dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

Cindy Miles - Spirited Away

Andrea Monroe, a forensic archaeologist has dreamed about her mysterious medieval knight who saved her from a fall, while she was trespassing on grounds of Dreadmoor Keep in Northern England. Beside the colour of his eyes, his voice and his chain mail, she remembers the fact that she stumbled right through him. Was her medieval knight real or just a figment in her imagination? Now a skeleton and collection of medieval weapons have been discovers under an oak on Dreadmoor Keep and the Lord of Dreadmoor has specifically asks for Andi.

Tristan de Barre, Lord of Dreadmoor and his fourteen knights has been murdered and cursed by his foster father Erik de Sabre in 1292. They have lived in their ghostly state for hundreds of years, but they hope that the buried weapons, which belong to them, will give answers to break the curse. Tristan couldn’t believe his eyes the moment Dr. Andrea Monroe arrives at his estate, the very same woman he saved many years ago. Andrea is unaware that he is a seven hundred year old ghost and wants to keep it that way. But the more time Tristan spends in Andi’s company, the more he yearns to touch her.

When Andi finally learns the truth about whom and what he really is, she is determined to stay and break the curse. But what if she succeeds in breaking the curse, will she lose the man she began to love?

Spirited Away by Cindy Miles is a fantastic novel to read. It’s a novel full with great characters, romance and a fine doses humour. I found myself smiling a couple of times during this novel and it really makes me believe that love can overcome any obstacle in life.

Main characters Tristan and Andrea are both strong and determined individuals. There is a huge attraction and a lot of heat between Andi and Tristan, without even being able to touch each other, but you could feel the warm sparkles flying around.
Tristan de Barre has been murdered and cursed by a man he loved and trusted. Along with his fourteen knights he’s been in ghostly state for seven hundred years. But now there is a little hope, when they discover a skeleton and several weapons under a fallen oak and the only one to help them is forensic archaeologist Dr. Andrea Monroe. Andi cannot believe her eyes when the current Lord of Dreadmoor specifically asks for her to investigate and collect the skeleton and buried weapons they found. Years ago when she was trespassing on the ground of Dreadmoor, she stumbled and was saved by a medieval knight. Ever since that moment he’s been in her dreams and she wants to find out what happened to him.

There are some very great secondary characters in this novel and they all play a huge role. It seems that Dreadmoor Castle is full of ghosts, the fourteen knights who died with Tristan seven hundred years ago. And they all want to help Andi to succeed and break the curse, so they are finally free. But the ghost of Eric de Sabre is also there and will do anything to prevent the curse from breaking.

I cannot wait to read more books by Cindy Miles, she has a fabulous writing style and I love ghost stories.


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