dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Cat Adams - Blood Song

Celia Graves is a bodyguard in a world where vampire’s hunts humans at night and demons are rare. Her latest client is a visiting prince and it seems to be an easy job, but nothing seems what it looks like. They run into a pack of vampires in the back of an ally of this nightclub and Celia is fighting for her life. She’s able to kill some of the vampires, but she receives a bite from one of the master vampire and loose unconsciousness.

Celia thinks she is going to die, but wakes up, shackled to a metal medical table in the University lab, where some of her friends are working. It appears her best buddy Kevin got her out and took her with him. But Celia is an abomination, neither fully human nor vampire. Kevin and his mage friend Jones are telling her that her “master” will try to hunt her down thru their bond in order to kill her or turn her. But Celia is determined to hunt him down first during the day and kills him before he gets to her.

But that is not all; she has to get to the police and sees what they are going to do about her attack and the death of her friend and fellow bodyguard. Together with a cop she is going under a memory-enhancement spell to get more details of the attack and discover that there is also a demon involved. So she has to accept all the help she can get to survive this mess.

Blood Song by Cat Adams is the first novel in the Blood Singer Series. I’ve known Cat Adams as the writing duo C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp and I love their Tales of the Sazi Series. So I couldn’t ignore this new series and had to try it out.

I have to say I love the main character Celia Graves, she is strong and determined, she won’t give up easily especially after what she’s been forced to go through. Her childhood wasn’t easy, her father left them when she was a little girl, her sister died at a young age and her relationship with her mother isn’t what it should be. Now her situation of being an abomination is giving her more stress, but with the help of a cop, her ex-boyfriend Bruno and her best werewolf friend Kevin, she is able to sort some of this out.

The only downside of this book is the little cliff-hanger, it seems to be a trend to leave readers a little frustrated at the end of a book and I do not like it one bit. I want to know what will happen with Celia now….luckily for us readers the second book Siren Song is not far away.


Megan Marie zei

I keep meaning to read this book. I see it like every time I go to the library but I always end up leaving with something else.

P.S. Letting you know that I love reading your blog and HERE is an award :D

Lady Caella zei

Well you should give this book a try, the next time you are at the library.

Thanks for reading my blog...and WOW, I've have an award...thank you so much!

Megan Marie zei

You are entirely welcome :) You definitely deserve it!!

A Question Of ITIL zei

Brilliant series!
If you didn't know, Tor currently has e-book sale with Cat Adams Song series going for $2.99!

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