woensdag 10 november 2010

Maya Banks - Sweet Persuasion

Serena has her own business, she helps people to fulfil their dreams and it’s very successful. But Serena has a wild fantasy of her own and when she is with her best friend Faith and Julie one night, she confides them with her fantasy. Serena wants to be owned by a man, giving him complete control and let him love and cherish her.

Her friend Faith puts her in contact with Damon Roche, the owner of the club “The House”, where men and women can fulfil their sexual fantasies. When Damon hears Serena’s fantasy he knows he found the woman he’s waiting for all his life. Now he has to convince her to let him be that man and make it a permanent relationship.

Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks is the second novel in her Sweet Series and another steamy hot novel.

Serena is an independent strong woman, who has a successful business, but there is something missing in her life, because she has a wild fantasy and doesn’t really know how to fulfil it. The only thing she wants is to have a man for a time being, who will own her in every way, giving him total control of her life. When she meets Damon she isn’t really sure if another man is capable of that job, in her heart she wants him.

Damon Roche always had a dream of finding that one particular woman who isn’t afraid to let herself go and let him control her in every way possible. When Serena contacts him and tells him about her fantasy, he knows she is the one. It will take some time for him to convince her to let their temporally relationship go and make it a permanent one. Luckily for Damon their mutual friends will do anything to help them on their path.

The love and trust between Serena and Damon is huge, it’s great to see Damon in command but with Serena’s interest on top, he will make sure her pleasure comes first. I have to say, I really enjoy reading this book because the characters are awesome, but I have to be honest I couldn’t give myself to a man in that way.

It was great to see the other characters again, Faith and Gray are a fabulous couple, Micah is growing more and more; he is definitely one of my favourites. But I also cannot wait to see more of Julie, Nathan, Connor and Cole. I hope Miss Banks will write stories about them all.


Aimee zei

This one just might be my favorite of the series so far! I'm glad you liked it!

Lady Caella zei

Well I have to say Micah is my favorite character of the series, but this book is also one of my favorites. The whole series is fabulous...cannot wait to read more...

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