maandag 20 oktober 2008

Deborah Cooke - Kiss of fury

Alexandra Madison is working on a secret project that could change the world, but her whole life turns upside down when her secret lab is destroyed and her partner and mentor is brutally killed just before her eyes. Alex is brought to the hospital for her burn wounds, but have a hard time to believe what she really saw. Were those really dragons killing her partner or is she going crazy? Just when the doctor is transferring her to a mental ward, Alex is rescued by a gorgeous stranger Donovan Shea and taken to a safe house. But will she be safe in his protection? Are dragons real or is she losing her mind and need to put away?

Donovan Shea, one of the good dragons The Pyr is instructed by his leader Erik to protect Alexandra Madison from their enemies The Slayers. It seems the Slayers are responsible for destroying Alex’s lab and killing her partner and now they’re after her hidden research notes. Donovan is shocked when he discovers Alex ignites his firestorm and knows she is his destined mate. Donovan never wanted a mate and fights the firestorm, but he should have know fate cannot be beaten. And when he truly begins to know Alex better, he realizes he cannot deny this special bond they share … even the prophecy tells them they are destined to be the Warrior and the Wizard.

Alex has to work hard to replace everything she needs to get her project working again and with the help of the Pyr dragons, especially Donovan and Quinn, she is able to reconstruct the prototype of her invention. But the Slayers are closing in and will do anything to stop them, even if this means playing dirty.

Kiss of fury by Deborah Cooke is the second novel in this fabulous Dragonfire series and it’s another amazing novel. I was lured into a terrific world full of dragon magic, gorgeous males and strong woman and again I was blown away by this series.

Main characters Donovan and Alexandra are both strong and stubborn, but so right for each other. Alexandra is determined to reconstruct the prototype of her invention, which was destroyed by the Slayers and nothing is going to stop her. She cannot believe her eyes when she saw her partner being killed by dragons…is she going crazy? But the moment she meets handsome Donovan Shea, a member of the Pyr, she knows her life will change forever.
Donovan Shea is instructed by his leader to protect Alexandra Madison, not knowing she is his destined mate. He never wanted a mate, so he’s not giving in that easily. But during the process of rebuilding the prototype, he cannot ignore his firestorm and feelings he has for Alex.

The Pyr are a group of dragons, which protect all Earth’s treasures, including human mankind. Those six warriors Donovan, Niall, Rafferty, Sloane, Quinn and their leader Erik, will do anything to protect the destined mates of their kind, in this case Alexandra and Sara, who is Quinn’s wife.

In the first novel Kiss of fire we learn the characters and the difference between The Pyr and Slayers. In this second novel we learn more about the prophecies and what the Slayers uses to fight The Pyr. Well let me say I’m hooked, the first two novels in this series are fabulous and I cannot wait till the third Kiss of fate is coming out.


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