woensdag 16 juli 2008

Christina Dodd - Into the shadow

Adrik “Warlord” Wilder is the third son to Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinksi made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Just like his father and brothers, Adrik can shift into a hunting animal; he is able to shift into a black panther. Adrik is the black sheep of the family since the age of sixteen, when he was able to shift and enjoy it, against the protest of his father. When the dark side of the curse takes over, he leaves his family behind and travels to Europe and Asia, where he became the Warlord.

Karen Sonnet is a project manager in her father’s company. Right now she’s in the Himalayan Mountains to build a huge hotel and hopefully makes her father very proud. But they are running behind when they discover the remains of a young child with an icon and some gold on the construction side, that appears to be sacrifice many years ago. So when the earth suddenly begins to shake, Karen grabs the icon and run. Out of nowhere a black motorcycle with a gorgeous male appears and rescues her. Karen is shocked to discover that this is the same man who visits her at night.

The moment Adrik sees the attractive Karen he wants her, so when the mountain begins to rumble, the only thing he can do is save her. But when he discovers Karen is carrying one of the icon pieces that can break the family curse, he knows she is his destiny.

The attraction between Adrik and Karen is huge from the very beginning. Adrik Wilder left home and his family, when the darkness inside him took over. So he travels the world and ends up as the Warlord in Asia, consuming more evil in him during wars and battles. The moment he meets Karen Sonnet, everything is about to change.
Karen Sonnet is the only daughter of Jason Henderson and would do anything to make her father proud, even if this means she has to build a hotel right on top of a Himalayan Mountain. On one day she discovers the remains of a child, holding a icon in his hands and when the rumble begin, her instincts kicks in and she grabs the icon and run…. right into the arms of her nightly lover.

We see characters return from the previous novels. Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Adrik’s parents and the heart of the family. Jasha, the eldest son and his wife Ann. Rurik, the second son and his wife Tasha. The only daughter in the family, Firebird. And of course we see a lot of bad Varinki’s chasing the Wilder family to prevent them breaking the curse.

Into the shadow by Christina Dodd is the third novel in the Darkness Chosen series and a fabulous novel. I recently read the first two novels in this series and I knew right from the beginning I had another addiction in my hands. This series lured me into a world full of gorgeous alpha males, a curse to break, danger and true romance.

The next novel in line will be Into the flame and I’m very curious about that novel, because in the last chapter of Into the shadow we find a very shocking discovery and I want to find out more.

Jacquelyn Frank - Damien

Damien, the Prince of all vampires, rules his people with an iron fist. He wants the best for his people; even if this means that he has to put his own needs to the backgrounds. Vampires are known to be cold and ruthless, so Damien accepts that he will never find a mate. During the last battle against Demon traitor Ruth, they discovered a library full of books with the histories of the Nightwalkers. Now all Nightwalkers, Lycanthropes, Demons, Shadowdwellers and vampires are working together to research these books. By working together instead of fighting, they hope the bond between the races can grow even stronger. Damien decides to go to the library just because he is curious to see what they will discover.

Syreena, the Lycanthrope princess and the sister of Sienna has many gifts and can shift into different forms. Sienna asks her to be guard of the library and of course she can refuse her sister and agrees, not knowing she would meet the arrogant vampire prince Damien again. But when Syreena is attacked and captured by traitor Ruth, it is Damien who comes after her and rescues her.

Damien and Syreena both know they are not meant for each other, but cannot ignore the strong attraction between them. For the first time in his long life Damien experience how it feels to love someone, but not anyone… his mate. But there are some people who will make sure their relationship will fail.

Damien by Jacquelyn Frank is the fourth novel in The Nightwalkers series and I don’t have to say out loud, that it is another great novel in this series. I just love the way Jacquelyn Frank mingles the different species together with the danger and the romance.

The main-characters Damien and Syreena already meet each other briefly in Elijah’s book and from that moment Damien believes Syreena is special. Because vampires don’t mate for life, Damien stays away from Syreena and goes on with his life. Nevertheless Destiny has other plans for them and let them fall in love with each other, even though not everyone is happy about that and will try to destroy their relationship.

I really love the returning secondary characters from the previous novels. Sienna, Syreena’s sister and Queen of the Lycanthrope and her husband Elijah. Noah, King of the Demons and a good friend of Damien. Of course we find some new characters, Tristan, leader of the Shadowdwellers and his sister. Female vampire Jasmine, who is the right-hand and close friend of Damien. She’s been in Damien’s life for five hundred years and knows him really good. She is not happy to see him with Syreena, but cannot ignore the fact that Syreena makes him happy.
And the traitor Ruth is still plotting her attack on all The Nightwalkers and she will do anything to hurt them.

I honestly can say I’m a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank and her Nightwalkers. When I read one of her books, it pulls me right in and I find myself trapped in a world full of danger, betrayal, gorgeous alpha males and romance.
I cannot wait till Noah’s story comes out and see what she has in store for him.

Toni Blake - Tempt me tonight

Trish Henderson returns to her hometown to help her parents to close and sell their diner. She wants it done as quickly as possible, because there is one person she doesn’t want to run into. Joe Ramsey, her highschool sweetheart broke her heart many years ago and Trish left for college and never looked back. Now Trish is living in Indy, works as an attorney and could even be partner in a short time. When she runs into gorgeous Joe Ramsey the very first night out, all the emotions and pain from the past come back. So she decides it is time for payback, one passionately night together sould do it and then she would leave and never look back.

Joe Ramsey, a succesfully car mecanic and owner of a garage cannot believe his eyes when he runs into Trish Henderson. She is still the most beautifull woman he has ever seen and knows she is the one he still loves. Joe is determined to make up for the wrongs in their past and show Trish she’s the only woman for him. At first Trish refuses his advances, so Joe becomes even more persistent to seduce her once again.

Just when the two of them have put the past behind them, it seems to come right back. Is their relationship strong enough to survive it this time?

The main-characters Trish and Joe are a perfect fit. They were highschool sweethearts and their relationship was strong and solid, but one little mistake on Joe’s behalf destroyed everything. Now several years later they face each other again and the huge attraction is still there. Trish is still hurt and cannot put her heart on the line again, but Joe determination is huge and he will do anything to let Trish see, she’s the only woman he loves and wants.

As secondary characters we see Trish’s parents, who decided to sell their diner they have for years and retire on their farm. The two best friends of Trish and Joe are determined to see them back together and finally be happy again.

Tempt me tonight by Toni Blake is a great novel with a terrific storyline. The way she wrote this story is fabulous, just a story you can find in the real life. This novel lured me into a world full of passion, hurt and true love. I could really relate myself with Trish and Joe and their difficulties. I fell for Trish with her pain, but also understood the determined of Joe to do anything for the love of his life.

I can truly say this first novel I read by Toni Blake was one that kept me enthralled. I will definitely read some more of her work.

maandag 7 juli 2008

Christina Dodd - Touch of darkness

Rurik Wilder is the second son of Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinski made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Just like his father and brothers Rurik can shift into an animal, Rurik ability is to change into a hawk. After visiting his family during the holidays Rurik Wilder is heading back to his just discover ancient crypt, believing this could be the tomb that holds all the answers and maybe the second piece of the icon to break the curse that is destroying his father’s live. When he arrives at the scene he discovers Tasya Hunnicutt is back.

Tasya Hunnicutt is a photographer and is hired to take pictures of the ancient crypt, but she has a hidden agenda. Ever since her parents were killed, she sworn to take revenge on their murders the Varinki’s and she believe that somewhere in the tomb, she will find some answers. But she never expected to bomb into her ex-lover Rurik Wilder and discovers that the huge attraction between them is still there.

When the both of them working together in the tomb to uncover some hidden traps, they find themselves lock into the tomb by some Varinki’s, who wanting to blow up the entrance of the cave, not knowing Rurik and Tasya are still in there. They barely make it out and are now running for their life; hopefully they will reach the Wilder’s home just in time.

The chemistry between Rurik and Tasya is tremendous from the moment the meet each other. Rurik Wilder is a strong young male, who is determined to find a way to break the curse by finding the second piece of the icon. So when he meets Tasya again at the tomb, he knows he is one step closing to succeed. The only thing he has to do is convince Tasya, she is the only woman for him. But Tasya has a secret that she carries along with her, and the moment Rurik finds out, he fears their relationship will not last if she finds out he a descendant of the Varinki’s.
Tasya Hunnicutt is a photographer and is working in the tomb, where she hopes to find some answers to get the truth about the Varinki’s. Who happens to be the same family who murdered her parents years ago. So when she finds the second pieces of the icon, she is determined to get the truth out in the open, not knowing that when she does that the man she loves and his entire family will be dead.

As secondary characters we have Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Rurik’s parents and the spill of the family. Jasha, the eldest son has the ability to change into a wolf and his wife Ann. Firebird, the only daughter of the Wilder family and a real miracle because she is the only female born in over a thousand years.

Touch of darkness by Christina Dodd is the second novel in the Darkness Chosen series and again I loved it. After reading the fist novel I knew I had another addiction in my hands, this series lured me into a world full of danger, gorgeous shape shifters and a curse to break.

The next novel in line will be Into the shadow and happens to be Adrik’s story. And I have to say I’m curious to find out more about him. He is the only son didn’t live by the rules of their father and left the family, will he be able to hold the darkness away or give in?

Annmarie McKenna - Seeing eye mate

Caelan Graham is a shape shifter and the prime leader of his pack. Lately several female mates from various pack has been murdered and it’s his duty to find the killer shape shifter before it is too late. During a night out with his twin brother Eli, he meets his destined mate Tieran Jones. Caelan would like nothing more to claim his mate, but time is running out because he knows the murderer’s ultimate target would be the mate of the pack prime.
But Caelan doesn’t know Tieran has a special gift, she prefer to hide.

Tieran Jones has a psychic gift, she is getting visions from time to time and the last time she helped the police it didn’t work out that fine. So she is living alone in the old house, she inherited from her grandmother when she died, who happens to be the same grandmother she is speaking to for the last past 10 years. One night she’s having car problems and she meets Caelan and his twin brother Eli, she feels immediately attracted to Caelan but doesn’t want anything to do with him

But Caelan ignores Tieran’s pleas and claims her as his mate. When Caelan discovers Tieran’s secret, he knows she’s in great danger and will do anything to protect her from the killer. Tieran’s visions might be the only way to catch the killer, but when Tieran’s visions points out that Caelan’s brother is the killer, he cannot believe it. Will Caelan believe and choose his mate or save his brother?

Caelan Graham is the pack leader and doesn’t want to find his mate right now, especially when there is a killer on the run, murdering female mates. He knows his mate will be the ultimate target for the killer, but when he meets Tieran and discovers she is his destined mate, the only thing on his mind is claiming her and protects her from any harm.
Tieran Jones is a strong and independent woman with a special gift. Since she was a little girl she has visions and she can even talk to her grandmother, who happens to be dead for the past ten years. When she meets Caelan and his twin brother Eli, she knows her life would never be the same again.

As secondary characters you find Tieran’s amazing grandmother who wants to do anything to see her granddaughter happy, even if it means a wolf shape shifter as her mate. Eli Graham; the twin brother of Caelan who would do anything to protect the mate of his brother, even if she thinks he is the killer. And last but not least Caelan’s parents who both help Tieran adapt to the life of the pack family.

Seeing Eye Mate by Annmarie McKenna is the first novel in the Mates series and I have to say it is a steamy one. It is a shape shifter tale with a lot of hot and steamy love scenes, I know the alpha males in a wolf pack are sexual, but my oh my…the sparkles are flying from the pages during the steamy love scenes.

This novel was the first one I read by this author and I had a great time reading it. Let just say I’m curious enough to read the next one.

Jessica Benson - The accidental duchess

Lady Gwen marries Lord Bertie Milburn, who she has been betrothed to since the day she was born. But on her wedding night she discovers, she hasn’t married Lord Bertie, but his twin brother Harry instead. Furious and humiliated she refuses to consummate the marriage, so Gwen shows Harry the door, even though he stirs her blood in a way no man ever did before.

Harry Cambourne Milburn, the future Duke of Winfill has a crush on Gwen since they were young. So when he gets the opportunity to marry her, he doesn’t hesitate. But on the wedding night he refuses to tell Gwen the reason for the switch, but share the though she should talk to her bossy mother. The only thing Harry wants to do is to consummate the marriage as soon as possible, but several interruption interfere with his plans.

When Gwen discovers that her parents blackmailed Harry into marrying her, because Bertie had not returned from his journey, she is disappointed and hurt. But she cannot ignore the sparkles in her belly every time Harry touch or kiss her. Will Harry love her, just the way she became to love him?

The Accidental Duchess by Jessica Benson is a fun novel to read. This story is entertaining with a good dose of humour. The journey Harry and Gwen are taking is rough, their relationship starts on the wrong foot, but along the way they learn to trust and love each together. When finally the rightful groom arrives, Gwen knows she doesn’t love him; the only man for her is Harry.

This novel is written in the first person, but I didn’t find it confusing, once you get used to it, the novel is easy to read. The only confusing part was, the switch parts of the two brothers.

woensdag 2 juli 2008

Jessica Andersen - Nightkeepers

Striking Jaguar is one of the few survivors from a demon attack, where almost every adult died. Strike and his sister Anna were raised by their winikin protectors, so that both of them would turn out to be great Nightkeepers, warrior-priests who summon Mayan Grods and battle demons to protect their kind and earth. For the last couple of months Strike has visions of a young blond woman and he cannot put his fingers on the reason why.

Leah Daniels is a Miami-Dade detective who is investigating her brother’s death. All the evidence tells her that some cult group sacrifice her brother and now they are chasing her. When they finally capture her and wants to sacrificer her, the gorgeous stranger from her dreams appears and save her.

Together Strike and Leah will look for the answers they need to survive and save the world from evil And they are not alone because they are getting help from the other few surviving Nightkeepers and hopefully will prevent the first trigger for the apocalypse.

Nightkeepers by Jessica Andersen is the first novel in the Final Prophecy and I have to say it is a fabulous start. Miss Andersen created a world based on the Mayan doomsday prophecy that will end on December 21, 2012. I can say this novel is one of the few that really blew me off my feet, the moment I start reading.

The main-characters Strike and Leah are fabulous together. Strike is from the royal family and next one in line for the trown, but doesn’t want it. But when times runs out and he have to save his people and earth, he can no longer ignore his duty. He had some visions about a blond attractive woman and when his powers finally kicks in after a long time, he ends up saving her from a sacrifice to the wake the demons. Strike knows she doesn’t belong in his world, but cannot ignore the huge attraction between them.
Leah Daniels lost her parents and recently her brother in some strange cult sacrifice. And now those people want to sacrifice her in the same way. But help is just around the corner, when the gorgeous man from her dreams appears. From that moment her life is no longer her own, she’s now part of some prophecy that will predict the end of the world.

The secondary characters are great and intriguing. The other young nightkeepers have all unique paranormal gifts and powers. And the most important of all, they all believe in Strike and Leah and fight with them to prevent to prophecy to come true.

I really believe Jessica Andersen has written one hell of a novel with promisses for several more. The next novel will be Dawnkeepers and will be about one of the younger nightkeepers. I truly can say I’m looking forward to that one and find out more about the prophecy.

Jessica Andersen will be on my autobuy from now on.

Lara Adrian - Midnight Rising

Thousands years ago an alien race called the Breed vampires settle themselves on earth among the human race. Nobody knows they exist but now the Breed are in the middle of a civil war with the Rogues, whom are vampires who have given over their minds and bodies to the bloodlust. An army full of Rogues wants to dominate the world but find the Breed warriors standing in their way ready to destroy them.

During a vacation journalist Dylan Alexander discovers a hidden tomb in a cave and her curiosity is awake. She believe this will be the story she’s waiting for and began taking pictures. She convinces her boss to extend her vacation so she can write the story to go along with the pictures. But there is another secret hidden in the cave, the tomb is being guarded by one of the most lethal of the Breed warriors.

After being betrayed and injured by the hand of his former breed mate, Rio has only one mission on his mind. He has plans to blow up the entrance of the cave with him inside. But a curious journalist interrupt it all, now he has to stop her and destroy all evidence of the hidden tomb and prevent the world to find out about the Breed.
When Rio discovers a small birthmark on Dylan’s body, that identifies her as a breed mate to his kind, he cannot let her go and take her to safety in the Breed compound.

Dylan has a hard time believing all the things Rio tells her about her birthmark and the Breed world. But when some of the oldest of the Breed begin disappearing and get murdered and Dylan finally figures out what her special gift is about, she realize she cannot leave Rio and the brothers. The only thing to do is to fight sight by sight and face evil together.

Midnight Rising is the fourth novel in the Midnight Breed series and really a treasure. Lara Adrian has really created a dark but powerful world that will keep your attention all the way through the book. Just like the previous books this one was great and I cannot wait for the next one.

The main characters Rio and Dylan are both stubborn and determined, but that make them the perfect couple.
Rio has been betrayed and was injured by the hands of his former breed mate, something he cannot forget or let go. For the past years he is fighting the demons within him, but cannot do that any longer. So when he was ordered to blow up the cave where the hidden tomb was located, the plan was to do that with him in it. That all change when some curious journalist is snapping pictures of the tomb. Rio has no other choice to find her and destroy all the evidence. But fate has another surprise for him, when he finds out who she is and most important what she is.
Dylan Alexander is a journalist and when she discovers a hidden tomb during her vacation, she cannot ignore her excitement to tell the story. So she convince her boss to extend her vacation so she can write and take pictures. But Dylan doesn’t know there is another secret living in the cave, a lethal vampire who will do anything to prevent her publishing the story and pictures. Will she be able to handle the true about who she really is?

All the secondary characters in this novel are great. Lucan and Gabrielle, Dante and Tess, Gideon and Savannah, Tegan and Elise and of course the other warriors Niko, Chase and some new younger warriors.

I said it before; the Midnight Breed series is definitely one of my favourite vampire series I’ve ever read. I don’t have to say this story contains all the stuff you need for a good vampire story, a huge and strong bond between the hero and his heroine, the sworn enemy.
I cannot wait for the next novel to come out and I believe it will be Niko’s story.

Anthology - Mysteria

“Mortal in mysteria”
Harmony Faithfull is the new pastor in Mysteria, but her services are still empty, although everyone in town treats her nicely. Then one morning she asks for a sign from above and finds Damon naked in her back yard. Damon happens to be a demon, before Lucifer punished him for his kindness towards humans and sent him back to earth as a human.
Can Damon help Harmony to get her little church full of people and convince her it’s not a bad thing to fall in love with an ex-demon.

“Alone wolf”
Cole Jones is a werewolf who’s raised by humans. But now it is time to find out some information about his real family. So he ends up in a little town called Mysteria where he meets Charlene “Char” Houtenam when he buys a haunted house. Cole feels immediately the huge attraction between them, but Char has a secret of her own. Will Cole stay with her when he finds out?

“The witches of Mysteria and the dead who love them”
Genevieve Tawdry is one of the three witch sisters and she has a huge crush on Hunter since she was a teenager. But Hunter only tread her like a good friend, so hopefully one of her sister’s love poison should do the trick.
Hunter is not a normal human; he is psychic and hunts the dead. When a vision shows him that the woman he secretly loves will be the cause of his death.
Can Hunter and Genevieve find a way to prevent it?

“Candy Cox and the big bad werewolf”
Candace “Candy” Cox is the local teacher and totally human. She is tired of her life and wants some changes, so when she gets an offer to move to Denver she seriously thinking about it. But her close friend Godiva Tawdry, one of the witch sisters believes she just needs a good werewolf.
Justin Woods is a werewolf who happens to be a former student of Candy and way much younger. But that doesn’t stop him form seducing Candy and show her the heaven and the stars in it. Can their relationship survive the age different?

Mysteria has all the right ingredients for an anthology, the magic, love, romance and lots of humour, that leave several smiles on my face when I read the book.
I can truly say I had a great time reading this novel and will definitely want to read the next novel of the little town Mysteria and the magical people who live there.

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