woensdag 27 augustus 2008

Kathleen Dante - Entangled

Kiera Stevens is CEO of her father’s company KidTek and had just discovered that someone in her company is selling her business secrets. If this continued it would ruin her and the business her father built. Kiera has no idea who the traitor is, but it has to be someone with access to the top secret information. To uncover this traitor she needs an undercover agent and turns for help to her childhood friend Dillon Gavin. He runs a top secret agency and could provide her right man for the job.

So Kiera hires security expert John “Lantis” Atlantis to upload the security of her company and to capture the traitor. To have full access to her company and not alarm the spy, they agree to pretend to be lovers, but it has to look real. So Lantis uses his psychic gifts to learn Kiera’s most inner desires and use them in the game. But neither of them expected that the real attraction between would change their life for good.

Entangled by Kathleen Dante is the first book in the EN series. I can tell you that this is one hell of an erotic romance novel with some paranormal treats in it.

Kiera Stevens took over the company when her father died, but now she is desperate, when she discovers a traitor selling secret business information about their toys to another company. She turns to Dillon Gavin for help, a close friend from her childhood and hopefully he can assign one of his agents to uncover the truth.
John Atlantis is retired from the agency and runs his own security company. But his formal partner asks him to help him out with a case. So Lantis finds himself back in the business, he turns his back on years ago. But working with the beautiful Kiera is one of the reasons he took the job.

The story line is fantastic, taking you on a journey full of sexual steamy scenes between the main characters Kiera and Lantis, erotic fantasies. You can see the sparkles flying around.
I’m looking forward to read her next novel Enticed, what happens to be Dillon Gavin’s story.

Intense, erotic and hot, this is a novel that takes you on a very sexy trip into erotica.


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