dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Maureen Child - One night, two heirs

Title : One night, two heirs
Release date : July 5th, 2011
Publisher : Harlequin
Genre : Contemporary Romance

Rick Pruitt, a marine sergeant has returned home on a thirty-day leave, to figure out what he wants to do with his life. Should he sign up for more years at the marines or take over the family business, a ranch? He never could imagine he would be a father when he runs into Sadie Price, the woman he cannot get out his mind after one night full of passion.

Sadie Price has recently come back home to her childhood town after her failed marriage. Sadie always knew that the day would come that she runs into Rick and had to tell him her surprise. She has to tell him about her twin daughters she gave birth to nine months after their night together.

One night, two heirs by Maureen Child is a lovely novel to read. It was definitely fun, surprising and very entertaining.

I loved Sadie and Rich as the main characters. The reaction Rick gave us when he finds out about his twin daughters is totally understandable, but his demand for marriage to Sadie is a little old fashion. I know he wants to do the right thing, but haven’t men learned by now that women want to marry out of love, not because it’s convenient.

The reason Sadie gave Rick about not telling him sooner, was one I could relate to. At that moment he was in the war zone, fighting for his country and the chance that he would be distracted by this news was huge. She never meant to keep his daughters away from him and she did tell him the moment he was back in town and let him get to know his daughters from the start.

The only think I couldn’t understand was the fact that the character had unprotected sex again. I’m not sure it was a little mistake by the author, or that is was the intention to write about this. You should think the characters learned their lessons after the first time, but nope it happened again. Luckily this kind of love stories always ends with the happily ever after.

This is a great novel to read on a sunny afternoon, just relaxing in your lazy char in the garden with something cool to drink.
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