donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Jocelynn Drake - Dayhunter

Mira is a strong vampire with her own domain and she has an unusual talent, a talent many of her kind fears. She is able to control fire without burning herself and that is why everyone calls her the Fire Starter.

After the last battle with the Naturi, Mira and her human vampire hunter Danaus must appears before the Coven in Venice, the home of the Nightwalkers. Mira knows it could be a trap and starting a fight with one of the ancient vampires could be a dangerous task, but she hates their corruption. So she will prepare herself like she does before going into a fight.

When arriving in Europe she has Rowe, the Earth-side leader of the Naturi after her, it appears Mira is the key to either the freedom or the defeat of the Naturi. Rowe will do anything to get his hands on Mira again and it doesn’t matter who or what comes in his way.

Dayhunter by Jocelynn Drake is the second novel in her Dark Days Series and again a fabulous novel. The more I read about Mira, Danaus and the world they are living and fighting in, the more excited I get.

Mira is a strong vampire with a powerful talent and apparently she’s also the key to defeat of free the Naturi Queen and her people. She and Danaus are forced to work together again and fight these Naturi before they will get free and destroy mankind. Because of this battle and her facing the Coven, she ends up unwilling with two new addiction to her family and she never wanted a vampire family of her own, but in order to save them against two powerful coven members, she needed to claim them for her own.

But that is not all, the sensual attraction between Mira and Danaus is growing and neither of them wants to act on it. Mira is afraid that if she convinces him to give her a change, he will hate her more afterwards and that he will fulfil his promise to hunt her and kill her.

I love the mystery around Danaus and his past, you know he is hiding something and slowly we learning what kind of human being he truly is. Oh yeah, he is not quite as human himself and hopefully he can make peace with himself about other creatures and maybe accept Mira as she is, before it’s too late.

It’s final, another addiction is born and I have to add this series and author on my favourite list. I really hope she will write about those two for a very long time.


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