dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Sherrilyn Kenyon - Devil may cry

Sin is an ex-God and he is not happy about that. Artemis, goddess of the hunt took Sin’s powers and left him to die. But Acheron “Ash” came to his aid and turned Sin into a Dark Hunter. So Sin has lived many centuries as a Dark Hunter, with a reputation for brutal elimination of demons and humankind. Sin lives in Las Vegas with his own casino. The only hope he has is that one-day he will get his revenge on Artemis and retreat his powers.

Artemis fears Sin will succeed and tries to convince Ash to take him down, but he refuses, so the only other option is to send Katra to Las Vegas to do the job. Katra believes Artemis and what she’s telling her, so she goes to Las Vegas, there she sees Sin brutally decapitating a demon and human and sets them on fire afterwards. Now she is ready to kill the ex-God, but he disappears and during the search for him she almost becomes a victim herself. But the same man she promise to kill is saving her.

But Sin has a burden to carry years, ago he and his twin brother Zakar imprison the gaullu demons in a sealed chamber. Now the gallu demons are about to escape and Sin is the only one who can save humankind. But the demons are holding his brother and without Zakar, Sin won’t be able to stop the gallu demons. Sin has to trust the two women Katra and Artemis, who can destroy him forever.

Devil may cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon is another novel in the Dark-Dream Hunter series and after reading some less stories, this one was good. I really enjoy reading it and discover more about Katra, Sin, Acheron and Artemis background.

Sin and Katra are right for each other, although they meet before Sin cannot remember it and that is probably for the best. When they meet again in battle Sin believes Katra is Artemis and finally plans his revenge, but things are not going according the plan. When Sin’s worst enemies are trying to escape the sealed chamber, so he needs all the help he can get, even if this means asking a goddess with powerful powers.

The second storyline in this novel is the relationship between Artemis, Acheron and Katra. It was nice to lean more background about Acheron and the bond between Acheron and Artemis, but also between Artemis and Katra. I can truly say I’m really curious about Acheron’s book that man has gone through so much.


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