as hell.

Ulrika Jaeger escaped Itor and is on the run ever since. She has the ability to shape-shift into a wolf, but she cannot control it unless she gives it what it wants, so she’s became a dominatrix. She’s cautions of who she allows in her domain and is her submissive toy for the evening, but she never plays twice with the same toy. But the moment Trance walks into her room, she knows he’s different and definitely not a submissive. The only thing she wants to do is run away and hides again.

Taming the fire by Sydney Croft is the fourth novel in the ACRO series and another hot steamy novel. I found myself turning page after page, eager to see what happens next.

I don’t have to tell you that here are huge sparkles flying around between Trance and Ulrika. Trance is one of the special agents at ACRO with the ability to hypnotize and extreme strength, but he also has a huge background of the dom/sub scene. So that is one of the reason he’s send on this mission. Ulrika Jaeger is on the run from Itor and hides herself as a dominatrix in a night club. She knows she has to do this job to keep the beast inside her satisfied, but that all change when Trance walks into her life.

What I really like about these books is the huge amount of hot sexy scenes, but also the continued secondary storylines. I find myself looking forward to see what will happen with Devlin O’Malley, the head of ACRO, especially after he lost the love of his live. Further the relationship between Annika & Creed, each time we discover more about their past, abilities and of course their relationship.

I don’t have to say that Sydney Croft is on my favorite authors list and that the books are on auto-buy from the start. I’m looking forward to the next novel and see which character will be in it. But I’m sure that it will sweep me off my feet again.

Shelly Laurenston - Go Fetch

Miki has tried to deny her attraction to Conall, since he appeared with Alpha Pack leader Zach, in her small town. She has been avoiding him ever since, but that is hard because her best friend Sara is the pack Alpha Female and married to Conall’s best friend Zach. She is also trying hard to finally get her PhD, so she really cannot use a stubborn male in her life, even when het two best friends are doing everything to hook her up with this Viking shifter.

Conall has wanted Miki from the first moment he saw her with Sara in the biker shop. But she’s fighting with everything she got to stay as far away from him as possible. However, Conall got a little help from his Alpha Female Sara and he’s certain Miki isn’t getting away this time.

Go Fetch by Shelly Laurenston is the second novel in the Magnus Pack series and yet again a great novel. The book is full of loyalty, danger and a great sense of humor, which I really like.

Miki is trying hard to finally get her PhD, so she’s avoiding things that can get her into trouble, especially determined men. But trouble is her middle name, so it cannot take long for her to get into the trouble when she’s visiting Sara and the Pack in California. Not only is she hooking up with her old “hacker” friends, but she’s also in the middle of a pack war. The Hyena shifters see her as weak bait to get a shot at the Alpha couple of the Magnus Pack, but of course Conall is there every step of the way. He is determined to keep his mate save, but as the second-in-command his main job is to fight for his pack. When Conall gets hurt during one of these fights, Miki realize she cares more about him then she would have imagined. So she shows the hyena’s how much of a wolf a human can be when the man she loves is hurt.

What I really like the most about this series is the strong friendship between the three friends Sara, Miki and Angelina. No matter what, each of them jumps right into the situation to help the other. Of course I don’t have to mention the huge dose of humor and the very hot steamy love scenes.

I truly can say that Shelly Laurenston has won me over with this shifter series and I cannot wait to finally see what she has in store for the last remaining single friend Angelina.

Shelly Laurenston - Pack Challenge

Sara Morrighan lives in a small town and she has no idea about the shifter community living there. She doesn’t even know she is one of them. Sara was in an accident when she was little and seriously injured, because she didn’t reached the age to shift yet, her wounds couldn’t heal properly. Now she is walking with a limp, but Sara also lost her parents in that accident, so she was raised by her grandmother who resented the Magnus Pack for talking her daughter away from her. So she kept Sara away from the pack and didn’t even tell her own granddaughter the truth about her heritage. Now her grandmother is dead and everything is about to change.

One of the Magnus Pack members Zach Sheridan’s life is about to change when he walks into a motorcycle shop in a small town. The owner of that shop is the alpha of the local pack, so he needs to ask permission, so he and the pack can stay in town for a few days. His eye catches the beautiful Sara and he cannot deny the huge attraction between them. So he invites Sara and her friends Miki and Angelina to their party, hoping to get to know Sara better.

When a pride of lions is about to attack and kill Sara, Zach knows he hast to reveal his secret to her and tell her all about her own heritage.

Pack Challenge by Shelly Laurenston is the first novel in the Magnus Pack series and I really enjoy reading this novel. The storyline is great and has a fabulous dose of humor in it, which I like.

The relationship between the three friends Sara, Miki and Angelina is fabulous, they know each other for a long time and they would do anything to protect the others, even if that means standing up against a pack of wolfs or a pride of lions.

The relationship between Sara and Zach starts slow, but when Zach heal Sara’s limp, her conversion starts and she will become what she always was, a wolf. She is strong and very demanding, especially when it has something to do with Zach. Sara even takes over the alpha female position, because she doesn’t take no for an answer and nobody touches her man.

I know there are two more books in this series, so I cannot wait to read them. The second novel Go Fetch will be about Sara’s best friend Miki and Zach’s second in command Connall.

Pamela palmer - Obsession untamed

Tighe is the only Feral Warrior whose soul wasn’t freed after the battle with the evil witch Zaphene, because his clone could escape them. Now this clone is loose among the human population and is killing people on the way. Tighe has to find his clone and free the other half of his soul or he will die soon. Because he is connected to this clone, Tighe is having visions of all the murders his clone have done, which helps him narrow the search a little. But with the last murder something changed, this time the visions were coming from someone else, a woman. Now Tighe needs to find this woman first, who hold his visions or his clone is definitely going to win.

Delany Randall is a FBI agent and is tracking a killer, who leaves only dead bodies behind. When she finally finds some clues near his last destruction, she is thrilled. But then she is standing face to face with him. He attacks her, but she managed to get a way, but he leaves something behind. Now she is able to see his murders through his eyes and she isn’t happy with that, because the visions are painful. Delany tries hard to get all the clues together during the visions, so she can stop him once and for all. Now she is facing him again, at least that what she thinks, but this man claims to be the killer’s twin. Can Delaney trust him or is she walking into a trap?

Obsession untamed by Pamela Palmer is the second novel in her Feral Warriors series and definitely a great book. Just like the previous novel, I found myself turning the pages and wanted to finish it straight away.

From the first moment Delaney meets Tighe, she knows she cannot trust him completely, because he is holding some information back and he looks exactly like the killer. But Tighe is the one who makes the pain go away, when she’s having these visions of the murders. And that is not all; he also saves a little girl from the fire his “twin” started. Delaney knows he cannot be all bad, otherwise she wouldn’t feel this huge attraction between them. But it is hard to believe all these stories he is telling her.

In this novel we see Tighe fight to get his soul back, stay alive and finding his mate along the way. But we also learn more about the disappearance of Vhyper, will he betray his fellow warriors to their enemies and the dark side. Or is his playing along with the enemy just a game to get more information he need to get back to the warriors? I can tell you, I cannot wait to find out more in the next installment.

Pamela Palmer - Desire untamed

Lyon is the head of the Feral Warriors, a group of shape shifting men who protect Earth from evil. Recently they lost their Radiant, a woman who can get power from the Earth and give it to the Feral Warriors, so they can continue shape-shifting. It’s up to Lyon to find the new Radiant, so the warriors are doing a ritual that will help Lyon to locate her, but what they don’t know is that Evil already set up their plan to invade Earth, starting with that same ritual.

Kara MaCallister is a young woman, living with her dying mother. When she gets something to drink for her mother one night, a large gorgeous man shows up in her kitchen, demanding that she shows him the mark, hidden on her body that proves Kara is the next Radiant, whatever that means. From that moment everything happens so fast in Kara’s life, her mother dies, they being attack by scary creatures and then finding out she is the power of a few shape-shifting warriors.

Desire untamed by Pamela Palmer is the first novel in her Feral Warriors series and a real surprise for me. This book was fabulous, forcing me to turn page after page until I finished it.

The relationship between Lyon and Kara started on the wrong foot, he’s forcing her to go with him and be someone she doesn’t want to be and she’s fighting everything she has to stay where she wants to be…home. But when her mother dies and her life is in danger, Kara knows she cannot fight this without learning what her powers are. When she meets the other eight warriors, she is overwhelmed, all strong handsome men with their own animal to call. When Kara discovers that she will be the mate of one of those warriors, she desperately hopes it will be Lyon. But what if fate decides otherwise, can she give up the man she has come to love for another warrior.

I really like the shape-shifting warriors, all of them, each of them has a different animal to call and if you see their names, you can tell which animal that would be. I do hope Pamela Palmer will write all their stories, because I think they will be interesting. I cannot wait to read the second novel Obsession untamed.

Deidre Knight - Red Kiss

Two thousand and five hundred years ago three hundred Spartan warriors sacrificed their lives at Thermopylae. Seven warriors became immortal when they accepted a deal and drank from the River Styx, binding their immortality and their vow to Ares, the God of war.

River Kassandros is one of those warriors, he was born into servitude a couple of centuries ago and that never changed when they accepted the deal. River became yet again, the servant of his friend Alex Petrakos. River’s extremely unique because he can shape-shift into any weapon Alex needs. But something went wrong in the last battle, so he spends too long in blade form, lying on the bottom of the river. He cannot shift back, so he hopes that someone will find him before its too late.

Emma Lowery is on a camping trip with her best friend, but he left her alone on the camping site, without her cell phone. There is a huge storm coming her way and it doesn’t feel right. When she’s trying to find a way back home, she begins to hear a voice asking for help. Emma cannot ignore the calling and is pulled toward the river, where she’s diving up a blade. Because of her unique family gift, Emma knows this is not a usual blade, and she finds a way to shift it back into this handsome stranger.

Red Kiss by Deidre Knight is the second novel in her Gods of Midnight series and I only can say that I loved it. Deidre Knight created a fabulous world with these warriors and the only thing you can do is let them all into your heart.

Emma and River meet each other under the worst circumstances. River is trapped in blade form and hopes Emma can turn him back into human, long enough to fight the demons who are after her, because she dived up him from the river. Emma is running from her gift ever since her twin sister died tragically, but she knows River needs her to fight this battle. And when she finds out that her cousin Shayanna is married to River’s friend Alex and that her other cousins are fighting these demons too, she knows she has to embrace her talent again and help them.

Of all the Warriors River stole my heart from the first novel Red Fire and that hasn’t changed. He really wants so desperately to find a way to be free and not being a servant anymore. He knows the others warriors are standing behind his decision and the only way is to become completely human. To see the struggle in River to stay and fight with his companions or choose the love of his life is so overwhelming, it will bring some tears to your eyes.

I truly can say that I’m a huge fan of this series and I cannot wait for the next novel to come out.

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Lora Leigh - Nauti intentions

Her abusive father Dayle tricked Janey MacKay by telling her that her brother Natches was wounded, not knowing she just step into a trap. But she was saved by Alex Jansen, the man she dreamed about for years. Now several months later Janey re-opens the family restaurant and hopes the past is behind her. But here is someone in town who isn’t happy that Janey is there. First small messages were send to her, but they are getting more and more violent, so the sheriff calls in the Calvary, meaning her brother Natches, her cousins Rowdy & Dwag, but also Alex Jansen.

Major Alex Jansen has been interested in Janey since she was seventeen years old. He knows that he is much older than her and if he even looks at her that his friend Natches would kill him. But when he discovers the threatening messages, he is determined to keep her save and moves in with her. This will give him the opportunity to convince her that not all men are bad and that he wants her in his life.

Now the only thing for Janey and Alex to do is convince her overprotected brother and cousins that they belong together. At last but not least exposing the stalker who threatens her life.

Nauti Intentions by Lora Leigh is the fourth novel in her Nauti Series and I have to say its one of the best books so far in the series. The novel contains a high lever of fabulous erotica scenes, strong family bond and the determination of love between two people.

Alex and Janey know each other for quite some time. Janey grew up in an abusive home, where she knew her brother Natches were taking all abusive by her father to save her. Natches send her away, so she was save and finish school, but what she didn’t know was that Alex always kept watch over her, when she was living out of town. Now she is in danger again and the only thing for Alex to do is move in with her and protect her with his life.

I have to say there were a few hilarious scenes between the MacKay cousins or between Janey and her brother Natches that brought a smile to my face. You could sense the close family bond of the MacKay. Lora Leigh has a certain way to lure you into a novel and won’t let you go until you finish the book. Well she did that with me in each and every book in this series, but especially with this novel. I loved the struggle between Janey and Alex, she wanted to get away so her family and Alex were save from the stalker and he wanted to do anything in his power to keep her with him and protect her. Also the struggle between brother and sister, the way Janey wanted to let Natches see that she was all grown up and loved him. And with the help of Alex she finally managed to open Natches’s eyes and built the relationship she so desperately wanted.

I cannot wait to read more books in the Nauti Series.

Lora Leigh - Nauti dreams

Several years ago Natches MacKay rescued an undercover agent from the hands of the enemy. The attraction between them was huge even though Chaya Dane was seriously wounded. But Chaya disappears without a trace before Natches could convince her to give him a chance. Now Chaya shows up in his town during an investigation and all the attraction he was feeling back then are flowing back to life. Natches is determined to find out why she’s back in his life and figure out a way to keep her in once and for all.

Chaya Dane was grateful when Natches save her life many years ago, but she always felt guilty for her time with him, while her young daughter was killed in a bombing. The only thing to do was disappear out of Natches life and focus on her work. But Chaya’s boss noticed her little affair and he decides to use her connection to him in this new investigation, involving some of the MacKay family members.

Nauti dreams by Lora Leigh is the third novel in the Nauti series and just like the previous two, a fabulous novel full off conspiracy, strong family connections and of course hot steamy scenes between the two main characters.

The circumstances Natches and Chaya meet each other isn’t the best way to start a relationship, but it definitely left their marks on both of them. So when they meet each other again several years later, they cannot deny the still growing attraction between them. But Chaya still feels guilty about her daughter’s death. Her husband was a traitor to their country and sold her out to the enemy, where Natches saved her. But Chaya didn’t knew that in the meantime her husband was getting their young daughter into enemies territory and both were killed in an unexpected bombing. Now they discovered the connection of that terrorist group to the town where Natches lives, even tying the connection to some of his family members. It’s up to Chaya and her agents to find out who is involved, but soon her life is in danger and Natches will do anything to save the woman he loves.

Of course we’ll see Natches’s cousins Rowdy and Dwag again, doing their best to keep their cousin save from their invisible enemy. But they are not the only ones helping Natches, Uncla Ray and his wife Maria and Kelly & Crista are there too.

What I really like about this series is the bond between the three cousins Rowdy, Dwag and Natches. You could say that they are brothers; each of them would do anything for the other two, even if that means putting their own life at stake. In this novel we also see Natches’s sister Janey MacKay, just briefly and I know the next novel will be about her. I already know she had a pretty hard life and that Natches did everything in his power to protect his baby-sister from their abusive father. So I’m curious to see what happened with her.
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