vrijdag 12 september 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Dream Chaser

Xypher, half-demon half-god has spend centuries in hell, where Hades tortured him, after being betrayed by Satara, the only woman he thought he loved and who loved him in return. But she used him to get what she wants; now Xypher has the opportunity to get his revenge. After helping Katra and Sin, he’s allowed to spend one month in the human world and prove Hades he will changes his life. Xypher is bitter, full of ange and the only thing on his mind is his revenge on Satara and for that he will go straight back to hell. Now he finds himself in New Orleans bound through magical bracelets to a little human, named Simone. The bracelets don’t allow them too much distance between them, otherwise both of them dies.

Simone Dubois is different from other women, she has a ghost as company and her best friend is a squire to one of the Dark Hunters. Well so much for a normal life and then one night a demon cuffs her and a very gorgeous mysterious man Xypher together. The only problem is when the distance between them is too large, both of them die or if one of them gets killed, the other is doomed too. Shit, life is getting better and better. But with the help of Xypher, Simone discovers soon enough that she is not all different from him. Will she be able to except who she really is?

Dream chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in her Dark-Were-Dream Hunter series and I’ve read some disappointed stories, but this novel was good. I ignored all the reviews and spoilers of this book and was ready to jump right in and discover thing for myself. Well, what a surprise it was, when the book turned out to be a great one.

Xypher is a gorgeous man, half demon half-god, but a real pain in the ass. After being betrayed by the woman he thought he loved and send to hell, where Hades tortured him, he is ready to get his revenge and he has only one month to do it, otherwise he is back in hell. But when he meets Simone and is magical bound to her through bracelets placed by Satara, this all changes. Now he must protect her against his enemies or they die together.
Simone Dubois is different, because she has a ghost as company and she already know about the Dark Hunters. Now she finds herself magical bound to a gorgeous arrogant man and knows she has to save his life and soul. But will she be in time or is she going to loose the man she began to love?

We meet a new character Jaden, another pain in the ass, but I would like to get to know him better. He appears to be arrogant and hard, but has his heart in the right place, so hopefully he will be in future novels. Now I’ll have to wait till Acheron shows up at my doorstep and when that happens, I will lock the doors and shut off the phone, because there will be nobody that interrupts me and the most powerful God there is.


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