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Jessa Slade - Seduced by shadows

Sara Littlejohn life was never good, her mother committed suicide, her father couldn’t deal with that and just felt sorry for him and her brothers fled the family the moment they were of ages. Now Sara is recovering from an accident and maybe be cripple and in pain for the rest of her life. Then one night a stranger tries to warn her to refuse the demon who wants to possess her, but she doesn’t really believe him and flees. But that night this demon approach her and promise her a life without pain and can heal her body, before Sara knows it this demon enter her body.

Ferris Archer is one of the Tayla demon fighters, warriors possessed by the “teshuva” demons. Archer had a dream that warn him of the arrival of a rare demon from hell, he is determined to find it before this demon finds a host. Archer is surprise when he discovers that the demon’s target is a woman, named Sara, because he never heard of a female Tayla fighter before. He tries to warn her, but of course she doesn’t believe him.

Sara needs help to get through her transition from human to this demon fighter and Archer is the one to do that. But he knows he needs to destroy her, when her demon decides to be evil instead of good. During this progress Sara and Archer realize that her demon was drawn to Earth for a purpose and that Sara is the key to open hell on Earth.

Seduced by Shadows by Jessa Slade is the first novel in her marked Souls Series and I have to say she did an awesome job with it. This novel has a nice balance of action, danger, romance and fulfilling your destiny. I found myself intrigued and wanted to finish the book as soon as possible, because I really wanted to know how it all would end.

Sara is a fabulous character, after she is freed from her pain; he is determined to enjoy life as it comes to her. Even if that means embracing her demon and joins the Tayla demon fighters to keep the world save from evil. Archer is the perfect partner to her, he knows what it’s like to live with a demon inside and he is fighting with if for a long time. Together they are stronger than ever.

The souls of the Tayla warriors aren’t whole anymore, those demons have claimed a part of that for themselves, but in return the warriors have access to some of the demon’s power. Some of the warriors are still struggling with the psychic wounds, which was the reason those demons could enter their bodies in the first place.

I truly can say that Jessa Slade surprised me with this first novel and I’m really looking forward to see more of these warriors and their possessed demons.

Jaye Wells - The mage in black

Sabina Kane is a former assassin and half vampire/half mage. She never fitted in the vampire world and after learning the hard way that her grandmother cannot be trusted, she knows she never fits in that world. So she goes with the mage Adam to travel to New York to finally meet her long lost twin sister at the Hekate Council, where she will go through training to get a hold of her magical half.

But troubles follow her everywhere, because there are a couple attempts on her life and that means someone within the Haven of Mages want Sabina gone or dead. But of course that’s not all the trouble she’s in, her demon familiar Giguhl, decides to join a fight club where the only rule is “No Mercy”.

The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells is the second novel in her Sabina Kane Series and I have to say it’s fabulous. Just like the first novel, it’s full of action, danger and betrayal, a fabulous combination to get a great novel.

Sabina Kane is a strong kick-ass assassin. After the betrayal of her grandmother, the head of the vampire Dominae, she doesn’t trust easily. The only two people she’s close to is Mage Adam, who is she very attracted to and her demon familiar Giguhl. Now she is travelling to meet her twin sister and learn more about the other side of her inheritance.

Sabina grows in her magical abilities, but not everyone is happy about that, because someone inside the Haven is doing everything in their power to stop her. There are several tests waiting for Sabina to complete, to test her loyalty to her sister and the council. But that’s not all, at the fight club she runs into an old lover, someone she banned out of her life long ago. Now she has the attention of two strong men fighting for her attention, but is she capable of choosing one of them.

We definitely saw a different side of Sabina and I have to say I like it. It shows that she is not only the cold hard chick she wants everyone to think she is, but she is also vulnerable and sentimental sometimes.

I cannot say otherwise than that this novel is great and definitely worth to read. I’m really looking forward to the next novel and see what will happen next.

Jeaniene Frost - First drop of crimson

After loosing her husband in a battle against paranormal evil, Denise blocked out every single paranormal being out of her life, even her best friend Cat, who is half human / half vampire. But now her relative’s are dying one by one and Denise think she will be next. So when a shape shifting demon pays her a visit and brands her as his property, she knows she has no choice. She has to find out what happened and how she can stop it before other family members will die.

Denise knows her friend Cat is away for a few weeks, so that leave her no choice then to call Spade, Cat’s vampire friend. Spade has some demons of his own to get rid of; he has managed to avoid any contact with human females for a reason. Now Denise needs his help and has blackmailed him into helping her. He knows he cannot refuse her, otherwise Cat and Bones will have his head. But the more time they spend together, the more he wants to make her his.

First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost is the first novel in the Night Huntress World and just as good as her Night Huntress Series with Cat and Bones as main characters. The world, the creatures are all the same, but it’s the secondary characters turn now to find happiness and love.

We all know that Denise was happily married and was able to be in the paranormal world her best friend Cat lives in, but after that bloody night where she lost her husband, she cannot be there anymore. But we all know that fate has a mind of his own, so when some demon claims her, she needs help….from the undead. Spade is the only other option to ask for help, when your best friend is away on her honeymoon.

You can read this book on its own, without having read the earlier series the Night Huntress about Cat and Bones. But if you want to understand the whole world building and some of the character, then I would advice to read the others books too, you won’t be disappointed.

I totally loved the fact that some of the characters from the first series are woven into this new novel. I only can hope that Jeaniene Frost will write more books about some of those characters, I would love to see more of Mencheres, Ian and let’s not forget Vlad.

maandag 26 juli 2010

Ilona Andrews - Magic Bleeds

Kate Daniels, an agent of the Order is sent to investigate a fight at the bar The Steel Horse, where the territories of the shape shifters and vampires come together. When Kate arrives on the scene she isn’t happy to see what she has to deal with, it’s magic in a way she never seen before. Kate knows she has to give everything she has to stop the one who’s killing these innocent victims.

Kate soon enough discovers that she is dealing with someone old, very old and that it might be one of her relative’s. She knows she has to deal with it on her own, if she wants the family connection hidden from everyone. And if that wasn’t hard enough, she has other thing on her mind too. The Beast Lord Curran stood her up for their dinner date and Kate might kill him the next time she sees him. It doesn’t matter that he’s strong, stubborn and determined to clear this once and for all between them.

Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews is the fourth novel in her Kate Daniels Series and I have to say it’s the best I’ve read so far. First I was doing my happy dance when the book finally arrived on my doorstep and I did my second happy dance when I finished the book. Oh boy, what a surprise, I couldn’t put it down until the last pages were done.

We all know that in the previous book Kate agreed to make Curran his dinner and serve it in just some lingerie. Well it didn’t turn out the way Kate wanted it to be, because he stood her up and she isn’t ready to forgive him. She will fight him with every breath she has and deal with him when she needs because of her job, but beside that she is done with him, even though her heart is screaming something else.

Fate has some other surprises for Kate, it appears that Kate’s Aunt is in town and her aunt isn’t very fond of the idea that her brother Roland has a living child out in the world. Kate has to pull every magic she has to stop her Aunt for killing and destroying peoples lives and she has some help in the form of a poodle.

When the moment was finally there when Kate and Curran accepted their fate and be together, it was good to see that Kate also decided to let Curran in on her secrets about who she really is, who her family is and what she can do. I know he will have a back no matter what.

Andrea and Raphael are just a funny couple, the way those two gets into trouble and have to call Kate to bail them out is just hilarious. I know Andrea has a hard time accepting who she really is and that she wants to keep her true identity a secret from the Order. But I have to agree with Raphael, it’s time for her to decide what is more important in her life. The man she really loves and her people of the Order who would prefer her dead.

I cannot wait for the next installment in this series; I would love to see more Kate and Curran, but also more about Kate’s father Roland. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of him soon, I cannot wait to read his reactions when he finds out that his daughter is still alive and getting more powerful by the day.

Ilona Andrews - Magic Strikes

Kate Daniels is an agent of the Order; she’s dealing with a lot of magic and danger, something she’s very good at. Her friend shape shifter Derek asks her to deliver a note to someone in the Arena, where gladiator’s fights, not really knowing what he’s getting himself the Reapers, tortured and left for dead. Kate is out for revenge and she’s not the only one.

Jim, the chief of security for the Lord Beast Curran must find a way to get a team in the Arena, so they can have their vengeance for Derek. Although Kate isn’t a shifter, she joins the team because she will do whatever is necessary to kill them. But their might be a higher power behind all of this, someone of Kate’s bloodline.

Magic Strikes by Ilona Andres is the third novel in her Kate Daniels Series and a fabulous read. She’s already blew me away with the previous two books and she didn’t disappoint me with this one. It’s another novel full of magic, action and danger and some building attraction between two power beings.

We all know that Kate Daniels is one hell of a kick ass chick, which will fight for justice. But when someone close to her is left for dead, justice isn’t the only thing on her mind, she wants revenge. She will do anything in her power to see that happens, even if that means fighting as gladiator in the Arena.

In every book you see the relationship between Kate and Curran change into something more. Their attraction to each other is growing and I know it will be only a matter of time before Curran will take his chance and make Kate his mate. I only hope that Kate will find a way to accept it all and don’t let her inheritance spoil everything.

To the Urban Fantasy fans out there, if you haven’t read this series yet, then I highly suggest that you check this one out, because you won’t be disappointed.

Jessica Bird - His Comfort and Joy

Joy Moorehouse has lost her parents when she was young; her brother Alex left the family shortly after the funeral. So her older sister Frankie took care of her and their dementia grandmother. When Joy got older she did everything in her power to help her sister and their Bed and Breakfast, but always had the dream to design her own dresses. But Joy has another dream, involving her sexy neighbour Gray Bennett, who she has loved for years.

Gray Bennett is a rich political consultant and has had a pretty terrible family life; his mother couldn’t be fateful to his father. So Gray doesn’t really believe in the happy marriage life. But Gray has noticed Joy Moorehouse, but he think she is way too innocent and too young for him. He knows he cannot give her what she really wants, a happy family.

His Comfort and Joy by Jessica Bird is the second novel of the Moorehouse Legacy Series and another great easy read. The novel was well written and a perfect book to read, coming home from work and just drop down to enjoy a simple love story.

Joy is a strong young woman, who’s trying hart to design her own dresses and still looks after het dementia grandmother. So her sister Frankie can take care of running their family Bed and Breakfast. Then she gets the opportunity to go to the big city to show some of her designs and maybe get her own career of the ground.

Gray’s life had been rough and his trust in women has been growing less because of his unfaithful mother. But Joy Moorehouse is determined to let Gray see what he will be missing, if he doesn’t take the change to be happy with her. She isn’t going to wait forever.

I have to say that sometime Gray’s whining and jealousy was too much. I just wanted to smack him in the head and tell him to be a man and finally step up and claim the woman who loves him. But luckily for Gray, Joy is the more dominant in the relationship and she isn’t afraid to go after the things she wants.

I enjoyed the book and I recommend it to those who wants some easy read on a busy day, just simple relax and let the romance takes you away from it all. Jessica Bird aka J.R. Ward did a great job.

Jessica Bird - Beauty and the Black Sheep

Frances “Frankie” Moorehouse is the head of the family and has been taking care of her family since her parent’s died. Her brother Alex took off shortly after the funeral, so Frankie and her younger sister Joy are running the family Bed and Breakfast that has been in the Moorehouse family for six generations. But if’s not going well with the Inn, there isn’t enough money to restore the building to his full glory and on top of it all, the cook has just quit his job. So when this stranger knocks on her back door and plays cook for that evening, Frankie doesn’t know what to think of him

Nate Walker quits his job as a 4 star chef at a top restaurant, to start his own restaurant with his best friend Spike. When his car breaks down, he ends up at this little Bed and Breakfast. The moment he walks through the back door into the kitchen, he knows they need help that evening. It appears the cook just took off and let the Moorehouse sisters deal with the aftermath. So he takes over the kitchen and plays the cook for that evening and might actually stay for the whole summer.

Beauty and the Black Sheep by Jessica Bird is the first novel in the Moorehouse Legacy series and I have to say it was well written and easy to read. This is a perfect book to read during an afternoon in the weekend or in the evening when you are home from work. You just want to relax on the sofa with nothing on your mind.

Frankie still has a hard time dealing with her parent’s death and taking care of the Bed and Breakfast and her dementia grandmother. She’s frustrated that she might loose the Inn if the cannot get the money for restoring the building. It seems that her problems are only getting worse by the day.
Nate has problems of his own, being a son of rich parents he wanted to rebel and took off to build his won career. Nate succeeds and became a 4 star chef, but that is not enough. His friend Spike and he want to start their own restaurant and are looking around for the right location. But fate has a mind of his won, when Nate’s car breaks down near Moorehouse Bed and Breakfast and its lovely owner.

Although Frankie keep fighting her feelings for Nate and trying to push him away, I really enjoyed Nate’s determination to convince her to see life from a different angle.

I was curious to see what kind of novels J.R. Ward wrote under her alias Jessica Bird and I have to say that is was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed this book.

Cindy Miles - Thirteen chances

Christian is a Welsh Crusader is cursed for life, he has to live as a ghost for eternity, but he vowed to wait for his true love, Emma forever. Every seventy-two years his love’s soul was reborn and has been driven to return to Wales, to find Christian and remember their true love, hoping that they can break the curse that keeps his ghost earthbound. Twelve times he has gone through the reunion with his love, to lose here again to death.

Emma is a photographer and is drawn to the crumbling walls of Arrick by the Sea in Wales. So she takes a vacation and travels from America to Wales. She stays at the small Inn near the castle, which is run by the three lovely witch sisters. Her first night in Wales is weird; she meets a ghost who orders her to leave Wales at once and never come back. But Emma isn’t that scared and is determined to find out what these ghosts try to tell her.

Christian cannot go through it again and decides to stop convincing his love’s soul to find the cure and leave her alone. But this Emma is the spitting image of his first Emma and he cannot stay away from her long. The more he spends time with her, the more he’s convinced that this time it will be different. He gets help from the three witch sisters; they are determined to bring Emma and Christian’s souls together for eternity. If they fail this time, their love will be lost forever.

Thirteen chances by Cindy Miles is a fabulous read. Even though the previous books and this novel aren’t a series, the characters will come together in this one. It’s great to see the whole bunch together and share their experience.

The characters Emma & Christian have been through hell to find a way to break his curse, but loose every time. It’s hard to see Christian win over Emma’s heart every time to see him loose her in he end again. So it is understandable that this last time around he’s moving away from her instead of falling in love again. But of course fate and three determined witches are having plans of their own and to finally reunite those two lost souls for eternity.

I really enjoy the part where Christian takes Emma to meet his “old” friend from the past, sot it was nice to see the great characters of the previous books.

Cindy Miles never disappointed me with her books, so I definitely recommend the books if you are falling for immortal highlanders, some very independent women and last but not least some crazy but friendly ghosts. I cannot wait to see what Cindy Miles has in store for us in the future.

Cindy Miles - MacGowan's ghost

Allie Morgan has a gift; she is able to see spirits and can communicate with them. She has set up s business to help people who don’t want their houses and business haunted by ghosts. When she receives a phone call from Gabe MacGowan, who claims his pub is haunted by several ghosts, she knows she has to travel from America to Scotland to see if she can help. But Allie doesn’t travel alone, she’s bringing her own ghost Dauber along with her, one who’s very protective and wants to see her save.

Gabe MacGowan, owner of the pub is tired of the ghosts, who haunted his pub. They have been there since he was a little boy, but it isn’t funny anymore. Gabe wants to sell his pub and move away so his young son Jake can have a normal childhood away from ghosts. Especially when he knows that his son has the same ability as he does and can see and hear these ghosts. But that’s not all, Gabe feels guilty for his wife’s death, who he never loved. She is haunted his dreams and he’s afraid that something bad will happen with him or Jake, if he doesn’t move away quickly.

MacGowan’s ghost by Cindy Miles is a fabulous novel and easy to read. It’s about two young people who happen to see and talk to ghosts. One has accepted her fate and deals with it the best way she can by helping others. And he is trying real hard to ignore his gift and wants to run away from it all.

Allie doesn’t know shat she’s up against when she travels to Scotland, but when she meets the lovely bunch of ghosts, she discovers that they all cares for Gabe and Jake. They are very certain that they don’t want to leave and will scare any possible buyer away. Allie wants to help Gabe get pass his personal ghost and pain, meaning his dead wife. She hopes with a little help of Jake and her new ghostly friends that she’s able to do just that.

Gabe is stubborn, like most of the Scotsman, so when Allie walks through his door, he knows life will never be the same and he won’t have that. He will avoid her as much as possible, but he cannot help himself falling for her. It seems that the townspeople and his ghosts all welcome Allie in their lives and he knows he’s doomed forever…he doesn’t want her to leave when her work is over.

This novel has me smiling from time to time and I really enjoyed reading it. Cindy Miles has written a terrific novel; you cannot put it away and not fall in love with the characters. I highly recommend this book if you love the Highlands mixed up with the tale of ghosts.

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Anthology - Fantasy

The Widow’s Auction by Sabrina Jeffries
Isobel Lamberton is a lonely widow; the only excitement in her life is making sure her late husband boy’s school. To spice up her life a little more, her friend urging Isobel to disguise herself and puts herself up for auction. This auction is a place where widows can let themselves go without revealing her identity. This one night stand will change Isobel’s life forever, when the man who bid’s on her is her rival, a man she’s always fighting against at the school board.

Luisa’s desire by Emma Holly
Luisa de Fiore is a vampire who despises her need for blood, but knows she has to take it to survive. So she travels to Tibet, where hopefully a group of monks can help her to slow down her need and survive another way.
There she meets the man, who will change her life forever, a man who will have to choose between his chosen path as monk and his growing love for her.

Mr. Speedy by Elda Minger
Miranda is a writer and wants to write an article about this seminar, where men will learn to get into a woman’s pants within 24 hours. The only problem is that no women are allowed, so she has to find a way to get in. Miranda cuts her hair, borrows her friend’s clothes and goes undercover. But when she meets her roommate Jake, she isn’t that she will succeed.
Jake is at the seminar for a story of his own and when he meets his roommate Randy, he knows he has to protect this little guy. Especially against those big bad wolves, but there is an attraction between them and Jake is confused about these feelings he is having…for this man. Will Miranda continue going undercover or will she tell Jake the truth about her not being a man?

The awakening by Christine Feehan
Maggie Odessa has always known she was different from everyone else, but couldn’t explain why. Now she’s has crossed half the world to go to the rain forest to collect her inheritance. The closer she gets to the house, the more she felt at home. She also knew that someone was watching her, from the moment she started this journey.
Brandt Talbot has been looking forward to this day for many years and finally his mate has come home. He knows he has to be patience about telling her the truth about her inheritance, which included a legacy that enabled her to transform into a leopard.

Fantasy is a fabulous anthology by Sabrina Jeffries, Emma Holly, Elda Minger and Christine Feehan and has four terrific short stories in it. You will find out that one story is better than the other. Although I never read a book or a story by Emma Holly and Elda Minger, I found myself intrigued by their part in this anthology. I will be checking out their books in the future. I already enjoy reading Sabrina Jeffries books and this one was no exception. But my favourite was the one written by Christine Feehan. I’m a huge fan of her books and this short story is a fabulous start of her leopard series.

If you are not in the mood to read a whole book or a new series, but just some short stories, then you definitely need to check out this anthology. You won’t be disappointed.

Ilona Andrews - Magic Burns

Kate Daniels is a mercenary who works for the Order, dealing with magic and danger. During one of her cases, Kate stumbles on a young girl Julie, who is living in an abandoned hangar. Julie’s mother is a member of the Witches of the Crow Coven and has disappeared. Kate doesn’t know what to do with Julie, so she takes her home with her, just to keep her safe.

But Kate could have known that it wouldn’t be that easy, because that night they are under attack by Reeves, undead women and their leader Shepherd, a sea demon. During this fight where Kate managed to kill those women and drive the demon away, she’s gets injured pretty badly and pass out.

Next time Kate wakes up is in the Keep of the Pack, where Beast Lord Curran runs the shape shifters. It appears they have a common enemy, Bran the bowman, who recently has stolen a valuable map from the Pack and he is always the link Kate needs to resolve her case and find Julie’s missing mother.

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews is the second novel in the Kate Daniels Series and I loved it. OMG, this is one of those series you could get addicted to and guess what….that is exactly what happened to me.

Kate Daniels has another dangerous case to solve and she’s not alone anymore. Momentarily she’s babysitting Julie, a 13 year old girl whose mother is missing. When Julie is kidnapped by the Sea Demon, Kate has to work together with Beast Lord Curran to get Julie back safely. The Sea Demon Shepherd wants the cauldron lid, a powerful artifact, which has the ability to unleash a huge army of demons on Earth, in exchange for the girl. Of course Kate and Curran cannot give the artifact to this demon and have to find a way to keep both.

You can feel the attraction growing between Kate and Curran, and if Curran has something to say in all of this, she will be his mate in no time. But Kate cannot let anyone into her life because of her inheritance and will do anything to keep Curran at bay.

I know this series is written by a team, husband and wife and I’m not sure who writes which part, but they are doing an excellent job and I hope they will continue doing just that. I highly recommend this series, it’s one that will lure you into their world and keep you there until the battle has been fought and the peace returns…temporally, until the next battle begins.

Rachel Caine - Carpe Corpus

Evil vampire Mr. Bishop is finally in charge in Morganville and that isn’t really a good thing. Donating blood to blood banks to feed the vampires and keeping their secrets was a good thing, because they would protect you against the others, but recently everything has changed. Red Cross doesn’t exist anymore, because Mr. Bishop doesn’t believe in that way.

Claire’s life isn’t going as planned either, her vampire friend Michael is one of Mr. Bishop’s slaves, her best friend Eve hates her since Claire has been giving to serve Mr. Bishop. And Claire’s boyfriend Shane is a prisoner and is facing execution. And besides that all the vampires who became Claire’s friends are missing or are captives of Mr. Bishop.

Claire knows this cannot go any further and needs to come up with a plan to save Shane and Michael. In order to do that she needs Eve’s help and her trust back.

Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine is the sixth book in the Morganville Vampires Series. Another great book you don’t want to put down, because you want to know exactly what comes next.

Claire is growing up in this series, she has to take adult decisions to make sure her friends and family are save from her enemies. Besides that her friendship and teenage love for Shane is growing into something more.

Of course we see the friendship between the four friends tested…again…and for a while you see cracks into that friendship. Michael is one of Mr. Bishop’s slaves, Shane is in custody, Eve is mad at them all and Claire seems to be working for Mr. Bishop. But has Claire betrayed her friends or has she been working behind the scenes to save them all.

I know there is much more to explore in Morganville and the friendship between those four, so I cannot wait for the next novel.

Rachel Caine - Lord of Misrule

Mr. Bishop, the founder Amelie’s father is still around and has huge plans to take over the town. After the huge fight at the ball, he needs to find another way to take control over Morganville, even if that means using his own daughter to get what he wants. But what Mr. Bishop doesn’t know is that Amelie is working behind the scenes urging her people to resist him and keep supporting her.

That isn’t the only problem; it seems that a mystery call goes out to all the vampires and that the youngest vampires are walking into the sun, even when they don’t want to do it. So Claire and her friends are trying hard to rescue the innocent vampires when they can, but also keep an eye on their own vampire friend Michael, who is the youngest vamp of them all.

But Claire has more things on her mind, she has to make one difficult decision and she really doesn’t want to make it, but to survive it all she needs to do this.

Lord of Misrule by Rachel Caine is the fifth book in the Morganville Vampire Series. I cannot tell you enough that this series is fabulous and will make you an addict from the first book.

Morganville is a town where vampires are living freely. Founder Amelie has return to town some time ago and has taken Claire Danvers under her protection. She wants one thing in return; Claire has to work together with crazy Myrnin to find a cure against the madness, which elder vampires are suffering from. In the last couple of months the humans and vamps have finally learned to live with each other in harmony….well until Amelie’s father shows up.

What I love about Claire Danvers is that although she’s young, she’s more mature then the other students of her age. Not only is she’s going to college to get her degree, but after school she’s helping Myrnin to find a cure, to help other vampires from madness…vampires who are slowly becoming her friends.

The friendship between Michael, Shane, Eve and Claire will be tested in this novel; Claire has to make a tough decision. She knows they won’t understand her reasons and that might cost her their friendship.

The books are getting better and better, Rachel Caine cannot write fast enough for me in this series, because I’m already looking forward to the next one.
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