dinsdag 28 september 2010

Nancy Holzner - Deadtown

Victory Vaughn is an active demi-human, a shape shifter who fights demons for a living. Three years ago, the Plaque hit Boston and turned many of the residents into zombies. Now Boston is called Deadtown and all species are now under strict regulation and are struggling for rights among the humans.

During one of Vicky’s exorcising jobs, she feels something evil luring in the shadows, but cannot seem to feel what kind of evil. The next day Vicky hears that her client was murdered, case of death boiled from the inside out. She now knows that there is a Hellion loose in Deadtown. When she discover who this Hellion Demon is, she knows it’s after her, because Difethwer, the Destroyer killed her father years ago and left a demon mark on her.

Deadtown by Nancy Holzner is the first novel in her Deadtown Series and I have to say this is a new author for me, but she didn’t disappoint me with her novel. She created a fabulous heroine with great secondary characters and a world you wouldn’t want to live in as a human. But she managed to capture me and held my attention during the whole book.

Vicky Vaughn is a strong heroine and isn’t afraid to face the danger when she comes across it. She lost her father when she was young, the demon Difethwer, the Destroyer took her father’s life and marked her for life. For all those years she has been fighting hard to stay in control and fight for the good. But the demon is back and is trying real hard to force Vicky to cross the line and come to the dark side.

But Vicky’s life isn’t easy, she also has to deal with Tina, a young zombie who follows Vicky around and is getting in more trouble than is good for her. Kane is Vicky’s werewolf lover and is making their relationship much harder that she wants it to be. And now Kane is getting competition when human detective Costello steps into Vicky’s life, whom she also feels attracted to. But that is not the worst, Gwen her inactive demi-human sister is ashamed of their heritage and blames Vicky for the family troubles.

I really enjoyed this book, the heroine is strong and independent, just the way I like my heroines. I love the triangle Vicky’s is in, two gorgeous men fighting for her attention and neither wants to give up. I’m looking forward to see what will happen between them in the future novels.

Jennifer Ashley - Pride Mates

Twenty years ago the shifters made themselves known to the human world and with that announcement they were feared by humans. Now they have to wear collars and live in Shifter towns. They are cut off from all human sources, no cable, and no phone. The collar they are wearing gives them an extremely painful shock when they show aggression.

Kim Fraser is a defence attorney and is assigned to Brian’s case. He is a shifter and accused for killing his human girlfriend. For the human world Brian is already guilty, just because he is a shifter, but Kim isn’t so sure. She is going for the truth no matter what, so she goes into the Shifter town where Brian lives and hopes they can give her some background on her client.

Liam Morrissey is the shifters liaison, he is the man where all the shifters in town go too when they are in trouble. He is a born leader, but doesn’t want the Alpha position. When Kim Fraser comes to him for information about Brian, he’s immediately attracted to her, but he doesn’t act on it because she is human. But when her life is in danger he will do anything to keep her save.

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley is the first novel in her Shifters Unbound series. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book, from the moment I started this book it lured me into its world and held me captivated until I finished it.

Kim Fraser is a strong determined defence attorney and when she knows her client is innocent, she will fight till she proves his or her innocence. Brian is her first shifter client and she knows he is innocent and will do anything in her power to prove it, even it that means going into Shifter town and face their liaison Liam Morrissey.

Liam is tall, gorgeous and Irish and all those qualities should make a woman fall down on her knees. But he avoids human females as much as possible, so he isn’t happy when Kim Fraser shows on his doorstep, demanding he help her clear Brian’s name. He cannot help her because the shifters are bound to follow the rules of the Regions Alpha, Fergus and he tells Liam to ignore Kim’s cry for help. But when her life is in danger he cannot ignore the feeling that he had to protect her.

Liam’s brother Sean is the guardian of the Shifters and he only steps into battle when a rogue shifters needs guidance with his soul. Dylan is Liam’s father and the alpha of the Shifter town in Austin, but he knows his oldest son is much stronger and might fight him for the position. And then there is Connor, the Benjamin of the family, he moved in when his father, Liam and Sean’s brother died.

The loyalty and love in this family is huge and that was definitely one of the things I love the most in this book. Once you are accepted into the family, you have all the support and guidance you can get. I’m definitely looking forward to see more of this family in the next novel, which happens to be Sean’s.

maandag 27 september 2010

Teal Ceagh - Beauty's Beasts

Vampires Nicolas and Damian have been separated for awhile now. 30 years ago the two ex-lovers lost Natalia Connors, the demon hunter whom they both were close too. When Natalia was killed in action they split up and love their own life, but now Natalia’s killer is back and is after Riley Carson Connors, Natalia’s daughter. Both vampires made a promise to Natalia to protect her daughter against demons and train her to defend herself.

Riley Carson Connors has been in the foster systems since her parents died. It was a rough life and she doesn’t trust anyone easily, so when two handsome men appear on her doorstep, claiming of knowing her parents, she knows her life would never be the same. It appears her parents were demon hunters and their enemies know about her now. She has to go with Nick and Damian to New York City so they can train her for the battle of her life.

Beauty’s Beast by Teal Ceagh is the second novel in the Guardian Bonds series. It’s a fabulous romance novel with two hot vampires and a determined young woman who isn’t afraid to embrace her destiny.

Nick and Damian have been lovers for many centuries, but after loosing someone close to them, they cannot stay together. Now they are back in each others lives and they realize the chemistry between them is still there. But that is not all, Natalia’s daughter Riley comes into their lives and you can just feel the sexual tension between them all.

Riley Connors agrees to go to New York City with the two vampires to train herself against her mother’s killer, but she never expected to feel attracted to both men. How can she choose between the two vampires, especially when she discovers the huge love between them? Both men are pushing her to let herself go. Can the three of them be together or will she destroy them all?

Just like the first story in this series, I really enjoy reading this book. I’ve already met Nick and Damian in the first story and I have to say Miss Ceagh didn’t disappoint me. Damian and Nick are so different in characters, but so right for each other and when Riley walks into their life, the love triangle…the bond is complete.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and especially this series. I know for sure there is more to tell in this world.

Teal Ceagh - Carson's night

Natalia “Tally” Grey is a hunter; she has been trained by her vampire friends Nick and Damian since she was a little girl. So Tally feels totally at home in the supernatural world among all kinds of creatures. Her world is about to change when Nick shows up in the middle of the night and tells her that her father, who’s also a hunter, has been killed.

Tally hurries to her father and finds a brutal murder scene, knowing that some demons and gargoyles are involved. But her father’s handsome partner Carson Connors is also there and he don’t seem to remember a thing about what happened. Tally seems to be attracted to this stranger in a way no other man was able to. But can she trust him to be on her side or has he something to do with her father’s death? The only thing she knows is that Nick and Damian have her back.

Carson’s Night by Teal Ceagh is the first book in her Guardian Bonds Series. It’s a short story, but you can say this novella is a taste for more, it’s hot and steamy. No large amount of information or plots, but a great story full of danger and sensual scenes.

The chemistry between Tally and Carson is there from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Even though they are in a touch situation of finding out if Carson has something to do with her father’s death, they will not hold back on their attraction to each other.

I enjoy reading this book, the main characters Tally and Carson are great for each other, and they found their match. But I have to say I’m a little more interested in Nick and Damian. I know they are both vampires and each others lovers, but there is more and I want to find out. Hopefully their story will be told in one of the future novels.

If you are a huge fan of erotica romance with a little twist of paranormal creatures, then this novella is the right choice for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Jevron McCrory - Swan Song

Lewis Morrison is sent to write a review about the new talent Katrina Collins, a young and beautiful musician. Everyone knows Lewis is hard and difficult to impress, but the moment he hears Katrina’s bewitching melodies in the night club, he is anything but bored. He even passes out into unconsciousness during one of the last songs.

Katrina Collins has a beautiful voice and is able to bewitch people with her music, mostly because she isn’t human. The moment she sense Lewis Morrison in the club, she reach out to him, to his tortured soul.

After that night they are drawn to each other, Lewis cannot tell why, but it seems he cannot stay away from her and try to follow her to every performance.

Swan Song by Jevron McCrory is a fantastic short story about two tortured souls, finding each other and enjoys their moments together.

Lewis Morrison has had a tough life, he lost people he loved and that turned him into a bitter man. When he meets Katrina Collins, his life is about to turn upside-down. But Katrina isn’t what he thinks she is, she appears to be a vampire and has lived a very long life. They are drawn to each other despise the difference between them.

I have to say, I was a little sceptic about this story, Jevron McCrory has written a terrific storyline, but different then what I read normally. The way the author made Lewis act and mixed every day things into this story, like the head character’s drug problem, was fabulous. I really wanted to hate Lewis from page one and for a couple of pages I really did. But that all change when I read more about why Lewis is the way he is, he went through so many things in his life, and you can only understand his character. When Lewis meets Katrina, you can probably say that is the best thing that ever happens to him, she makes him see the good things in life again.

The only complain I have I the length of the storyline. I would have loved to see more of Lewis and Katrina, more about their background and life. I was really hoping that the relationship between them would have taken another road then they did now, but nevertheless it was definitely a great story, so very different to what I normally read.

I definitely going to keep my eye on this author and see if he can lure my attention back to another novel.

maandag 13 september 2010

Lisa Renee Jones - Lone Star Surrender

Constantine Vega is an undercover FBI agent, who has spent the last three years collecting evidence against Drug Lord Alvarez. The trial is only a few weeks away and he doesn’t want to take any chances. He needs to know if this federal prosecutor can be trusted to put Alvarez behind bars. So he has been following Nicole Ward for a few days to see if she is clean from Alvarez influence.

Nicole Ward is a federal prosecutor and assigns to Drug Lord Alvarez’s case. She has left her father’s law firm, so she can put these criminals behind bars instead of keeping them out. Now she needs to convince her sister to decline their father’s offer to join the company and build a life of her own.

Then one night she meet this stranger while she’s out celebrating her sister’s passing of the bar exam. The attraction is huge between them and before she knows it, he’s giving her the best pleasure in her life and then walks away.

Lone Star Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones is the first book I ever read of this author and I have to say it didn’t disappoint me, at matter a fact I’m definitely going to check out her other books. This novel kept my attention from the first page and I had to finish it to see how it would end.

Constantine Vega is a strong determined FBI agent. He’s been undercover for the last three years and he doesn’t want anyone blow up this case. Even if that means checking out the federal prosecutor and make sure she’s on the good side of the law. He knows she is going to be mad, when she finds out who he really is.

Nicole Ward is a determined young woman, who wants to prove to her father that she can do this on her own. She left his law firm to fight and get these criminal behind bars this time. But her life is about to turn up side down, when she finally meet her crown witness in her case against drug lord Alvarez. It turns out to be a FBI agent and also her one night stands Constantine.

I love to see the total trust Nicole gives Constantine when they realize they have a mole in the agency and that Nicole’s life is in danger. Alvarez will do anything to prevent them continuing the case, so he won’t go to jail.

Lisa Renee Jones surprised me with his book, the combination of action, danger and sexual attraction made me stay on the couch and turning the pages so I could see what happens next. I’m looking forward reading more of her work.

Anthology - Death's Excellent Vacation

Two Blondes by Charlaine Harris
A short Sookie Stackhouse story; Sookie and Pam are on their way for a holiday weekend, mixing fun with some business. Their business part goes bad when they are visiting this strip-club and the manager has other things on his mind.

The boys go fishing by Sarah Smith
An old superhero longs for death after he lost everyone around him, but he gets a visit from a bunch of “talented” kids, who are in need for some training/guiding.

One for the money by Jeaniene Frost
Cat and Bones need to guard a spoiled human heiress, who has been targeted by supernatural hit men.

Far across the Caspian Sea by Daniel Stashower
This is about an author who has lived for many centuries and shares his experience with the world thru his novels. But when he meets this new researcher he knows that this one is special.

The Innsmouth Nook by A. Lee Martinez
Two friends have started a Bed and Breakfast. They are about to find out what the Island secret is and they new legendary guests.

Safe and Sound by Jeff Abbott
A young determined TV reporter will do anything to keep the investigation open of a young man and his disappearance. Everything is working against her, even the missing man himself.

Seeing is believing by L.A. Banks
A young woman goes to New Orleans to fight the beasts, when she discovers several of the deaths are supernatural. There she meets this young man and learns they are linked somehow.

The perils of Eferjim by Katie MacAlister
Demon Jim has some free time coming up, now his boss is away. So he wants to spend some time with his demon girlfriend in Paris. But he’s forced into his human form and banished to Abaddon, where he has 10 days to escape.

Thinwalls by Christopher Golden
A man has lost his wife to cancer and has been travelling around the world to see all their favourite places. During that tour he meets a young woman with a creepy secret.

The heart is always right by Lilith Saintcrow
A gargoyle rescues a young woman from a supernatural attack and discovers she might be his key to his ultimate dream. But will he sacrifice her?

The demon in the dunes by Chris Grabenstein
A dying man thinks back at that one summer where he met his summer love and their strange adventure with ghostly encounters.

Home from America by Sharon Newman
A young man wants to visit his homeland Ireland for some time now and when the opportunity comes it’s not exactly what he expected.

Pirate Dave’s haunted Amusement Park by Toni L.P. Kelner
A recently turned female werewolf returns to her childhood favourite vacation spot to think about her future. At the amusement park she discovers that her teenage crush on pirate Dave is still there…just like pirate Dave.

Death’s Excellent Vacation Anthology has a theme…vacation. I saw some of my favourite authors in here, but also met a few new authors.

Jeaniene Frost, Katie MacAllister and Toni L.P. Kelner were my favourite of this anthology. Their stories were fabulous and I really liked them.

Charlaine Harris, L.A. Banks and Lilith Saintcrow’s stories were okay. A long with the stories from the authors above they made the book worth to read. But the rest of the short stories weren’t really my kind of reading. Of course I liked one story better than the other, but I have to say some of them were a little weird.

This anthology was overall good to read, I really think that some of the stories were to short for them to tell the story. Sometimes you were missing the clue, so maybe next time they can cut some of the authors and concentrate of getting more pages for the stories.

Trista Ann Michaels - Leave me Breathless

Tessa Williams has a great engineering and physics job at the government, which leaves no person life for her. So her friend Kate convince her to take some time off and explore life, but then the director of NCIS tells her she is in danger and needs to go in protective custody. It appears that the only person besides Tessa, who has access to the new missile launch code, has disappeared. Tessa knows she has to go under for awhile, because she cannot afford being kidnapped for those codes.

Mitch Robbins and Jake Bradley are best friends. Mitch is an investigator for NCIS and Jake their computer specialist. They are assigned to protect this female scientist and they are not happy about it, until they discover its Tessa Williams they need to protect. They both had dated Tessa, but never informed the other about that affair, it seems both men regretted letting her go.

Leave me breathless by Trista Ann Michaels is a great book full of danger, action and some smoking hot scenes.

Tessa is a beautiful, intelligent strong woman and her work is everything to her. But she knows that her job involves some risk and when her partner disappears, she has to go in hiding for awhile to lure out the one who is responsible. When she meets her two protectors, she’s shocked. Mitch and Jake are best friends and both had a brief relationship with her, she cannot ignore the fact that both are still very important to her.

During their hide-out they all discover that they want to act on that chemistry, but is it possible to choose between the two handsome men. Will she destroy their friendship when she chooses one or can they find a way to solve their difference and be together, the three of them?

This was my first book by this author and I have to say it was a pleasure to read it. This novel contains everything I like in an erotica romance novel, two handsome NCIS agents, a strong intelligent woman and their huge chemistry.

I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and see what she has in store for us in the future.
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