dinsdag 28 september 2010

Nancy Holzner - Deadtown

Victory Vaughn is an active demi-human, a shape shifter who fights demons for a living. Three years ago, the Plaque hit Boston and turned many of the residents into zombies. Now Boston is called Deadtown and all species are now under strict regulation and are struggling for rights among the humans.

During one of Vicky’s exorcising jobs, she feels something evil luring in the shadows, but cannot seem to feel what kind of evil. The next day Vicky hears that her client was murdered, case of death boiled from the inside out. She now knows that there is a Hellion loose in Deadtown. When she discover who this Hellion Demon is, she knows it’s after her, because Difethwer, the Destroyer killed her father years ago and left a demon mark on her.

Deadtown by Nancy Holzner is the first novel in her Deadtown Series and I have to say this is a new author for me, but she didn’t disappoint me with her novel. She created a fabulous heroine with great secondary characters and a world you wouldn’t want to live in as a human. But she managed to capture me and held my attention during the whole book.

Vicky Vaughn is a strong heroine and isn’t afraid to face the danger when she comes across it. She lost her father when she was young, the demon Difethwer, the Destroyer took her father’s life and marked her for life. For all those years she has been fighting hard to stay in control and fight for the good. But the demon is back and is trying real hard to force Vicky to cross the line and come to the dark side.

But Vicky’s life isn’t easy, she also has to deal with Tina, a young zombie who follows Vicky around and is getting in more trouble than is good for her. Kane is Vicky’s werewolf lover and is making their relationship much harder that she wants it to be. And now Kane is getting competition when human detective Costello steps into Vicky’s life, whom she also feels attracted to. But that is not the worst, Gwen her inactive demi-human sister is ashamed of their heritage and blames Vicky for the family troubles.

I really enjoyed this book, the heroine is strong and independent, just the way I like my heroines. I love the triangle Vicky’s is in, two gorgeous men fighting for her attention and neither wants to give up. I’m looking forward to see what will happen between them in the future novels.


Michelle Greathouse zei

I enjoyed this one too. Looking forward to Hellforged.


Lady Caella zei

Yeah me too...luckily for us the next book is going to be release soon...we don't have to wait till next year.

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