maandag 22 september 2008

Raven Hart - The vampire's seduction

William Cuyler Thorne is a five hundred year vampire and lives in Savannah. He has all the wealth, power and beautiful women he wants; you can say life is good for him and Jack. Jack is the only man he turned vampire and they have been together ever since, although Jack doesn’t know much about being a vampire. But he is loyal to William and that is exactly what William needs right now. William and Jack has secretly been smuggling young vampires to America to get them away from their European sires, just like William did with his own sire Reedrek, the very one who killed his wife and son five centuries ago.

But then the last transport turns up with the crew dead or missing. William knows the moment arrived and that Reedrek finally has come to America to claim his rights as sire and to begin the bloodbath. Reedrek is strong and more powerful than the younger vampires, but together with Jack, a voodoo priestess, along with a vial of the blood of a voodoo queen and some younger vampires William brought to America, William sets out a trap to trick Reedrek. But Reedrek has plans of his own and promise Jack the power that William denied him so long ago. Will Jack stay loyal to William or will he betray him and choose Reedrek side?

The vampire’s seduction by Raven Hart is the first novel in her Savannah Vampire series and it is different from all the other vampire books I’ve read in the past. But I have to admit it took my attention from the beginning. It is not a typical romance vampire story; it is all about William & Jack and their adventures and past.

There are two main characters William and Jack. Five centuries ago William lost his wife and son during a vampire attack, William believed he was going to die too, but Reedrek had other plans for him. And for the first two centuries he was totally under control of his sire. Then William had enough and went to America where he met Jack, a Civil War soldier, dying from his wounds. William gave Jack the opportunity to choose and finally made him a vampire, the only one he ever turned. Since then they’ve been together building up their business and finally smuggle more young vampires away from their European master. But the last cargo died by the hand of William’s sire and he knows Reedrek will not stop until he has want he wants…William back under his control, and that will never happen.

In this novel we don’t see real HEA’s for William and Jack. Of course there are women they share some time with, but they do not fall in love, not just yet. But there are some characters that could be in the future, especially for Jack. We will have to wait and see what the future novels bring.

I can truly say this novel surprises me and I’m definitely curious to see what will happen next, when their story will continue.


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