woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Kathleen Dante - Entangled

Kiera Stevens is CEO of her father’s company KidTek and had just discovered that someone in her company is selling her business secrets. If this continued it would ruin her and the business her father built. Kiera has no idea who the traitor is, but it has to be someone with access to the top secret information. To uncover this traitor she needs an undercover agent and turns for help to her childhood friend Dillon Gavin. He runs a top secret agency and could provide her right man for the job.

So Kiera hires security expert John “Lantis” Atlantis to upload the security of her company and to capture the traitor. To have full access to her company and not alarm the spy, they agree to pretend to be lovers, but it has to look real. So Lantis uses his psychic gifts to learn Kiera’s most inner desires and use them in the game. But neither of them expected that the real attraction between would change their life for good.

Entangled by Kathleen Dante is the first book in the EN series. I can tell you that this is one hell of an erotic romance novel with some paranormal treats in it.

Kiera Stevens took over the company when her father died, but now she is desperate, when she discovers a traitor selling secret business information about their toys to another company. She turns to Dillon Gavin for help, a close friend from her childhood and hopefully he can assign one of his agents to uncover the truth.
John Atlantis is retired from the agency and runs his own security company. But his formal partner asks him to help him out with a case. So Lantis finds himself back in the business, he turns his back on years ago. But working with the beautiful Kiera is one of the reasons he took the job.

The story line is fantastic, taking you on a journey full of sexual steamy scenes between the main characters Kiera and Lantis, erotic fantasies. You can see the sparkles flying around.
I’m looking forward to read her next novel Enticed, what happens to be Dillon Gavin’s story.

Intense, erotic and hot, this is a novel that takes you on a very sexy trip into erotica.

Alexis Morgan - In darkness reborn

Barak q’Young is a warrior for the Others, the people of another dimension and the number one enemy of the Paladin warriors. Barak has a gift and wouldn’t use it to help his people escape their world, so he was banished. The only way to live his life is to escape his world and try it in the human world, where the Paladins warriors are living. He earns the respect of the Paladin leader Devlin, when Barak save the life of his wife Dr. Laurel and is put to work by the Paladins. He is assigned to assist Lacey Sebastian, a young geologist.

Lacey Sebastian is a geologist, working to predict the earthquakes of their world and hopefully knows when a portal between the two worlds opens. The moment she hears about her new assistant Barak, an ex-warrior of the Others, she is a little disgust. But the more she works with him and spends time with him; she discovers he is not much different from the Paladins warriors and her brother. Now she finds herself attracted to her enemy, even if he is a friend to the Paladin leader and his wife, her brother wouldn’t approve it. But then Lacey is kidnapped and her life depend on the love of her lover.

In darkness reborn by Alexis Morgan is the third book in her Paladins of Darkness series and another great one. Just like the previous book I was lured into the book from the very beginning and find it difficult to put the book down.

Barak q’Young is a warrior with a gift. He refuses to use that gift to help his people escape their world and was banished. Now he is living in their enemies’ world, along with some of their warriors. Because he saved the life of Laurel Young, the wife of Paladin leader Devlin he is accepted in this world, but not all Paladins are happy about that.
Lacey Sebastian is a geologist and hopes to find a way to predict earthquakes, so they know when a portal between the two worlds opens, hopefully saving a lot of life of the Paladin warriors. Now she has to work with one of their enemies and isn’t happy about that, but can she ignore the attraction between them.

The sub characters, meaning the Paladin warriors are fabulous. Especially Devlin and Trahern, both tough and strong warriors who found women and love in their strange lives. Laurel Young and Brenna Nichols are the women in the warriors’ lives and try to help Lacey deal with her attraction to Barak.

I only can say that I love this series and cannot wait to read the next book Redeemed in darkness. The story will be about Paladin warrior Cullen and Barak’s sister Lusahn, one of the Others.

Shannon Drake - Beneath a blood red moon

There has been a terrible murder in the French Quarter, near Maggie Montgomery’s boutique, where the police found some blood drops just outside her backdoor. So this leads detective Sean Canady right to her doorstep. Maggie is surprised of the blood trail and agrees the detective to help in this investigation in any way she can. Sean is totally attracted to Maggie and begins to pursue her, despite the fact he thinks she holding something back.

Maggie has secrets that she is not willing to share with anyone, especially not with the handsome Sean. But with the return of an old enemy from the past, which wants to destroy her and anyone she loves, she might need to. Maggie feels bad enough about keeping the past from Sean, because their relationship seems to be developing every time they see each other. But when the enemy and her past are closing in and even seems connected with the murders, she knows she has to tell him. But how can she tell Sean she’s a vampire and probably the killer too.

Beneath a blood red moon by Shannon Drake is the first book in the Vampire series and I loved it. She created a world full of danger, true friendship and old love.

The attraction between the two main characters is there right from the moment they meet. Maggie knows she cannot be involved with men, because she is a vampire and doesn’t age. Every few decade she needs to leave her home and live somewhere else, so people can’t discover the truth. Afterwards she returns home as her own daughter and continuing her business. But when Sean appears in her live, she cannot ignore the huge attraction. It even seems he has the same soul as his ancestor, the man she loved dearly.
Sean Canady is a detective and investigates a few brutal murders. When he meets Maggie during these investigations, she turns his world upside down. He cannot believe the huge attraction between them, but knows she’s hiding something. And he is just the man to find out the truth, but can he handle it.

The secondary character I really loved is Lucian, a master vampire and ex-lover of Maggie. When Maggie became a vampire it was Lucian who took her in and teaches her the rules. They separated a few decades ago, but still remains good friends. And when their old enemy comes back to hunt Maggie, he is the one who warns her and even helps her.

This was a good one to read, a normal vampire romance with all the right ingredients, not a heavy paranormal vampire story, but just a simple relaxing one. I really enjoyed reading it and I’m curious to find out what will happen with Lucian in the next novel.

dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Devil may cry

Sin is an ex-God and he is not happy about that. Artemis, goddess of the hunt took Sin’s powers and left him to die. But Acheron “Ash” came to his aid and turned Sin into a Dark Hunter. So Sin has lived many centuries as a Dark Hunter, with a reputation for brutal elimination of demons and humankind. Sin lives in Las Vegas with his own casino. The only hope he has is that one-day he will get his revenge on Artemis and retreat his powers.

Artemis fears Sin will succeed and tries to convince Ash to take him down, but he refuses, so the only other option is to send Katra to Las Vegas to do the job. Katra believes Artemis and what she’s telling her, so she goes to Las Vegas, there she sees Sin brutally decapitating a demon and human and sets them on fire afterwards. Now she is ready to kill the ex-God, but he disappears and during the search for him she almost becomes a victim herself. But the same man she promise to kill is saving her.

But Sin has a burden to carry years, ago he and his twin brother Zakar imprison the gaullu demons in a sealed chamber. Now the gallu demons are about to escape and Sin is the only one who can save humankind. But the demons are holding his brother and without Zakar, Sin won’t be able to stop the gallu demons. Sin has to trust the two women Katra and Artemis, who can destroy him forever.

Devil may cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in the Dark-Dream Hunter series and after reading some less stories, this one was good. I really enjoy reading it and discover more about Katra, Sin, Acheron and Artemis background.

Sin and Katra are right for each other, although they meet before Sin cannot remember it and that is probably for the best. When they meet again in battle Sin believes Katra is Artemis and finally plans his revenge, but things are not going according the plan. When Sin’s worst enemies are trying to escape the sealed chamber, so he needs all the help he can get, even if this means asking a goddess with powerful powers.

The second storyline in this novel is the relationship between Artemis, Acheron and Katra. It was nice to lean more background about Acheron and the bond between Acheron and Artemis, but also between Artemis and Katra. I can truly say I’m really curious about Acheron’s book that man has gone through so much.

Jeaniene Frost - Halfway to the grave

Catherine “Cat” Crawfield is a vampire slayer and made it her priority to take as many as she can get. She has grown up with a hatred of vampires, because her mother was rapped by one and finds herself pregnant with Cat. So basically Cat is half-vampire and that is just enough to fool the vampires and get close to them. During the night Cat patrols, luring vampires in her net and kill them. But then one night she tries to kill Bones, a master vampire and fails.

Master vampire Bones has been watching Cat for a while and knows what she’s doing with the lesser vampires. But he believes she works for the one he hunts and lures her into a trap. Soon enough he discovers the uppers its and even believe she can be useful for his mission. The two of them agree to work together because their goals are the same and Cat begins her training with Bones,

But things are not always what it seems and soon enough Cat and Bones discover a human group with evil reaches to the government. Now Cat is forced to make a difficult choice that will put her life in danger to protect the man she loves.

Halfway to the grave by Jeaniene Frost is a fabulous debut novel and the first one in The Night huntress series. I find myself reading this book and end it a few hours later; it is a story that will lure you into a world full of danger, conspiracies and love.

The main characters Cat and Bones are both strong and determined to succeed in their mission. Cat grew up with the idea all vampires were evil, just like her father. But not all things are what they seem, especially when she meets Bones, a master vampire. After an attack she fails to kill him, but end up being capture by him. Now she is in training and learning to kill the big vampires and slowly fall in love with the very creature her mother warn her about. Bones is a master vampire and is hunting rogues vampires, when he meets Cat. He thinks she is working for the same men he hunts and captures her, but soon enough he discovers she is half-vampire and wants to kill as many as she can get. It is up to him to prove to her, that not all vampires are bad.

Well this is definitely a story that leaves us readers think about what will be in store for us next. It was great to see Cat struggles with her feelings for Bones, when she learns to hate all vampires, but she cannot ignore the feelings growing inside. And when she finally has to make a big decision, to save his life, your heart beat as hard as hers.
Jeaniene Frost really knows how to describe the feelings Cat struggles with. I cannot wait to find out, what she has in store in the next novel.

Heather Grothaus - The warrior

Tristan D’Argent is a knight who has fought many wars for King William. He was abandoned at the age of ten and grew up in a hard and tough world, but that all made him into one of England’s greatest and feared knights. As reward for serving the King, he gets a castle and land to call home, along with a bride. When Tristan arrives at his estate, it is empty but save for a few who sought to live they’re to protect the castle on Tristan’s behalf. Lord Nigel, baron of a neighbouring estate and the stepfather of his betrothed were in charge to take care of the castle, but Lord Nigel is greedy and wants to add this estate to his and is planning to get everything. The first step is already set, the marriage of his stepdaughter Soleilbert to Tristan. But the moment Tristan meets Soleilbert’s younger half-sister Haith, he is not sure of the marriage because Haith is the woman he dreamed of his whole life.

Haith is the younger of the two sisters, although the sisters only sharing the same father it makes their bond even closer. Haith has unusual abilities that have been passed on through her mother’s line. She is a psychic with telekinetic abilities. Since her childhood, Haith has had dreams about a warrior that would be her soul mate and will save her from the brutal Lord Nigel. The moment she meets Tristan in person, she is happy that he finally came, but cannot hurt her sister, who’s marrying him. Now she is a pawn in Lord Nigel’s game to get what he wants, the estate and her as his mistress, all she has to do is lure Tristan in a trap. Haith hopes to find a way to save Tristan and get rid of Lord Nigel, will she succeed?

The warrior by Heather Grothaus is the first novel in her Medieval warriors trilogy and has a great storyline. Here you see a young woman who believes in soul mates and the warrior who eventually saves her.

The main characters Tristan and Haith are two different persons, but meant to be together. They have dreamed of each other since they were children. Tristan always believe the dreams wouldn’t come true, but the moment he meets Haith, he is determined to make her his, Despite the fact he is betrothed with her half-sister and the secrets she keep from him. Haith however believes in her dreams and knows right from the start he is her soul mate. The only problem is that Tristan is betrothed to her sister, who she loves dearly. And she will do anything to keep her sister save, even if this means working with brutal Lord Nigel and hurt the only man she ever loves.

This is definitely a story that will keep you occupied for one evening and lures you into a world full of romance, betrayal and true soul mates. I will definitely try the next novel The champion by Heather Grothaus.

maandag 25 augustus 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Upon the midnight clear

Aiden is an actor who gave everything for the people he loved, but betrayed by the very same people, so he turned into a hard and lonely man. Aiden decided to live in anger and alone on his property in the mountains. The only contact with the outside world is with his manager, who’s trying to lure him back into the real world. But nothing can change his mind, not even the beautiful woman who shows up on his porch.

Leta is a powerful goddess and she needs to feed on Aiden’s anger to captured one of her enemies, the God of Pain. Aiden’s brother Donnie summons the God to kill his brother, but Leta will not let that happen, especially when she meets Aiden in person. After living through the loss of her husband and daughter many years ago, she finally finds love and happiness in another man’s arms.

Upon the midnight clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in the Dark / Dream Hunters series. Although the story is short and the fact that the couple fell in love in just one day, it was a nice novel to read. I was a little disappointed how fast it all went, the couple met, fight, shared dreams and finally win the battle. I believe this should be a full length novel with more romance, it’s what Leta and Aiden deserves. Both of them are strong and very devoted and they both come from an injured past and tries to survive on their own way.
But the moment they meet, they gave each other another meaning in live.

Like I said, it was a very nice short story, I cannot wait to see what happens to Xypher in Dream Chaser, He caught my eye in this novel and want to know more about him

Jasmine Haynes - The fortune hunter

Faith Castle, heiress to Castle Heavy Mining is a kindergarten teacher and really loves her job and life. The only thing missing is having children of her own, but finding the right man who doesn’t want her only for her money of her father’s business is very hard. But then her best friend Trinity introduces her to Conner Kingston, who offers her a deal she’s finds hard to resist or accept.

Conner Kingston is a gorgeous businessman, who has a plan to succeed within a few years. So gathering information about heiress Faith Castle is not difficult. After meeting her on a party, he really wants to marry her. Faith’s desire to have children is his way in. He offers her marriage and children; the only catch is a job in her father’s company and hopefully takes over the business when the time comes. The only thing for him to do is convince Faith to accept his proposal and prove to her, he really wants her.

The fortune hunter by Jasmine Hunter is a great novel with a lot of steamy erotic scenes, humour and true love. Main characters Conner and Faith are so right for each other. From the first moment they meet, the sparkles are flying around. Faith cannot believe that this gorgeous man is really interested in her, a simple nice woman with a size more and a huge bank account. But when Conner tells her he will give her the one thing she wants the most, the proposal he made becomes really interesting.
Conner Kingston is a simple businessman who wants to get somewhere in the business world. So a marriage with heiress Faith Castle will be the step in the right direction. But the marriage takes another turn when Conner really falls in love with Faith and he will do anything to convince her his love is true and forever.

Faith’s best friend Trinity is a beautiful woman and is always the leading lady of the two friends, but very restless. But when Faith tells her the plans with Conner, she want Faith to be careful, because there is a whole lot more at stake, then the heart of her best friend.
Faith’s father is the other important character in this novel. He raised his daughter on his own and will do anything for her. When he hears about Faith’s plan to marry Conner, he is furious but he knows he cannot stop her. So he insists on a marriage contract, with a lot of demands and safety for his daughter.

I really like the relationship between Faith and Conner, although they start the relationship on business terms, you can see the development and the love growing. I believe Miss Jasmine Haynes created a realistic storyline, where a lot of women around the world can relate.
I definitely will read the next novel Show and Tell, what happens to be Trinity’s story.

Karen Marie Moning - Into the dreaming

Aedan MacKinnon has sacrificed his own freedom to the Unseelie King to save his family and his clan. He will spend 5 human years in the Dark Fey land, but what Aedan doesn’t know is that life in the Fey land isn’t changing like the real world. So for five centuries he has been brainwashed, tortured and turned into the Unseelie King personal vengeance. But Aedan gets help from an unexpected source, the Seelie Queen, without even knowing.

Jane Sillee has dreamed of Aedan her whole life. He was her friend during childhood and now the only man she ever want. Then one day she receives an old tapestry and her dream man became real, her soul mate, his image woven into the tapestry with his name, Aedan MacKinnon. So when Jane feels asleep that night with the tapestry near, she finds herself awakening in ancient Scotland. Jane has no idea how she got there and why. But when she realizes Aedan is there, she knows this is her change to spend her life with the man of her dreams. The only thing she has to do is break the curse. If she cannot win Aedan’s love within 30 days, he will serve the Unseelie King forever.

Into the dreaming by Karen Marie Moning is a very short novel, only 133 pages long, but the short story was fabulous to read.
The two main-characters are just right for each other. Jane finds herself back in time to save the only man she ever loves, even though she never met him in person. When she realizes that she has only 30 days to convince Aedan of her love and break the curse. She is determined to do just that.
Aedan MacKinnon sold his soul to the Unseelie King, not knowing it will break him. He believes to serve the King for 5 human years, but was tricked. The Unseelie King forgot to mention that is was Faery years and that is five centuries. So when he finally serve his time, he would spend 30 days in the human world as promise, but if love cannot convince him in that period he will return to the King and serve him as vengeance. But a small young woman will do anything to prevent that.

I can truly say Karen Marie Moning is one of my favorite authors. She has a way of mixing humor and romance together in a novel and I really enjoy spending an afternoon with this small novel. After reading the Highlander series, this short story is a great addition to your shelves.

J.R. Ward - Lover enshrined

Phury has searched for years, to find his twin brother Zsadist, who was kidnapped as an enfant. Both brothers are Black Dagger Warriors, an elite of men who protect the rest of the human and vampire race from their enemies. Now his brother has found happiness with Bella and a baby on the way, but Phury still suffers from guilt and pain that his twin suffered from. To control the pain, he becomes addicted to the Red Smoke, a drug that allows him to escape his emotional pain. But soon enough the addiction take control of his life and he is becoming a danger to the Brotherhood. The only thing to do is to put the Brotherhood behind him and take full responsibly to become the Primale of the Chosen, the father of the next generation of warriors.

Cormia is one of the Chose and the Primal first mate; hopefully she will bear the first of the next generation of warriors. Although she is his first mate, every other Chosen will also trying to bear the Primale’s children. After spending time with Phury and falls in love with him, Cormia is not sure if she is willing to share him with the other females, it would only break her heart. She’d rather give him up and the world she grown to love, than to bear the heartache of sharing Phury.

Phury is becoming more and more addicted and soon it will not be enough. He’s falling in love with Cormia, but would probably loose her if he cannot overcome his addiction. But can he also take other Chosen to his bed, or can he come up with a solution to have Cormia, his warrior life and the next generation of warriors.

Quote Phury – Zsadist:
He shook his head again.” I don’t think I’m wrong to ask for some acknowledgment. I’ve been invisible in this family all my live.” There was a stretch of silence. Then Z spat “For fuck’s sake, get off the cross. Someone else needs the wood.”

This is the sixth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and I believe it is a great one. In Vishous’s story you could taste the new direction J.R. Ward was going and she continued this in Phury’s book. Not a normal romance story anymore, but a book with two or three storylines. Beside the storyline about Phury and Cormia, we find Rhevenge and his secret life and of course John, Qhuinn and Blay are definitely getting their own place in the book.

The relationship between Phury and Cormia starts slow, but when Phury finally realize she is the one for him and only she. He will finds a way to have her and come with a plan to secure the next generation of warriors with the Chosen. The whole thing about his addiction was good; we all know he was addicted and it wasn’t a surprise to find out how deep in was in this stuff.

The other great thing in the book was the relationship between Zsadist and Phury, of course Zsadist is himself, all hard and straight to the point, but that is just the way we love him. And Phury needs that to see what he’s doing with his life and finally takes matters in his own hands.

And of course the great bond between John, Blay and Qhuinn. The way those three get along, is fabulous to read about. Just the way they defend each other is just fabulous, you could say they are brothers for live and I really like that. They are part of the warriors now.

I truly can say I enjoyed the story and I cannot wait to read more about Rhevenge and his secret life.

woensdag 20 augustus 2008

Sydney Croft - Unleashing the storm

Tom “Ender” Knight is an assassin for ACRO, a special agency for covert rare operatives. His latest mission is to bring animal-lover Kira Donovan in with her own special gift; on her own free will or when she refuses eliminate her. At all cost she must not fall in the hands of their enemy.

Kira Donovon knows she has a gift; she has a special bond with all kind of animals that allows her to communicate with them. But once a year during springtime, she will get into heat and needs to mate or she will die. So when her to male farm helps disappears she panics, now she’s forced to replace the hired help. But then Tom Knight shows up for the job. Kira knows she cannot let him go, because he is everything she needs in a mate.

Main-characters Tom and Kira are great together, from the first moment they lay eyes on each other, the sparkles are flying around. Of course Kira’s heat is helping them in that way, but you cannot ignore the fact the chemistry between them is huge. Tom “Ender” Knight is one of the special agents at ACRO with his own special gift. His last mission is simple, bring the animal-lover Kira in and when she refuses, eliminate her and that is just the problem. Ton cannot ignore the feelings and attraction between them, but he has to make a big decision, because their enemy is close.
Kira Donovan knows she has a gift and loves it, but the only bad thing about the gift is the springtime period. Her heat will be huge and she cannot survive without the mating part. So two male farm helps would help to do the job, but somehow they disappear. But then Tom Knight ends up at her doorstep and springtime sound not so bad at all.

Just like in the first novel, you find a secondary storyline, head of the ACRO group Devlin O’Malley has his own paranormal skill, but for some reason their a banded him, because secret information ends up in the hands of their enemy. Will he be able to find the spy in time? Of course Annika & Creed are back too and their relationship is still strange, but huge. I’ll hope to read more about them in the next novel.

Unleashing the storm by Sydney Croft is the second novel in the ACRO series and I loved it.
The attraction between the main-characters is huge and the sex-scenes are hot and steamy.
I have to warn you, if you don’t like erotica, then don’t read this book because the sex-scenes are frequent and steamy. Let me say…I’m curious to read more about this secret agency and their agents.

Gena Showalter - The darkest fire

Greyon sold his soul to the devil to save his wife, but she left him as soon as he had to pay the deal Now he is the guardian of the gates of hell The only bright light in his life is the daily appearing of the goddess who inspects the walls. But then one day she approaches him, there is a little crack in the wall and she needs his help to fix it. But Greyon cannot leaves his place at the gate, until Lucifer himself orders it.

Kadence is the goddess of Oppression and the one responsible that the wall between hell and the human world keep intact. So she visit and inspects the wall, but one day she finds a little crack in the wall. She needs Greyon’s help to fix the problem, but she has to face Lucifer first to release Greyon from his duties.

The darkest fire by Gena Showalter is the prequel in the Lord of the underworld series. This story is short, sensual and easy to read. You can say it’s a beauty and the beast story.
This e-book is a very nice teaser for the rest of the series. I cannot wait to read the next novel.

Denise Hampton - The warrior's damsel

Sir Rafe Godsol, the youngest of three brothers sees widow Lady Katherine de Fraisney at a wedding of one of his best friends. From that moment Rafe decides that she is the woman he will marry, even though his older brother tells him she is the daughter of the very man who killed their father. But that is not the only problem; Katherine has vowed to never marry again after her first marriage.

Widow Katherine de Fraisney is back under the care of her brutal father, after her husband died. Her father decides to find a second husband for Katherine as soon as possible. When Rafe Godsol appears in Katherine’s life, she feels attracted to him but keep him away because of the war between their families. But when her father learns that Rafe is seducing his daughter, he plans to kill Rafe.

Will Rafe be able to defend himself against the attack? And will Katherine believe him when he tells her he loves her and that he isn’t after her money?

Although the main-characters Rafe and Katherine starting off the wrong foot, its Rafe determination to win her heart that steels the show. His attentions are wrong at first, but during his courting he learns to love the beautiful Katherine and will do anything to convince her that his love is true.
Katherine doesn’t want to marry anymore. Her first marriage was arranged at childhood and without love. But her brutal father decides otherwise and is looking for another husband, although the King left the actual decision with Katherine herself. She meets Rafe at a wedding and feel the huge attraction between them, but doesn’t want to give her heart so easily.

The warrior’s damsel by Denise Hampton is an entertaining romance novel with betrayal, enemies, true friendship and love. It was nice to read a lovely historical romance after reading some strong paranormal novels. Miss Denise Hampton made me curious enough to try her next novel in the warrior’s series and see what happens to one of Rafe’s best friends.

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