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New Layout

Wow...I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I opened my new blog. It's fantastic! I was thinking about another design for months now, but like so many of you know I'm not that good with creating something like this. But thanks to Barbara and her design, I have an amazing new blog.

maandag 25 januari 2010

Sarah McCarty - Sam's Creed

Texas Ranger Sam MacGregor is one of the Hell’s Eight members. He and the other Hell’s Eight men are looking for Desi’s missing twin sister before their enemy will. But during his investigation he come across some burnt out shells of wagons and under one of them he finds Isabella Montoya. She is hiding for someone and demands him to take her with him. Sam cannot let a woman in need behind and will take her to the next town. But during their journey he cannot keep his eyes off her and the only thoughts he is having, is taming her.

Isabella Montoya has been running from Tejala for several months now. This Tejala guy has been trying to force her to marry him, so get will get her ranch, but Isabella escaped. So when she meets one of the notorious Hell’s Eight men, she knows Sam could help her with Tejala, the only thing she needs to do is convince him to help her. But what Isabella doesn’t know is the moment she and Sam are getting involved; she’s becoming Hell’s Eight too.

Sam’s Creed by Sarah McCarty is the second novel in the Hell’s Eight series and again a fabulous novel. I’m a huge fan of these Hell’s Eight men and I love reading this book and found out more about Sam’s past and his character.

The attraction between Sam and Bella is there from the start, but Sam’s knows he has a mission to fulfil and cannot be involved in any relationship. But Bella is stubborn and very determined to get Sam and if that means throw out every weapon she’s got, then she will. When Sam’s finds out that Tejala and his men are after Bella, so he can force her to marry her, he is determined to get her safe to her mother, but he cannot know he will loose his heart to this wild chica.

Of course we see some of the other Hell’s Eight men, all impressive with their own past to deal with. I cannot wait to find out more about some of them. The only rule these men have is the moment you become a part of the Hell’s Eight family, they will do anything in their power to protect to. So Isabella is quite safe with all those strong men around her.

In the past I didn’t read as much novels about cowboys or Texas rangers, because that wasn’t really my thing, but Sarah McCarty convinces me otherwise. She creates a fabulous world, where gorgeous rangers struggling with their past and protect the innocent against evil. When one of those rangers falls in love, then he will do anything in his power to keep her safe.

A little warning the sex scenes are hot and steamy, but if you don’t mind that then this is definitely a great novel. I’m looking forward to see what will happen with Tucker, in Sarah McCarty next novel Tucker’s claim.

Rhyannon Byrd - Edge of hunger

Molly Stratton is psychic and she doesn’t want anyone to know, because when people found out they are reacting strange around her and treat her differently. But Elaine Buchanan is deceased and persisted that Molly listens to her. Elaine wants Molly to contact her son Ian and tell him about his destiny. Molly cannot ignore Elaine and pack her things and is going to pay a visit to this Ian Buchanan.

Ian Buchanan left home at an early age and tries to live a normal life. His mother Elaine always told him there was something special about their family. So when Molly, a psychic shows up on his doorstep and informs him that his deceased mother contacted her to warn him, he doesn’t believe her. Molly warns him that someone close to him is going to die if he doesn’t prevent it, but Ian sends her away. But then Kendra, a close friend of Ian is killed and he fears that Molly was right all along.

When Ian and Molly share the same dream and things become real, Ian knows he has to embrace what he really is.

Edge of Hunger by Rhyanna Bird is the first novel in the Primal Instincts series and a real surprise. This Urban Fantasy romance will hold your attention all the way through until you finish it.

Molly Stratton is a young woman with a gift, at an early age she is able to get messages from deceased people. When Elaine Buchanan contacts her and asks her to talk to her stubborn son Ian to explain things to him about his heritage and to warn him, Molly agrees. But Ian doesn’t believe what Molly is telling him, his mother wasn’t there when he needed her when he was younger, so why should he listen to her now she is dead. But then the warming Molly gave him comes true and he knows he has to listen to her.

Apparently his mother failed to warn him about his Merrick Supernatural blood that he has to embrace without questioning. Centuries ago, the Buchanan ancestors fought, defeated but where not able to eliminate evil Gasus. Now this evil escaped his banishment, returns to Earth and is trying to kill Ian and everyone he loves.

I have to be honest Molly and Ian had me from the first moment they met. The attraction was there and when they shared the same dream together, I found myself turning page after page to find out what will happen to them next. Both of them have to accept the unknown danger and work together to fight it.

This novel has all the right ingredients to make a good story, a determined psychic, a stubborn hero and an evil bastard to make it all complete. I cannot wait to read more about this Merrick blood and to see what will happen to the other two Buchanan siblings in the following books.

Elizabeth Amber - Raine

The Satyr brothers Nicolas, Raine and Lyon were commanded to marry three human-fae half sisters, daughters of King Feydon, to keep them save from evil.

The second brother Raine saw his brother Nicolas fell in love with one of the sisters and did in fact marry her. Now it’s up to Raine to find the second sister. But Raine has no intentions to marry again; he has been burned by a woman in the past, so his trust isn’t easily given, especially when it affects the true identity of his brothers and himself. But meeting Jordan and discovering the truth about her is a whole other ballgame.

Jordan knows from an early age that she is different from all the other women; she has some abnormalities that her Faery blood did to her body. And as long as she can remember she and her mother have been blackmailed to do things that she doesn’t want. But from the moment Jordan meets Raine, she knows her life is about to changes. But can she share her secrets with him or is he going to hurt her eventually.

Raine by Elizabeth Amber is the second novel in The Lords of Satyr series and definitely a surprise. I knew from the first book that this was going to be a different kind of erotica then I’m normally read, but definitely worth it.

Raine is definitely the toughest of the three Satyr brothers. He was married before but his faithless ex-wife tried to ruin his family and started rumors about the brothers. So Raine doesn’t trust easily, especially women but that is about to change when he meets Jordan. Jordan is scared to tell Raine her hidden secret about her inheritance and her body, but the joy she feels is overwhelming when Raine accepts who she is and what she really is.

It was fun to read how the tough determined Raine, who didn’t wanted a marriage falls deeply in love with Jordan. But I have to warn you, there are some pretty hot, steamy and strange scenes between the main characters. I know that a lot of the readers don’t really appreciate that kind of stuff, but I don’t mind.

After reading both Nicolas and Raine, I’m definitely looking forward to the Rake of the brothers. I know Lyon is looking for the third sister and I’m curious to see what kind of woman she is and what her gift of her Faery blood will be. Well there is only one way to find that out.

Colleen Gleason - As shadows fade

Victoria Gardella, Vampire slayer or Illa Gardella venator as she is called, knows she has to make the hardest decision in her life. For quite some time now, two men have been fighting for her heart and it’s time to make her final decision between Max and Sebastian.

But that is not all she is been worried about, Wayren is kidnapped by some demons and the only way to get her out of there is with the help of Lilith, Queen of the vampires. Victoria knows the price will be high when she accepts the Queen’s help, but it’s the only way to close the portal to hell and save Wayren and the world.

As Shadows fade by Colleen Gleason is the fifth and final novel in her Gardella Series and definitely one of the best in the series. She captured the world so perfectly, that readers are lured into the adventures Victoria, Max and Sebastian experience.

I’m glad to finally see that Victoria has made her choice between the two hot and gorgeous men, Max and Sebastian. We all know that Max was under a spell by vampire queen Lilith and she made it quite clear that she wants him back at her side. But what surprise me the most was Sebastian, who gave up everything just to see Victoria happy, I cannot believe the sacrifice he made at the end of the novel.

I have to say I felt sorry for the one who didn’t end up with Victoria. My mind was telling me “what is she thinking?”, but in my heart I knew she made the right and only choice she could make. You clearly can see that this series and especially the last novel weren’t all about danger and killing vampires/demons, you find that the romance and making the right choices is the key to this novel.

I truly can say that this series is one of my favorite vampire series and I hope Colleen Gleason decides to write more in this genre in the near future.

Colleen Gleason - When twilight burns

Victoria Gardella, one of the youngest Illa Gardella venators is dealing with the fact that she drank vampire Beauregard’s blood. Nobody knows what will happen with Victoria after all of this, it’s possible that she turns into the very creature she hunts every night. But because of the two “vis bulla’s”, a piercing that give powers to the ventator, Victoria was able to hold back the turning.

When she is healed enough, Victoria returns to London where her mother immediately starts planning for her to get back in the world of the ton and another marriage. But Victoria has other things on her mind, because it seems that Lilith, Queen of the Vampires is back in London too. So Victoria, Max and Sebastian have to find out what Lilith wants and prevent that from happing.

When twilight burns by Colleen Gleason is the fourth novel in her Gardella series. I just love the whole regency rules and balls mixed up with the vampire and demon slaying. Who would have thought that a young woman, wearing layers of fabric can really slay a vampire?

We already know that Victoria is strong, determined and the youngest venator every. This book continues where The Bleeding Dusk left off. Victoria was bitten by Vampire Beauregard and was force to drink his blood in return, hoping that she will turn into the very creature she has been fighting against. But luckily for her wearing two “vis bulla’s” saved her from turning, but make her even stronger than she already were.

Her attraction to the two men in her life is still very strong. Sebastian is the great-grandson of vampire Beauregard and is determined to wind Victoria’s heart once and for all, maybe even make her his wife. She is attractive to him and they even shared some passionate nights together, but her heart is telling her something else.
Max is the other men and also a venator. But he was under a spell by Lilith and he isn’t sure if that spell is totally gone. Although his heart is telling him to love the woman he cares about, his mind is telling him something else. Victoria is in danger and the only thing to keep Lilith of her back is leaving her behind.

Ever time I pick up a book in the Gardella Series I’m wondering how this love triangle between Victoria, Max and Sebastian will go. Who will she choose? I think we have to wait a little longer to find that out.

A terrific vampire series settle in London and Italy with two strong male characters, fighting to win the heart of the woman they love. Well what kind of woman wouldn’t want that…two men fighting over her.

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