dinsdag 14 december 2010

Maya Banks - Sweet Seduction

Julie Stanford had always has the hots for Nathan Tucker, but he doesn’t seem to realize it. So Julie decides to give Nathan one more chance to take the bait before giving up on him completely. Julie is going to give him one last “hot” massage to remember before moving on with her life, even if that means without Nathan. Her two best friends Faith and Serena have already put her in contact with Damon Roche, to fulfil her sexual fantasy.

Nathan Tucker is very frustrated after his last “sexual” massage Julie gave him and then fires him as a client. But when he hears about her fantasy and her contact with Damon Roche, he’s angry. No other man is going to give Julie her fantasy, it doesn’t matter what he has to do to be that man.

Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks is the third novel in her Sweet Series and another great novel, although I have to say that this was no my favourite.

Julie Stanford is the stubborn one of the three friends, she likes Nathan Tucker for ages, and every small hint she throw his was is ignored. And after her last attempt, she has enough. She wants what her friends have, so she decides to fulfil her fantasy, hoping to forget Nathan. But she’s in for a ride, because Nathan cannot forget Julie and her last massage.

Nathan will do anything in his power to be that man in her fantasy. He heard that she wants a threesome; luckily for Nathan she will be blindfolded the whole time, so he can take the place of one of those men. Even though he doesn’t want to share her with another man, he asks Micah to be the other one.

First I thought Nathan and Julie weren’t the perfect couple, because for some reason they couldn’t find the way to each other. But from the moment Nathan hears about her fantasy and start planning his seduction, the storyline gets interesting. It was great to read about their sexual seduction and their realization that this was a fantasy and that they belong together in real life.

I also love the little look into Micah’s world, because I’ve been dying to read this story from the first novel in this series. Thank goodness Micah’s book is next.


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