woensdag 26 maart 2008

Paula Quinn - Laird of the mist

Kate Campbell and her brother Robert were raised by two clan members, when their parents died years ago. From time to time their uncle Duncan, Earl of Argyll visits them to see their progress. Now the Campbell clan is attacked by the enemy, The McColls clan and Kate isn’t afraid to draw her sword and fight among her clan. Weakened by this fierce battle and ready to meet her death, Kate is rescued by a gorgeous man. But Kate’s gratitude turns into fury when she learns it is Callum MacGregor, the leader of their number one enemy.

Callum MacGregor, known as “The Devil” is the leader of the MacGregor clan. Callum is determined to find and punish Duncan Campbell, the Earl of Argyll, for his tortured past, but when Callum and his men arrive on Campbell land, he sees there is a battle going on. When a strong beautiful woman is in need, Callum doesn’t hesitate and rescues her. But when he learns Duncan Campbell isn’t among the fighting men and this lovely lady is his niece he takes her hostage and uses her as bait to lure her uncle out into the open.

In time Callum and Kate begin to see things in each other they never expected. Callum is not only drawn to her beauty, but also her courage and determination to protect her family. And Kate begins to question if there is any truth to his reputation as “The Devil”.

Is their love enough to forget all the bloody fights and sworn oaths of revenge?

As main-characters we see Callum and Kate, two born leaders of their clan and sworn enemies. Both of them are determined to get their revenge, especially Callum. Callum and his sister were captured by Kate’s grandfather, right after he murdered his parents. After his escape nine years later he’s sworn to get back at the Campbell clan for his lost years, not knowing it would be a Campbell to let him see that there is more in life than revenge.
Kate has always believed that “The Devil” murdered her father years ago. Now she’s standing face to face with him and all she could think of is kissing him. When she finally learns the truth about her father’s death and Callum’s past, she will do anything to make up to Callum what her grandfather did to him.

As secondary characters we find some great characters. Robert Campbell is Kate’s brother and determined to free his sister from his enemies capture. Then we have Uncle Duncan Campbell who has his own agenda and plans for his niece Kate. Maggie MacGregor is Callum’s sister and the dreamy one of the MacGregor clan, she will do anything to convince her brother stop fighting the Campbell’s and maybe with Kate’s help it will work this time.
Brodie and Angus MacGregor, Graham and Jamie Grant, the four MacGregor clan members and very good friends of Callum, they are fabulous especially Graham got my attention.

Laird of the mist by Paula Quinn is the first novel in her new trilogy. I was surprised when I felt the same excitement like I had with the previous books. From the moment I curled myself up on the sofa with some tea and chocolate and began to read, I didn’t wanted to put it down and wasn’t even surprised that I finished the book hours later. Paula Quinn lures me again into a world full of betrayal, hurt feelings, loyalty and romance.

She has written a fabulous story. I can truly say she is one of my favorite historical/medieval authors. She is definitely on my auto buy list from now on. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next novel with Graham Grant and his heroine.

Bella Andre - Red Hot Reunion

Ten years ago in college Emma Holden dumped her best friend Jason Roberts, whom she secretly loved and married “the safe” Steve, a man her parents loved. But now her marriage is over and Emma discovers she never really loved Steve, because there is only one man who owns her heart. At their college reunion Emma hopes to see Jason again and is determined to get him back in her life. When Jason finally appears at the reunion, Emma is not so sure he will fall for her again.

Jason Roberts is a hunky celebrity chef with a TV show and even has even written some cookbooks. Now every woman wants him in their lives and beds. But he cannot forget Emma Holden, his college friend. Ten years ago she broke his heart and he has never really gotten over her. He plans on getting even with her no matter what and with the college reunion coming up; he knows exactly what to do. However, when the time finally arrives to break her heart he cannot do it and may just have lost the only woman he’s ever loved.

The main-characters Emma and Jason are great characters. Emma Holden is a young woman with her own business. Her marriage with her college boyfriend is just over and she realizes then she never really loved him. Because Emma always did what her dominate mother told her to do, she’s now sick of it and decides to take the matter in her own hands. She will go to the college reunion and convince Jason Roberts he is the true love of her life.
Jason Roberts is a gorgeous celebrity chef with his own restaurant. Back in college his best friend Emma Holden crushed his heart when she dumped him for another man. Now ten years later they see each other again at this reunion and he is determined to get even with her and plans to seduce her.

As secondary characters we see Emma’s parents Jane and Walter, a rich couple who lives by the standards of the rich community. Especially Emma’s mother Jane believes they have to live by the rules and she does everything to keep Emma in line. Even if this means forcing her daughter into a marriage she doesn’t want. Emma’s best friend since high school Kate is a strong woman who will do anything to see Emma happy. And she is not afraid to speak up her mind, especially against Jason and his best friend Rocco.

Red Hot Reunion by Bella Andre is another sexy novel with a great storyline. The way she wrote this story is fabulous. This novel lured me into a world of passion, hurt feelings and romance. I could really relate with the main-characters and their difficulties, my heart bled for Jason and his pain, but also for Emma and her struggles with her parents and her way of living.

I can truly say that this novel was one that kept me enthralled. Bella Andre has the talent to get the attention of the reader and hold it all the way through the book. She will definitely stay on my bookshelf.

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

Lisa Valdez - Passion

Passion Elizabeth Dare is a young widow, who is glad that her two-year mourning period is almost over. Her marriage was a loveless and unfulfilling one. So that is why she has no plans to marry again. Passion is determined to live her life just the way she wants it. A very hot passionate affair is not high on her list to do, but an incident at the Chrystal Palace throws her into the arms of a nameless gorgeous stranger, who seduces her behind a huge screen. When she arrives at home Passion cannot believe what she just did, but she cannot ignores the feelings this strangers makes her feel.

Mark Randolph Hawkmore, Earl of Langley would never take a wife of his own free will. But now he’s being blackmailed to marry a young woman named Charlotte. He will do anything to protect his younger brother, so he agreed to meet the young woman at the Chrystal Palace but she doesn’t show up. He finds a beautiful widow instead who makes his blood boil like crazy. Mark cannot let the opportunity pass by and seduces her behind huge screen and is determined to meet her again, because there is something about her he just cannot let go of.

Passion and Mark meet each other several times behind the screen at the Chrystal Palace and later on in Passion’s bedroom. They agreed to spend some time together and then part. But she soon discovers that she’s in love with Mark and is afraid she cannot let him go when the time comes. And there is something about Mark… Will he be able to reveals his darkest secrets and hopes she will stay with him?

The main-characters Passion and Mark belong together from the first moment they meet. The moment they meet at Chrystal Palace you can feel the firework between them. Passion is a young widow who wants to live her life just the way she wants it and will returning to the country as soon as her mourning period is over. But the moment she meets Mark in the Gothic hall at the Palace and has a passionate scene behind the screen she wants to feel that passion again.
Mark Hawkmore is a determined man who never wants to marry. Now he is being blackmailed into a marriage and to protect his younger brother he agrees to meet this young woman. But the moment he sees the beautiful widow he knows he has got to have her in his bed or should I say behind a screen.

As secondary characters we find a very wicked evil mother, the young cousin and betrothed Charlotte, the gorgeous younger brother Matt and last but not least the devoted sisters, who are quite a couple themselves.

With this novel Lisa Valdez has outdone herself, the only thing I can say that it is a very sexy and fabulous story. The first scene in this novel takes your breath away and lures you into a steamy passionate love affair between two fabulous characters.

Well to me Lisa Valdez is one of the best historical authors at the moment. Some of the love scenes are very steamy and hot. I truly can say this novel is one of the best I’ve read lately.
This book was one that kept me enthralled, the talent of Lisa Valdez is that she definitely knows to keep the attention of the readers, with feelings like passion, betrayal and love.

Hot and steaming, this is a novel that lures you into a very passionate love story.

Kathryn Smith - Night of the Huntress

In 1307 during a raid six warriors fulfilling their duty to King Philip and country find a cup they believe is the Holy Grail. When one of them got mortally injured they decided to drink from the cup to cure all of their ailments, but they soon realize it is the Blood Grail. Now all of them transform into vampires, the creatures of the night. When the vampire warriors finally turn to the church for guidance, they all got new names and became protectors of the Blood Grail.

After losing one of their friends to the madness of the Blood curse and saw him burn in the sun, the others vampires decided to split up and live alone. One of them is Bishop a real fighter, he is asked by a very good Fae friend to find her brother who disappeared not long ago. Bishop is searching the area near his home and falls into a trap made by the vampire huntress and her men. They are tracking him for quite some time now and it seems their work finally paid off. Bishop fights his way through the group but cannot win because of the poison they gave him.

Marika Korzha and her band of men search for vampires and other creatures of the night with one purpose to find the vampire who murdered her mother, the one they call Saint. The only way to find Saint is to capture one of his friends and torture it until she gets the information she wants. And with some information she gets from the Order, Marika can track Bishop down. The only thing she has to do is deliver Bishop to them when she has the information she wants. Marika and Bishop are not prepared for the strong attraction between them, but Marika’s determination to find Saint may destroy not only herself but also Bishop and their newfound love.

The main-characters Bishop and Marika are both strong individuals and fabulous together. Bishop is still struggling with the death of his wife a long time ago and killed every man who murdered her. Now he lives among the humans and tries to keep them safe for the other creatures of the night. He couldn’t imagine being caught by the vampire huntress and fall in love with her.
Marika Korzha is a strong woman who knows what she wants in life. She is tracking down the creatures of the night and hope to find the vampire Saint who murdered her mother. Now she caught one of the friends of Saint and will do anything to get the information she needs. But what she feels inside cannot be ignored.

The Order plays another huge role in this series, they’re getting stronger each time you read about them. The tricks and manipulation they do to get what they want….the Blood Grail and its protectors, even if it means they have to use anyone in any way.
Of course we will meet Father Molyneux and Marcus Grey again, helping the vampire protectors as much as they can.

Night of the huntress by Kathryn Smith is the second novel in the Brotherhood of Blood series and again a fabulous story. Kathryn Smith really knows how to lure the reader into a world full of corruption, danger and determination. Again I found myself curling on the sofa reading the book and finishing it hours later.

What really surprises me is the way Kathryn Smith captures your attention and lures you into this fabulous story with so much ease. I really love the way she creates down the characters and their storyline. I can truly say I’m extremely excited to read the next book Taken by the night and see what will happen with Saint and his heroine.

Kathryn Smith - Be mine tonight

In 1307 six warriors are on a mission for King Philip. They are about to uncover the secrets of the Knights Templar and their treasures with them. But when they enter the secret room, they didn’t know it was full of traps. In the middle of the room they find a table with a Grail on it. Believing it is the Holy Grail, Severian de FoncĂ© tries to take it and becomes mortally injured. The only thing he could think of is to drink from what he believes is the Holy Grail in order to heal his injuries. The other warriors see that Severian´s wounds are healing and drink from the Grail too. It wasn’t the Holy Grail they found, but the Blood Grail and it transformed them into immortal vampires.

In 1899 Prudence Ryland is on a mission to find the Holy Grail for her own reasons. It is not the fame or the riches she is after. She wants the Grail for one purpose only, she wants to live. Prudence is dying of cancer and the only way of surviving is a sip from the Holy Grail. It is her last hope and she will do anything to find it. With the help of her good friend Marcus Grey Prudence found the location, all they had to do was to dig it up. The only thing they didn’t know is that it would bring so many lives in danger.

Severian who now goes with the name Chapel hears of Prudence efforts to find the Holy Grail and arrives in Cornwall to keep her from discovering it. Because if she finds the Blood Grail it means they will also find the warrior Temple, who protects the Blood Grail from the moment he and the warriors drank from it. Temple will do anything to stop the intruders and keep the Blood Grail save from the wrong hands. When Chapel finds out about Prudence’s illness he has the chance to offer her what she is been searching for, a full life…. Will she accept his immortal kiss and live forever with him?

The main-characters Chapel and Prudence are fabulous together. Chapel is struggling with his immortality; he cannot decide if it is a blessing or a curse. Long ago he lost the love of his live because of his immortality and doesn’t ever want to love again. Together with Father Molyneux he is planning to keep Prudence from discovering the Holy Grail or worse the Blood Grail.
Prudence is a strong and determined young woman. She is fighting the cancer in her body and hopes to find the Holy Grail in time, so that she can live a happy long life with her father and sisters. Not knowing that the stranger Chapel will turn her world upside down and maybe even saves her life.

Father Molyneux and Marcus Grey are both playing a huge role in this novel and I know we will read a whole lot more about those two in the following books. They are helping vampire warriors to keep the Blood Grail from falling in to the wrong hands. Because there is an Order who will do anything to get their hands on the Blood Grail even if this means capturing all the vampire warriors.

Be mine tonight by Kathryn Smith is the first novel in the Brotherhood of Blood series and I loved it. She definitely knows how to write a top-notch vampire novel full of great characters, danger and unconditional love. She grabs my attention from the first page and holds it al the way through the book. I couldn’t put the book down and was very surprised that I finished it a few hours later.

What really got to me was the determination of Prudence to fight against a deadly disease and for wanting to live a full life with love and companionship. Even Chapel’s struggle with his immortality and decision made my heart skip a beat… Should he help Prudence and make her immortal or let her die?
The next novel would be Night of the huntress and I know for sure it will entertain me like this novel.

woensdag 12 maart 2008

Deidre Knight - Parallel Seduction

Warrior Jake Tierny travels back in time to stop the traitor in the King’s camp and protect his King Jared and Queen Kelsey. When he arrives at his destination he discovers that the traitor Marco somehow had a change of heart and is no longer a threat in the future. Now Jake is trapped in a time with people who don’t trust him, but he cannot let them know his true identity without changing the future. The only thing he can do is run and finds a way to get back to his own time. But then he sees her…. Hope Harper and he knows he cannot return to his own time before he really knows she save from the treat that is after her.

The King’s most trusted lieutenant and best friend Scot Dillon is the man for the job, he must chase Jake Tierny and take him back in custody. Scot is a human hybrid who has a hard time being around humans and refuses his Antousian nature. Now he must track one of his own. But when Scot finds out Jake took Hope with him, the hunt becomes personal. Nobody takes the woman he loves and get away with it.

FBI linguist Hope Harper is almost blind, but she refuses to let that stop her joining the people she love in the war to defend mankind. Now Hope learns the Refarians doctors can cure her blindness as well as her diabetes. But she doesn’t want to make that decision before she finds out what the dreams mean she is having about her and Scot Dillon. Now she finds herself running with a man called Jake Tierny and wondering if she could love two men at the same time.
Will she be able to make her choice between Scot and Jake?

Parallel Seduction is the third novel in the Midnight Warriors series and the novels are getting better and better. Deidre Knight has created a fabulous world with alien races and humans. It will keep your attention all the way through the book.

The main characters Scot, Hope and Jake are strong personalities and determined to do the right thing.
Jake Tierny, a warrior from the future who is determined to find the traitor in the King’s camp and will not stop until he finished the job. But he didn’t count on meeting Hope, the only woman he ever loved.
Jake knows he cannot turn to his own time, when he discovers that Hope is in danger. The only right thing to do is help her.
Scot Dillon, a lieutenant and best friend of King Jared is assigned to the job to track down Jake Tierny and bring him back in custody so they can find out who he is and what he knows. But the hunt gets personal when Jake kidnapped Hope, the only woman Scott ever loved.
Hope Harper, a FBI linguist is nearly blind but that doesn’t stop her joining the battle with the Refarians. Lately she is having dreams about Scot Dillon, the man who saved her life once and is determined to find out what that means. Only know she is running with Jake Tierny, a gorgeous warrior from the future. Is it possible to love two men at the same time or does she has to make the decision and pick one of them?

As secondary characters we see some returning personages. King Jared and his Queen Kelsey are fabulous, the scenes between them are great and I hope to see that continue in the future novels.
Marco and his wife Thea, he is the loyal guard of the King and Queen and she is the King’s cousin.
And last but not least is Anna, one of the security guard of the Refarians and the best friend Scot could ever have.

Although I’m not a huge fan of time travel and aliens novels I found myself comfortable on the sofa, reading this book with real curiosity. I really believe Deidre Knight did a great job creating a world where everything is possible, even mixing two species together. This novel contains all the stuff you need for a good story, a big and strong bond between the hero and his heroine, some third personage to shake things up and of course the enemy.
The next book in the Midnight Warriors series is Parallel desire and I cannot wait to see what will happen next.

Bella Andre - Take me

Full-figured Lily Ellis has always had low self-esteem for letting her plus size body rule her entire life. Even Lily’s career as an interior designer has gone nowhere and her love life is not that great either. Her dreams have always been about Travis Carson, her best friend Luke’s twin brother. The three of them know each other since kindergarten, but for some reason Travis treats her like trash.
Now her younger sister Janica asks her to be a model in her fashion show, of course Lily doesn’t want to do it. But she cannot let her sister down and Lily finds herself in a very sexy red dress. Still in need for some moral support she calls Luke and asks him to come over and sit in the audience. Not knowing Luke received a call from the hospital and finds Travis instead.

Travis Carson never understood his twin brother Luke for always dropping everything when Lily calls. When Luke asks Travis to fill in for him, he agrees to go to the fashion show hoping to find a willing woman to share his bed that night. But something happens to Travis the moment Lily sets foot on the catwalk, wearing that sexy red dress and he knows he has to have her, only her.

After sharing one night full of passion with Travis, reality kicks in and Lily knows it was the dress and not the girl that did it for Travis and runs before Travis wakes up. But Travis is not done with her yet, he offers her a business deal to do the interior design for one of his client house in Tuscany style and take her to Italy for shopping. Travis is determined to find out why he cannot forget about Lily and the night they spend together.

Take Me by Bella Andre is a sexy novel with a great storyline. The moment I start reading this novel it held that attention all the way through until I closed the book. Bella Andre definitely knows how to write a great storyline with some fabulous erotic scenes. You can feel the vibration and sexual attraction between the main-characters as soon as they enter the bedroom.

The main-characters Lily and Travis are some great characters. Lily Ellis is a plus-size woman who is letting her full-figure rule her entire life. The only two persons in the world where she feels safe and secure are her sister Jacina and her best friend Luke Carson. Then one night she takes the model job in her sister fashion show and put on the sexy red dress. Lily doesn’t know that Travis Carson will be in the audience, the only man she ever loved but knew she can never have.
Travis Carson is a gorgeous architect who can get every woman he wants. When his twin brother Luke asks him to fill in for him at Jacina fashion show and be there for Lily, he hesitates, but he knows he will do anything for his twin. So Travis goes and hopes to find a willing woman to share his bed that night, not knowing that seeing Lily in that sexy red dress would turn his world upside down.

Both secondary characters Jacina Ellis and Luke Carson are fabulous characters. They will do anything to protect Lilly against the world and their cruelty. Even when Luke finds out that his twin brother Travis spend the night with Lily he is determined to protect her and warns his brother if he ever hurts Lily he would have to deal with him. Well that is real friendship to me.

This novel was one that kept me enthralled; the talent of Bella Andre is that she definitely knows to keep the attention of the readers. It is great to read about some plus-size woman proving that those of us with some tummy really can get a gorgeous hunk and find true love.

Jaid Black - Deep, dark and Dangerous

Thousands of years ago, by edict of the gods, several Viking clans fled to the harsh, wintry Arctic and built a civilization deep below it in the earth's belly. The prophets warned them to keep to themselves, to stay below the ground, for one day the perverse Outsiders - those who dwell above the ground - would taint the laws of the gods and destroy themselves in the process. And then, once again, the Vikings would rule the entire world.

The modern Alaskan tundra is a rugged, largely unexplored terrain. The three kingdoms of the Underground, New Sweden, New Daneland and New Norway, continue to thrive, their ways and cultures untainted by time. The Vikings never go above the ground, with one great exception. They venture into the world of the Outsiders to hunt...


Madalyn Simons is an actress and after seeing her last movie, she is done with Hollywood. Madalyn is determined to disappear for awhile and moves to Alaska, far away from the Hollywood scene. The only person who knows where she lives is her little sister Drake. When Drake comes to visit her, they decide to take a tour on the snowmobile, see some whales and shoot some great pictures. Not knowing they took some pictures of three gorgeous Vikings who lives secretly underground and planning to stay hidden for the out site world.

Otar Thornsson and his two Viking warriors are tracking a traitor in the outsiders world, hoping to not been seen by them. But they don’t find the traitor but two females instead taking pictures of the wildlife and them. Otar knows he can’t take the chance of the two females running around talking about them.
So they hunt them down and take them underground do New Sweden, his home. Otar is thrilled to discover that one of the women is Madalyn, the actress he has been in love with for years.

When they reach the underground city Madalyn and Drake discover a whole new world, where women are few. There Madalyn and Drake both have a choice to make, they either marry two of the men who captured them or they will be placed on the marriage block and that means being sold to the highest bidder. So Madalyn chooses Otar, the gorgeous leader of the group. When the opportunity is there for Madalyn to return above ground to her old life, she has fallen for Otar. Will she decide to leave or will she stay?

Deep, dark and dangerous by Jaid Black is a great Viking story. The line between living in the world above ground and underground is huge. The way of living underground is simple and that is hard for the women who’ve been captured from above and used to luxury.

The main-characters Madalyn and Otar are fabulous together. Madalyn is an actress who is tired of being in the spot light and decides to move to Alaska. When her sister Drake comes to visit and they do a little sightseeing, both women couldn’t imagine being captured and taken underground to live with Vikings who everyone believed died long ago.
Otar Thornsson is one of those Vikings with gorgeous black hair and a great body. He and two of his men are above ground to capture a traitor, but finding two women instead. Otar cannot believe his eyes when one of the women is Madalyn, the actress he has been in love with for years. But will Otar see the woman who Madalyn really is or does he only see the actress?

As for the secondary characters you have Drake Simons, the younger sister of Madalyn, a woman who is not afraid to speak up her mind. Her big mouth puts her in positions she sometimes doesn’t know how to get out of it. I found myself smiling when I read those scenes.
Then you have Annika and Agetha, Otar’s mother and sister, both are very nice to Madalyn when she arrives and make her feel welcome in the strange world.

This novel is steamy and fabulous. This fantasy grabs your attention and takes you on a journey through the world of the underground Vikings. Who doesn’t want to be captured by some gorgeous Viking and wake up in his strong arms?

dinsdag 4 maart 2008

Jacquelyn Frank - Elijah

The Demon King’s Warrior, Captain Elijah, has walked into a trap by the group of female enemies and is nearly killed. He is saved by the piercing scream of a wild animal, which sends the enemy into hiding. This wild animal is Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes. Taken by Siena to a nearby cave she tries to nurse Elijah back to health.

Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes, a shape shifters race finds Elijah near to death. When she discovers the condition he is in, she knows she doesn’t have the skills to nurse him back to health. So she takes him to a nearby cave and tries to stop the bleeding. The only thing she can do is to prevent Elijah from dying, to avoid the wrath of the Demon King Noah.

When Siena manages to save Elijah, they discover the huge attraction between the two of them. The only problem is that it is against the law for a Demon to mate with anyone outside his own race.
Will they be able to control themselves in each other company? The other problem is to find the treacherous enemies who lured Elijah into a trap and let justice be served. The only way to do that is to join both races together and fight the evil enemy that would destroy them both.

Quote Elijah – Isabella:
“Stop touching me,” he said. “The last thing I need is your insanely husband pounding the stuffing out of me.”
“You know, I used to be a nurturing affectionate person. My unreasonable, domineering husband has to learn to get a grip, Elijah. When are you all going to learn I will do what I want, when I want, and you all can bite me if you don’t like it.”

Elijah by Jacquelyn Frank is the third novel in the Nightwalkers series and it is another fabulous novel. I love the world she created with the different species, the danger and the romance in between.

The main-characters Elijah and Siena meet each other in Gideon’s book and from that moment they feel attracted to each other. But because it is forbidden for a Demon to mate with anyone outside his own race, Elijah stays away from Siena. Nevertheless Destiny has a mind of her own, Elijah walks into a trap on Lycanthrope land and almost get killed. He is saved by Siena, who nurses him back to health to avoid a war with the Demon King Noah. The little time the two of them spend together is enough to set their hearts on fire and leave the mark of true imprinted mates on the both of them. But Siena as Queen of a matriarchal society has no wish for a King. She is determined to avoid destiny and leave Elijah, not knowing it would be so hard.

What I like about this series is the returning parts of the secondary characters, like we saw in the previous novels. Jacob, Isabella and their newborn baby are playing a huge role. Especially because Isabella is close to Elijah, she treats him like her brother and wants him to be the Siddah of her child.
Gideon, the healer of their species and his wife Magdalegna who happens to be one of the powerful Mind Demons. They are helping them in the joining war against the enemy. And let’s not forget Demon King Noah, who won my heart bit by bit during the novels, just being the man he is. Then we have Damien, the vampire prince who drops by to help in every way he can. There are two new characters I believe are very interesting. Syreena, the younger sister of Siena and their good friend Anya, both women will do anything to keep their Queen and friend save.

I don’t have any doubt. I’m a huge fan of Jacquelyn Frank and her Nightwalkers. She definitely holds my attention from the first moment I took the book into my hands. And when you finish the book you want to go straight to the next one, but I have to wait till Damien’s story comes out and I’m quite sure who his heroine will be.

Karen Marie Moning - Bloodfever

MacKayla “Mac” Lane is still in Ireland, hoping to discover who killed her sister Alina and slowly coming to terms with her newfound powers. She can see the Fae walk among the humans in their true form…evil. But Mac also can sense Faerie objects of power and now she’s tracking down the most important of the Unseelie Hallow’s, the Sinsar Dubh, a book of black magic that will turn the world upside down.

Mac gets help from Jericho Barrons, who seems to be human and a little more. He is a man with a lot of knowledge and Barrons trains and teach Mac with her new powers. Mac is not quite convinced, does Barrons help her to deal with her powers or does he do this for his own good. Although Barrons seems to be on her side, Mac suspects him of a hidden agenda and don’t trust him completely.

But there are others who want Mac on their side. V’lane, one of the Death by Sex Fae wants Mac to help him find the book and give it to his Queen Aoibheal and save the line between humans and Faeries. Mac doesn’t trust V’lane either because every time they see each other her clothes keep disappearing. But she cannot ignore the fact that V’lane is on her side and save her life when she need it the most.
Then there is the order, the other seers who give some little information to Mac and wants to lure her into their sisterhood. Mac is tempted, but she remains sceptic and trust nobody accept herself.
She doesn’t want to end up like her sister.

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning is the second novel in the Fever series. The story in this novel continues where the first novel left off and just like the previous novel I was lured right into the Fae world.

MacKayla Lane is healing from a previous battle with the Lord Master, but she is determined to find the murderer of her sister Alina and to find the Sinsar Dubh book.
Mac is thorn between two gorgeous men, who both want her help them find the book. Mac is not sure whom she can trust, but both men keep saving her life, so that should say something.
Jericho Barrons is the owner of the bookstore where Mac is working during the day. He is a real bully, orders Mac around and pushes her very hard to do things.
V’lane, the Death by Sex Fae is the other gorgeous male who helps Mac. Although Mac finds her clothes disappearing whenever he is near, V’lane is there when she needs him.

I really love to read about the struggles Mac have with Barrons and V’lane. They are both determined to get Mac on their side and want to make the other male look foolish. But Mac doesn’t trust neither of them, although they keep looking out for her, but they holding back a lot of information.
But a third party wants Mac’s help, other seers want Mac to join their sisterhood. Of course Mac is tempted but not quite sure about it.

I honestly can say I found this story interesting, especially to see the heat between Barrons & Mac, but also between V’lane & Mac. I’m curious to see which male ends up with Mac, or maybe there will be a third party who win over Mac’s heart.
So I’m looking forward to see what will happen in the next novel.

four flowers

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