donderdag 28 oktober 2010

L. Rosario - Captive Fantasy

Seraphina is a vampire with a secret, she never been satisfied in her sex life, so her friend Becca takes her to Captive Fantasy. This is a club where a select group of men fulfil woman’s fantasies. Sera isn’t sure about this, until she sees Valentino. Valentino takes Sera’s breath away and he is determined to spend the night with her.

Valentino has s secret of his own, he isn’t quite human either but just like Sera he never tells anyone. He’s always been satisfied working at Captive Fantasy and fulfil women’s dreams, but the moment he sees Sera he knows deep down in his heart he wants this woman and this woman alone.

But drinking Valentino’s blood and even allow him to take a sip of hers, place Sera in a difficult position. Will they be able to overcome the problems they are going to face?

Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario is the first novel I read by this author and I have to say it was definitely worth to read it.

Sera have some vulnerability and I like that about her, she is not the typical vampire who drink blood from every human she sees. No she left her maker’s home because she cannot drink from the vein. So she lives on bagged blood, which she heats up. But that all change when she meets Valentino, because sinking her teeth in his vein is the only thing she can think about.

Valentino was created in a lab, only to work in the Club Captive Fantasy where they pleasure women. Everything goes well, until he meets Sera and from that moment all he wants to do is give her pleasure and only her. But can Sera accept him, when she finds out about his background?

I have to be honest, I truly admit to have some moments where I wanted to snatch Valentino away from Sera and keep him just for me. Who wouldn’t want a man, who is created only to pleasure a woman?

Sera and Valentino went through hell to finally be together. When Sera drank his blood, she didn’t know she put her own life on the line, because drinking a clone’s bloods isn’t exactly healthy. When Sera’s maker finds out, he will do anything to save her life…even if that means eliminate Valentino completely out of her life. But he didn’t expect their love for each other to be that strong and survive even his threat.

The secondary characters Raphael, Becca and Nadia were great and I’m really hoping that they will get a book of their own.

Captive Fantasy is sensual and hot, it’s a terrific vampire novel with some very steamy scenes.

Kelly Meding - As lie the dead

Hunter Evy Stone has been through hell and back in the last couple of days. First discovering that you have been tortured, killed, then wakes up in another body and second hunting her killer and that of her dead team members. Evy stills struggles with her past and the memories of Chalice Frost which she inherited her new body from.

Evy and Wyatt have a new job to fulfil, because the Clan Elders wants justice for the attack on the Owlkins people. Evy blames herself for this attack because they were hiding her at that time, but now the remaining Owlkins people are after her friend Rufus St. James who was leading the attack. Evy and Wyatt have to work together to find out whom really been responsible for that attack, in order to save Rufus and they have only a couple of days to figure it out.

As Lie the Dead by Kelly Meding is her second novel in her Dreg City Series and another fabulous one.

The story continues right where the first book ended, Evy feels a lot of remorse that most of the Owlkin shape shifters have died because they hide her when someone wanted her dead. So when some of the survivors show on her doorstep and ask for protection, she vows for their safety.

But she is about to learn that she cannot trust anyone, because some people she feels close to will betray her. The only one she can trust is Wyatt Truman, her ex-boss and lover, even though she still needs to figure out her true feelings for him.

Kelly Meding has a way to tell the story; she created a fabulous world with a strong heroine, who knows how to kick some ass. I love it that she made Evy a strong woman, but with a vulnerable side, it makes her more human like everyone of us. I’ve also love the time limit she chooses in the books.

I know there is a lot more to tell in this series, so I’m looking forward to see the next novel.

Jocelynn Drake - Dayhunter

Mira is a strong vampire with her own domain and she has an unusual talent, a talent many of her kind fears. She is able to control fire without burning herself and that is why everyone calls her the Fire Starter.

After the last battle with the Naturi, Mira and her human vampire hunter Danaus must appears before the Coven in Venice, the home of the Nightwalkers. Mira knows it could be a trap and starting a fight with one of the ancient vampires could be a dangerous task, but she hates their corruption. So she will prepare herself like she does before going into a fight.

When arriving in Europe she has Rowe, the Earth-side leader of the Naturi after her, it appears Mira is the key to either the freedom or the defeat of the Naturi. Rowe will do anything to get his hands on Mira again and it doesn’t matter who or what comes in his way.

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake is the second novel in her Dark Days Series and again a fabulous novel. The more I read about Mira, Danaus and the world they are living and fighting in, the more excited I get.

Mira is a strong vampire with a powerful talent and apparently she’s also the key to defeat of free the Naturi Queen and her people. She and Danaus are forced to work together again and fight these Naturi before they will get free and destroy mankind. Because of this battle and her facing the Coven, she ends up unwilling with two new addiction to her family and she never wanted a vampire family of her own, but in order to save them against two powerful coven members, she needed to claim them for her own.

But that is not all, the sensual attraction between Mira and Danaus is growing and neither of them wants to act on it. Mira is afraid that if she convinces him to give her a change, he will hate her more afterwards and that he will fulfil his promise to hunt her and kill her.

I love the mystery around Danaus and his past, you know he is hiding something and slowly we learning what kind of human being he truly is. Oh yeah, he is not quite as human himself and hopefully he can make peace with himself about other creatures and maybe accept Mira as she is, before it’s too late.

It’s final, another addiction is born and I have to add this series and author on my favourite list. I really hope she will write about those two for a very long time.

Christine Feehan - Shadow Game

Captain Ryland Miller and his military unite are prisoners, they volunteered for a top secret experiment, which involved natural psychic abilities. He and his unit all had some ability when they started, now things got out of hand and they are locked up in cells. Ryland is one of the strongest among them and loyal to his men, that is why he is planning to escape his prison and get his men out of there. When Lily Whitney walks into his cell, he knows she might be his way out.

Dr. Lily Whitney has some psychic abilities of her own, so when her father Dr. Peter Whitney asks her to join him on a military base, she has no idea what to expect. The moment she walks into Ryland Miller’s cell, she feels a connection to him, like she never felt before. And when she discovers what kind of experiment her father is working on, she is confused, the scientist part of her feels exited and want to be a part of it, but her human part knows it is wrong and she need to get these men out of there, before they will suffer more pain and maybe even death.

Shadow Game by Christine Feehan is the first novel in her Ghostwalkers Series and I loved it. I already know that Christine Feehan is a fabulous author and this novel confirms my opinion about her. She really knows how to write a story where strong men and women can find each other no matter the circumstances.

Ryland Miller trusted his superiors when they contracted him about an experiment involving psychic abilities and he convinced his unit to join him. Never could he imagine being betrayed and used for their abilities. The moment he sets eyes on Lily Whitney and feels their psychic connection he knows he found a way out of their prisons, a person he can trust beside his own team members.

When Lily’s father and scientist is murdered, Lily and Ryland have to work together to save the men from the pain and try to find out who killed her father. But on this journey for the truth, they find more secrets and Lily wonders if she knew her adopted father at all.

I really think Lily and Ryland are perfect for each other; they are connected in every way possible. Okay, Lily needs to act more like a human then a scientist sometimes, but I can understand her point of view to see things in a different way than normal humans do.
I know for sure there will be interesting stories all the way through the series. I’m also dying to find out more about some of Ryland’s team members. Let’s hope Christine Feehan will write about them.

dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Cat Adams - Blood Song

Celia Graves is a bodyguard in a world where vampire’s hunts humans at night and demons are rare. Her latest client is a visiting prince and it seems to be an easy job, but nothing seems what it looks like. They run into a pack of vampires in the back of an ally of this nightclub and Celia is fighting for her life. She’s able to kill some of the vampires, but she receives a bite from one of the master vampire and loose unconsciousness.

Celia thinks she is going to die, but wakes up, shackled to a metal medical table in the University lab, where some of her friends are working. It appears her best buddy Kevin got her out and took her with him. But Celia is an abomination, neither fully human nor vampire. Kevin and his mage friend Jones are telling her that her “master” will try to hunt her down thru their bond in order to kill her or turn her. But Celia is determined to hunt him down first during the day and kills him before he gets to her.

But that is not all; she has to get to the police and sees what they are going to do about her attack and the death of her friend and fellow bodyguard. Together with a cop she is going under a memory-enhancement spell to get more details of the attack and discover that there is also a demon involved. So she has to accept all the help she can get to survive this mess.

Blood Song by Cat Adams is the first novel in the Blood Singer Series. I’ve known Cat Adams as the writing duo C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp and I love their Tales of the Sazi Series. So I couldn’t ignore this new series and had to try it out.

I have to say I love the main character Celia Graves, she is strong and determined, she won’t give up easily especially after what she’s been forced to go through. Her childhood wasn’t easy, her father left them when she was a little girl, her sister died at a young age and her relationship with her mother isn’t what it should be. Now her situation of being an abomination is giving her more stress, but with the help of a cop, her ex-boyfriend Bruno and her best werewolf friend Kevin, she is able to sort some of this out.

The only downside of this book is the little cliff-hanger, it seems to be a trend to leave readers a little frustrated at the end of a book and I do not like it one bit. I want to know what will happen with Celia now….luckily for us readers the second book Siren Song is not far away.

Maya Banks - Sweet Surrender

Grayson Montgomery is a police officer and on sick leave after he got hurt during the job and where his best friend and partner Alex got killed. When Alex’s father Mick comes to visit him and asks him to investigate the murder he cannot let the old man down. So Gray leaves for Houston to become one of the employees of Malone and Sons Security.

Gray knows this investigation will be complicated when he begin to like his employer and his colleagues. But that’s not all, he finds himself attracted to Faith Malone, his boss’s daughter and the one who could give him the information he needs to solve this murder. But can he use that information when he knows he could loose Faith forever?

Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks is the first novel in her Sweet Series and I have to say its one hell of a book full of passion, danger and true friendship.

When Gray starts to work at Malone and Sons Security he has one goal on his mind, to get as much information out of Faith Malone and hope to solve his partner’s murder as soon as possible. But he never dreamed to find the love of his life.

Faith Malone has been adopted by Pop Malone when she was already an adult. He was married to her mother, but split up when it didn’t work out. Faith left with her mother and never saw him again, but years later when Faith’s mother hit rock bottom and she didn’t knew who to call for help, Pop and his son Connor didn’t hesitate and took her into their family.

Faith is happy with her life, but at night she is craving for the touch of a man, but not like any other woman, she want a dominant man who can call the shots in the bedroom teaches her to be submissive. In order to fulfil her dream she makes an appointment at “The House, a mansion where those dreams can come true.

When Gray finds out what Faith is doing, he cannot ignore the feeling inside him. If Faith’s wants a dominant man in the bedroom, then it should be him and him alone!

Holy Moly, I love this book…where can I find someone like Gray…I’m not a submissive person, but after reading this book you keep wondering if you should try it. I love Faith, after a rough childhood she is finally happy and when she misses something in her life she isn’t afraid to go after it, even if that means go to a club to see if that scene is something for her.

I’m glad to know that there are more books in this series, because I really want to find out more about Micah, Nathan, Connor and Damon, because those men are HOT. You can sense that is a story behind all of them and I’m looking forward to find out what that story is.

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Kelly Meding - Three days to dead

Evangeline “Evy” Stone is a hunter for a secret government agency, that fights against all evil that goes around at night. But then she wakes up in the morgue in someone else’s body. Now she has to find out why she’s in the morgue in the first place, how she died and most importantly who brought her back and why. Evy will have to figure out what she can remember of the hours before her death.

Wyatt Truman is the handler aka supervisor of the team, where Evy were a part of. The team was ambushed and Evy was the only one who survived the attack, but everyone blamed Evy for her team member’s death. The couple of days before her death she was hiding for her agency as well as her enemies. Wyatt is the only one who believes in her and is going to help Evy to recover her memory so they can hunt down her killers and the one responsible for the team member’s death.

Evy also discovers that Wyatt is the one who brought her back to life by making a deal, but everything comes with a catch. They have three days to sort it all out or Evy will be dead for good.

Three days to dead by Kelly Meding is the first novel in her Dreg City Series and I have to say it was a surprise. The story contains a kick ass woman, her handsome and determined handler and some very interesting twists.

Everyone knows by now that I love the strong kick ass heroines, who know how to take care of themselves and Evy is no exception. What I really loved was to see her character struggling with her new body. Her looks are so much different from her own and she inherited some of the emotions from this new body. She is trying real hard to mix everything together so that she is ready when the battle starts.

She’s also struggling with her feelings for Wyatt, she knows they have shared the bed once before she died and Wyatt is very attracted to her now. But why? Is it because o new body and looks or does he really cares for her?

Wyatt is just great, he is strong and super determined to clear Evy’s name and hopefully save his own life on the way. He made a deal with the devil to get Evy back but it might cost him his own soul.

You can tell that this novel is the first in a series, because you see a lot of world building, but it was necessary to understand the whole concept. I’m definitely going to keep my eye on this author and this series.

Olivia Gates - The once and future prince

The King of Castaldini is very sick and has to select his successor soon. But there are strict rules of this small Island, the new king must be chosen freely, not just by bloodline. There are three men who could take over this position, but they all have made one major downfall in the past which makes them ineligible according to the law.

Leandro D’Agostino is the former prince and ambassador of Castaldini, and probably the best choice to be the next successor, but he was banished from his homeland. So the king asks Phoebe Alexander to visit Leandro and convince him to come back and try to convince the council to become the next king. Phoebe and Leandro have a history together and she isn’t that happy to take this job, but her beloved friend and king need her to succeed.

Leandro D’Agostino was forced to leave his Island many years ago, but it all turned out great for him because he became a very successful businessman. Leandro never could forget Phoebe, the woman he was having a secret affair with and the one he left behind. Phoebe broke off their relationship after declining Leandro’s offer and the never spoke to each other again, until the day she appear on his doorstep with a proposition he needs to listen to.

The once and future prince by Olivia Gates is the first book in the Castaldini Crown Trilogy and I have to say it was a nice entertaining book. I’m a huge fan of paranormal romance and the urban fantasy, but this Silhouette book was a pleasant change between those other books.

I really liked Phoebe Alexander. She fell in love with Leandro years ago and kept their relationship hidden because Leandro couldn’t afford a scandal and she always thought they would end up together in the future. But when Leandro was forced to leave the Island and made the offer to continue their relationship in secrecy, she declined his offer and left him. But when she meets him again after all these years, the huge attraction is still there.

Leandro is a gorgeous successful businessman, but I have to admit that sometimes I didn’t like him very much, especially when he blackmailed Phoebe. If she wanted him to return to the Island and maybe becoming the next king, she had to agree to his terms in their new relationship. For awhile all goes well between them, until he accuses her of something she didn’t do. I just wanted to smack him against the head and tell him to listen to her explanations. It was fun to see that Phoebe let him crawl thru dust at the end when he apologizes to her.

I’m definitely going to check out the other two books in this series and see if the other two candidates for the thrown and their heroines are as great as Phoebe and Leandro.
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