vrijdag 12 september 2008

Christine Feehan - Dark Curse

Nicolas De La Cruz has been send by his older brother Zacherias to the Carpathian Mountains to warn the Prince Mikhail about the plot against him and the Carpathian people. After delivering the message to the Prince, he attends to greet the dawn the following day. Nicolas saw his younger brothers one by one claiming their life mates and share their emotions with him. But Nicolas cannot take it any longer and feel the darkness inside him rowing. So on his last night he finds a beautiful woman and he calls her to him for his last feeding, but what Nicolas doesn’t know he just picked the wrong woman.

Lara Calladine is a descendant of the Dragonseeker line and was raised in the ice-cave. Her childhood was horrific and the only thing she knew was fear and pain, but with the help of her two aunts she could finally escape at the age of eight. Now several years later Lara is determined to return to the ice-cave and rescue the two aunts she left behind, not knowing if they’re dead or alive. And when she meets Nicolas De La Cruz one night and he appears to be her life mate, she knows her lonely life is over.

Nicolas and Lara have to find a way to work together, because Lara has the clues that could save the Carpathian people, especially the females. Will Nicolas be able to put his own needs aside for the survival of his people?

Dark Curse by Christine Feehan is the latest novel in her Dark Series and one of the best I’ve ever read by her. She captured my attention from the very first page and holds that all the way through until I was finished. When I closed the book I wanted to go straight to the next novel, but unfortunately I’ve to wait a whole year.

I really love the main-characters Nicolas De La Cruz and Lara Calladine. Nicolas is the second eldest brother and like all the males, dominant. overprotected when it comes to his life mate and of course gorgeous. He was ready to seek the dawn, but was saved when his life mate appears that last night. What I really like about Nicolas is his patience, all Carpathian male want to exchange the blood as quickly as possible, but not Nicolas. When he learns the fears and pain Lara went through in her childhood, he does anything to convince her of his love. Lara has Dragonseekers blood in her veins, as well as Carpathians. The first few years of her childhood she was raised in the ice-caves and was tortured and used by her great-grandfather Xavier. Lara was able to escape with the help of her two aunts, who she left behind. Now she is determined to find and hopefully rescue her aunts, and with the help of her life mate Nicolas she knows the changes are high to succeed.

Almost every one of the previous books are dropping by to help Nicolas and Lara in their dangerous quest to save the two aunts, especially Virkanoff and Natalya are playing a huge role. And OMG, what about Dominic and the offer he made to Mikhail and their people, you got to love that man for doing it. He stole my heart right then and I hope the next novel will be his. I have to know what will happen to him. But we will have to wait and see what Christine Feehan has in store for us next.


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