dinsdag 2 september 2008

Judith Ivory - Angel in a red dress

Christina Bower is the beautiful daughter of a common nobleman and she knows Adrien Hunt, the seventh Earl of Kewischester was way out of reach, although she found him intriguing and he made her feel things she never felt before. So she decided to make her father happy and settled for the eldest son of a baron. But three years later Christina, she is almost divorced when she meets Adrien again, now she is determined to find out if the attraction between them is still there.

Adrien Hunt, the seventh Earl of Kewischester is a handsome rogue. Adrien cannot remember the first meeting with Christina, but after the second meeting he is determined to get Christina in his bed as his mistress. The more Christina fight against his courting, the more Adrien pursued and when it finally happens, Christina finds herself entering into Adrien’s dangerous world of spying.

Angel in a red dress by Judith Ivory is a fabulous romance novel, set during the French Revolution. This novel is full of danger, excitement, passion and true love, all the things I like in a good romance novel.

The main characters Adrien and Christina are fabulous. Christina meets Adrien when she is quite young and knows he is way of reach for her and decides to marry the son of a baron. But after three years of marriage and no heir, her husband wants to divorce her. Totally devastated she leaves and asks her cousin for a place to stay; not knowing it’s the house of Adrien. When Adrien finally arrives at his estate, the attraction between them is still there, but Christina knows his reputation and doesn’t want to be his next mistress. Christina knows Adrien would never consider her as a wife, although eventually he needs to marry and produce an heir.

I really love reading this novel. From the beginning I found myself totally drawn into the story and couldn’t bear to put the book down. I had to finish it and see what would happen to the characters. If you like a good regency romance with a dose of danger this is the novel for you, I really recommend this one and will definitely try another novel by Judith Ivory.


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