dinsdag 27 mei 2008

Cindy Miles - Into thin air

Ellie is in England to investigate her family tree on her mother’s side, but luck is not on her side. After being hit by a drunk driver Ellie’s body is in a waking coma status somewhere at the coast, leaving her spirit exists in a semi-solid state. But that is not all, she can’t remember anything about her life before the accident, or even how she got there in the first place. The only thing she remembers is the meeting with Gawan Grimm, a handsome stranger who finds her beside the road, soaking wet and totally disoriented.

Gawan Conwyk is an Earthbound Angel, and after nearly a thousand years he is less than a month away from his retirement, so he can live the rest of his life as a mortal. But fate has a last job for him when he finds Ellie beside the road near his castle. At first he though she was just a normal woman, but he can hear her thoughts and that means only one thing….she is already a spirit or she lives in the Betwixt and that means the time is ticking. He has to find her body fast, but if he fails Ellie will be a spirit forever and he will lose his retirement and remain an angel forever.

When Gawan discovers that Ellie is his Intended, his soul mate he is determined to save her life no matter what. Even if this means they cannot be together afterwards, because Gawan loses his memories of his charges as soon as his task is over.

Main-characters Gawan and Ellie are perfect for each other. Gawan is earthbound angel whose is less than a month away to become a mortal and live his life. But when fate give him a last charge, and she also happens to be his Intended, his world turns upside down. When he discovers that Ellie is almost a spirit in the Betwixt. But when the deadline approaches and Ellie’s spirit grows weaker, he cannot ignore the fact he will loose the woman he loves. Ellie is a determined young woman who is overseas to find out more about her mothers family tree, not knowing the trip will change her life forever. After being hit by a drunk driver, she loses her memory and her body and spirit separate. Now the clock is ticking for Ellie to be reunited with her body or she will live in the shades forever. But will she be able to let Gawan go when the time comes, because neither of them will remember each other.

I can tell you this, there are some very special secondary characters who’re playing a huge role in this novel. It seems that Castle Grimm is home to several ghosts and they all want to help Ellie back into her body and into the arms of Gawan. But will they succeed in time?

Into thin air by Cindy Miles is a fabulous novel to read. I didn’t know what to expect of this novel when I begin reading, but it has all the ingredients I love; great main characters, romance and a fine doses humour. I found myself smiling a couple of times during this novel and really make me believe that love overcomes any obstacle in life. I’m really looking forward to the next novel.

maandag 26 mei 2008

Christina Dodd - Scent of Darkness

Ann Smith works as an office assistant and is in love with her boss Jasha Wilder, but he only behaves strictly professionally towards her. But she cannot ignore her feelings and decide to take manners into her own hands. Ann decides to drop off some paperwork at Jasha’s home and seduce him. However, her seduction is short when she observes her boss change from human form into a wolf and back. The only thing she can do is run….

Jasha Wilder is the eldest son of Konstantine and Zorana Wilder. One millennium ago his ancestor, the first Konstantine Varinski made a deal with the devil, leaving his male descendants suffer ever since. Jasha’s parents decided to leave Russia and their evil family to raise their children in a better world. The only way the Wilder Family can prevent to become permanent guests of the devil is to restore the religious icon. Jasha is shocked to discover that Ann is the chosen one to find one missing pieces of the icon.

The chemistry between Jasha and Ann is fabulous. From the first moment Ann discovers that Jasha is the wolf in front of the fireplace, her instincts kicks in and she runs…far away from Jasha. But the animal in Jasha cannot let her go and he chase her. When Jasha finally catch her, the sparkles are flying around. Jasha can hardly control the animal inside him, but is able to resist it and calmly claim Ann as his mate. Ann is still shocked of finding out about the whole Jasha/wolf thing, but after being chased by Jasha she surrender herself completely. And just when they find a way to break the curse, danger is just around the corner.

As secondary characters we have Konstantine and Zorana Wilder, Jasha’s parents and the spill of the family. Rudrik, the second son has the ability to change into a hawk. Adrik, the third son has the ability to change into a panther and is the only one who ignores his father and gave over to the evil side of the curse. And last but not least, we have Firebird, the only daughter of the Wilder family and a real miracle because she is the only female born in over thousand years.

Scent of darkness by Christina Dodd is the first novel in the Darkness Chosen series and I loved it. From the first page Ms. Dodd caught my attention and hold that all the way through the novel. The danger, the curse, some very gorgeous shape shifters and a prophecy are all the right ingredients for this novel.

Ms. Dodd convinced me to read the next novel in line and that would be Touch of Darkness, Rudrik’s story ….. and I cannot wait to start.

Eve Silver - Demon's kiss

Ciarran D’Arbois, a sorcerer whose responsibility is to keep the demons from the human world. Two decades ago he came upon a horrific car accident, where he noticed a young girl badly injured and decided to go against the rules. He used his unique powers to ease her pain, but the young girl was special and she drew his powers and healed herself. Totally off guard Ciarran was attacked by a demon who gave him something of the demonworld.

After her parents’ death Clea Masters grew up with her grandmother. She knows she’s different form everybody else, but she never understood the reason. Since the car accident that took her parents lives, and where she got badly injured, she’s been able to keep danger away, only using somekind of energy force from deep within her.

Now Ciarran and Clea meet again and must work together to save the world. They have to find a way to close the portal where demons can cross over to the human world. Will their love be strong enough to survive all of this?

The main-characters Ciarron and Clea are both strong and determined indivituals. Ciarran is a sorcerer who lived for centuries saving the human world from evil. Two decades ago he disobeyed the rules and saved a little girl and was attacked by a demon. Not knowing it would change his live for good.
Clea Masters lost her parents when she was just a little girl and grep up with her grandmother. She always knew she was different from the rest, everytime she was in danger somekind of force within her protect her. But during a demon attack her power leaves her and she’s saved by some gorgeous stranger. Will she be able to believe everything he tells her?

Darqun, Javier and Dain are the other sorceres who join them in the battle against evil and demons. Although there is a traitor working with the demons, Ciarran cannot imagine it’s one of them, but is he right?

Demon’s kiss by Eve Silver is the first novel of the Compact of Sorcerers series and for me the first novel I read of Miss Silver. I truly can say I enjoyed every page of the novel. The story contains all the ingredients I look for in a book, great and strong main-characters, steamy love scenes and some eveil demons to fight against.

I cannot wait to read the next novel in this series and I believe that will be Dain’s story.

Stephanie Laurens - Captain Jack's woman

Kathryn “Kit” Grenmar is tired of her normal life and looks for some adventures. So when she’s riding her beautiful Arabic black horse late at night disguised as a boy, she stumbles upon a smuggler gang. When she saves them form being caught by the Revenue, they ask Kit to be their leader. So during the day she is Lady Kathryn, but a few nights in the month she’s Kit, the smuggler. But there’s another gang operative on their site of the beach and their leader Captain Jack wants to control the whole beach, so Kit and “his gang” are forced to join them.

Captain Jack, leader of the Huntstanton gang leads a double life. He is working undercover in the smuggler gang to find out who’s betraying their country. Only a few know his real identity as Lord Hendon. Now he’s crossing a small smuggler gang and their stranger leader Kit. But when Jack discovers that Kit isn’t a young man, but a woman he is determined to get the beautiful Kit between the sheets as his mistress, believing she is the bastard granddaughter of Lord Spencer Grenmar.

But when Kit almost gets caught by the Revenue and gets badly injured, there is no other way then to protect her. And when Jack finds out the truth about her real identity, he knows he cannot let her go.

The chemistry between the main-characters Jack and Kit is huge. When they meet for the first time Jack cannot understand the attraction he feels for Kit, a young boy. But when the truth comes out about Kit being a female, Jack is determined to make her his mistress because he believes she is the bastard granddaughter of Lord Grenmar.
Kathryn “Kit” Grenmar is a young wild woman, who’s bored of her normal daily live. After joining a small smuggler gang, she meets Captain Jack. She cannot deny the feelings he awakens in her and finally gives in and become his mistress, not knowing he leads a double life, just like her.

Captain Jack’s woman by Stephanie Laurens is the prequel of the Bastion Club series and I really enjoy reading it. The attraction between the main-characters is huge, the bed scenes are steamy and hot, and the danger level in this novel is just perfect to make this story complete. This is a novel you begin reading and finishing it a few hours later.

I really enjoy the relationship between Jack and Kit, she is wild and trouble and he is just the right person to tame her. Well not exactly tame her; he doesn’t want to change her at all, because he really loves her wild side.

I can say Stephanie Laurens did it again, writing a fabulous story and making me curious to find out what will happen next in the Bastion Club series. Well there is only one way to find out…

donderdag 15 mei 2008

Sydney Croft - Riding the storm

Ex-Navy Seal Remy Begnaud has been summoned home by his father, not knowing who will be waiting for him at his family home in the Louisiana Bayou. With a major storm on his tail, he finds he beautiful woman taking a shower in his home. She claims she rent the place for a month to studying the recent strange weather in the area, but he doesn’t buy it for a moment. The chemistry between them is huge and Mother Nature has always affected him during a storm. Can Remy control his gift? Or is that just what Hailey wants?

Hailey Holmes fascination with storms started when she was a child, now she works as a Para- meteorologist for a secret government group that recruits people with paranormal skills. Her mission now is to recruit Remy Begneaud, the Ex-Navy Seal, who can draw in a storm and gains power from it. Her boss would like to see Remy come to understand his ability and use it for the good of fighting evil in the world. Can she convince him to join their group?

Main-characters Remy and Hailey are fabulous together, from the first moment they lay eyes on each other, the sparkles are flying around. Okay Remy’s ability with storms has something to do with it, but the chemistry between them is huge. Remy Begnaud was a banded during a storm by his birthmother when he was just a baby. Remy Begnaud Sr. just lost his wife and decided to adopt Remy and raise him as his own. During his childhood Remy discovers his ability with Mother Nature and always believe it was a curse, now with Hailey by his side it could be going the right way.
Hailey Holmes always had a thing with weather, so it was natural she found a job where she can work with the weather. But when she’s assigned to convince Remy to join their secret government group, she would do anything to be close to him, even if it means she could lose her job.

Through the story you find a secondary story line, little by little you find out more about the head of the ACRO group Devlin O’Malley, who has a paranormal skill of his own. Annika Svenson and Creed McCabe, two secret agents who can’t stand each other, but the chemistry between them are tremendous. Further you find some more interesting secret Agents Ender and Wyatt Kennedy, all of them have their own paranormal skill, I’m sure we learn more about them in the following books.

Riding the storm by Sydney Croft is the first novel in the ACRO series and it is absolutely fabulous. I couldn’t imagine the enormous adventure and world I was lured into. The attraction between the main-characters is fabulous and the sex scene between Remy and Hailey are very hot and steamy. I’m definitely looking forward to read the next novel Unleashing the storm.

Deborah Cooke - Kiss of fire

After the sudden death of her parents Sara Keegan decides to leave her steady job as an accountant and take over her aunt’s Magda New Age Bookstore. Although she doesn’t believe in any kind of magic, not like her Aunt Magda, she finds her aunt’s bookchoice very interesting. But when she’s attacked one night right outside the bookstore, she’s shocked to see that the gorgeous stranger who rescues her can turn into a dragon. Sara couldn’t possibly believe this is true, but she has no choice to believe her eyes and even her heart. Because her rescuer makes her feel things she’s never thought she could.

Quinn Tyrell, a very gifted blacksmith has lived alone for centuries and even distanced himself from the other dragons, the Pyr, who he held responsible for the death of his close friend and mentor Ambrose. When Quinn one night starts to feel the beginning of his firestorm, he knows his destined mate is near and has to find her fast. Because his mate would not be save from the Pyr sworn enemies, the Slayers who want to eliminate his mate.

Will Quinn and Sara, who appear to have a gift of her own, be able to save the ones they cared about?

Main-characthers Quinn and Sara are both strong en determined persons. Quinn wants to do everything to keep his destined mate save, no matter what. He lost a few people in the past and doesn’t want anything to happen to Sara. So he trusts nobody, not even his fellow dragons. But when the Slayers desperatly trying to catch and kill Sara, he cannot ignore the fact that he needs help. Can he trust his fellow dragons, even when he always believed they were responsible for his best friend’s death?
Sara Keegan decides to change her life after the death of her parents. But she couldn’t imagine being rescued by a fire-dragon and fell in love with him. She even finds out that she has a special gift of her own, just like her aunt Magda said she would.

The Pyr are a group of dragons, who protect all Earth’s treasures, including the humans. Those six warriors Donovan, Niall, Rafferty, Delany, Sloane and their leader Erik, will do anuthing to protect the destined mate of their blacksmith Quinn, even when Quinn doesn’t want them to. But the Slayers are on their tall, they even kidnapped Sophie, the Wyveren, the keeper of the prophecies to lure them into a trap.

Kiss by Fire by Deborah Cooke is the first novel in this new dragonfire series and it is an amazing novel. From the first page she captured my attention and lured me into a terrifec world full of dragon magic. My first and only reaction was…WOW, after I finished the book. She really blew me off my feet and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel Kiss of fury that should be Donovan’s story.

Kathrynn Dennis - Dark Rider

Sir Robert Breton is a feared warrior and called the Dark Rider. When Robert discovers that his warhorses are poisoned, he doesn’t hesitate for a moment and wants Lady Eldswythe to come and save his precious horses. Even if this means he has to let his enemy’s daughter into his camp. Although Robert doesn’t trust Eldswythe and watch her very closely, he will do anything for his horses.

Lady Eldswythe is the only daughter of Earl of Crenalden and she has a gift she’s desperately trying to hide from her father and her people. But she couldn’t prevent the whispering behind her back, calling her the horse witch. Only because she can smooth horses at her will and even cure them with simple ingredients. So when Sir Robert summoned her to save his horses, she will go and give her best shot to save them, even though he is the family’s enemy.

But when her father is sent away to fight at the King’s side, Eldswythe’s estate is under attack by her bastard brother John, who wants to have the castle and land for himself. The only man who can help her save her people and getting her estate back is her enemy Sir Robert Breton.

Sir Robert Breton and Lady Eldswythe are both strong, but stubborn individuals. Although they’re feeling attractive to each other, they cannot forget their enemies. Sir Robert is a hard young man, who’s betrayed by his fiancée when he was fighting for his live. Besides that he cannot forgive Earl of Crenalden for letting his father die, maybe even killed him and stole the land that was meant for him. But when Robert meets Eldswythe, things are starting to change in him. Will she be able to break down the wall around his heart?
Lady Eldswythe was born with a gift, she can understand horses, and calm them down and something even cure them from the strangest diseases. But not everyone is so understanding, that is why they call her the horse witch. Now her home is under attack and the only man who can help her is her enemy Sir Robert. But Eldswythe cannot imagine the attraction between them.

Sir Hugh and Sir Thomas are the two best friends of Sir Robert and they are helping him to get Eldswythy estates back.
John Gilroy is the enemy of Sir Robert and also happens to be the bastard brother of Eldswythe. He will do anything to get her heritage for himself.
And Lady Margaret appears in Roberts’s life, not so long ago she was his fiancée, but dumped him for John Gilroy. But now it seems she wants him back or does she want his older brother now?

Dark Rider by Kathrynn Dennis is a nice story. After reading some paranormal novels with strong emotional characters it was nice to read a normal love story. I really like the relationship between Robert and Eldswythe, although they started on the wrong foot.
Although this novel didn’t blow me off my feet, it was a nice novel to read. I will definitely try another novel of Kathrynn Dennis.

donderdag 1 mei 2008

Christine Feehan - Dark Possession

In the South American rain forest, Manolito De La Cruz awakens in the deep rich soil. The last thing Manolito remembers is the gathering in the Carpathian Mountains, where he was wounded while he protects the pregnant Shea from a vampire attack. Totally confused and disoriented, he looks around in the forest. Since Manolito found his life mate he should see colors and feel emotions, but everything appears to him in mists and gray. Now he knows he’s stuck between two worlds. One of the worlds calls to him to join them in their battle against the Carpathian Prince and his people. Manolito is completely sure that one person can save him and get him back to his family and he calls to her.

MaryAnn Delany is a real city girl. She has come to South America to council and comfort a brutalized young jaguar woman. MaryAnn is successful and happy with her life just the way it is, but everything is about the change. The moment the De La Cruz brothers put Manolito in the rich soil to heal, she feels strange and nervous. Just the though of being separated from Manolito give MaryAnn the creeps. Although she doesn’t understand these feelings and she really doesn’t know Manolito, she saw the mortal attack and felt it at her own heart.

Now Manolito’s family fear the loose him to the other world and hope MaryAnn can bring him back. Especially when MaryAnn is the only one who can hear his call for help and she leaves the safety of the world to rush to his side.

I really love the main-characters Manolito and MaryAnn. Manolito is just like all the Carpathian males; dominant, gorgeous and overprotected when it comes to his life mate. He will do anything to love and protect MaryAnn, even if this means risking his own life.
MaryAnn is a real city girl with her design clothes and her manicure. She met some of the Carpathian males during the reunion and she definitely doesn’t want to be mated to one. But the moment Manolito claims her and needs her help, she doesn’t hesitate for a moment and risks her own life to save him.

Of course some old characters from previous novels are dropping by; especially Riordan De La Cruz and his life mate Juliette, who will do anything to save his brother. And Juliette’s sister Jasmine and cousin Solange play a huge part; they are both jaguars’ shifters and are hiding for the jaguar males.

Dark Possession is another great novel in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. I cannot describe the feeling I get when I read one of her novels. She always captures my attention form the first page and holds that all the way through to the last one.
I cannot wait for the next novel Dark Curse to come out and read some more about one of the gorgeous De La Cuz brothers. I believe it will be Nicolas and his life mate, who happens to be the girl escaping the ice-caves.

Kathryn Smith - Taken by the night

In 1307 during a raid six warriors fulfilling their duty to King Philip and country find a cup they believe is the Holy Grail. When one of them got mortally injured they decided to drink from the cup to cure all of their ailments, but they soon realize it is the Blood Grail. Now all of them transform into vampires, the creatures of the night. When the vampire warriors finally turn to the church for guidance, they all got new names and became protectors of the Blood Grail.

Maison Rouge is not only a brothel but also a safe house to the Brotherhood created by Reign. So when one of the vampire warriors needs sanctuary, they come to Maison Rouge. Madame Dearing runs the brothel for years, ever since Saint save her life and her unborn daughter Ivy. Now years later fears runs through Maison Rouge, when some of the women who worked there get murdered in a strange way. People in London even believe Jack the Ripper is back.

So when Saint arrives at Maison Rouge, he has no idea what’s going on and that his life is going to become more complicated. The moment Ivy walks into his room at Maison Rouge, Saint cannot believe his eyes, the little Ivy has grown into a very beautiful young woman. But Ivy is there for a reason, her friends from Maison Rouge are dying and she wants him to investigate why Maison Rouge is the target. Will Saint be able to protect Ivy from the murderer and keep his heart save?

Saint and Ivy are both strong individuals and a fabulous couple. Saint is one of the vampire warriors and is still struggling with his past. He is determined not to loose his heart again to a mortal woman, he is afraid to loose his love again. But when he arrives at the sanctuary for some rest and blood, he couldn’t imagine that he will find the love of his life.
Ivy Dearing is the daughter of Madame Dearing and grew up at the brothel Maison Rouge. Ivy really like the women who work there and she secretly have a crush on Saint for years. So when he arrives at the same time these awful murders begins, the only thing she can do is to ask his help and stop the killing.

Just like the previous novels The Order plays another huge role, it seems they’re getting stronger and stronger. They use tricks and manipulation to get want they want… that is the Blood Grail and his protectors. And by capturing Temple, one of the vampire warriors they are one step closer to trick the others in their trap.

Taken by the night by Kathryn Smith is the third novel in the Brotherhood of Blood series and another great story. Although I believe this novel is not as good as the previous two, Kathryn Smith knew to get my attention and held it all the way through the novel. I love the world she created; it is full of danger, corruption and companionship.

I absolutely love this series and I cannot wait to see what Mrs. Smith has in store for Reign and Temple, the last two vampire warriors.
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