vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

Jeaniene Frost - Eternal kiss of darkness

Mencheres is one of the oldest vampire around and he recently discovered that he has nothing to life for anymore. He lost his ability to see the future, so in order to save his vampire family line, he merged them with the family line of Bones, who he sees as a son. So if something happens to him in the near future, he knows that his vampires and companions are taken care off. His life is in danger, because his Uncle Radjedef will do anything to destroy him, so he can have Mencheres’s powers, powers he believes belong to him.

Now Mencheres is facing a pair of ghouls who think they can torture a four thousand year old vampire with their simple silver-blades. He cannot believe his eyes when a human woman steps out of the darkness and tries to save him. Now her life is in danger when the ghouls attack her, Mencheres knows he needs to save her and hopefully erase her memory before he sends her home.

Kira Graceling is a private investigator and cannot ignore a cry for help. So when she walks home one night and hears some evil laughter and some screaming in an a banded warehouse, she calls for back-up, get her gun and see if she can help the victim. She never imagined to come across some ghouls, who are trying to kill her and a very old vampire who save her life, and then kill the ghouls by just looking at them when their heads exploding.

Mencheres takes Kira home with him to see if he can erase her memory of their existence and be on his way. But nothing is as easy as it seems, because it appears Kira is immune to their kind hypnotising and after he sends her home he cannot forget her.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost is the second novel in her Night Huntress World Series and I have to say it out loud, she did it again. Jeaniene Frost wrote another amazing novel in this vampire world we love so much.

I knew Mencheres was a powerful vampire, but I have to be honest that I didn’t have any high expectations of his book, because he wasn’t one of my favorite characters in the Night Huntress Series. But after reading his book I have to admit I was wrong about him, he was amazing.

Kira is a strong, smart and independent woman, who will go after the things she wants. She even tries to support her sick sister in every way she can. I believe Jeaniene Frost did a great job with Kira; she’s the perfect partner for Mencheres. She’s determined to make him see that everything happens for a reason and not to give up.

Radjedef is the real threat to Mencheres, as his Uncle he truly believe that Mencheres powers belong to him and he will find a way to get those powers, even if that means using his position as a Guardian to their kind. Radjdef is also responsible what will happen with Kira, because he thinks he will have Mencheres on his knees.

I love the fact that we saw some of the characters out of the Night Huntress Series, Cat and Bones made their appearance and my favorite vampire Vlad. I really hope he will get his own book too in the near future.

This novel is another fabulous one by Jeaniene Frost; it’s full of the thing we love the most, strong powerful vampires, smart courageous women and a bunch of fabulous friends who will have your back no matter what. I cannot wait to see what will happen in the next book.


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