maandag 4 oktober 2010

Olivia Gates - The once and future prince

The King of Castaldini is very sick and has to select his successor soon. But there are strict rules of this small Island, the new king must be chosen freely, not just by bloodline. There are three men who could take over this position, but they all have made one major downfall in the past which makes them ineligible according to the law.

Leandro D’Agostino is the former prince and ambassador of Castaldini, and probably the best choice to be the next successor, but he was banished from his homeland. So the king asks Phoebe Alexander to visit Leandro and convince him to come back and try to convince the council to become the next king. Phoebe and Leandro have a history together and she isn’t that happy to take this job, but her beloved friend and king need her to succeed.

Leandro D’Agostino was forced to leave his Island many years ago, but it all turned out great for him because he became a very successful businessman. Leandro never could forget Phoebe, the woman he was having a secret affair with and the one he left behind. Phoebe broke off their relationship after declining Leandro’s offer and the never spoke to each other again, until the day she appear on his doorstep with a proposition he needs to listen to.

The once and future prince by Olivia Gates is the first book in the Castaldini Crown Trilogy and I have to say it was a nice entertaining book. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance and the urban fantasy, but this Silhouette book was a pleasant change between those other books.

I really liked Phoebe Alexander. She fell in love with Leandro years ago and kept their relationship hidden because Leandro couldn’t afford a scandal and she always thought they would end up together in the future. But when Leandro was forced to leave the Island and made the offer to continue their relationship in secrecy, she declined his offer and left him. But when she meets him again after all these years, the huge attraction is still there.

Leandro is a gorgeous successful businessman, but I have to admit that sometimes I didn’t like him very much, especially when he blackmailed Phoebe. If she wanted him to return to the Island and maybe becoming the next king, she had to agree to his terms in their new relationship. For awhile all goes well between them, until he accuses her of something she didn’t do. I just wanted to smack him against the head and tell him to listen to her explanations. It was fun to see that Phoebe let him crawl thru dust at the end when he apologizes to her.

I’m definitely going to check out the other two books in this series and see if the other two candidates for the thrown and their heroines are as great as Phoebe and Leandro.


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