maandag 8 april 2013

Cover Reveal - Skin Deep by T.G. Ayer

Title: Skin Deep
Series: Darkworld Series
Volume: 1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publication Date: 30th April 2013
Format: Paperback, E-Book & Hardback
Publisher: Infinite Ink
Pages: 390
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Panther Shape-shifter Kailin Odel just wants to be normal. Leaving her clan, and her Alpha responsibilities, to live with her grandmother in Chicago had been the best thing for her. Only then did she discover her ability to track and kill the soul sucking undead creatures called Wraiths. Now she protects the humans, and has something to be ...proud of.

But, when she discovers the body of a murdered shape shifter, Kailin has to come to terms with the reality that her own kind are just as vulnerable as the humans.

The closer Kailin gets to the killer the more she has to face the intricacies of her people. When the time comes, can she accept who and what her real purpose is?    


"The cold cocking of guns set my body on fire.

It also did something worse. With mortal fear gripping me, my imminent Change wasn't taking second place anymore. My body churned the fear and my Panther grasped at the visceral power of the adrenalin in my veins.

I ran.

A gunshot echoed around the garden, the sound ping-ponging off the aging brick walls of the surrounding apartment buildings.

I gasped as a blast of searing pain slammed into me.

As a bullet buried itself deep within my shoulder."

dinsdag 2 april 2013

T.G. Ayer - Release Skin Deep

I’m thrilled to be one of the blogs revealing the release date of T.G. Ayer's new book SKIN DEEP ~ The release date of this new book is April 30th, 2013.

I cannot wait to read this first book in her new series !!
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