donderdag 28 oktober 2010

L. Rosario - Captive Fantasy

Seraphina is a vampire with a secret, she never been satisfied in her sex life, so her friend Becca takes her to Captive Fantasy. This is a club where a select group of men fulfil woman’s fantasies. Sera isn’t sure about this, until she sees Valentino. Valentino takes Sera’s breath away and he is determined to spend the night with her.

Valentino has s secret of his own, he isn’t quite human either but just like Sera he never tells anyone. He’s always been satisfied working at Captive Fantasy and fulfil women’s dreams, but the moment he sees Sera he knows deep down in his heart he wants this woman and this woman alone.

But drinking Valentino’s blood and even allow him to take a sip of hers, place Sera in a difficult position. Will they be able to overcome the problems they are going to face?

Captive Fantasy by L. Rosario is the first novel I read by this author and I have to say it was definitely worth to read it.

Sera have some vulnerability and I like that about her, she is not the typical vampire who drink blood from every human she sees. No she left her maker’s home because she cannot drink from the vein. So she lives on bagged blood, which she heats up. But that all change when she meets Valentino, because sinking her teeth in his vein is the only thing she can think about.

Valentino was created in a lab, only to work in the Club Captive Fantasy where they pleasure women. Everything goes well, until he meets Sera and from that moment all he wants to do is give her pleasure and only her. But can Sera accept him, when she finds out about his background?

I have to be honest, I truly admit to have some moments where I wanted to snatch Valentino away from Sera and keep him just for me. Who wouldn’t want a man, who is created only to pleasure a woman?

Sera and Valentino went through hell to finally be together. When Sera drank his blood, she didn’t know she put her own life on the line, because drinking a clone’s bloods isn’t exactly healthy. When Sera’s maker finds out, he will do anything to save her life…even if that means eliminate Valentino completely out of her life. But he didn’t expect their love for each other to be that strong and survive even his threat.

The secondary characters Raphael, Becca and Nadia were great and I’m really hoping that they will get a book of their own.

Captive Fantasy is sensual and hot, it’s a terrific vampire novel with some very steamy scenes.


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