maandag 4 oktober 2010

Kelly Meding - Three days to dead

Evangeline “Evy” Stone is a hunter for a secret government agency, that fights against all evil that goes around at night. But then she wakes up in the morgue in someone else’s body. Now she has to find out why she’s in the morgue in the first place, how she died and most importantly who brought her back and why. Evy will have to figure out what she can remember of the hours before her death.

Wyatt Truman is the handler aka supervisor of the team, where Evy were a part of. The team was ambushed and Evy was the only one who survived the attack, but everyone blamed Evy for her team member’s death. The couple of days before her death she was hiding for her agency as well as her enemies. Wyatt is the only one who believes in her and is going to help Evy to recover her memory so they can hunt down her killers and the one responsible for the team member’s death.

Evy also discovers that Wyatt is the one who brought her back to life by making a deal, but everything comes with a catch. They have three days to sort it all out or Evy will be dead for good.

Three days to dead by Kelly Meding is the first novel in her Dreg City Series and I have to say it was a surprise. The story contains a kick ass woman, her handsome and determined handler and some very interesting twists.

Everyone knows by now that I love the strong kick ass heroines, who know how to take care of themselves and Evy is no exception. What I really loved was to see her character struggling with her new body. Her looks are so much different from her own and she inherited some of the emotions from this new body. She is trying real hard to mix everything together so that she is ready when the battle starts.

She’s also struggling with her feelings for Wyatt, she knows they have shared the bed once before she died and Wyatt is very attracted to her now. But why? Is it because o new body and looks or does he really cares for her?

Wyatt is just great, he is strong and super determined to clear Evy’s name and hopefully save his own life on the way. He made a deal with the devil to get Evy back but it might cost him his own soul.

You can tell that this novel is the first in a series, because you see a lot of world building, but it was necessary to understand the whole concept. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and this series.


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