maandag 13 oktober 2008

Jillian Hunter - The devilish pleasures of a duke

Emma Boscastle, the decent member of the Boscastle family teaches young girls how to act in society and beside that she tries to control her family with their outlandish behaviour. At the wedding from one of her students she finds one of her suitors in a compromising position with one of the maid, so she lectures him. This gentleman doesn’t take it very well and she gets help from rogue Adrian Ruxley. But the whole situation gets out of hand and Adrian ends up brained by a footman armed with a chair.

With a head injury Adrian Ruxley ends up in one of the bed at Heath Boscastle’s house, thinking it’s not so bad after all. Now several women nurse him and especially Emma got his attention. Then the rumours begin and now Emma’s school is on the line, when a rival has opened another school and is insinuating that Emma may not be as upstanding as everyone believes. But Emma is beginning to care less about what everyone thinks of her and cannot ignore the passion between Adrian and her.

The devilish pleasures of a duke by Jillian Hunter is the sixth book in the Boscastle series. This series is one of my favourites; it contains everything I seek in a novel, sexual tension, emotions and the huge humour.

Emma Boscastle is the formal one of the family and she’s always trying to control her brothers and sister with their scandalous behaviour. But when she meets Adrian Ruxley, one of her brother’s rogue friends her whole world turns up side down. In the beginning she tries to ignore the feeling in her stomach every time he is near, but the more time they spend together the more Emma wants to let her shield fall en give in.
Adrian Ruxley, a future duke just got home after spending some time overseas. He’s invited by his friends Dominic Breckland and Heath Boscastle to join a wedding. The moment Adrian lays eyes on Emma Boscastle, he knows she is the right one for him. The only thing he needs to do is to convince her, but it will be hard because Emma doesn’t want to get involve with rogues.

Although this novel is not the best one in this series, it brought several smiles on my face reading it. Just to read about five big brothers trying to protect their younger sister against a rogue, who is one of their friends is just funny. And their wives are helping Emma to seduce Adrian right under their noses. You have to love the Boscastle men.

The next novel Wicked as Sin will be about cousin Gabriel Boscastle and I’m curious to see what Miss Jillian Hunter has in store for him.


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