dinsdag 28 september 2010

Jennifer Ashley - Pride Mates

Twenty years ago the shifters made themselves known to the human world and with that announcement they were feared by humans. Now they have to wear collars and live in Shifter towns. They are cut off from all human sources, no cable, and no phone. The collar they are wearing gives them an extremely painful shock when they show aggression.

Kim Fraser is a defence attorney and is assigned to Brian’s case. He is a shifter and accused for killing his human girlfriend. For the human world Brian is already guilty, just because he is a shifter, but Kim isn’t so sure. She is going for the truth no matter what, so she goes into the Shifter town where Brian lives and hopes they can give her some background on her client.

Liam Morrissey is the shifters liaison, he is the man where all the shifters in town go too when they are in trouble. He is a born leader, but doesn’t want the Alpha position. When Kim Fraser comes to him for information about Brian, he’s immediately attracted to her, but he doesn’t act on it because she is human. But when her life is in danger he will do anything to keep her save.

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley is the first novel in her Shifters Unbound series. I have to say I really enjoyed reading this book, from the moment I started this book it lured me into its world and held me captivated until I finished it.

Kim Fraser is a strong determined defence attorney and when she knows her client is innocent, she will fight till she proves his or her innocence. Brian is her first shifter client and she knows he is innocent and will do anything in her power to prove it, even it that means going into Shifter town and face their liaison Liam Morrissey.

Liam is tall, gorgeous and Irish and all those qualities should make a woman fall down on her knees. But he avoids human females as much as possible, so he isn’t happy when Kim Fraser shows on his doorstep, demanding he help her clear Brian’s name. He cannot help her because the shifters are bound to follow the rules of the Regions Alpha, Fergus and he tells Liam to ignore Kim’s cry for help. But when her life is in danger he cannot ignore the feeling that he had to protect her.

Liam’s brother Sean is the guardian of the Shifters and he only steps into battle when a rogue shifters needs guidance with his soul. Dylan is Liam’s father and the alpha of the Shifter town in Austin, but he knows his oldest son is much stronger and might fight him for the position. And then there is Connor, the Benjamin of the family, he moved in when his father, Liam and Sean’s brother died.

The loyalty and love in this family is huge and that was definitely one of the things I love the most in this book. Once you are accepted into the family, you have all the support and guidance you can get. I’m definitely looking forward to see more of this family in the next novel, which happens to be Sean’s.


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