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Rachel Caine - The dead girls' dance

At the end of Glass Houses we had an awesome cliff-hanger and the story begins exactly where they left off. Claire, Shane and Eve are in shock what Shane’s father and his fellow vampire slayer have done to Michael. Shane’s father returned to Morganville after a disturbing phone call of his son, but he is there for one reason only; to kill as many vampires he can find and nothing or anyone stands in his way.

Shane lost his sister a few years ago during a fire, his mother wasn’t able to life with it and died shortly after that. Shane and his father blame the vampires for this event and have been planning for revenge ever since. Shane returned back to Morganville so he could give the inside information to his father, but living with Michael, Eve and Claire change his mind, but the mistake he made is already to late and now Michael has to pay the price for it.

The four young people realize that the problems Shane’s dad is causing will jeopardy their protection of the Founder. The rules are simple if they’re involved in killing vampires, the protection is gone and they all will be shooting ducks for some of the vampires who want them dead. When Shane is accused of killing one of the vampires, it’s up to Claire and Eve to find the real killer and save Shane.

The dead girls’ dance by Rachel Caine is the second novel in her Morganville vampire series and definitely a fabulous one.

The friendship between Shane, Michael, Eve and Claire is getting stronger by the minute, no matter what happens to one of them, the others are there to pick up the pieces. We even witness a romance between Shane and Claire, although Shane knows Claire is young and under age, he cannot ignore his feelings for her. So they are taking baby steps to give their growing love a chance, but it’s hard when most of the town is hunting you.

I love the fact that bully Monica is getting a little of what is coming to her, when she turns up at the other end of the table and is the victim for once. And if it weren’t for Claire and her friends, this could end up real bad for her.

Another great aspect of this series is that the books are following each other up pretty well, it’s better to read this series in the right order, or otherwise you’ll be missing some crucial parts of the storyline.

At the end Rachel Caine ends with a huge cliff-hanger, leaving readers panting and begging for the next novel. I have to say one of the best Young Adult novels I’ve ever read and I’m definitely going to read the rest of the series.

Lynn Viehl - Twilight fall

Liling Harper is a young woman on the run, she doesn’t spend to much time in one place, but lately she spends some time at the Lighthouse Rehabilitation Center, where she place beautiful flowers in the patients rooms and keeping the garden in shape. Liling even visit some of the patients and read for them, especially Luisa. But one day when she works in the garden, a photo was taken and ends up in a magazine all over the world. Liling knows it is time to run again and leave everything behind in order to save her own live.

Valentin Jaus is a Darkyn lord in pain; he lost the only woman he ever loved to one of his kind. But that is not all he also lost his arm in a duel with a friend and isn’t able to use this arm. He made a promise to his friends Michael & Alexandra to take care of wounded Luisa, so he put her in his rehab center with the best doctors and care he could find. When he visits Luisa he meets Liling, the beautiful gardener and isn’t able to stop thinking of her. When she needs help and a ride out of town, he doesn’t hesitate and offers her his help.

But Liling’s followers are close and they don’t hesitate to eliminate everything or everyone standing in their way. Will Valentin be able to keep Liling save and let her in his heart forever?

Twilight fall by Lynn Viehl is the sixth book in her Darkyn series and I don’t have to tell you this is another fabulous novel. I know now why she is on my favourite author list, her novels are hot, steamy and full of danger and excitement and that is all I need.

Valentin Jaus is a lonely man, he lost the only woman he loved to one of his friend, one of his own kinds and hasn’t been able to get her of his mind. When he meets Liling in the Rehabilitation center, he cannot believe the feelings he has for her. Will it be possible for him to love another woman, to hold another woman and forget all about the past? The only thing he knows is keeping Liling saves from her followers and finds out if she feels the same way about him. Liling is an orphan on the run, she grew up in an orphan home with her twin brother, but like all the other orphans they had special gifts. During an outbreak she was able to run and promise herself not ever to go back to that place and be used for her talent. But now her followers were close and the only right thing to do is trust this handsome Darkyn Lord and accept his help.

I really love to read about the secondary characters from the previous books. Especially Michael and Alexandra, they both have a very special place in my heart. Michael for being old fashion and wants to protect his wife from all the threats in the world. But Alexandra is a woman from the 21st century and believes she can manage all on her own and is determined to find the cure for all the Darkyn. When she hears about Liling and the place she grew up with, she knows the answer are near.

Twilight fall is an exciting book to read and I cannot believe the next novel Stay the night will be the last one in this series. But I’m curious to see if Robin of Locksley will find his match.

maandag 6 april 2009

Rachel Caine - Glass houses

Claire Danvers is a sixteen year old teen and a freshman at college. Although she’s very young her parents decided to send her to school in Morganville, where she is living on campus. Popular Monica and her followers have the picks on Claire to the point that bullying Claire almost kills her. So Claire is determined to find an off campus apartment and she believes to have found the right place in Morganville. The three roommates reluctantly accept Claire even though she is underage. But when they discover who is bullying Claire, they cannot let her stay at campus. From her roommates Claire discovers that most of the town is under protection and control of vampires, but not their house or the people living inside.

Because the house has powerful protection of its own, it keeps the vampires out and the roommates save inside. When Claire returns to classes the attacks of Monica doesn’t stop, she even sends her vampire friends after Claire. But Claire gets help from her roommates, Shane hates Monica and he knows that with Michael unavailable during daytime he is the right choice to keep her save. Even Eve is determined to protect Claire from the bullies. Claire discovers that the vampires are looking for an ancient book, so she is determined to find it and trade it for her and her roommate’s safety.

Glass houses by Rachel Caine is the first novel in her Morganville series and I have to say I like it. Rachel Caine created a world full of powerful vampires but with a reality so you can relate to it.

Claire is a sixteen year old girl, who starts as a freshman at a new college. She’s smart, skip a class so she is the youngest of the class and when she made a correct to Monica about something they handle in class, she’s the target of this bully. From that moment Monica and her followers are making Claire’s life a living hell. So when they abuse Claire almost to dead, Claire decide to find a living place outside the campus and she finds with Michael, Shane and Eve. When Claire discovers vampires are for real and that they are living targets at night, she is determined to find the one thing they wanted the most…an ancient book. That special book has to make sure she and her roommates are safe from all the threats in this town.

But that’s not all what Claire discovers, by accident she discovers Michael’s big secret and why he’s keeping this from his roommates. She has to promise not to tell anyone, but can she keep this secret.

With a little cliff-hanger at the end this author lures you back to the second novel and find out what will happens to Claire and her friends.

Stephenie Meyer - New moon

This novel continues almost right where the last one ended, Bella is becoming more and more comfortable with her vampire boyfriend and his family. When Bella celebrate her birthday at the Cullens house and accidentally cuts herself, one of the family members cannot contain himself and makes a jump for Bella. Edward protects her, but this makes it all to clear to the family that keeping Bella close put her life in danger. Slowly Edward begins to withdraw himself from Bella in order to leave her and keep her save.

Bella’s grief of losing Edward and his family is heartbroken and she withdraws herself totally from her friends at school and her family. But Jacob, the young Native American and son of Bella’s father’s friend is around and he becomes a very close friend. He is the one who helps her through her depression and help her get on with her life. But will friendship be enough for Jacob?

When Alice appears on Bella’s doorstep with the message that Edward believe she is dead and wants to end his life, Bella drops everything and rush to him, hoping she’s in time to save him. Even if this means she has to face her father’s anger and Jacob disappointment.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer is the second novel in her Twilight series and again I loved it. This is a young adult novel about a relationship of a young woman with her vampire boyfriend and her best friend who happens to be a werewolf shape shifter, and I don’t mind this being a young adult novel.

I totally understand Edward decision to leave Bella in order to keep her save and alive, but Bella’s grief is really heart wrenching. Every young girl at her age will totally loose herself in grief and forget all about the world. And when a young man comes along and pulls her out of the grief and gives her life meaning that is a huge bonus. Jacob is the guy who every young woman wants; he is attractive, strong and happens to be a werewolf. He is determined to make Bella forget all about Edward and hope for her love in return, but nothing is as it should be. Bella loves Jacob as a friend and when she leaves everything behind when Edward & Alice need her, it’s just so sad to see Jacob hurting the way he does, he really cares for Bella and he doesn’t give up.

I have to say the ending was good and even has a little cliff-hanger for the next novel to come, so I’m curious to see what will happen next with Edward, Bella, Jacob and the Cullen family.

Lynn Viehl - Evermore

During a raining night Jayr is attack by a group of thieves who wants to take him down, only for an expensive Rolex watch. But the thieves are shocked when they discover that this young boy isn’t an easy target, because Jayr is not only a woman but also a Darkyn. She can fight like any male Darkyn and she is not alone, her Lord Byrne and his best friend Robyn are near. Jayr became Darkyn at an early age, during the last battle by Robert she tried to help a wounded man, not knowing that would change her life forever. Turned by this man Aaden mac Byrne, she joins his realm and served him well after centuries and deep in her heart she loves him dearly.

Aadan mac Byrne is the seneschal of the Darkyn in his area and the Lord of the castle, the Realm where fellow Darkyn can come and celebrate some festivals. But Byrne feels he is losing control little by little over his berserker, his beast. So he is ready to step down and let someone else take over before he hurts someone, especially the woman he loves secretly, Jayr.

When Michael, the lead Darkyn of all America and his wife Alexandra make their way to the Realm to choose a new leader, nothing goes as it should be. Before any decision is made, an old enemy of Robin of Locksley shows up and throw some damper over the whole event.

Evermore by Lynn Viehl is the fifth novel in her Darkyn series and a real treasure. Just like the previous books Miss Lynn Viehl knows how to lure me into a world full of danger, conspiracy and great characters from fairytales. What I love most about the books is the real connection between them.

Main characters Jayr and Byrne are strong, determined and a little bit stubborn. They both have strong feelings for the other, but in secret. Byrne is the head of his area, but lately he feels restless and knows he cannot control the beast inside him. The only thing to do is to step down and let another run his realm. Byrne knows he will have to give up Jayr when he steps down. When Jayr hears about Byrne stepping down, she is furious because she doesn’t want another boss to serve and with the help of Alexandra she now knows how to seduce the only man she loves and wants.

I really love the fact that in every novel in this Darkyn series, Michael en Alexandra make an appearance. We learn more about the bond between those two and Alexandra’s journey to find a cure for all Darkyns.

Lynn Viehl writes fabulous and treats the readers on a huge doses paranormal that we can value and I’m curious to see what will happens next.
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